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The Rift Dancer

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1 The Rift Dancer on Sat Jan 18, 2014 6:16 pm

Chapter 1: Who I am?

Waking up...

That day I heard the falling water from somewhere high, the wind was blowing, the birds were making chirping noises and I felt that I was holding something in my right hand. I slowly opened my still sleeping eyes, my eyes were hurting by the brightness of the area and my vision was blurry, my breathing was slow and my feet were cold, the rate of my heart was slow but with time it got faster and my vision became a little better. I finally was awake, I was somewhere near the forest that I never seen before, it was strange, because it was like a first time I saw my own hands... I was lying on tiny island, which was somewhere in the center of the lake, there were some strange creatures, mostly made of pure water, roaming near the lake, then I glanced up in the sky and I noticed that there were several islands floating in the air, the sound of the falling water that I was hearing before, was one from these islands, because one of them had a waterfall. The area itself was hazy and wet. Then I looked at my right hand, it seems that I was holding an empty notebook with several notes torn off. "Just where am I?" - I asked myself.

What is this place? Why I am lying here? Why I am holding this notebook? And who exactly I am? These were the main questions that I had in my mind. I was not sure who I was... The confusion filled up my head to the point where I started to feel a heavy headache. I was just lying... my head was just too empty it seemed that my existence just started at that point. I wasn't sure why I understood so much about everything, but my memories were empty or maybe I never had them, but I just had this feeling that I've been in this place before and the place was pretty messy, like someone was fighting here some years ago. I was just looking up to the sky wondering who I was. What was my name anyway? Really I was sure that I had a name before but I did not know what it was... I was just sure that I've been living a long life before, but I had no memories of it, or maybe this was the day when I began to exist? I just needed to relax but it was not an easy task, because my head was light like wool and was slowly filling with all these questions of who was I.

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Somehow I managed to get up, it was hard at first, because there was a weird huge sword attached to my back, it had a sinister look and a dark substance was leaking from the sword. Maybe I am some kind of fighter? But I had no idea of how to use that thing and my body felt a little too weak and small to be able to easily swing this sword back and forth. I observed the place, there were a lot of trees but also I could see the mountains in the horizon and in another side there were plains full of greenery. I took several breaths into my lungs, they were filled with the freshness of the air here and when I exhaled everything I could feel fresh aroma coming out from my lungs.

I moved near the water and then I saw my own reflection in the water, I kneeled down to take a better look. I saw a hooded man dressed in black, his skin was pale and he had these red eyes, that were able to look through one's soul, a white long hair and a tattoo with a strange pattern on the left side of his face - That was me... It was hard to believe that this was me, I mean I never saw myself before, this was the first time that I was able to take a look at myself, Yet I was not sure if it was me, maybe it was a dream? This confusion was driving me crazy, I just wanted to hit my head against something hard to end myself, but if I appeared here maybe someone needed me? This is why I did not really do it, I just decided to get away from this place. I placed this empty as my life notebook into this brown backpack that I was carrying on my right side and started to move.

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Despite the fact that I knew nothing about myself, not even where I live or what was my name I continued to wander around this place aimlessly, hoping to find a decent place to stay. This place seemed to be devastated, it was mostly grey in color and the sky was always cloudy, the further I traveled from the place where I woke up, the more devastated this place seemed, bad lands everywhere, weird and also scary creatures were ganging up in the darkest corners... I came across several farms, the local farmers told me more about this place and I finally learned how it was called. Brusthonin it was, it felt blank and dark, also I was able to feel the coldness of this place and the looks of those creatures around were creeping me out and making me a little nervous. Was this hell or reality? I did not know anything and yet I am walking here, was I even supposed to be here? I was just taking slow steps and so I was walking for several hours until I found a path to a village.

The village was hidden between mountains, the grass was green there and some parts were filled with flowers, also there were a lot of tress with beautiful pink colored leaves around, it was very lively here, I could hear whispers of the people and the sound of them working and talking to each other. The most beautiful thing was a giant tree with giant cyan crystal thing in the middle, it was shining with life. I could not describe how it actually looked but it was very beautiful and before it there was a person standing, it was facing that tree...

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Azure and Simon.

That person was just standing there, looking at the tree, he was dressed in black clothes and looked tall and muscular, he also had claws and a huge runic blade on his back. His breathing was heavy, because I was able to see a dense steam coming out from his nose every time he exhaled the air. He was one scary guy but I still had to approach him, because I felt that he is the right person to speak to in this village, he looked like a leader or someone else that was important to this village. I decided to approach him silently but he still managed to sense me from behind and then he suddenly grabbed on the hilt of his runic blade and turned around, pointing his blade before me, only a couple of millimeters away from my throat. Actually he was holding a blade this big only with one of his hands and instead of showing his face, he was wearing a black metallic mask, to make him even more scary and mysterious.

I became nervous at that moment, my heart rate skyrocketed and my body became stiff from fright. The titan before me using his strong tone began to talk something about the tree of life but I could not really remember his words, because I was more concerned about my safety. I wanted to run but my legs were too stiff, I wanted to use my own sword but my hands were shaking however the big man lowered his blade for some reason and said - "Simon."

I was sure that Simon was a name, I just knew it... but who was Simon, where was Simon? I looked over my shoulder to make sure that no one was standing behind me but there was nothing, and I then turned back at him and asked who was this mysterious Simon. I was shocked by his answer he said that it was me. Was it really me? How does he know me? This was the first time when I met him and he actually said my name, how could a stranger know what my name is, not even I knew my name. Somehow he knows it, maybe I really used to be here? Maybe I was existing before? What if I lost my memories? My head became heavy, it felt like my brain cells were melting and that my brain was boiling like an egg in a pan. I was full of questions and I began to question the tough guy...

