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Quixie - Matriarch of the Kajar Family

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1 Quixie - Matriarch of the Kajar Family on Fri Jan 24, 2014 5:20 pm

Quixel Kayln Kajar

Quixel Kayln Kajar
Giantess Matriarch
Ah.... where has the time gone.... so much has happened.... some bad.... mostly good... it is a shame... there are so many things left to do... but my heart is.... empty... my life slowly seems to.... drain away... how did it come to this... why.... my love... why...

I can't say my early life was exactly the most pleasant time in my life being imprisoned... but my mother... she did all she could to protect me... even at great risk to herself it was painful... for many years this happened... till i was freed.... mother however was not as lucky... but that is not my story to tell.

Grenbran my hometown... the town where i was raised a load of godless heathens who refused to accept what is around them... but it kept me safe while i grew... having to hide what i am... who i am... it was the only way...

I remember coming to these lands some time ago i was only little back then but my how i have.... grown.... i guess the correct term is, everyone was so kind to me i got on well with everyone i finally found a place i could be accepted...

The goddess of battle.... the title i went by, men would stand and look up in awe at me ceasing wars and battles.... when someone towers over you hope seemingly drains from a person a single blow leveling an army is something unpleasant for mortals.

With great power comes people seeking to control or even take power from you, i was arrogant... thinking no harm could come of me not knowing that something was going to change my life entirely....

I met... Jake.... my heart... would beat faster on its own....i couldn't get him out of my mind... i thought it was a dream when he asked me to spar.... he got the better of me....forcing me to the ground so i asked him " are you going to finish it"... and he.. kissed me... i was...happy... but happiness does not last.

A person who shall not be named wished to control me for their evil deeds... i fought and fought but i could not come to overpowering them and was forced into servitude.... after last time i refused to allow myself to give in so easily... i tried to resist... so much... so much that my personality was split... Quixi... was born...

Two minds.... one body.... things really did not go well struggled as i could she took over causing harm and pain to others... i was powerless to stop it... mighty warriors tried to stop her... but by killing her they would kill me... maybe that would have been for the best... i cannot help but wonder.... should my light have ceased then...

Warriors... armies... innocent's died.... it was to much to bare... Quixi had had enough of me resisting and vowed to separate her being from me in order to be free of me shackling her... she partly got what she wanted... but at a cost.... she had her own body but was unable to leave my side... our souls still linked together proving to be a thorn in her side.

Wrath continued as i was forced to watch unable to stop her... our pain seemed to be linked to one another even injuring her would injury me to... i was at a loss... it was until Hsk... forcefully separated us during a fight costing him dearly as well as myself... being forced into a coma....

As i dream... my spirit reached out to my love... telling him what had to be done Quixi had to be rid of.... now was the best time... but doing sowas at great cost to myself. Waking after some time Quixi appeared to be hunting me forcefully shooting the rake down, i managed to escape with the help of Daente but things were bad... so very bad...

Quixi... her downfall caused be her own overconfidence cost her.... she was gone imprisoned... i could not believe it... the world would regain its peace once more... but for how long... over time the world began to recover... and my bond with Jake grew....

It appeared that in my inactivity i seemed fragile... but i was to proud to admit it... i mean... Jake fell in love with me i think partly due to my strength... i mean he did spar with me... but this caused me to get into more problems... having him to rescue me... my pride... would be severely... hurt by this but i could never tell him...

During my life there has been a great deal of hardship... not only for myself but also my lover Jake we have been through the worst of it together and came out on top. Countless times has the world gone into chaos only to be saved by us, but as time goes on our priority change and with that three lights of joy brought into the world... i am happy...

The birth of children is something special.... words cannot describe how it feels until it happens for yourself, children... are our future.... you see yourselves in them every day their futures are in your hands and as parents we must give them the tools in order to live without fear or despair in our world and protect them... no parent should have to bury their child...

Kira... it is surprising where you get your intelligence from you surpass even me and your father... i know this will get you through life my daughter, you lack physical skill and are consumed by books... one day you will find your true strength and the confidence to go with it.

Asha... it is clear your strength comes from me as well as your fiery temper you must learn to not easily be manipulated... people will use this against you in battle and in life... use your strength to protect your family and those you care for.

