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They called him.. "Cliff"

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1They called him.. "Cliff" Empty They called him.. "Cliff" on Mon Mar 24, 2014 11:53 am

Basic Info:

Race: Unknown
Age: 38
Full Name: Unknown
Nickname: "Cliff"
Hometown: Unknown


Cliff: "A magician never reveals his secrets.."
Templar: "So you're using Magic, right... riiiiight?"
Cliff: "You're dead, dead People don't ask questions.. And to answer: No."
Templar (Dead): "Aww... Maaaaaan.."


As the war between Asmodea and Elysea still raged and daily lifes were lost in the depths of the Abyss (Or.. Not considering that all Deava are immortal in Aion's lore, which is just an excuse for the respawn.. So screw that! Deaths make many things more dramatic and worth while.) A single man not bound by a faction or Nation stood between everyone with his relativly small army, his Name was never revealed or was it? If so only a selected few in the Government of each faction know it. Said man with a bunch of soldiers, were hired ever so often all around the Planet to assassinate Targets naturally the Price for murder without any traces was high.. Higher than ordinary Folks would be able to afford.

The art of sneaking, critically striking when the target wasn't expecting it. Many have fallen in the past years, fallen victim to nothing but his blade. As however the war came to an end and peace was finally at Hand, his Services were no longer required and so a man which in all These years only knew the thirst for more blood has laid down his weapons to live his life.. Now-a-days he's living in Sanctum, the pride capital of the Elyos and is often seen in various Taverns to simply satisfy the emptiness within his heart with good Drinks, strong Drinks.. The only Point of his existance, the only Thing he was ever good at taken from him. The public doesn't know who he is and what he was doing, nor his role in the past Events..

To them he's just a middle aged drunktard that's ordering the same day for day, but he doesn't feel right in his current role, dressed like a commoner no weapons at Hand when he may require them, naturally he always carries something that could be used for self defense with him, a needle..  Down the road near the great Tower he's owning a Little shop and holds himself over water with blacksmithing, naturally his Kinah reserves are still great, but without anything to do.. The People might suspect him of drug dealing or simliar - An average man wouldn't be able to pay his rent without a Job - naturally.

What does the future have in store for him..? Time will most likely tell.

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