He told me a lot of things, about this village, its name was Baltasar Hill Village, I even used to be living here before, but I just can not remember a thing about my past. He told me that all the darkness gathers here and that we used to be partners and friends, he also told me that I was his master but he clearly looked stronger and wiser than me. It seemed that everyone was waiting for my return and so whispers began to build between the villagers.. "The master has returned!", "Look Simon is back..", "Is that Simon?"... I just had no idea what was going on. Then the tall muscular man in a mask told me his name, it was Azure.. a strange name but I heard it somewhere, not sure where, how and when but I'm sure that I heard it and felt something more to him, it was my first time that I met him but also I felt a deep connection to him, maybe it was because we were friends in the past, I was not sure about it... My head was a total mess... I asked him why I am a master? He answered me that this Baltasar village used to be our base and that we were fighting for some reason, we were dark at heart, "So I guess I was not a good person before I lost my memories?" But my sword and his speech explained that I was a fighter in the past. I could not fully believe him, maybe he was just playing with my empty head and wanted to trick me, but I guess it's better than nothing, now at least I have a name, even though it may be a fake name, but even if I was Simon then I will have to find out how I lost my memories. Also he was wearing the same clothes as I had, so maybe he was telling me the truth after all... Azure gave me two options, the first one was to leave this place, because I lost my sanity and the second one was to take my place as a master. His words were pretty harsh but since I had nowhere to stay I chose to be a master, at least now I will have some friends and a roof above my head.

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Master has returned...

We were staring at each other for several minutes but then Azure thought of a solution how to restore my memories, "There is a cure." - Azure said. I became excited, maybe this thing will fix me up and I will be able to regain my memories and my old personality, because I feel so empty right now. He motioned with his hand to follow him and so I did it...

We arrived to the pub, it was almost empty, only two tables and four benches and also a counter with a pretty girl behind it. We took our seats and then Azure showed some weird but also extremely badass looking gesture with his hand and then the girl behind the counter pulled out a bottle from behind and placed two big glasses on the counter, she then filled them with a bourbon colored liquid. "This must be the cure!" I thought to myself but actually I was wrong it was a weird but extremely good tasting liquid. I gulped it down in one go, the whole glass was emptied in the matter of seconds. I placed the glass on the table and then I told Azure that even if I lost my memories I will try to be a good master for this village, he stood up and extended his arm down to me to give a shake, saying - "Welcome back, master" , I got up from the bench too and shook his hand as well.

The people in the village were dancing from joy that their master has returned, though I know nothing of myself but I think that I will be capable to do this, even if it isn't the right thing to do and I will regain my memories, whatever happened to me in the past I will try to fix everything and no matter for how long I was absent, with my return I will fight for this village and my new and only friend Azure! We then dressed up in our party costumes and joined the dancing people.

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After a long day I finally got a chance to sleep in a comfortable bed, but before falling asleep many thoughts crossed my head... What was my purpose? Will I really be able to regain my memories? Will I be a capable master... just what kind of bond I had with Azure? He seems pretty scary but actually he is my friend or at least he was my friend before all this happened... just what I am going to fight and live for? I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, still thinking about what is going to happen next. Actually I am scared of the future, but I am even more scared of my unknown past, I guess I must thank Azure for everything, if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be lying on this comfortable and soft bed, he is a good man actually, but I wonder if I was good before my memory loss, I will never know for sure... I will do something to find out about my past but now I don't know where should I look for my past. My head feels heavy again, but this time from lack of sleep, for now I should sleep, but in the morning I will start a new life as Simon...

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2 Re: The Rift Dancer on Mon Jan 20, 2014 6:04 pm

Visiting Poeta.

My day began when I woke up in my bed, I still had no clue of who I was before. This made me fall into a little depression... Just what happened to me? All these thoughts of my existence here made my head spin, I just wanted it to end it soon but I just couldn't and I felt empty like never. However this day was different, not because I felt this way but because I had hope. A hope that would help to bring my memories back, if it's even possible... For now I just tried to relax and placed my thoughts aside. I let out a big yawn, such a good sleep it was, I glanced through the window to get a view at the village, it was peaceful and really beautiful unlike yesterday when everyone were celebrating for my return. I guess I was really something to them, never thought that I would be so special when I woke up yesterday but still it was heart warming, because there are people that I can count on. I turned away from the window and then fully got up from my bed, I dressed up in my party outfit that I was using yesterday but the thing was that I actually forgot where I left my old clothes, I just shrugged ant thought that I will find them eventually. Finally I decided to go for a little walk around the village.

After walking for some minutes I met Azure, who was in his party outfit aswell, we greeted each other by nodding. We didn't talk too much, because it seems that Azure isn't a man of big words and as for myself I could only give annoying questions, because I have an empty head, however the silence didn't last long as Azure suggested me to visit a place called Poeta. Also he added that this might bring some of my memories back, because we used to hang out there a lot in the past. I guess that wasn't a bad idea, after all I had nothing good to do and lots of free time, "So why not?" - I thought. Azure showed me a strange ball, actually it was a teleporting orb. He said that this thing was able to transport us there in an instant. He smashed the teleporting orb against the ground and suddenly a miraculous spiraling light enveloped us and we were quickly teleported away.

