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Hi im comepletely new to aion giantess roleplay...

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My real-You know what screw that lets get to my personality!
Here's some traits that will help you get a good grasp on my personality...
1. I'm very shy but also can be very talkative
2. I'm not likely to jump into RP's
3. I'm Trying to think of how my character will react to many situations..
Now onto some ideas i already have for my Character (Which i will move into back stories if and when he is created)
1. Hes going to be  like me... in number one and of course very tiny
2. He will stare at a giantess til they leave if they threaten or spook him
3.  He will be very flexible and strong up to 5X more than an average person would be
4. Because is so flexible and strong is very tolerant to being stepped on and if you wiggle it will practicly make my character laugh His name will be James
This is all i have so far so please add some feedback if you like to see Him in the rp i would be very very greatful if you would do so
Please note to talk carefully around me my character will be known to flip out at the slightest things no matter HOW big you are (i has anger management problems)
 Foot Crushin\'!  lol!

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Shocked Oh i forgot to mention that i have lots of role play background let me show you how much(though much is non-gts because not many rp gts games): Roblox, WoW( only a tad), Runescape(very old maybe when i was 7?),and much much more!

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Quixel Kayln Kajar

Quixel Kayln Kajar
Giantess Matriarch
Hello and welcome.

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Thx! i'll be very active on here until i forget (* ^.^)

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Hello James.

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Welcome Very Happy

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*sighs* thanks and if utorrent doesn't get downloading QUICK i'm going to leave  Crying or Very sad

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I don't think downloading 21GB within a few minutes is possible. It might take some hours....

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Hrs? With how its acting its gonna take a MONTH at least! it keeps having to find peers to download with and it takes a while to find said peers

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Have some patience. Maybe all seeders have their computers shut off and that's why it's taking so long. Or maybe your internet connection is somewhat slow.

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... does it getting stuck on connecting to peers count as Slow?

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I think you will fit in eventualy

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Ya i know i will i'm very adaptable i adapt to role plays easily Razz

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Hey James! Welcome! I still feel new these days and I've been a member for at least a month or so. Make sure to get a chance to RP with everyone!

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