Darin... my son your so much like your father it makes me happy... you have his determination and courage to get you through anything... but you are to reckless my child i fear you will get yourself into trouble and then be unable to get free... you must keep your sisters safe... like your father did me...

Our family was whole... we were together my love... every morning you would wake by my side... providing i didn't roll on you... seeing your face as the first thing i wake up to when i close them was all i needed.... but when i awoke this morning you were gone... where... why... why did you go alone...

Days.... weeks... months passed... you did not return to me... why did you not return to me did i do something wrong... i can not sit by no longer... i have waited for far to long and you have not returned... i must find you... i need to know...

I searched for you Jake i scoured the land looking anywhere i could think of and nothing how can you vanish without a trace it is unheard of, i cannot help but think the worst situation is that you.... died... no you promised me... you promised me to my face you wouldn't... i will keep looking.

I got a tip of powerful beings fighting out by Quixi's lair.... Jake you would not be so stupid as to.... you would... you fool.... please don't let me be to late i cannot be to late if something happened to you.... then.... then...

I arrived outside Quixi's lair but unable to see him anywhere along with Quixi a large pool of blood lay on the ground as i shout calling for Jake falling on death's ears, whatever laid here the amount of blood would suggest it didn't move on its own so where.... where did it go...

I decided to search Quixi's lair hoping to find him i pray i would not find her... i continued on my path throughout the lair slaying anything that dare stood in my way covering myself in the blood of her minions, in her throne room i uncovered an orb placed where she would normally sit it seemed strange...

As i picked the orb up it glowed bright with life as i look inside seemingly seeing Jake  fighting.... seemingly taking a beating until it disappeared and a voice spoke "So Quixie i guess if you have found this your missing someone special huh? you best hurry over to him... who knows how much time he has left". The orb once again glistened with a light showing a map of the world with a spot marked upon it causing me to rush after him "i am coming my love.... please... be ok..."

It took some time to reach the spot marked on the orb... i looked around the quiet landscape trying to see my love... i searched and searched until i.... i... found....i found...

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2 Unwanted Ending on Sun Jan 26, 2014 4:17 pm

Quixel Kayln Kajar

Quixel Kayln Kajar
Giantess Matriarch
As my footsteps drew closer and closer i was able to see animals... circling for some reason they were quite a way from whatever was in the center i ask myself "Why stay so far" unknowingly i would get the answer later on.

Step after step closer and closer appears they caught on to my footsteps as i came closer and bolted... it does not surprise me... given my size... i guess it is intimidating to others.

I stood upon the verge of where they were all sitting at looking over to whatever was in the center, i could see a cloth laying over something... i guess closer was the only way.

As i stepped closer my body felt... strange it was if i walked into a cobweb, but there are no spiders this big and the area is a desert highly unlikely for spiders to hang around here.

I took several more steps i can't explain it but this feeling... it is the kind of feeling one gets when you feel eyes are upon you, i look around but see nothing but open desert but i cannot help shake the feeling...

I am but an arm's length away from whatever is covered over by the cloth, i sit down on my legs breathing deeply my hand trembling as i slowly reach over to remove the cloth. Just before i pull it off a shadow of a person catches my eye as i look up to see a shadowy figure upon a raised hill walking closer.

Stranger: So we meet once more Quixie... or shall call you by your title... Goddess of Battle my my you have grown.
Quixie: I can't say i remember you by merely your voice... Quixie is fine... title means very little these days it seems
Stranger: How very humble of you... your kind seemed to enjoy elevating themselves above others.
Quixie: My kind i am no different from any other person...
Stranger interrupts Quixie
Stranger: That is where you are wrong my dear your kind holds potential to be naturally gifted compared to mortals, mortals who work their lives to master something and even the fact you can grow to immense heights imposing your will upon others.
Quixie: Your wrong!
Stranger: Oh no? we both know the legends of the goddess of battle growing to immense heights causing awe and stopping conflicts do you really think you could make such a feat being mortal?
Quixie: I would find a way!
Stranger: Well we will never know however i wonder if you could keep on that path should you lose something precious to you... or someone...
Quixie: You know something!... tell me...
Stranger: Lift the cloth... see for yourself... but i don't think you will like what you see...

I lift the cloth and what i see.... what i see... my heart breaks... i feel an emptiness inside and tears cannot be stopped from flowing down my face, my world is shattered....

