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RP Interests

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51RP Interests - Page 3 Empty Re: RP Interests on Sun Mar 16, 2014 5:27 am

I said I'd do this so here it goes. Vanilla person here. Razz

Feet: 1/5
I've never been interested in feet. The most I'll do is maybe touch them for a bit, but please don't make this a focus point in any kind of playing. D;

Handplay: 3/5
I enjoy this but it isn't a requirement for me. It also doesn't need to be the focus point of any playing we're having.

Cuddling/Petting: 3/5
I view this in a similar way to handplay. I do enjoy being held, but so long as I'm not treated in an endearing way, I should be able to handle it fine.

Mouthplay 2/5
I don't mind being licked, things like that, maybe sucked on, but other than that I'm afraid I"d have to ask you to stop.

Soft vore: 0.5/5
Pretty much what mouthplay involves. The moment I start being swallowed, I will not enjoy it, at all. It just makes me uncomfortable.

Hard vore: 0/5
Nope. Wont do it.

Smother: 4/5
Define smothering. If it's the life endangering smothering, then no thanks. Uncomfortably being pressed against the person? I don't mind it. Razz

Breast play: ?/5
This one is a secret.

Ass play: ?/5
This one is a secret.

Insertion: ?/5
Oh look, another secret.

Crush: 0/5
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Worshipping: 0/5
I simply don't like the idea of putting myself to such a position. Well, it would depend on the kind of worshipping.

Pet Tiny: 4/5
I don't mind this, but I don't like being subjugated to something that's considered nothing. I would like to have some sort of value.

Being a lover, romance: 4/5
This is pretty cool stuff yeah. It helps with story related characters too.

Slave Follower: 0/5
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Gentle GTS : 5/5
All of my yes and thank you.

Cruel Giantess : 0/5
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Story: 2/5
I know many here love stories, but so long as the partner I'm roleplaying with is able to type a few sentences and we can go back and forth within a certain amount of time(meaning no half a day responses for a few sentences), I'm perfectly fine with not having a heavy story for our two characters.

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52RP Interests - Page 3 Empty Re: RP Interests on Thu Mar 20, 2014 10:43 pm

As tiny, I prefer to be used to the Giantess' pleasure, and enjoy unwilling play

Feet: 5/5
Handplay: 2/5 ~eh, like how?
Cuddling/Petting: 2/5
Mouthplay 5/5
Soft vore: 5/5
Hard vore: 2/5
Smother: 5/5
Breast play: 5/5
Ass play: 5/5 ~all kinds
Insertion: 5/5 ~all kinds
Crush: 5/5
Being worshiped: 2/5 ~if forced
Pet Tiny: 1/5
Being a lover, romance: 2/5
Slave Follower: 1/5
Gentle GTS : 1/5
Cruel Giantess : 5/5
Story: 4/5

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53RP Interests - Page 3 Empty Re: RP Interests on Mon May 19, 2014 10:57 pm

Since people dont know me let me just say IDC what happens to me  as long as it doesn't kill my character like -> Foot Crushin\'!

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54RP Interests - Page 3 Empty Re: RP Interests on Mon May 19, 2014 11:32 pm

I forgot to do this
Handplay: 5/5
Cuddling/Petting: 5/5( Hug )
Mouthplay (soft vore basically, but no swallowing): 3/5 (ew sorry no!)
Soft vore: 5/5(i dont want to die though as long as you put me into some sort of capsole to protect from the digestion im fine!)
Hard vore 0/5(NOOOOO!!!)
Smother: 100/5(as long as i dont suffocate im fine ^.^)
Breast play: 23232322/5 (what do you think this is gonna be? IMA MALE!!)
Ass play (no farting, please): 50/5
Insertion: 5/5(umm...wh-O.O)
Crush  3/5(only if its non-lethal
Being a worshiper:1/5(sorry too shy to worship >P<
Being a pet: 5/5(ONLY if i want to be)
Being a lover, romance: 5/5(YES YES YES!!)
Being a slave: 0/5(DEATHently not haha get the pun Question 
Gentle GTS (playful dominance, petting, cuddling): 244444442324/5 (i love being handled by a gentle giantess tho not TOO gental)
Cruel Giantess (violently dominant, crushing, torture)1/5(considering HOW cruel

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55RP Interests - Page 3 Empty Re: RP Interests on Mon Jun 23, 2014 4:20 pm

For me, what ever the giantess likes I am down. I'm playful and funny so I can entertain. Not a fan of blood and death so I am immortal; I like to see what's happening to me. I'm a big fan of breast-play and soft vore <3

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56RP Interests - Page 3 Empty Re: RP Interests on Mon Sep 01, 2014 8:52 am

As for doronith it would be like this.