Finally we appeared in this Poeta town, Azure told me that we were in Akarios village, which is located in Poeta of course. The town was kind of boring and blank but a weird sensation crossed me that I was here before, I can even remember the design of the church, which was in this village. A small village it was, only some buildings and humans, who were minding their own bussiness, also a lot of chicken-like creatures were walking around, they looked pretty tasty actually. I wanted to roast one of them and eat it, but I didn't feel like abusing animals today. Azure asked me whether I remembered something or not, I just shrugged in response and after a little break I said that this place was familiar but I never been here before at least as I can remember, because I probably spent a lot of time in this little village. There was a little girl standing before us, she was dressed in blue as I can remember, she looked pretty scared for some reason. I think the cause of that were us two, we looked pretty scary in these outfits and also we had wicked weapons on our backs. We were just casually talking to each other but the girl was so afraid that she decided to leave the village. Azure then made another joke of how I scared that poor little creature, actually this thing made me laugh a little. I never thought that we were so scary in the past, well just as I guessed at first we were really the leaders of some criminal organization. But the best thing of all was that we were doing completely nothing here just standing in our usual spot or sitting by the tree.

Giant women!?

We were just standing and doing nothing at all, like statues... I never thought that we would be so silent and boring, but since there was nothing to do here it was alright, this silence helped me to relax to be honest. This world is really full of surprises such as magical trees in villages, people with claws and fur on their backs, weird creatures, teleporting, magic... this world had it all but more with minutes I encounter even more surprises but one thing that caught my attention was giant women.

Two girls were talking to each other near the entrance of the village, now that wasn't a big surprise that they were talking, they were having it as usual... But the shocking truth was standing in this village! One girl was just taller than an average human but the other one was about twenty feet  tall! They weren't normal, somehow I always imagined women as shorter and weaker than men even if I lost my memory I just had this instinct but the shocking truth was that all of them were just giant! Azure told me this and he even said that those two were nothing compared to the others, who are just massive. I was amazed yet a little scared of what he said just now, because I never thought that I used to live in this land full of giant women. This world is just wonderful and yet scary.

Hatred and the sword.

More time has passed... We were just standing and I was still wondering what will be the other thing that I will learn about this world. I never knew how it was called so I decided to ask Azure what was it's name. Azure answered me that this was Atreia. This world is shattered into two and at the middle there is Abyss, he said to look up at the sky and I did as he told. It was beautiful, so beautiful that one day I will be definitely be travelling there. He said that Abyss was a warzone and that he also liked it... I guess we have something in common even if I barely know him in my current state. The thing is I just wanted to know more about him and how good we were to each other, even now I can tell that I have this strange connection to him, I don't know how to put this in words but words have no meaning in this situation.

For a time being I was just looking at the Abyss but my head became heavy again from all these thoughts... I became angry, yes angry at myself, because I forgot all these good times that we spent together... My heart started to beat faster and I had this sensation that was going to explode from inside, I lowered my head, gritted my teeth and clenched my fists to supress this anger but this hatred and confusion in my head made it even worse. The greatsword on my back  reacted to my feelings, like it was connected to me. A mysterious dark mist began to spread from my blade, it almost covered my body and then I heard voice in my head, it was crying out loud, like trying to say something but I couldn't understand anything, the only thing that I was feeling at that moment was pain in my heart, it was killing me from inside. Azure noticed that someting was happening to me and so he grabbed the sword by the hilt and removed it from my back, the pain that I was feeling in my heart vanished in an instant but a black substance leaked out from the blade and passed through Azure's skin, merging with Azure's body. I wasn't sure what was that thing but I hope that it won't cause trouble later. Azure then explained that there is something really wrong with my sword, not only that he never seen it before but that it's also dangerous. He said that that in the past I used another sword, which was made from dragon-tooth. I wasn't sure how to respond but I decided to be careful with this sword, who knows what might happen in the future... Some time has passed again and we decided to head home to our base. Today I learned nothing new about my past but it wasn't meaningless, because I actually learned something about Atreia.

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3 Re: The Rift Dancer on Mon Jan 27, 2014 11:38 am

Back to Poeta!

I found myself lying in the corner of the bar, bad smell was coming from my mouth, my hair were all stubby and I had unbearable headache. I was holding an empty bottle in my right hand but as soon as I looked around the place there were empty bottles of vodka everywhere. Vodka huh? So I guess this is what I've been drinking... but I could not even remember how I started to drink last night. Probably there was something with my head since I lost all my memories. I barely got up and went outside the bar to get some fresh air, before going out I grabbed two bottles of that "cure" thing, I still did not know it's name and yet it was my favorite drink.

Once I exited the bar, I decided to look for Azure. Surprisingly I found Azure in no time he was standing outside near the entrance of the bar. We greeted each other with our usual nod and then I asked him whether he wanted to drink with me or not. Of course he gladly accepted my offer and then he just poured everything into his mouth, actually the liquid passed through his mask. Just how the hell did he do it? His mask and face was a big mystery to me, I wasn't even sure if I saw him taking his mask off before I lost my memories. Oh well Atreia was a magical place to begin with, so it wasn't a big deal for him. I promised to myself that one day I will take his mask off and see his face. So Azure was doing fine, at least that was what I hoped for... Well he was a mysterious man and he had this insulting attitude, technically I had no problem with that since he seemed nice to me but he didn't get along with others well. Probably I was a very nice person in the past, so that's why we became friends or maybe I was just like him... I was just happy that I became his friend even after I lost my memories. So after we finished drinking we decided to give a visit to Akarios village. Before leaving I snatched a teleporting orb from the local store.

We arrived to Akarios village, which was located in Poeta if I remembered correctly. Nothing special was going on there, so we decided to rest by the tree... There were some people there, there was this dwarf sized guy and little girl... I wasn't sure if I met those two in the past but it looked like Azure knew them, because he could talk freely with those strangers. For a moment I wast just thinking about all these things and how good would it be if I regained my memories, even if it was impossible I just wanted to regain a little part of my memories of how I met Azure and what we've been doing before I forgot everything... But why did I forget everything? Did I fall from high cliff headfirst and injured my brain.. or maybe someone just deleted my memories, or maybe I just wanted to forget everything myself? For a time being I just shrugged off these thoughts and returned to reality.

