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Malin. The duplicator

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1Malin. The duplicator Empty Malin. The duplicator on Sun Jan 19, 2014 12:35 pm

Malin. the strange unknown child apearing out of nowhere.

Age: somewhere between 5-6 (her real age is unknown.)

Race: Unknown-Undead

Powers: Ability copying, and mimicing.
Skills on her own: Avrage sword fighitng skills. and seemingly some more. dangerus abilitys that kick in at times. (find out on Your own risk If you see where this is mostly taken from you will Guess it anyway)

Immunity: All breathing based effects such as suffucation strangulation drowning and any form of attacks that require the oponent to breath.

Weaknesses: In general Holy.

General advantages: Malin do not have the limitation of blood. since she is undead losing a arm or leg would not do anymore than hamper how she can move.

General weakness: Malin do not often aproach others. and she do barely speak at all. She mostly comunicate With telepathy and signlanguage.

Strange as it is for a girl. Malin seem to be packing custom made armor and swords. That is made to match her specific size. Nothing about the girl would apear undead. Exept looking Close one do see she do not breath. Could she be a created weapon? Some would think so. But studying her Close one notice she is quiet the attention whore once she find herself a woman she think is kind enough she seem to try and attach herself like a child.

General intrest With Malin and what she and I seek: Mostly cuddle RP If attacked she might trow something back. Mostly this will be what you did trow at her. Malin seek out a mother for a replacement for The one she do not seem too find. Malin alter her existance acordingly too what her curent mother is like. She will not aproach or even like to be handled by men in any form or shape. Eather trying to Escape or simply begin to cry. A man must realy work hard to get her trust.

Things I will not allow: general sexual rape. I will not allow too happen too malin. She maybe undead and way older than what her body says and her mind claims. But I will not allow it. So do not even try to aproach With that.

Malin have chosen too follow Morgan. Looking at her as her own mother from this point onward. Attaching herself closely too Morgan like she would been her Biological daugther.

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