Feet: 1/5
Handplay: 2/5
Cuddling/Petting: 5/5
Mouthplay 0/5
Soft vore: 0/5
Hard vore: 0/5
Smother: 0/5 (no clue what that is)
Breast play: 3/5
Ass play: 4/5 (as most of us prefer no farting please)
Insertion: 0/5
Crush Foot Crushin\'! : 5/5 (Slow and painful not quick and painless)
Being worshiped: 0/5  (tend to treat everyone equal)
Pet Tiny: 0/5 (i am a tiny myself)
Being a lover, romance: 0/5
Slave Follower: 0/5 (read worshipping)
Gentle GTS : 5/5 (willing to give live if needed)
Cruel Giantess : 0/5
Story: 3/5 (need to learn all the stories of the differend people first)

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57RP Interests - Page 3 Empty Re: RP Interests on Sun Oct 12, 2014 5:02 pm

Ass play : 2/5
Being a pet: 3/5
Being a lover, romance: 4/5
Being a slave: 3/5
Being a worshiper: 3/5
Breast play: 4/5
Body play: 3/5
Cruel Giantess: 4/5
Crush: 3/5
Cuddling/Petting: 3/5
Feet : 5/5
Gentle Giantess: 4/5
Growth: 3/5 (I prefer a "normal"sized women wich shrinks me, or me being small compared to her already)
Handplay: 3/5
Insertion: 4/5
Mouthplay: 4/5
Playful Giantess: 5/5 (teasing, flirting,dominent semi-cruel)
Smother: 4/5
Story: 4/5
Vore (Soft): 3/5
Vore (Hard): 4/5

5 = God Yes.
4= I'm into it
3= I like it
2= I can take it or leave it
1= Not really my thing
0= no thanks

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58RP Interests - Page 3 Empty Re: RP Interests on Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:23 pm

This list represents my tiny side which I play mostly as 80% of the time but most of the stuff does represent what I do as a Giantess also but I only play with females on the sexual side unless I know the male really well and trust him. Then he may get a surprise from me.

-Play  10/10 (kissing, teasing, licking and sucking)
-Soft Vore 10/10
-Hard Vore 7/10 (When in the mood for will let ya know or ask)

-Carried in Cleavage 10/10
-Carried on Nipple 10/10
-Play with Nipple 10/10
-Smother 10/10
-Crush 10/10

-Play 10/10
-Crush 10/10
-Licked 10/10

-Play ???/10 (willing to explore)
-Smother 7/10
-Crush 10/10 (inside or outside)
-Gas 0/10 (no just no)
-Scat 0/10 (Sames as gas)
-Insertion 7/10 (As long as it is clean)

-Insertion 10/10
-Smother 10/10
-Crushed 10/10
-Trapped inside 10/10

Play ???/10 (Willing to explore)
-Smother 7/10
-Crush 10/10

-Digested 10/10
-Trapped Inside 10/10

Entapment  (Bra and Panties) 10/10

Smell ( Feet Butt Sweat and Pussy) 0/10

Pet/Slave 0/10 (As Luna)

Captured 10/10

Pissed on 0/10

Shrinking 10/10

Couple or More Giantess 10/10

Shared Between Giantess 10/10

Being a Toy for Giantess Pleasure 10/10

Love Making 10/10 (with Giantess only)

My sizes as Tiny
1 inch  0/10
2 inchs  6/10
3 inchs 10/10
4 inchs 10/10
5 inchs 10/10
6 inchs 10/10

Giantess Sizes
10 to 50 ft 6/10
75 ft to 125 ft 10/10

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59RP Interests - Page 3 Empty Re: RP Interests on Wed Dec 13, 2017 11:56 pm

Figured I'd throw my rating list up in the thread too, since I've had time to think on it.