After long silence Azure talked to me. We began to talk about trivial things like there were nothing worthy of slicing in half in this village. So it looked like that I wasn't a good person in the past, maybe I was a murderer.... but I can't run from my past, even if I started a new life the past will catch up to me eventually. I merely sighed and decided to talk about that we should hunt for some quoquo's in this village. Quoquo's were chicken-like creatures, they looked very delicious when roasted. Actually I was hoping to see some giantesses that day. But I was unlucky or maybe Azure was just making fun of me when he said that this place is full of giant women, well yes I saw two tall women last day but still it could be that only those two were tall around Atreia and others were normal. Well on the other hand Azure didn't seem to be a liar type. Talking about giant women I was wondering whether they were tasty or not... and since Azure seemed strong enough to defeat someone, who was ten times taller than him, so why not? Maybe we should hunt giantesses in the near future and then cook them for dinner. It will not be an easy task but I was just confident that we were suited for this kind of thing. We were talking for several minutes but it was a fun chat, so I had no problem with it at all.

A look to the past and new promises.

Silence broke out... I was so empty... I had nothing to talk about with Azure, this was my limit, maybe I was a silent guy like Azure in the past or maybe it is because I did not know what to say anymore, because we just met and I knew nothing about him. My head filled up with thoughts about the past again, I sighed and looked up to the sky... I then glanced at Azure and decided to give him some questions. The first question I gave him was - "How long I was absent?" Azure answered - "Two years." Damn... I was gone for two years, what I've been doing in the last two years since I can't even remember a damn thing about my past, at first I did not even know my name... Ah... and I should be thankful to Azure, if I did not meet him, I would been still wandering around, clueless about my past and even my name. I wondered if we had enemies in the past, so my second question to him was this...

His answer was - "Yes..". Indeed we had one enemy in the past, actually it was she and she was a giant woman too... But she wasn't an ordinary giant woman, she was a Goddess, she was very powerful. She was related to someone named Ariel, her name was Trinniel, the lady of death. Azure told me that two years ago she attacked us and we were forced to face her in battle, it was a deadly battle... She had size advantage but we were two and we were a great team, so we managed to hold our own against her... but we lost. We were defeated, it was our first battle when we were defeated. We were lucky to be alive but it wasn't enough, we were forced to live with shame inside of our hearts. After that battle Azure never seen me again, I just dissapeared somewhere. I clenched my fists tightly and decided to get our revenge, maybe I left because I was ashamed? I told Azure that we will hunt Trinniel down one day and make her pay. Azure just smirked, even if his face was hidden beneath his mask I could still feel how he was smirking. It looked like he took a liking to my idea, maybe this is how I was before? Maybe I was this blood thirsty before? Just who I was?

Finally... I told Azure how I really felt and promised him that from now on I will be looking for ways to regain my memories, because I really wanted to know him more and not only act like his old buddy but also to be his real friend. This was my new purpose... to regain my memories and defeat Trinniel. But there was only one thing that really reached my soul, it was Azure... he told me that his purpose was to protect me and lead me to glory or demise, I wasn't sure why he was so devoted to me but I guess I was his only friend after all... His words strenghtened my purpose to regain my memories. I just wanted to know him more and repay him for his kindness, he truly was an amazing person. And this is where we separated, I used the teleporting orb that I snatched from one of Baltasar hill's stores before, and returned back to the base. I did not learn anything again but it was a good start to begin my journey. I gave a promise to Azure that I will definitely regain my memories!

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4 Re: The Rift Dancer on Thu Mar 06, 2014 5:02 pm

Chapter 2: Journey to the past.

Starting point.

I woke up early in the morning, thinking about where should I begin to search for clues, which could help me to remember something about what happened before I lost all of my memories. I merely sighed, because I did not even know well about Atreia and what places were good to help to regain my memories. In the end I decided to check one place, it was that place where I opened my eyes for the first time after my memory loss. I silently passed through sleeping Azure and went to the bar, there I asked to give me a couple of bottles of that 'cure' thing... Yep I still did not know how it was called but finally I was corrected by the barkeeper and finally knew it's true name, it was whiskey. Oh man... whiskey is such a good thing, it is my favorite drink and it was probably my favorite one in the past. I placed two bottles of finest whiskey in Asmodea inside my backpack, I also grabbed some food, bandages and a teleporting orb for emergency, from the local store. I just had to prepare for this journey, because I wasn't really planning to be gone for some hours; it might take me days or even weeks.

I just hoped that I will be able to learn something about my past, this whole thing about my memory loss was just saddening me, because it was not only for my leadership of Baltasar hill or it's people, nor it was for Azure I was just curious and really wanted to learn more about myself, what I was doing before all of this, who I was as a person, how I acted before and what meaning Atreia had for me. I packed my supplies and finally began to walk, as I was leaving the village - cherry petals were flying around me, scattered in the air by the cold breeze, before hitting the road I glanced back at the village for the last time and wondered if I return with my memories back or not. After looking back for a minute I looked back and began to run as fast as I could....

I was running through the ravaged fields of Brusthonin, avoiding the foul creatures, who were roaming around... I passed viscous swamps, beaches of polluted water, dark forests, on the way to my first stop I was forced to fight wild beasts, my reflexes were pretty sharp but I did not know how to use my sword, so I had to stick to the knife, which was placed in my backpack, I stained my hands with animal blood... and all of this was just running and resting... running and resting... And this cycle repeated over and over again until I finally reached my destination.