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3 Broken Heart on Tue Jan 28, 2014 7:38 pm

Quixel Kayln Kajar

Quixel Kayln Kajar
Giantess Matriarch
As i look down on the ground i see my beloved with a smile on his face, his body cold to the touch i cannot help my tears falling onto him. This continued for some time i think to myself why... who... he made me a promise he wouldn't die... i look at the wound placing my hand on it.

Anger overtakes me i feel.... a surge of power... it is like a fire is ignited in me, my crimson hair begins to catch fire as if channeling the fire causing it to stand up, the flower normally adorned in my hair falls onto Jake's chest and my eyes normally green emeralds disappear as they are filled with white.

I look at the stranger i need an outlet for my rage.... my morals seemed to have slipped away the world has taken the one thing i hold dear to me... like a child... i cannot help but lash out, i place my hands on the ground causing the ground to melt causing fire and earth to be molded together as i glare at him.

Stranger: My my such power my dear so all this time you've been subconsciously holding so much power back without even knowing... i must say i am impressed.
Stranger: However i think your anger is pointed towards the wrong person, his death is not on my hands but your own.
Stranger: Did you not notice in the wound? he was killed by Quixi i merely relocated his body his death is on your hands she was a part of you it is your fault!
Quixie:No... no... it is not my fault! it.... can't be....
Stranger: Just think if you weren't separated he would still be alive, you could have contained the other you prevented it... freeing her was the worst thing you could have done.
Stranger: No matter what you think the bad outweighs the good.
Quixie: No.... i met Jake.. we had a family... your wrong... your wrong YOUR WRONG!

The molten fire grows in my hands eruptions can be seen within bubbling away, i let it fly towards the stranger seemingly letting out a smirk under his hood... why why would he smirk.

He doesn't even seem to raise his hand the fireball seemingly stops in its path and something ripples ahead of it, my eyes follow it around seemingly creating a sphere around myself.... that feeling i felt earlier.... i stepped into a trap...

The fireballs began to explode and erupt flying around the sphere i hold my hands out causing a barrier to erect buckling as each one hits it seemingly for several hours until they disperse, i could not hold it longer and fell back to my knees panting.

Stranger: Commendable attack if i had not planned this trap so thoroughly that probably would have killed me, you think i don't know you or your mother Freyja well i know so very much...
Quixie: You lie...
Stranger: Do i well maybe you will remember me upon hearing something you feared since you were a kid....
Quixie: Yeah i highly doubt that...
Stranger: Tacet Locus...

Those words.... those horrid words... i thought i had buried that in my past... yet it still rears its head to drag me back down, something in me unlocks a flood of memories seemingly being restored in my memory with those words.

My muscles become stiff so stiff i simply cannot move.... my eyes returns to normal but my eyes they become lifeless as if staring off into the distance, my hair returns to its normal state draping over my face as i keep my head held down.

Tacet Locus... the silent room... that room... that room...

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4 Tacet Locus on Wed Jan 29, 2014 7:46 am

Quixel Kayln Kajar

Quixel Kayln Kajar
Giantess Matriarch
Those two words.... the nickname for that room... the silent room... no matter how loud you scream in that room no one outside can hear you... the man who always mentioned it.. the man in charge Damus how could i forget his smile... that sick and creepy smile...

it is hard to remember clearly around the early stages of my life but within the first couple of years of my life spending most of it with my mother, every day she would be forced away from me to return half a day later stumbling and collapsing on the ground.

There he was at the entrance grinning at us pleased with all he did within the allotted time, i can't help but think he got some kind of sick pleasure from it.. i don't get why we are here what does he want...

It seemed to be an endless cycle... day in day out til i was at least four... then one day one day it seemed they were more interested in me than my mother... why.. they demanded i go with him. My mother forced me behind her in an effort to protect me but we were in their prison... they subdued her and began inflicting wounds on her body with various weapons causing her to bleed as she kept holding me.

I looked up at my mother seeing her face cringe with pain after every hit but she took it... for me... this continued for hours with men rotating in swapping places of men getting tired not letting up, he stood there smirking at her holding out his hand.

I continue to look at her seeing her strength wane after twelve hours she begins to let tears seep from her eyes running down her face, it is something... i can't bare to see any longer... i jumped from her grasp and walk towards him as he orders the men to stop.

