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Blood for Blood

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1Blood for Blood Empty Blood for Blood on Mon Jan 27, 2014 10:41 am

Immortality? Is it a gift, or a curse? Many over the centuries have attempted to gain this feat. They would go to any lengths possible, but out of what? Greed? Fear? Curiousity? Unfortunately, those who have tried so hard to figure out how, they slowly met their end one by one. Whether it was sickness, old age, or even a violent death to the hands of nature or of others who wished to seek their end.

People thought if there was a way to become immortal they could have anything they desired, It would pull away the barrier between gods and men. Maybe that was true, but it doesn't come without some sort of cost.

And what kind of cost? Money? Artifacts? No. This called for something almost… biblical, it called for something every mortal being needed to live. It’s called blood. If someone offered a sacrifice of their own blood at the site of the an ancient goddess of nature. Though this seemed a bit odd. A goddess of nature who grants immortality? You would say that it would almost mess with the balance of nature, but that wasn’t the case. Nature is filled with loopholes.

The moment one thing is unbalanced, it creates something new to cause nature to balance once again. Some of the many were, herbs that could subdue an immortal unlike any poison that could be used on them, venom from certain animals that cause intense pain and deterioration of the body until a cure has been found, and in some cases, burning from sunlight though that doesn't happen with a pure-blooded immortal. Then the most overbearing of all, blood lust. Not just the want for blood, the need for it. It would become the foundation of life by this new immortal being who has made a deal with nature. After the immortal in question has fed upon his first taste of blood, they become stronger than they ever were back in their mortal days, though this brings about even more need for blood until it becomes a second nature, just like eating a meal in order to continue about the day with no hunger.

Though this was irrelevant knowledge till recently, it all changed when a young asmodian stumbled upon a cave with the dormant power of the ancient goddess of nature. He saw a hot spring and he naturally went in for a dive. Though by this time, he already started the process. He left home for a long while to go on a voyage to discover more things about the world around him and to make himself stronger. Since he had spent sometime training, he had some cuts and bruises. He didn’t think much of it, but it would change his life. His blood started to mix with the water as it began to glow, he felt odd.

As if his body were, healing, but not just healing. Becoming stronger, faster, and more resilient. He was surprised. He thought it was just the minerals in the waters but it was something far more extraordinary. He unknowingly started an ancient ritual that many people have been trying to figure out how to do for centuries. With only half the ritual completed, all that is left is for him to take his first taste of sentient blood.

This is a start of a bloodline, a start of a story, the start of an “original” vampire. Daente Valhala.

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2Blood for Blood Empty Re: Blood for Blood on Wed Feb 19, 2014 3:10 pm

There is a saying, "The first taste of blood can create a beast." Many people looked at this as a metaphor referring to murder and war, but now there is a literal meaning to it. The curse of vampirism.

After Daente had his first taste of blood, after a small squabble with Asha. He left a cut on her neck when she said, "Bite me.". This was obviously meant in a confrontational way but Daente chuckled at the thought of putting it into a literal situation. Which he did, but he was sent flying by one of her punches, making his teeth leave a cut on her neck, and the first taste that triggered this curse.

A day after, he began to transform. He grew in fangs, his eyes turned red, and he gained many different supernatural abilities. He was still unsure as to what he was but he knew he was changing. What drew closer to his conclusion was when Quixi showed up. The one responsible for much of the problems he has seen in Atriea, besides some others. (But that's a story for another time.)

Daente wasn't in any mood to confront her at all, so he just ignored her, causing her to lunge forth towards him with her sword. He quickly looked back at her as his eyes flashed, He then said, "Stop!". This made his words seem persuasive as she stopped in her tracks and examined him. She found this interesting, mainly because he gave her the want to actually stop the lunge, though she had a really strong will meaning it wasn't as effective. Not to mention the lack of blood Daente had in his system. She then proceeded to attack again and another trait was then shown by Daente, his speed has increased. A vampiric ability called "Celerity" or "Swiftness of movement". Allowing him to move fast enough to leave a trail of after images behind him. Though Quixi proved to still be too much for him as she defeated him and decided to leave a path of blood and death in the village by killing everyone.