Demeanor of the Giantess: Basically, I fall in line with MrGuy's disposition. I'm not a big fan of the crueler, more sadistic side of the GTS (unless it can be justified through story), though I think mean-ness is still pretty aight. I hold a preference to the gentler side, like playful dominance and innocent shenanigans.

Height and Attaining it: So far I've played giant males/females and tiny men alike. Though specifically in reference to me beside a GTS, I prefer them to be larger as opposed to me being smaller. While I don't really have an upper bound on what sizes I like, my favorite has to be amazon/mini GTS (between 1.5-5x my character's size). EDIT: I'd like some story explanation as to why a giant/tiny character is the way they are, or how they can grow/shrink. Give me the reasons and go!

Story: I like stories, and having sets of characters that are interconnected makes the roleplay feel more alive. As far as alignments go, I like playing Lawful/Neutral characters for the most part. I do struggle with trying to play a Chaotic role, and it is a bit more difficult for me to play an Evil over a Good since i try not to be a bad person naturally.

Feet: 4/5
Handplay: 4/5
Cuddling/Petting: 5/5
Mouthplay: 3/5
Soft vore: 2/5
Hard vore: 1/5
Smother: 5/5
Breast play: 5/5
Ass play: 4/5
Insertion: 3/5
Crush: 4/5
Being worshipped: 2/5 (I don't dislike it, but I try to be a humble bug)
Worshipping: 3/5
Pet Tiny: 4/5
Romance/Lover: 4/5
Slave Follower: 4/5
Gentle GTS: 5/5
Cruel GTS: 1/5
Story: 10/5 (like it, live it, want it)

As having been both the giant and the tiny before, I've been on the dominating and submitting ends of the spectrum. I kinda exist somewhere in the middle; as a tiny who doesn't really bow down to giants/giantesses easily, or as a giant who tries hard to not abuse their power.

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60RP Interests - Page 3 Empty Meet Jaredthefox92 on Wed Dec 27, 2017 9:28 pm

Feet: -3/5 (I'm fine with barefeet and trampling, in regards to other people's characters being done by my own.However it's not what I focus on .I will do it for my evil characters or in combat however)

Handplay: 5/5 (One of my favorites)

Cuddling/Petting: 5/5 (Fine with me)

Mouthplay 3/5 (Depends)

Soft vore: 2/5 (Rare and depends on if it fits the character)

Hard vore: 2/5 (Only in combat.)

Smother: 2/5 ('Rare' to 'not my thing')

Breast play: 3/5 (I'm fine with it, but I do like breasts covered up)

Ass play: 4/5 (No fart, but I like butts.)

Insertion: -/5 (No)

Crush: 4/5 (I'm perfectly fine with it, especially when my own characters do it.)

Being worshiped: 3/5 (Only with my deity characters, or with another actual deity character.)

Pet Tiny: 4/5 (I love an actual touching story, especially when it's between a giant monster and a normal character.)

Being a lover, romance: 5/5 (Defiantly, I love an actual decent romance.)

Slave Follower: 4/5 (Depends on the scenario, I like it having to revolve around a plot.)

Gentle GTS : 4/5 (Fine)

Cruel Giantess : 4/5 (Replace 'cruel' with 'villain' and you have me sold.)

Story: 5/5 (What I'm here for.)

Demeanor of the Giantess:
I like them varied, but please not forced or out of character. A heroic giantess should be noble, a neutral one should go about their own thing and really be mischievous or self-serving to a fault. A villain should be evil, but please not one-dimensional. Their race and species must also be taken into account, humans would be more likely to be evil based on their own flaws whereas Jotunn or mythological creatures would be more territorial. Some species have giant raiders or creatures, other characters such as super-heroes or super-villains should have some motivation for being the reason why they are.

Height and way of attaining it:

As far as actual parameters I prefer around 15m (50ft) to 30m (100ft). However, I can allow a kaiju character to become Godzilla sized should it fit the lore or plot. My characters only have two set modes: Normal and Giant, now normal can be abnormally tall or large, but Giant is a class all it's own. Giants have increased endurance and attack, but are also slower in reflexes and can get caught down in melee by multiple opponents should there be combat. Also I expect a normal to giant ratio where one character is normal and the other player's is gigantic.