I look back at my mother she yells at me to turn back still crying laying on the floor but i kept walking Damus holds hand to me, i grab it and he holds it tightly pulling me out of the room what else could i have done... i debated this but i couldn't think of any other way out...

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5 Lesson One - Basics on Fri Jan 31, 2014 5:51 pm

Quixel Kayln Kajar

Quixel Kayln Kajar
Giantess Matriarch
As i was guided through the hallways i could not help but look around and whenever i would look at people their gaze would drift away from me, when i looked away they looked back at me i don't know why they do this what have i done.

We came to to a slab door as Damus waved his hand opening it as the door lifts up walking inside with my arm in tow, the room was vast and white the purest white you could ever see why was it white seems strange.

I let out a whoa in the room and it would linger and echo around the room as Damus looks down upon me disapprovingly, i look down at my feet seeing his reaction it scared me..

Damus: This room is the tacet locus its going on within are unknown to those outside, i am sure you have noticed it is no normal room but for now lets start with the basics.
Quixie: ummm ok... so i... why we here mister.
Damus: Quite simple child to test your potential.
Quixie: potential?
Damus: Your kind seemingly excels above us mortals... a genetic unfair advantage, a gift given by a power above.
Quixie: I don't understand...
Damus: Clearly... then i believe we should just begin... the first lesson surviving....

Damus's hand fill with magic and begins to walk away from me i look at him thinking what was going to happen and just before he turned around to face me it clicked, i tried to run but my body... my body felt stiff.

Damus: It is quite simple stay alive for one hour to make it fair i will remain at this distance.
Quixie: Wait please mister i am just a kid i can't...
Damus: Begin!

Damus hurls a ball of magic towards myself i tried to move but it feels like my legs were stuck to the ground, i looked at them then back to the ball speeding at me the fear in my eyes grew what do i do... what do i do...

A few seconds before it hits i raise my arms and hands covering my head and upper body trying to limit the amount of damage it would do, my body travels backwards traveling a fair distance before landing on my back on the ground.

I sit back up rubbing my arms where the magic had hit it i look back towards Damus seeing another ball come hurdling towards me as i dive out of the way. i look towards him seeing him grin  as he summons another set of balls, i cry silently looking at him tears running down my cheeks what did i get myself into.

He then began to hurl them at me once more i would duck dive and dodge as he continued to keep throwing them at me every so often hitting me causing burned skin on my body, every hit seemed to drive him to throw them faster time seemed to go so slowly.

One hour was up finally.... when he said it was complete i collapsed on the ground panting heavily it was so brutal my body was covered head to toe with burns even half of my face had a large burn on it down the left side. Pain wrapped my body even resting on the ground hurt where i had been burned, i could hear his footsteps getting closer one by one but i was in no state to do anything even if i wanted to.

Damus: As i suspected even at a young age your kinda are tough interesting... although what is more interesting is how you came to be, your mother has been here for some time and records of your kind have shorter pregnancy periods than normal mortals.
Damus: Then who is the father... has she told you!

Damus grabs my crimson hair lifting me up by it holding my eye level to him i could only open one of my eyes as he berated me with the question seemingly something he desperately wanted to know.

Quixie:No ow my hair let go it hurts mister please!
Damus:Well be a good girl and find out for me then yes? otherwise i will have to extract it from her myself do you understand me?
Quixie: Y yes...

I try to nod but struggle to do so with searing pain in my body along with being held by my hair, is this what he did to her on a daily basis or did he do something far worse than this... what is the best course of action to do.

Damus: Outside there are wars waged by mortals dying every minute for their beliefs or factions, your kind can bring an end to it but do you? no you find yourselves above mortals allowing such actions to be taken.
Damus: If anything is to change in this world we need to arrange that and the best way is through force and not talks as they never seem to work and both of you will help us achieve that.

Damus lets me go as i fall back to the floor, he looks down at me extending his hand pointing it at me as it glows i curl up thinking he was going to blast me again but i look again and my clothes looked new since the ones i had on were ruined.

Damus picked me up under his arm and carried me out of the room i can't help but dangle there as he walked the way back to the room with my mother, he placed me inside closing the door as i stumbled back towards her curling up by her as she instinctively wraps her arms around me.