This awoke Daente's beast as he couldn't get away from the smell of blood, he tried to cast magic but he noticed he was unable to, until he pooled up all the blood in his hand unintentionally. He seemed to lose all his ability of magic except he learned how to control the blood around him.

The smell of blood was getting to him, he needed it, for it was in his nature to need it.

He quickly disappeared from the scene as he fled to a village up in the north to collect his wits. Where he was approached by a guard as he was suspicious of this strange figure with blood on his hands. The guard then drew his sword and tried to arrest Daente. The beast then lashed out of Daente as he turned around and quickly grabbed the guard as he tore into his neck and began to feast.

With blood everywhere, Daente then dropped the body and wiped his mouth as he walked off into the distance with a slight grin on his face.

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3Blood for Blood Empty Re: Blood for Blood on Sun Apr 20, 2014 12:11 am

Chapter 1: Fates intertwined

Life hasn't been easy for Daente since he changed. Though he managed to cope with it nether the less. He started to take control of his vampiric powers, learning new skills every day. Things that made his life easier in most ways.

The only hard part was being able to control his hunger. This was the most difficult part of his new undead life. This was understandable, the vampiric hunger is one of the only reasons they are dispised by the society around them. This gave Daente the motivation needed to perfect his art of 'not killing when feeding'. It was going smoothly too. Well, until he met Lanathiel.

Daente was in the Sanctum library when he came across her, she had long blond hair and she was pretty... petite. Which was a breath of fresh air considering all the larger people he had to deal with on a regular basis. Though this wasn't your average beautiful girl out in public, doing whatever she was. Something lured Daente to her, and not like that... It was more like, how a snake would sneak up on a unsuspecting mouse. He was unsure what it was, maybe it was a special type of blood, he didn't know. Though she didn't seem like the type of girl who would just let a blood sucking creature just take a bite into her. This was apparent with the daggers she had on her back. Which was naturally an alarm for anyone trying to approach a person who wasn't wearing some sort of city guard uniform or something of that sort.

But, Daente wasn't too mindful of it. He was immortal after all, though it was more likely because he is dense and can't take a hint. So, he decided to try to get to her. He approached her as he stopped pretending to search for a book. He would then try to get her attention, he didn't even remember how he did. She probably noticed him checking her out but not in the way she would suspect.

Daente would then begin to start small talk with her. He seemed to be quite adept at conversation considering his occupation. So, it wasn't too hard for him to keep one up. He was a curious creature also, which made him naturally want to get to know her. Though he was hungry and didn't really have his fix of blood yet on that day. So he decided to take control, he looked into her eyes as his flashed up in a red light then saying "Follow me, It will only be a bit" . His vampiric ability to convince has grown quite a bit in the past while, he only used to be able to use it on weak willed people but now, well... he levelled it up.

He took her back to his ship which he currently docked in sanctum. It would be a quite place to avoid any distractions and well, people who would like to harm him.

Daente would then look back into her eyes when they were at the bar, doing the same vampiric trickery he would compel her to allow Daente to feed on her blood. He then grasped her wrist as he rolled back her sleeve and bit into her fore arm. He began to drink. Though, it was too much for him to handle. He couldn't stop, this was the first time he felt this sensation when he fed. Usually he took as much as he needed and let them go on their marry way but now, his very core made him feel as if he needed it all. After awhile she naturally passed out. He felt the blood flow disappear as he began to panic. Though he was a vampire, he didn't really enjoy the killing, he wasn't some beast or animal that would kill their prey. He was much more civilized. So, he tried to undo what he did with his blood.

He then bit into his wrist as he placed it up to her mouth, having her drink it with what little strength she had left. This usually worked to heal those he went to far with, due to his vampiric blood being able to speed up the healing processes of the humanoid body by extraordinary rates, and even giving some more power at the end. The problem was Lanathiel was too far gone to save as she slipped out of life. He felt guilty as he placed her on the bar. Pondering what he had just done, but something was about to happen that would change his and well, her life forever.