Why I'm here, I cannot stress how much I have a disdain for 'please me online sexually!' Look, if you want that and get off on that it's okay, but please know I it's more of the icing on the cake as I favor an actual story over smut. However, I am quite willing to work out matters as long as there is effort.

Violence and death:
For many my bread and butter. My characters are mainly villains, heroes, soldiers, monsters, and warriors. Death is just what happens and I love a good war story. However, I do like there to be some sort of afterlife for a character and their deaths not to be needless.

Last edited by Jaredthefox92 on Wed Dec 27, 2017 9:36 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : To fix errors)

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61RP Interests - Page 3 Empty Re: RP Interests on Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:28 pm

Finally decided to make one of these. There's not much I dislike, it all depends on my mood and stuff for the most part. If I want to roleplay someone cruel then I will, if I feel like roleplaying someone gentle then I will usually.

Story: Story is the most important thing to me, the pillar on which everything else rests. There needs to be a pretty darned good reason why I'm crushing you, or getting crushed by you for example. And there needs to be a good degree of humanity to this, people need to be humanized (unless the goal of the character is not to be humanized). Things need to flow well, and be coherent; it needs to make sense. I want to know who your character is, what they are, how they are, where they're from, why they are the way they are, and I want there to be events, some background to it all.

Feet: 3/5 (It's nice, but it's hard to interact with someone stuck in your shoe...and this gets boring quickly if they are inside of my shoe.)
Handplay: 5/5 (This is fun. It can get boring if it happens all the time, and it can, but I normally don't do enough of this to get bored of it)
Cuddling/Petting: 5/5 (This is cute and it can go hand in hand with relationships and the like.)
Mouthplay 5/5 (As an intimidation tactic or as a prank, or just something to scare the living daylights out of someone on a mischievous character, sure thing!)
Soft vore: 5/5 (Actually have a character that can do this specific thing by changing her form, ensuring whoever is eaten doesn't get digested.)
Hard vore: 5/5 (Completely happy with this on someone evil, or on someone eliminating someone evil.)
Smother: 3/5 (Not a big fan of smothering people to death, but if we combine this with breastplay.....sure I guess >.<)
Breast play: 5/5 (Yes, but not randomly ofc. There needs to be rhyme and reason to it, and with most of my characters it's gotta be earned, usually through relationship)
Ass play: 5/5 (Look at breastplay. This is easier to achieve of course, because you can sort of tie it into combat.)
Insertion: 5/5 (Okay. This can be really fun, but you gotta REALLY earn this, mmkay? Probably not going to happen for like 99.9% of the characters I roleplay with.)
Crush: 5/5 (With feet, hands, Breasts, Butt, anything really. This is especially more fun in a combat scenario, but can happen just as much if I'm playing someone cruel.)
Being worshiped: 5/5 (YES! I don't like instant worship of course from someone, but if it flows and make sense, then that's lovely.)
Pet Tiny: 5/5 (Mainly when I'm playing someone cruel, but this is pretty fun.)
Being a lover, romance: 5/5 (Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. This is really nice most of the time. Just as long as story is respected when this happens.)
Slave Follower: 5/5 (Forcing this upon little people as a cruel giantess is great.)
Gentle GTS : 5/5 (This is fun, and ties in really well with romance. And playful domination is pretty fun too.)
Cruel Giantess : 5/5 (Oh yes, I can be EEEEVVILLL for a change. There's something uniquely enjoyable about slowly breaking someone down into a lap dog, or a humble servant/worshiper.)
Story: ∞/5 (See above)

A side note: Just because something is 5/5 on this arbitrary list doesn't mean that I'll automatically be willing to do it all the time, 24/7 on all characters. Different characters are meant for different things, and some of these things would be out of character for certain characters to do. Also, I might edit this later on.

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62RP Interests - Page 3 Empty Re: RP Interests on Tue Jan 09, 2018 6:14 pm

Hmmm.... * looks at the old preferences and that they posted here earlier. *  Hmmm... Meh, why not.  I'mma go and post an updated set of RP interests and preferences.  I did an updated character profile, so why not do everything else a-new.

A quick warning, this will be very wordy.  I apologize if it turns into information overload.