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This was the place where I woke up for the first time ever, it was as beautiful as the last time. I was not sure if I remembered anything by coming back here, but I had a strong connection to this place. That little piece of land in the lake, seemed a little off. It seemed like it was splitted from the actual land, it was unnatural... Like someone used a giant blade and plunged it to the ground and then torn the piece of earth and just placed there in the lake. It's just as I guessed at first! Someone really had a fight here some years ago. I opened my backpack and gently pulled out that empty notebook that I was holding here when I woke up. I was glancing at it, but not a single memory appeared in my head. However this notebook itself seemed a little off, all of the pages were torn off except for the last one; the last page only had one word "Today". That was pretty weird, it was like someone did not want for me to find out what is written in the notebook.

It was late already and I had to take some rest, so I decided to sit down before the lake. I grabbed a bottle of whiskey and an empty glass from my backpack, then poured some of the whiskey into the glass and gulped it down as I was glacing at another side of the lake. I wondered why I was still carrying my sword with me, it was heavy and took a lot of space and on top of that I forgot everything about sword mastery. There was no point at all but maybe one day I will remember how to use it and when that day comes I will use it to defeat this Trinniel, even though I did not know anything about her except the fact that both I and Azure were defeated by her in the past I wanted to beat her up so badly... I filled another glass with whiskey and thought about various things... First thing was this lake, then it was our match with Trinniel and lastly it was the notebook... These things seemed to connect somehow but I wasn't sure how, I still needed more evidence to come to conclusion... but what if this was the place where I fought Trinniel? I just shook my head and decided to relax for the time being, I fell asleep.

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Second day.

I've been asleep for the whole night. When the second day came I got up and streched myself, such a good sleep it was, altough I felt a little drowsy but I was good to go. I learned nothing about my past in this place but I found some clues, so I guess it wasn't pointless. My next destination was Elysea. I learned that there are these two races in Atreia - Asmodians and Elyseans; from the looks Asmodians have darker skin, glowing red eyes and fur on their backs, they also have claws. Elyseans on the other hand are simmilar to me, they look normal. For a fact I knew that I wasn't elysean but maybe I was connected to them somehow, so that's why I had to check Elysea. Once I reached the nearest teleporter, I was teleported to a random part of Elysea.

I found myself in some kind of beach, there was a weird looking building infront of me. Somehow it resembled a tree or a mushroom. In the horizon I was able to see the vast sea and some small and empty islands with nothing but only sand and some palms.  Crabs were moving around my feet, it was a great opportunity to hunt them and eat their meat, but I decided to leave it for later, because I had to look for some clues. I observed the beach carefully, this place felt really familiar... probably something important happened to me here in the past. However... I did not remember a single thing, I even wondered if my journey has an ending. If it were to go on like this, I would never be able to regain my memories.  I slowly approached the sea to look at my own reflection in the water, that strange tattoo on the left side of my face looked somehow suspicious, I wondered if I had it before. Even if I lost my memories, I could tell that I never had it before, it was just this strange "Deja Vu" feeling that made it look so suspicous. Maybe it had something to do with my memory loss, I wasn't sure but I just had this feeling but then I tought - "How I will be able to remove this from my face?". After some time of thinking about crazy theories of my memory loss I decided that it was a good time to eat.

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Understanding that I was bad with my sword and that I wasn't able to hunt down a bigger prey, I swiftly pulled out a knife from my left sleeve. It was the same knife, which helped me to defend from animal attacks in Brusthonin. First of all I calmly approached the first crab, who was five metres away from me. I tightened the grip on my knife that I was holding in my right hand. I held my breath for a couple of seconds and then I crouched and stabbed my knife into the crab. I succeeded, he did not show any sign of life. I placed the dead crab inside my backpack and then I went closer to the sea. The water was very clear, I was able to see fishes swimming in the water. I wasn't sure how but they were swimming around slowly, maybe it was because I had inhuman reflexes, in my eyes fishes were swimming in slow motion. But it seemed that they were only slowing down when I was concentrating on them, when I blinked their speed returned to normal but after some seconds of looking at them they slowed down again. Maybe I was a strong fighter in the past after all? I decided to catch some fish too, actually it was easy, I managed to catch them with my bare hands. In the end I made a bonfire and roasted crab and fish, to give them a better flavour I poured some whiskey on top of them and finally I had a great lunch.
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I did not even feel it but the sun was already setting and sky changed its colour into black. I was sitting on the sand looking up at the sky. The sight was beautiful as always, the Abyss was shinning brightly. I sighed and just gazed at it. "I will go there one day!" - I shouted out loudly. I've been living in Atreia now for a whole week but I never met a giantess even  once, maybe Azure was kidding back then. It was just hard to believe that this place has giant women. Maybe I never met one, because I was staying in my base all the time, but still it was the second day and I never met one. Well there was lots of more to discover in Atreia, so I had my hopes up. Talking about my inhuman reflexes, I never thought that I was this strong, maybe I was training these past two years to defeat that Trinniel person? Maybe if I found some giant women they will be able to tell me where can I find her? I decided to work on that after I regain my memories, because my resolve to defeat her was too weak. I wasn't sure how I felt about her... Yes, it was true I wanted to beat her up, because she allmost killed me and Azure in the past but I could not remember a damn thing what really happened back then, so I just had to wait and see for myself how badly I wanted to get revenge on her. This was my second day since I left the village and I still did not remember a thing, at least I found some clues and I discovered some of my hidden abilities... What was waiting ahead is still a big mystery.

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Angel of the Abyss.