As Lana layed there, she began to change. Her hair turned white, her body began to grow even taller, and her body changed. She herself became what Daente has been. A vampire...

This was either a start of a bond, or a war between the vampire who was, and the one who became a vampire.

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4Blood for Blood Empty Re: Blood for Blood on Sat Jul 19, 2014 3:18 pm

Daente’s Vampiric Abilities

As time passed Daente became more in tune with his vampiric abilities. Discovering new ways to use them. Though these are powerful and useful techniques and abilities a lot of them come with a cost of blood. This becomes even more of the case during battle, as Daente calculated his abilities by how much vampiric blood they actually use during battle. He has a maximum of 15 blood points. Can be replenished during battle. By feeding, or rations.

His abilities can be used in a non hostile manner also which doesn’t take a lot of blood to do as they are used in a non-violent, or non-lethal manner.  Daente’s abilities can increase over time as vampires become more powerful with age. Although this usually takes years, Daente can do this in a matter of weeks, and months due being the first in his line.

An ability with a * beside it means that its Daente's preferred basis of attack and he can use the first level of that skill as much as he can, only if there is no harmful intent. This effect is voided when in a serious confrontation.

Combat Abilities:

Vanish: This technique allows Daente to morph into a mist of blood, using his control of it to fly through the air and re-materialize somewhere else. When leveled the speed of which this is used becomes more difficult to deal with and the amount of blood used becomes lowered. (Max. Level.3) Current level 1: In battle it uses 3 blood points. Not very quick but can be used to avoid strikes.

Celerity: This ability allows Daente to move at extremely quick speeds. Though keeping his solid form. Faster than Vanish. As it advances it will allow for Daente to leave after images of himself. Though it only lasts for 1 turn. So if prolonged it continues to use blood points. (Max. Level. 5) Current level 1: In battle it uses 2 blood points. Quick. Can be followed with the naked eye at level 1.

Vampiric Strength: This ability allows Daente to strike with extreme force. Can easily break through a brick wall or a tree. Though it becomes difficult with more dense objects such as metal, and solid rock. Though it can be leveled up to have more power behind it. (Max. Level. 5) Current level 1: Uses 3 blood points. Extremely powerful, though at this low a level it is blockable by experienced fighters.

Morph: This technique allows Daente to alter his current forms using his blood and flesh to re-alter his form, and numbers. Daente can tranform into any normal class animal, he cannot duplicate himself at such a low level. Only by condensing his form. (Max. Level. 5) Current level 1: Uses 5 blood points. Lasts for 3 turns.

*Blood Strike*: This technique lets Daente use his blood as a weapon as he can use it to strike long distances with high velocities. It can pierce vital spots at this level but it cannot pierce armour. This was the first ability Daente learned so it gets a bonus level. (Max. Level. 5) Level 1: Lower velocity, cannot penetrate armour (Or skin if it is a non lethal blow). level 2: Can be controlled even after blood has left his body.  Current Level 3: Velocity is increased, can put a crack in normal armour and walls, may initiate a roll if a severe blow is imminent. (Level 3 Upgraded Oct. 23 2014) Level 4: Velocity is increased even more, though the use of a level 4 attack uses 3 blood points, this attack can pierce through walls and armour, leaving behind holes, can keep powerful targets at bay, though it doesn't have the strength to kill them in a small number of attacks. (Level 4 Upgraded Nov. 26 2014)

Blood Harden: This technique allows Daente to solidify his blood. This can be used defensively to create a coat of armour around his body, or offensively by making razor sharp claws from his blood. Costs 2 blood points in to summon during battle (Max. Level 5) level 1: He can only put a layer of hardened blood on his forearms for protection. Level 2: Sharp claws are now formed along with the forearm protection allowing offensive capabilities for the hardened blood armour. (Upgraded Nov. 26 2014)

Vampiric Senses: Daente can use this ability to analyze his opponents weak spots, only works if the opponent has blood in their bodies to begin with. Or under very special conditions. (Max. Level. 3) Current level 1: Can be used to detect ambushes and surprise attacks. No vital scanning during battle yet.