Okay, I bet many of you guys are tired of hearing this a lot, but I need to stress this anyway, especially now more than ever.  I-Love-Story!  I love story developement, I love character development, and I love seeing where the story will go.  I can't just do a random scene for no reason (though there is but one exception to this).  There has to be some manner of plot, or at least a willingness to follow and/or feed the plot!  I'm a pretty decent plot driver myself, personally, but it's a little difficult to pull off 100% on my own, soooo... ^.^;  A little help goes a long way...  If any of you are hoping to keep me as a long term partner, then this is an absolute must!  No story, I get bored and move on.  The only exception to this rule is shenanigans.  X3  I... love... randomness!  Some of you know some of the randomstuff I've done already, so you know what I like.  Basically, if it's wacky and weird but funny and entertaining, I'm for it.  This can be pretty hit or miss, though, but chances are I'll have fun with it.

What I'm looking for in partners:
You don't need a lot to keep me going.  Just have a sense of storyline, at least in some way.  If you're the type that wants to build a whole story together, then that's awesome!  All for it!  You in it just for the very very VERY specific scene and only that type of scene?  I will move on.  ^.^;  Sorry...  If by chance you managed to keep me entertained inspite of that, then go you, you get brownie points!  If you happen to have multiple characters, then you instantly have my interests!  I love people with lotsa characters, and I love the oppertunity to meet every single one of them!  Especially if they can make my Morgan squirm!

Morgan:  Why?!  Why always with the squirming?!

X3  Because your suffering amuses me.

Morgan:  You're as evil as ever... TT_TT

My Morgan is... very short... comparable to a child even.  And she will take advantage of it if it means it helps her.  My point is, I tend to play as a tiny girl.  I love being around the taller ones greatly, especially those who are kind, gentle, and/or mischievous and playful.  This will be my general preference.  That being said, I'm not oppose to playing other sizes.  It could be fun seeing Morgan freak out over not being small anymore, not to mention the potential for shenanigans there.  To those of you big ones who want to interact with my small girl, I'm fine with nearly any size.  The bigger the better, in my personal biased opinion.  As long as interaction is somehow still possible regardless of how extreme the size difference is, I'm good to go!  If interaction is not possible for whatever reason, then... o.o;  I won't really know where to take it so... it may abruptly end due to lake of ideas... take that as you will...

Like I said before, story is a big thing for me.  So is character development.  After that, I'd rather keep my Morgan her usual short size, unless there's a particularly good or funny enough reason to change it.  Beyond that... This may sound strange, but... I like being kind of vulnerable.  I like being kind of helpless when a tall one is involved.  I like being at their mercy, as though they know they have the power over me.  The only thing better then that for me is if the tall one knows the power they have over me, and chooses to use that power for protection, affection, and relationship building instead (be it friendship or something more intimate).  Don't get me wrong, I'm okay with any scenario, especially if I can survive it.  But I'm a sucker for affection and protection set ups, and there's something fun about being able to say "My friend is bigger than yours!"  Or even funnier, if I'm asked "You and what army?" for my reply to be "She's only one person, but she's as big and as powerful as one.  Does that count?"  And having multiple giant friends who have your back?  That is kind of awesome!  So... yeah, there's that.  To those of you who feel the same way and like the idea of having a cute tiny to befriend... o.o;  I can only hope that I succeed at being cute.  ^.^;  If I can, then yay!  If not, then oh well...

A very detailed list of things that may or may not help in figuring out what I'm okay with.

Footplay: If it's gonna kill me, then maybe I won't enjoy it as much.  Is it nonfatal?  Okay, I'm for it.
Is it for dominating reasons?  Hmmm... depends on how the relationship developes.  Is it for mischievous and playful reasons?  If it's nonfatal, then absolutely yes!  I can enjoy this!  Am I worshiping said giant foot?  ... o.o;  I hope you at least earned it.  Anything else I missed?  All is good especially if it is non-fatal and playful/mischievous.

Mouthplay/Vore: I do not like vore.  Not at all.
If that is where the story ends up going, then so be it.  However, is the vore non-fatal somehow?
 Then... I'm okay with it.  Mouthplay?  That could be fun.  You decide you want to kiss the little girl?
 I encourage it!  X3  Make the Morgan blush as brightly as possible!

Morgan:  O_O;  Let's not!  I'll explode!!!

