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Miisa Duskrunner: Evil Soul Sister of Kali

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1Miisa Duskrunner: Evil Soul Sister of Kali Empty Miisa Duskrunner: Evil Soul Sister of Kali on Sun Mar 24, 2013 3:27 pm

Basic Information

Name: Miisa Duskrunner
Age: Unknown in Kalli Years
Race: Absolute Appointed Goddess
Location: The Gothic Citadel of Nightmares, NeverRealm (Hell of Kalli)
Family: Sister - Kali (Goddess)
Personality: Royal/Evil/Somber
Past Personality (Before the investation of Xina): Royal/Supportive/Strict
Allignment: The Darkest NeverRealm Legion (Kalli)/ Elyos (Ateria)
Past Allignment: The Goddesses/ Queen of the Imperials (Kalli)
Fears: Kali/Holy/Lightness
Past Fears: Darkness/Xina/Daemons


Size: 50 - 2000
Skin/Eyes/Hair: Grey/Glowing Red/Black
Past Skin/Eyes/Hair: Red/Red/Black
Body Type: Curvy and long legs
Voice Type: Seductive


The Imperial Queen Saga:

Miisa was a mighty warrior, she was inspired by Ateria's oath, she fought with many Imperials (Humans), she is known as the Queen of the Imperial Legion. Kali, Miisa's sister, has granted Miisa to be one of her first guardians, of Kalli, intervening the wars, and granted her, Kali's height, she was living in great wealth and Royality. As though Miisa is strict with other servants and soldiers, she gave them part of her wealth, which was partially their income.
One day, a dark robed woman came to the Imperial castle, without the guard's pass or consent, The Robed Woman, came along to the palace of the Imperials, and then...... Miisa's castle was blighted with the daemons, and so The Robed woman said to her "I am your Mother, and I will turn you into my slave!" So Miisa attacked her mother, which is Xina, of course, and the robed woman enlarged herself to a size of the mountains and then she grabbed Miisa and then she picked her up and possessed her for the eternity....

The Daemon Saga...:

Miisa turned into a Daemon, she got one assignment, Assassinate Kali! She went up to the skies as a giantess, thrashed almost the whole part of the land, until she gets to Kali, then hell broke loose. Kali and Miisa we're fighting until her soul clashed with in Miisa, Kali captured Miisa's soul and then she was part of Kali........ How sad........

Miisa haunts Kali in Ateria, all the time.... She is a witch, a cursed witch..... Which means that she is now a evil giantess, instead of a Queen of the Imperials, her own army, has been destroyed and betrayed by Miisa's wrath. So, Kali was scared until Kali and Miisa's time we're up, so they divided each other and Miisa is now at Tahmes, for the eternity, alongside with Soyuse the Succubus ((A past person from the Community)) They agreed to share the land and Miisa was for eternity a Daemon Goddess, worshipping the newest High Goddess of the NeverRealms......... Elia........................

Her days are going to be evil, once she is going to destroy the whole universe, and will Kali intervene. We will see.....

((Miisa was ruined in the past, ruined in character, but I got her fixed, so everyone can see Miisa, again))

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