It was the third day... A man was lying on the sand, actually that man was me. I still could not remember a thing what happened in the past or how I lost my memories and my head was aching... but now it was usual, I got used to this pain. It felt like there were thousand knives stabbed into my head but it was usual in the mornings, so I did not really care. I got up on my feet and began to move, my next destination was  Abyss. I had no idea how to get there on feet but I was prepared - I had another teleporting orb! This one was special, it was designed to travel to the Abyss and it had multiple times of use. There was a note attached on the orb. "Gently squeeze the orb to activate it. You can use it ten times before it crumbles to dust." - This is what was written in the note;  Sounds easy.... I guess..  I squeezed the orb once - Nothing happened... I squeezed the orb twice - Nothing happened, I tried to hit it against the wall - Yep... Nothing happened.. It only bounced off and hit my forehead. Was I scammed? I paid twenty thousand kinah for this forsaken orb! I decided to try the old fashioned method, I smashed it against the ground - Yes... NOTHING HAPPENED! It only bounced off and hit my face, knocking me down on the ground... That was frustrating. I decided to try one more method, I began squeezing the orb as hard as I could, using my full strength. "Oops... I accidentally crushed it.." - I said. My only chance of travelling to Abyss was crushed by my own hand. I opened my palm, there was nothing but little pieces of purple coloured glass on my palm. Suddenly they began to glow and some dark energy began to spread from the pieces. The dark energy formed in to a portal.  The portal was leading to Abyss. It actually worked but the instructions were misleading! I dived into the portal.

A portal opened somewhere in the Abyss and I stepped out from the portal, amazed by my surroundings. Everything looked so cold and dark but it was beautiful at the same time, I could see many worlds floating in deep and vast space. It really seemed like a battlefield as Azure told me Abyss was a battlefield. Almost everything was glowing, I could feel weird energies all over the place, many weird creatures were living here, many dead bodies of the greatest warriors were scattered in this place... Even if it was a warzone it felt strange that it was almost empty, no one was fighting here. Maybe the war was already over? But still... I had to be on my guard... I was sure that I was in this place before, it is not because it felt simillar - It is because I fell in love with this place, it was like home to me. So calm, so scary, so beautiful, so dark...
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For a whole hour I was standing in one spot, I've never been this relaxed before. I felt a strange energy in my back, it was like I had one of my body parts extended. I closed my eyes, trying to concentrate on that feeling. The energy that I was feeling was my own and Abyss' energies connected to each other. I took one more breath and slowly opened my eyes, there was something on my back. There were wings on my back! I never thought that I had wings, I felt like an angel but I wasn't an angel or was I? My wings were huge, there were two big transparent wings with black edges, which resembled dragon's wings in shape and two smaller white ones, which resembled angel's wings. Everything made me wonder who I am? It was clear that I was not a human being, not a single human being has two pairs of magical wings. I decided to try out my new wings, I relaxed and leaped up to the air, it worked I shot up to the air like a bird. I felt like a professional, even though it was my first time flying... well maybe not the first time but it sure was a first time after I lost my memories. I was flying up and down, spinning in the air, doing weird tricks like a kid. It was fun, it even made me smile, it felt like I could do anything! It was truly a good feeling... Just like a bird I was flying wherever I want.
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After hours of flying around I saw a fortress, I decided to land there. Since I was not sure how to land properly I crashed into the ground headfirst.... and it worked! My face was all dirty and dusty, I brushed off dirt and dust with my hand and gave a glance to the fortress, which was before me. The building was pretty big and it seemed like it was guarded by some kind of lizard like creatures, they were standing on two feet and had tails growing from their backs, they were all scaled and armoured. I was a little scared but I decided to go inside anyway, I hoped that I will be able to find out something about my lost memories.
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I ran inside the fortress, the guards began to chase me but what a surprise they were way too slow for me or maybe I was too fast. I was looking back at them, their figures were dissapearing in the distance and finally they gave up chasing me. I looked forward and then I noticed that I was running right into a giant hole, my speed was way too high to stop, so I had to jump into the hole. I did not care how deep was that hole, because I knew that I will be able to fly out from the hole with my wings. I jumped right into the hole.

First fight.

I found myself in a huge hall, there were this "Lizard creature", the monster was muscular and it was wearing armour like those guards back then, he also was holding a huge curved blade with a red eye in the center and a small shield with his other hand. He was staring at me, breathing heavily. For a second it seemed that if I made a bad move he would charge at me, but I had to do something. I was aware that by invading the enemy territory I just can't leave it without getting involved in a fight. That Lizard continued to stare at me with its bloody eyes, I gave him the same stare, because I knew if my eyes wander somewhere else I will be a dead meat. Now it was a staring contest and I just wanted to explore this place calmly, gah..! What was I thinking!? "Fine I'll play with you a little." - These were my words leaded by fear and confidence at the same time.

The next thing I remembered was that it was running straight to me, swining its blade back he leaped up to the air and then aimed it at me. For me everything was in slow motion, I did not know how my ability of seeing everything in slow motion worked but it really was helpful in a moment like this. I quickly dashed to the right side avoiding its attack. The creature's blade impacted with ground and got stuck, he tried to pull it out as quickly as possible while making growling noises. I observed my surroundings and I noticed a pebble on the ground, I quickly snatched it from the ground and throwed it at the monster while aiming at its head. The pebble was sliced a part by its huge blade, the "Lizard" managed to unstuck its blade just at the right moment. I shrugged and thought that it was worth a try, my sword was pretty much useless in this situation, because I really had no idea how to use it. Monster charged at me again and once again I dodged its attack by jumping above its head, in the mid air I managed to quickly place my right foot on its curved sword and then with the left foot I kicked its face. From the impact with my foot monster took two steps backwards and then throwed its shield right at me. It hit my stomach area and blasted me several meters away, it was a deadly hit, no normal human being would be able to survive this, even I coughed with blood.

