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RP Interests

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51 Re: RP Interests on Sun Mar 16, 2014 1:27 am

I said I'd do this so here it goes. Vanilla person here. Razz

Feet: 1/5
I've never been interested in feet. The most I'll do is maybe touch them for a bit, but please don't make this a focus point in any kind of playing. D;

Handplay: 3/5
I enjoy this but it isn't a requirement for me. It also doesn't need to be the focus point of any playing we're having.

Cuddling/Petting: 3/5
I view this in a similar way to handplay. I do enjoy being held, but so long as I'm not treated in an endearing way, I should be able to handle it fine.

Mouthplay 2/5
I don't mind being licked, things like that, maybe sucked on, but other than that I'm afraid I"d have to ask you to stop.

Soft vore: 0.5/5
Pretty much what mouthplay involves. The moment I start being swallowed, I will not enjoy it, at all. It just makes me uncomfortable.

Hard vore: 0/5
Nope. Wont do it.

Smother: 4/5
Define smothering. If it's the life endangering smothering, then no thanks. Uncomfortably being pressed against the person? I don't mind it. Razz

Breast play: ?/5
This one is a secret.

Ass play: ?/5
This one is a secret.

Insertion: ?/5
Oh look, another secret.

Crush: 0/5
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Worshipping: 0/5
I simply don't like the idea of putting myself to such a position. Well, it would depend on the kind of worshipping.

Pet Tiny: 4/5
I don't mind this, but I don't like being subjugated to something that's considered nothing. I would like to have some sort of value.

Being a lover, romance: 4/5
This is pretty cool stuff yeah. It helps with story related characters too.

Slave Follower: 0/5
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Gentle GTS : 5/5
All of my yes and thank you.

Cruel Giantess : 0/5
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Story: 2/5
I know many here love stories, but so long as the partner I'm roleplaying with is able to type a few sentences and we can go back and forth within a certain amount of time(meaning no half a day responses for a few sentences), I'm perfectly fine with not having a heavy story for our two characters.

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52 Re: RP Interests on Thu Mar 20, 2014 6:43 pm

As tiny, I prefer to be used to the Giantess' pleasure, and enjoy unwilling play

Feet: 5/5
Handplay: 2/5 ~eh, like how?
Cuddling/Petting: 2/5
Mouthplay 5/5
Soft vore: 5/5
Hard vore: 2/5
Smother: 5/5
Breast play: 5/5
Ass play: 5/5 ~all kinds
Insertion: 5/5 ~all kinds
Crush: 5/5
Being worshiped: 2/5 ~if forced
Pet Tiny: 1/5
Being a lover, romance: 2/5
Slave Follower: 1/5
Gentle GTS : 1/5
Cruel Giantess : 5/5
Story: 4/5

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53 Re: RP Interests on Mon May 19, 2014 5:57 pm

Since people dont know me let me just say IDC what happens to me  as long as it doesn't kill my character like -> Foot Crushin\'!

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54 Re: RP Interests on Mon May 19, 2014 6:32 pm

I forgot to do this
Handplay: 5/5
Cuddling/Petting: 5/5( Hug )
Mouthplay (soft vore basically, but no swallowing): 3/5 (ew sorry no!)
Soft vore: 5/5(i dont want to die though as long as you put me into some sort of capsole to protect from the digestion im fine!)
Hard vore 0/5(NOOOOO!!!)
Smother: 100/5(as long as i dont suffocate im fine ^.^)
Breast play: 23232322/5 (what do you think this is gonna be? IMA MALE!!)
Ass play (no farting, please): 50/5
Insertion: 5/5(umm...wh-O.O)
Crush  3/5(only if its non-lethal
Being a worshiper:1/5(sorry too shy to worship >P<
Being a pet: 5/5(ONLY if i want to be)
Being a lover, romance: 5/5(YES YES YES!!)
Being a slave: 0/5(DEATHently not haha get the pun Question 
Gentle GTS (playful dominance, petting, cuddling): 244444442324/5 (i love being handled by a gentle giantess tho not TOO gental)
Cruel Giantess (violently dominant, crushing, torture)1/5(considering HOW cruel

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55 Re: RP Interests on Mon Jun 23, 2014 11:20 am

For me, what ever the giantess likes I am down. I'm playful and funny so I can entertain. Not a fan of blood and death so I am immortal; I like to see what's happening to me. I'm a big fan of breast-play and soft vore <3

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56 Re: RP Interests on Mon Sep 01, 2014 3:52 am

As for doronith it would be like this.