Breastplay: o.o  Well this is tricky.  Um... again, non-fatal prefered.  Is she just being carried on the breasts?  That's okay.  In it?  If the story calls for it or if it's done intentionally for squirmy Morgans-

Morgan:  -.-  Please disregard that...

Anything else I missed?  Hmmm... again, depends on the direction.

Hand-Related: Oh, oh, this is fun!  Non-lethal again is good!  Go ahead and pick up my girl!  have fun with her!  Do as you will!  Carry her around!  Hands on affection is a definite A+!  Just... have fun with Morgan if you can easily pick her up!  X3  Make her squirm!

Morgan:  Why are you so obsessed with-

o///o;  Because I have a very high appreciation for hands and all the things they do for us and if you have them don't ever take them for granted they do so much for you while asking so little in return.

Morgan:  That's... not what I meant...

Ass-play: Okay, getting this out of the way.  No gas, no scat, no toilet related stuff.  Ever.  You involve that, you lose me for good.  Okay, moving on... exploring?  Could be fun.  Worship?  Again, I hope it was earned.  Can this be nonfatal?  Actually, yeah.  X3  Go ahead and sit on her!  It could be funny, assuming it doesn't kill the poor thing.

Morgan:  * has given up on trying to stop this, retreats to her hidey hole *

Insertion/Sex: Okay, whoa, pause for a minute, stop!  We're getting into some seriously kinky territory here.  Let it be known that I am not into anything sexual.  I will almost never go for the sexy kinky route.  If you want this, for any reason, then you had better work for it.  The only way I will be okay with this is if it is written really REALLY well into the story, and I am unforgivingly strict about this.  If I don't like it, I will recon it out of existance.  So... if you don't want that hassle, don't bother with it.  Trust me, I don't want it either... or at all.

Tinies: Now this is a rare one for me.  Because of my own preferences, I don't often do this.  But if you want to be the tiny for me, then be my guest.
There can still be a lot of story potential to it.  Just... don't go in looking to be a slave.  Not interested in tiny slaves.  Not interested in being feared, although that does have story/shenanigan potential so give it a try if you like.  Looking to be a pet?  Um... I don't know what to do with tiny pets.  Looking to be a friend?  That I can do!  Are you somehow interested in worshipping Morgan?

Morgan:  o.o;  W-why would anyone want to do that?  I'm kind of unimpressive...

... x3  Sure, why not.  It might make her blush.

Morgan:  XO  HEY!  Ignore that, worshipping is not required nor wanted!

Growing:  I prefer my small size, thanks.  If you can make it interesting for the story, go for it.  I'll see how it goes after.  Now, am I causing the growing?  Hmmm... actually, I don't have a means to do that currently, but if someone wants to provide a means, then yes I will have fun with it.  In fact, I make this a formal request!  If you can somehow give my Morgan Size manipulation powers, or at the very least the power to make anyone she wants into a giant, then please please PLEASE do it!  Also, the power to empower others in anyway could be fun, especially if you're one of those power hungry types.  I do encourage making Morgan the target of power seekers if she has the means to give such power.

Morgan:  o.o;  I am suddenly terrified for my life...  

 X3  I will ask you if you are okay being made bigger first, of course, but there's this odd part of me that enjoys the idea of giving others power.  So if anyone can somehow find a way for Morgy to gain this, then by all means give it to her!  X3  Just know that she may not have full control over it because, pffft, where's the fun in that, am I right?

Shrinking: Wait, am I shrinking or causing the shrinking?  Um... I prefer to keep my current height, thank you.  It can still be worked into the story, especially with the above mentioned, sooo... take that as you will.

Cuddling/Affection: Oh my gosh, if you are into this, you wil instantly win me over!  I love hugs!  I love kisses!  I love being cradled and carried!  I love being petted, especially head rubs!  I love being held protectively!  I'll even enjoy being held possessively if it's by someone who genuinely does want me in a friendship/romantic way.  This is only amplified if there are multiple tall girls wanting to take part in the cuddles! I love all forms of tall affections!   ... ^.^;  I apologize if that was weird in anyway...

