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A vampire's kryptonite.

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1A vampire's kryptonite.  Empty A vampire's kryptonite. on Sun Sep 07, 2014 11:25 am

What are a vampire’s weaknesses? There are many myths and legends on the idea. Garlic, running water, sunlight. Though the truth is there are many different things that vampires can react to due to the different amount of bloodlines and their origins. An example of this would be a vampire who has descended of demonic origins being weak to holy artifacts and weapons.

Daente never really experienced any of these so called weaknesses first hand up until now. It was late at night as he was finishing up the final preparations for the Steel Rake’s departure. s As he saw a young boy in the alleyway wearing a worn down cloak.

Naturally, Daente had a soft spot for orphans considering he was one himself. As Daente walked towards the young boy with kinah in his hand the boy turned toward Daente and pulled out a sword and slashed at him. Of course Daente didn’t move at all. Assuming the strike wouldn’t cause much harm to him. A strike that would strike worry into his heart for the rest of his days.

As the sword made contact his wound began to burn with an unbearable pain. It was almost like a poison burning and tearing at his skin as he groaned in pain. Time seemed to almost freeze as he looked towards the boy who was about to go for another slash.

It took Daente all his focus and strength to disarm the weapon. Though the moment Daente touched the weapon his hand began to burn with the same sensation. As he looked the kid in the eyes and used his vampiric ability of compulsion to tell the kid to get out of there and forget everything that happened.

With that the violence ended, though Daente was unsure with what the hell to do with the weapon. He put on a glove and picked up the sword. It didn’t burn him through his clothes which was a good sign.

He then went back to the Steel Rake and broke the sword apart to examine it. He then found a shocking discovery. A problem that may give him problems for the rest of his days. Though he deduced another thing from this event, someone was out to get him.

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