Blood Weapon: Daente can mix his blood to any weapon to increase its effectiveness. Though at it’s current level it needs to be mixed with a pre created weapon. Such as a sword, mace, axe, etc. (Max. Level. 4) Current level 1: Can use on any regular weapon.

Combat Resurrection: If Daente is mortally wounded in battle then he can pay all his blood point to regenerate but he needs to replenish his blood points before using any more abilities. (Max. Level. 1)

Combat abilities can be evolved for every two weeks past when Daente became a vampire. After He has a total of 14 points. It increases by a week every two points earned.

Points to allot: 10

Non-Combat abilities:

Compulsion: Daente can use a special vampiric ability to control the minds of the weak willed(Npcs). Allowing himself to avoid trouble from authorities if needed. Can work on regular people if they don’t resist.

Tracking: If he recognizes a scent of someone he can easily track them down unless certain herbs are used to inhibit this.

Skill Tree subject to change.

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5Blood for Blood Empty Re: Blood for Blood on Thu Oct 23, 2014 1:30 am

Blood Strike (Updated Skill) Oct 23, 2014

(Skills may only be updated once every 2 weeks to avoid god modding.)

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6Blood for Blood Empty Re: Blood for Blood on Sat Nov 01, 2014 1:22 am

Diary of a Dead Man: Entry #1

How can a person protect themselves when they cannot be die? What is there to be afraid of? Is it the idea of living throughout history watching those behind you leave this world? Maybe it is being trapped for many years, only later to be lost or forgotten? Or even living to the point where you begin to lose track of time and later don’t even care for it?

There are many questions that come to the minds of those like me. Well, I’d like to think so at least. As much as my pride doesn't want me to admit it there are stronger, faster, and smarter people out there than me. Though can these people stand the test of time as I will? In the end, I will be the one left standing as I hold onto my old memories and thoughts of a world that passed me long ago. Is it something for me to celebrate? Or is this a curse that I will soon realize after 100 years?

People always wish for time and I always fought to have more and more to the point I eventually made it so I’d have as much time as the universe had for me. Sure, I can always make new friends, make new companions, but I believe they will never be able to replace those who I know and love today. Heck, I even forced this life upon someone else, even though it was an accident I feel sort of relieved that there is someone else like me, but at the same time I feel as if they resent me for changing them.

I just hope that one day all my worries will be flooded by something overwhelming, something that I haven’t experienced before, something that I long for deep inside. This is what drives me to try and become the man I want to be... but It’s hard to pull off at times, giving into temptation. Whether it’s blood, money, power, or lust. I feel these burdens more now than ever... It’s the effect of vampirism to heighten these emotions after all. The want for all these things causes my brain to go numb and I often lose sight of myself, letting the beast roam free.

I don’t know what brought about this revelation but I feel I need to change for the better; I need to give up my pride and accept the fact that there are things in this world that I must hold onto and protect. I need to stop pretending things cannot hurt me because I cannot die. Though I fear nothing will really change... and these will become just empty words as I leave this room and roam back out into this world.

After all, I do feed off of other people’s suffering... I take blood, money, and power whenever I can. Although, this is what I’ve done for my ambition...my future... maybe I’m just being foolish. I feel like this is who I am, why should I change that? If someone wants to be in my position they will need to work for it like I have, and they’ll need a bit of good luck. Of course, I’m just thinking too much, I should just relax and enjoy the things around me. I don’t need to change at all, because I rose from the ashes of a lost family, I rose from poverty to riches; I rose from mortality to immortality. I am Daente Valhalla... and I cannot change who I really am.

(Everything mentioned in these Diary entries can be analyzed by those who have perceptiveness. Only to a certain extent. As vampires can be effected by emotions a lot more than humans, allowing for them to keep grudges against others for centuries at a time, to the point of complete contempt for those around them. It is important to state this, take whatever information you'd like from this insert. This has been vampire 101.)

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