Relationships:  This can be major fun, and a huuuuuge factor of character development!  So all is good!  I especially hope to be able to make friends with LOTSA tall ones!  If you're interested in having a romantic relationship with Morgan, then by all means give it a go.  She... might be hard to break through, though, but once you've earned it you're pretty much set.  Oh, while I'm okay with possessive love, know that my girl is not going to be happy with just one romantic relationship.  She might seek others.  Don't worry, she's the kind of girl who wants to make sure that all parties are okay with it before hand, so if you're okay with sharing her, then bonus points!  So if you like her enough to wanna keep her safe, or at least make her the exception to your usually mean-spirited or cruel prerequisites, then go for it!  All are fun!

Combat:  For those of you who like combat situations... o.o  I'm okay with it.  Currently, my girl is only good at evasion or running away, though, soooo... there's that.

If you are going to do things that are kinky for the sake of sexual satisfaction, then I will probably not be interested.  If it's sexual for the sake of story, then I may consider it, but it'll be iffy... If it's light hearted, then it'll be fine.  Light hearted usually means it won't go that far.  If it is for light-hearted teasing or for making Morgan squirm, be it intentional or not... then by all means, be my guest.  X3  Please to make my Morgan very squirmy and embarrassed.

So, that's about it, me thinks.  To those of you who actually read that entire wordy post, you are awesome and amazingly patient, and I love you for putting up with my wordiness!

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63RP Interests - Page 3 Empty Re: RP Interests on Thu Nov 22, 2018 9:08 pm

I might as well do this for Both Light Blue is Ernst, Yellow is Amelia and default is both.

What I am looking for in Partners:
In general story is important but not entirely mandatory, I'll need to be willing and available. I won't likely be doing much plot weaving myself but I will try to integrate the required characters into the plot given. I can work with both, but it will have to involve switching between them for scenes.

Size: I'm ok with size but be sure to read the rules for each character: A modest sized man, not that that matters much considering the giants around. Growth for him is a no go unless the resulting scene will be particularly hilarious because of this. He's highly unlikely to modify someone else's size. Shrinking him is a possibility and may lead to interesting results depending on the situation. He also doesn't actively try to shrink things unless the plot really needs it.
She's average in size, but in a place like this I wonder how long this will last... She should probably be kept at her normal size to start of with, but eventually she could go up in the world, literally. (Preferably I'd want this process to be drawn out for dramatic tension and concerning Ernst. Once the change happens it may be permanent). She's unlikely to make someone grow, only if the plot demands it. Shrinking can also happen to her, she probably won't like it but these things happen. She wont try to shrink people unless its's required.
If either of them end up dying for some reason and get resurrected, they will end up their normal size.

Fairly lenient. As long as you don't breach any of the criteria below.
keep making him grow to a minimum. Work with his lore role of Eylos Errand Boy, give him his work and make sure to assert that you want the task done.
Make sure to limit making her grow to start off with.

Feet: 1/5
Handplay: 3/5* 4/5
Cuddling/Petting: 3/5* 5/5(she needs the affection.)
Mouthplay 1/5 (Kissing only)
Soft vore: -1/5 (No)
Hard vore: -5/5 (Not a chance)
Smother: -5/5 (Not a chance)
Breast play: 1/5 (Not likely)
Ass play: -1/5 (Not a chance)
Insertion: -5/5 (Not a chance)
Crush: 1/5 (Only if the plot really demands it)
Being worshiped: 2/5 2/5
Pet Tiny: 0/5 3/5
Being a lover, romance: 0/5 (Let's just be friends) 3/5 (You'd have to earn it)
Slave Follower: 1/5** -1/5 (Thinks slavery is abhorrent)
Gentle GTS : 4/5* 5/5
Cruel Giantess : 3/5* 3/5
Story: 6/5 5/5 (Be sure to give him tasks and errands to annoy him endlessly.) 6/5 (Likely to get caught up in problematic situations that may or may not involve giants.)
Willingness to Heal 6/5 (Ask for healing and buffs and as long as she has them and she'll give them to an ally.)
Combat: 5/5 5/5 5/5 (Both will fight when needed.)

* Will depend on a particular attribute of the subject and how comfortable he is around their presence. I will not immediately divulge what, but it should be pretty easy to predict.

** Will not take slaves, will try to actively free slaves if the plot allows it and if is a slave/captive will frequently try to breach confinement.

Footnote: Ernst and Amelia will make reference to each other considering their relation, feel free to make use of this fact.

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