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Muriel & Murias Hanns - Evergrowing Huntresses

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((This is WIP, still downloading the client))
Muriel Hanns is an elder goddess that is ever-growing when night falls. Muriel is also a gardener that traps any usurping giantess that fights Muriel, she blows the giantess up, inflation and immobilizing growth with imperfect vegetables and magic. She is also a farmer for the Giantess and Tinies that respects Muriel.

Muriel's past.

Her bearing past when her childhood starts misery, over at Poeta, she was very imperial, but she never went to Sanctum in her life..... She is no asmodian, but she was The Goddess of the Darknight... Muriel angered with dark firing tornadoes spewing out, when she gets upset. Then, her teen years, she wants to be a cheer captain, and she never achieved that, but only a cheerleader. So, Darknight had to fall over Muriel, at a game, Muriel was cheering, she grew rapidly until she got shot by a unknown taller sized little girl named "Bunny". Actually her real name was Murias, she came from Muriel's past to overcome, the present of Muriel. Murias agreed to help Muriel make her popular, and she learned the growth and shrinking spell, which makes it even balanced though her future grand-daughter had to teach Muriel a special way to punish the women that embarrass and defies Muriel. She was very popular in the early years.

Murias "Bunny" invites Muriel to Kalli

Murias told Muriel to spend the half of Muriel's eternity over at Kalli... Muriel was pleased that she was a trustworthy goddess. So the both women, or as known as the goddesses, came in and saw Kali. Kali actually was studying the genetics of Muriel, as though Kali is interested in Darknight Goddesses. Muriel kneel down and bow, that she wanted a home for both of them. Kali snapped her fingers and she gave Muriel a farmer's house, inside the farmer's house was a terrace. The Terrace was filled with the garden. She learned how to grow more taller. And make traps for the vegetables if any women we're to intrude the both giantesses. Muriel was pleased that she had a good past 40 years, until the great war. Muriel returned to Ateria, in Poeta to live in peace once again. She will find more giantess/goddesses and tiny males/females to hang out with and play with. End of Diary Entry

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