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The Dark Paladin Eleandil

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1The Dark Paladin Eleandil Empty The Dark Paladin Eleandil on Sat Oct 25, 2014 9:44 am

The giantess Eleandil. Obviusly not humanoid wich is easy to tell from her "Human" with the long slim Draconic tail. Her overall build is curvy yet strong. This woman have seen more than one battle. She take great pride in herself and look on most tinys' Men espcecaly to that as something that shuld be serving or worshiping her.

Paying closer attention to her. One do notice both the shadow and light. both of wich can be seen dance around her Not only that but aswell from time to time one can see the two oposites play with eachother. She have a common dark or evil aproach to most people she do not know or trust. If you prove yourself however she open up alot more. Elean's skills lays in her ability to wield both light and shadows. She tend to say "One can not exist without the other" Elean is very protective over the one she might happen to chose to be with. Trying to hurt that person or even flirting with her will most of the time make her angry or anoyed.

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