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Do I have to? I'm famous enough already, aren't I?

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I guess...this won't be much of a backstory, at current? I'll just write up a bit of info, personality and that stuff! Most of which you can find out by actually talking to me in game but...whatever!

Sooooo...I guess first things first, people call me Zodick! And why wouldn't they, with that being my name and all! I'm mostly a doctor, see...which is lucky, 'cuz everyone around here always seems to get scrapes and bruises one way or the other. But don't worry about that! I'm scarily good at my job! "But..." I might hear you cry, "You don't even use magic! How are you supposed to compete with all the crazy mages slinging healing spells and patching up whatever wounds anyone might have with ease?" The answer is...not all maladies are physical! If you've got a problem with your head, in your head, on your head, around your head...I can help with that as well! If you need to get something off your chest in order to unburden your heavy heart, my doors are always open! Figuratively. I don't really have a base of operations yet, but that's just something I have to work on!

Age? I worked it out...in relative years to Atreia, I'd be about 18 years old! "Isn't that a little young for a doctor?" ...Maybe! I could just be a quick learner, or maybe time passes slower where I'm from...oh yeah! I totally forgot to mention I'm an alien! I know, I know, it's awesome...but really, the coolest thing is that I'm not just from another planet, I'm from another dimension! So if my dimension is dimension A, I came from my home world in dimension A to Atreia A, and from there slipped through the cracks into dimension B...making this Atreia B! Confused? If so, great! In that case you'll absolutely hate talking to me! This is another thing I'm looking into, though! The idea that there are plenty of parallel Atreias, maybe with minor changes, maybe with major ones! Finding that out is half the excitement!

Personality? ...I guess you'd call it effervescent! Obviously I have my lazy days too, but who doesn't? I'm mostly here to just get to know people, which is easy to do when you're as perceptive as I am! So don't be at all surprised if I watch the little things you do or say and then extrapolate from them who you are, your intents...stuff like that! Ego? Welllllll...maybe a little? It's mostly justified though...honestly, how many people are you gonna find who're both as smart and as cute as I am? None at all! Okay, one...but that's me! I don't really buy into the idea of black and white, good and evil, either! I don't believe that anyone, myself included, is totally good or evil! That said...if I'm doing something that you consider to be in your definition of 'evil', please, feel free to tell me! I don't really do that kind of stuff, so I'll more than likely be able to justify myself and put your heart at ease!

What else...well, I do have a very kind heart. If there's anyone out there with no place to go...come see me! I get all big sisterly when I see people all confused...so don't be too freaked out if I start calling you little sis/bro! Oh yeah, candy too! I love candy, and anywhere I go I'll usually have one or two...five, maybe ten or twenty pieces with me! Not to the point of idiocy, though! People have tried to lure me into traps with candy before, but that kinda obvious stuff...yawn!

Anything else? I can't think of anything, so if you wanna know something that's not covered here, come look me up! I don't bite, promise! Just give me time and patience and I'll be your beeeeeest friend, I swear!

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