While I was lying on the ground, it was slowly approaching me, there was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, at that moment I wished to have Azure by my side. Azure looked way stronger than this ridiculous lizard, but I knew that this was my fight and that I had to win or else I will be dead and I will never be able to regain my memories. As it was approaching me slowly, I used that time to rest for a little and finally stood up, my own blood was dripping from my mouth... This was my chance... I had to use my sword... I grabbed the hilt of my really big sword with my both hands and drawed it out, it was very heavy to hold and I even wondered what was I thinking in the past when I used this friggin' sword! It was really hard to swing it around and balance it but it was better than nothing, also it was radiating a dark aura, so I guess it was a magical sword. My "friend lizardman" changed its pace, it was running in full speed, it was hard to keep up with its movements even when I was concentrating on it with my eyes. It quickly stopped, approximately two meters from me and then he extended its hand forward and tried to stab its blade right at my head. Luckily for me somehow I managed to block its sword with my own sword. Two blades collided, the tip of its blade was a couple of centimeters away from my nose, I just gulped and tried to deflect its blade and give it a finishing blow but the monster was too damn strong for me, it began to push me backwards...
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The only thing I could do at that moment was to wait for the right moment to give it a counter blow. I shouted at it. - "This is not the end you bastard!" And using my full strength I began to push the monster backwards. It flicked me to the side with its tail and from the momentum "Lizardman" moved forward a little. Now it was my perfect opportunity, using my remaining strength I approached it from the side and swinged my blade horizontally chopping its head off. The creature collapsed on its knees and I was victorious. It was my first victory... even if I forgot how to fight I still managed to slay a monster... My sword was too heavy to hold anymore and it just slipped out from my hands, I collapsed from exhaustion.

After several hours I managed to get up, it was time to leave. I will never come back to this fortress ever again! It was a stupid idea to wander in a territory full of weird creatures unprepared, it almost got me killed, but I was lucky to be alive I guess... It was nice to visit Abyss even if it did not help me to find clues about my past. I picked up my sword and then using my wings I took off from the ground. I flew out from the hole and after that I was high up in the sky, some of the archer type lizards tried to shoot me down but arrows were way too slow for me. To celebrate my victory I opened another bottle of whiskey while flying in the air. My next destination was Poeta, maybe I will learn something about my past in that place...

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Finally - I reached Poeta, I was in Akarios village. It was a peaceful day like always, the village was crowded as hell, everyone were just minding their own business, it was a fresh day for short. The air seemed off though, it was way too noisy... I could not remember what everyone were saying or their voices, everything was so blurry and the faces... - they were familiar but I never met those people. Everyone of them were carrying swords or other weapons, it was like they were preparing for war or something. I heard a scream from somewhere, I couldn't recall from which direction it was coming from but it was loud and it felt like someone was calling for help. I got mashed in the crowd, trying to look for that person, who was screaming however I did not find that person...

The sky suddenly turned dark and the sun was replaced by crimson moon. I was hearing howling noises from everywhere but I was not sure who caused it. Everyone began to run around in the village, I could only hear sounds of metal and splattering blood, I glanced back at the church, which was about to burn to ash. I had only one choice - I had to draw out my sword! For some reason it was gone... I could not feel it on my back it was not on my back anymore. A dead body fell from the sky just before my feet and then the enemy finally showed itself. It was a wolf like creature, it looked like a human standing on two feet, also it was muscular and fit. The creature's arms looked very strong, its arms could shred me to pieces without any effort.

The creature was about to grab me but then a blade pierced its heart, it dropped dead. It was a total massacre, there were a lot of dead bodies everywhere, everything was burning. Humans were fighting against wolves, it was just crazy to watch. Akarios village turned into a battle zone, actually it did not look like Akarios anymore it was different... the place was familiar but nowadays everything was familiar so it was my imagination again, I even took a look at the sky - Abyss was replaced by plain darkness. Another wolf like creature was running at me, somehow I managed to shoot fire from my palms and defeat it. Somehow everything did not feel real but I was sure that everything was real, I was just too confused...

Almost every human being died, it was just too horrible to watch and for some reason I could not move my body - I wanted to run, I wanted to fight, I just wanted to contribute myself in this battle however my head was filled with fear and weakness. One of the wolf beings was about to inject its fangs into my neck but a weird woman jumped before me and opened her arms, sacrificing herself just to protect me. Wolf using his muscular arms torn off her arms and then using its fangs it opened her stomach and began to feed on her intenses. I became enraged and somehow a sharp sword appeared in my right hand, without hesitation I was ready to stab it into the creature's heart but I passed through it and was about to fall on the ground... Everything went black...

However I realized that it was only a very bad dream as I opened my eyes and found myself lying behind the church. It was my first time when I had a dream, it was strange but at the same time I felt alive. I felt alive, because even someone who lost his memories had a dream. It was a horrible dream but it was very important in my life and it seemed like I exprienced an event like this in the past, I just was not sure if it really happened in the past. I got up from the ground and was ready to move, it was the fourth day after I left Baltasar hill after all! I filled my backpack with supplies from the local vendor and prepared to explore Poeta.

Never ending journey.

Poeta was empty, only two or three people were there... They were complete strangers, some of them were women but not giant so I was out of luck again. Poeta was not the right place aswell, it was nice to visit it but I just wasted more of my time... Thus days were passing by... I've been almost everywhere... Heiron, Ishalgen, Beluslan, Pernon, Morheim, Oriel, Altgard, Pandaemonium, Sanctum... There wasn't a place which I did not explore. I lost the count of days after the first week... Time was just moving and moving forward. I even visited a library in Sanctum and learned almost everything about Atreia and its history, the "Lizard thing" that I was fighting back in the Abyss was a Balaur, that beach where I cooked fish was called Cantas Coast. I got involved in many fights too, I fought various Bandits and monsters from fairytales. I did alot of things and I was not sure how much time has passed anymore. Was I absent for weeks or months? So many nights drinking whiskey and so many days exploring the world...