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6 Lesson Two - Survival on Mon Mar 03, 2014 7:19 pm

Quixel Kayln Kajar

Quixel Kayln Kajar
Giantess Matriarch
As I lay on my back covered in wounds from the previous session I look up at the ceiling just staring into space with my mother beside me.

Freyja: I am so sorry Quixie.... this was not my plan.... I never wanted  this for you my child.
Quixie: it is not your fault mother... I don't blame you.
Freyja: Mortals are so cruel my child they are mere children in our eyes, but mortals can be kind... however rare it is there is still a chance.
Quixie: Why do they do as they do mother?

Mother then proceeds to pick me up with one hand holding me on it while the other hovers above as she attempts to heal me where it trickles out seemingly being restrained.

Freyja: Mortals are mere children to our kind my dear back when the world was young they worshipped us, praised our blessings but mortals they become greedy and spoiled always wanting more.
Quixie: How old are you mother?
Freyja: Well I am... never mind that quix I am telling you a story. Now... mortals continued to how shall we say engorge themselves on power... when they figured they could not surpass our kind they took it to more drastic measures...
Freyja: At times we roamed the lands to observe the goings on but they took the first action felling one of our kind and thus a war between our kinds started, one after another more and more of our kind died.
Quixie:What about... my father...
Freyja: Quix your father... one of a kind...someone who I would never.... forget long as I live
Quixie: So this war what happened?

Damus enters the room looking up at the pair as Freyja frowns towards him holding me close to her body.

Damus: Story time is it... well then Freyja enlighten a mere mortal then.
Freyja: You are the worst of them how dare you do such a thing to my child.
Damus: Us mortals were your mere playthings and if we do the same you frown upon us? Typical your kind feel so superior to the rest of us when your time at the top has been and gone.
Freyja: Oh you think that child however one day you will get yours.
Damus: Is that a threat hag planning to wipe out our kind?... I must say it is rather underwhelming.
Freyja: This is for you beast... when you least expect it your end will come...

My mother  put me down behind her and lunged at Damus and with the wave of his hand magic emerged from the floor binding her to the floor, Damus would begin to walk around her body towards me.

Freyja: Leave her alone!
Damus: Your child is far more how shall we say interesting than you are, I guess in your old age you've become weak.
Damus: Yeah I think keeping you like this is for the best... maybe it is time to end the bloodline of the gods, don't worry your child will still be allowed to live...

Damus motions with both hands as rock begins to break from the ground forming a large mass above Freyja's prone body getting bigger and bigger as I look on. Why why would he do such a horrible thing I began to weep crying out for him not to as tears run down my face.

Damus motions with his arms as the mass descends and all I can think of is doing whatever I can to stop it, but what can I do I am... I am weak... I am not strong if my mother can't do anything what can I hope to do...  I leapt as quick as I could appearing under the mass of earth stretching my hands out as it descends thinking very little for my own safety seeing Damus smirk at his actions.

What happened next was unexpected as he was expecting the outcome to be bloody he looked up seeing myself struggling to hold the mass above my head as his smirk turned to one of disbelief, I figured I may as well return the favor throwing it at him. His form disappeared under the mass I thought I got him but I was solely mistaken as I felt a tap on my shoulder, I look over my shoulder only to have some sort of powder blown into my face.

When I finally came to I was inside that infernal room again with Damus damn him what does he want with me this time.

Damus: Well well awake finally took longer than I thought it should... a child huh... your little stunt with that earth was how shall we say impressive.
Quixie: Just leave mother be!...
Damus: For now... but your next lesson is well different from last time.

Damus waves his hand causing the blank white room to change filling itself with forest far as the eye can see and wildlife spawning around, mean it was something I have never thought could happen what was this place.

Damus: Now this place is a current place within the world however it has been relocated here in order to test you.... for one month you will have to survive here, you could also consider this a punishment for you throwing that at me...
Quixie: What!  A month I have to stay out here for a month?
Damus: Until you die or one month passes you will be alone here so enjoy...
Quixie: What no don't leave please!

Damus disappears as I try to run up and grab him  but untimely fail as I look around hearing the sounds of the forest but the most daunting sound I heard was a wolf howl. I am going to die out here.... I am going to die...  how will I survive.... and to make things worse the rain begins to beat down upon the foliage as I wander the forest

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