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First Akarios Conference (Open Roleplay)

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1First Akarios Conference (Open Roleplay) Empty First Akarios Conference (Open Roleplay) on Mon Jun 30, 2014 10:40 pm

Please Read The Text Below-
(So, I haven’t been seeing a lot of activity on the forum recently so I’ve decided to start this little progressive roleplay to sort of help the server push forward with roleplay. This won’t be a conventional roleplay though. Everything said and suggested will be canon at the end of the events that has taken place. I will explain what the story will be for this.

Just to get some guidelines in though. I’m sure all of you know this already, but for those who are new for forum type roleplays it’s important to put detail into your character. So make a little outline of the character you are going to be so there is less confusion.

For example, Let’s say if a giantess is in the roleplay. We won’t be able to react accordingly if we are unsure about their size. Same thing goes for any person really. Big or small.

Then the rest is simple, just describe the ordinary mumbojumbo such as appearance and clothing too.

Also, this is another common sense thing, but I would recommend if you have multiple characters. Please only use one for the roleplay to avoid confusion considering we have only one forum name but on the server we aren’t limited to one character.

Now, let’s get this started. I hope you guys aren’t too shy or something. I’d hate to make this between only a few people.)

Name: Daente Valhalla
Age: 22 years old
Height: 6 Feet 2 Inches (Feel free to use any measurements btw. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] <- For all your converting needs)
Race: Former Asmodian/ Vampire
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red

Description: It was a really hot day outside so Daente decided to wear a white captain’s shirt, and black breeches. For those who haven’t seen Daente before they’d notice his physique. He wasn’t the biggest or strongest man around but his previous years of hard work, exploring, and martial arts training naturally formed his body to accommodate him. His pale skin was probably the next most noticeable thing, after becoming a vampire it was kinda expected for him to be so. Considering he didn’t really have a pumping heart to carry his blood around his body, it was only natural, and the last would be his fangs, which would be visible after everytime he spoke, smiled, or gritted his teeth.

Other than those features he looked like an ordinary asmodian, claws, mane, and all of that jazz. His black hair would be slicked back, not to professionally though. He always wanted to keep his more casual vibe around himself, which was apparent by the stubble on his face which he kept well groomed.

A conference is being held today in Akarios village. The town leader asked Daente to send letters out to all non-residents who hang around the village day after day when they have nothing better to do. Meaning he was obligated to send letter to everyone he could reach, good or bad, and whether Daente liked them or not. Besides, he owes a favor or two to the mayor of this small settlement and It’s his code to repay all his debts.

The letter stated.

“Dear Citizen,
You have been asked to attend the first ever ‘Non-residential Conference of Akarios’. The villagers have become a bit weary of the constant drama and destruction that has come over the village year after year and we finally decided to take matters into our own hands, through progressive conversation. This way we can ensure the wants and needs of all our villagers are met while we manage to keep Poeta as the hottest tourist area in all of Atreia. As I’m sure all of you are aware of, considering you are being called here for that exact reason.

The conference will take place in the village square. We have selected a leader among you all for this conference who will support our views as we attempt to make our village a peaceful place to stay.

We hope to see you come,
Daen| Mayor of Akarios Village.”

Daente sighed at his mistake as he read over the letter. He was too lazy to change it earlier so he decided to put the letter through the printing press regardless as he made dozens of copies. Which were sent out to everyone the day before the conference.

He just stood at the podium slouched over. He clearly didn’t want to be here but he had to. “Man, the mayor guy is an asshole.” He thought.

“He made me do everything to get this stupid conference together, and as expected not a villager in sight. I bet they bailed just in case things got ugly. I’ll need to talk to this guy after… ugh…” Daente whined as he waited for someone to show up. He could probably be over heard quite easily. Considering the conference was taking place in a large tent outside. Which could accommodate people up to 20 feet tall, though they did have to crawl in, unless they would completely break it. Which he would have to pay for.

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