Feet: 1/5
Handplay: 2/5
Cuddling/Petting: 5/5
Mouthplay 0/5
Soft vore: 0/5
Hard vore: 0/5
Smother: 0/5 (no clue what that is)
Breast play: 3/5
Ass play: 4/5 (as most of us prefer no farting please)
Insertion: 0/5
Crush Foot Crushin\'! : 5/5 (Slow and painful not quick and painless)
Being worshiped: 0/5  (tend to treat everyone equal)
Pet Tiny: 0/5 (i am a tiny myself)
Being a lover, romance: 0/5
Slave Follower: 0/5 (read worshipping)
Gentle GTS : 5/5 (willing to give live if needed)
Cruel Giantess : 0/5
Story: 3/5 (need to learn all the stories of the differend people first)

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57 Re: RP Interests on Sun Oct 12, 2014 12:02 pm

Ass play : 2/5
Being a pet: 3/5
Being a lover, romance: 4/5
Being a slave: 3/5
Being a worshiper: 3/5
Breast play: 4/5
Body play: 3/5
Cruel Giantess: 4/5
Crush: 3/5
Cuddling/Petting: 3/5
Feet : 5/5
Gentle Giantess: 4/5
Growth: 3/5 (I prefer a "normal"sized women wich shrinks me, or me being small compared to her already)
Handplay: 3/5
Insertion: 4/5
Mouthplay: 4/5
Playful Giantess: 5/5 (teasing, flirting,dominent semi-cruel)
Smother: 4/5
Story: 4/5
Vore (Soft): 3/5
Vore (Hard): 4/5

5 = God Yes.
4= I'm into it
3= I like it
2= I can take it or leave it
1= Not really my thing
0= no thanks

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58 Re: RP Interests on Mon Aug 21, 2017 3:23 pm

This list represents my tiny side which I play mostly as 80% of the time but most of the stuff does represent what I do as a Giantess also but I only play with females on the sexual side unless I know the male really well and trust him. Then he may get a surprise from me.

-Play  10/10 (kissing, teasing, licking and sucking)
-Soft Vore 10/10
-Hard Vore 7/10 (When in the mood for will let ya know or ask)

-Carried in Cleavage 10/10
-Carried on Nipple 10/10
-Play with Nipple 10/10
-Smother 10/10
-Crush 10/10

-Play 10/10
-Crush 10/10
-Licked 10/10

-Play ???/10 (willing to explore)
-Smother 7/10
-Crush 10/10 (inside or outside)
-Gas 0/10 (no just no)
-Scat 0/10 (Sames as gas)
-Insertion 7/10 (As long as it is clean)

-Insertion 10/10
-Smother 10/10
-Crushed 10/10
-Trapped inside 10/10

Play ???/10 (Willing to explore)
-Smother 7/10
-Crush 10/10

-Digested 10/10
-Trapped Inside 10/10

Entapment  (Bra and Panties) 10/10

Smell ( Feet Butt Sweat and Pussy) 0/10

Pet/Slave 0/10 (As Luna)

Captured 10/10

Pissed on 0/10

Shrinking 10/10

Couple or More Giantess 10/10

Shared Between Giantess 10/10

Being a Toy for Giantess Pleasure 10/10

Love Making 10/10 (with Giantess only)

My sizes as Tiny
1 inch  0/10
2 inchs  6/10
3 inchs 10/10
4 inchs 10/10
5 inchs 10/10
6 inchs 10/10

Giantess Sizes
10 to 50 ft 6/10
75 ft to 125 ft 10/10

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