My journey was just endless, everyday I've been doing the same thing all over again.. Why was I doing it? - I was not sure anymore. - I just moved forward and every night I believed that I will regain my memories on the next day, but it never happened. At least I improved myself, I became better... My mind and body became stronger than it was since the first time I woke up in the Lollu forest. I got a lot of expierence it was worth my time but it was not my goal. My only goal was to remember everything! But as the time went by my resolve began to slowly fade away. Maybe my memories were erased on a purpose? Maybe this way everything will be better?

I found some clues on the way and I began to wondering what if it was me and Azure the ones, who had a fight with Trinniel in the Forest of Lollu two years ago? I decided to ask Azure himself and finally I was ready to come back. It was a failure but it was a good journey, I learned many things, which will be useful in the future or maybe not... but the time will show. I was standing somewhere, on a high cliff and extended my wings and then flew away, dissapearing in the horizon. I used my last teleporting orb in the sky, which was for teleporting home. Spiraling light consumed my body and like a flash of thunder I dissapeared from sight.

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Chapter 3: Journey continues.

Home... sweet home..?

Finally... after a long time... I finally came back to Baltasar Hill village. For me there was no better place than Baltasar Hill village to stay, my people and my friend Azure lives there, but there I always feel like a complete stranger. Azure told me that I was the leader of this village and his master in the past but was I really worth of this title? I was not sure how I used to be in the past and how I behaved around my people, what if I was cold and ignorant, what if I used my people as pawns for battles in the past? Ugh... just thinking about it made my head spin..  Everything would be good if I had my memories back but I returned empty handed, I failed... My only wish was to get along with everyone well in the village and for to happen I wanted to remember everything... I decided not to think about things like that for a time being, maybe I will be able to find other ways, to find a key for the doors of my past, I just had to hope...
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The  village was the same, nothing has changed. To be honest I've been living in a beautiful place in the past,  it was fresh and relaxing, cherry petals were scattered everywhere, the cold breeze was giving just the right temperature and atmosphere to the place and the tree of life was glowing like a huge diamond.  I greeted the villagers and announced my return to everyone there, I hoped to found Azure nearby but he was absent. I was out of luck again and I just wanted to drink some whiskey with him. I placed my unused supplies in the warehouse and decided to wash my body in a lake or somewhere else. The lake in the Lollu forest sounded like a fine deal, I extended my wings and skyrocketed to the air, it only took me a couple of minutes to get there. Once I was there I undressed and jumped straight into the lake. It was a good bathing.

After then I returned back to the village. I checked every corner of the village, I even tried to shout for him... but Azure was still absent. It made me a little worried but I just shrugged with my shoulders and sighed... There was no such a being who could easily harm Azure. Still it was a little sad that he was gone; he's my only and true friend after all. I decided to drink whiskey alone. I went to a pub, as usual my favorite bar maiden, Sandvika, was waiting for me. She placed an empty glass on the counter and poured me some whiskey. Sometimes I even wondered why did I drink so much? I start everyday with the bottle of whiskey in my hands and kill the night with another bottle. Probably I used to drink in the past a lot... I shrugged off my thoughts and finished the glass in one go. To show my gratitude to Sandvika I gave her some beautiful flowers that I found in my travels, then I left the pub.

After I left the pub I decided to take a walk around the village, while walking I tried to socialize with some of the villagers but everything I could was to give them countless of questions, nothing more... For a moment I stopped and decided to gaze at the tree of life, that tree was one of the reasons why I chose to be the leader of that village.. It was the most important thing to the villagers in there and somehow it was inspiring me, it was big and strong it symbolized power and greatness. I sighed and wondered that maybe I was strong and great leader in the past too and that is why I chose to be the leader of that village.. After long time of gazing at the tree I finally approached it and decided to rest on one of its giant mossy roots.

I was thinking about a lot of things... and about how I failed to regain my memories, I even promised Azure that I will regain my memories as soon as possible but I failed him too... I felt so worthless, maybe I was really worthless? I had some clues but those were too small... But giving up was not an option too... I had to do something, maybe I returned home from my journey but it was far from finished, there were lots of more to discover! Maybe if I were to ask some people around? Maybe they would be able to help me? But I was not a man of great words, I realized that it was hard for me to talk with others. Maybe I was better in the past or maybe my social skills became this bad, because I lost my memories? There were so many questions in my head, I just wanted to be clear with everything but it felt like I was just an empty shell of a man named Simon, who used to live in Atreia two years ago. Everything in my head was just a big mess... To call it a day I decided to grab a bottle of whiskey from the pub and headed to my bed. [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

New faces.

It was a new day, I slept well, I even had bed hair... I checked the village to see if Azure returned but he was still absent. I just hoped that I would meet him eventually. I decided to see what was going on in Akarios village, as usual I snatched another teleporting orb from the local store and then I teleported to Poeta. Akarios village was the same, a girl and a man was talking to each other near the armoury. I decided  not to interrupt their conversation and just listened to their conversation. They were talking about casual things, nothing interesting and nothing new but anyway it was nice to see some new faces. They were talking about some tavern and were about to go there, actually I was surprised because that man invited me too. A complete stranger like me was invited to the Tavern. It was my chance to meet some new people or even make some new friends there, so I accepted his invitation. Then we teleported to that tavern...
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Once I got there I was amazed by it, it was a huge wooden flying ship. The tavern was very huge, it had so much space but the best part was that I could get drunk there like never before. The man and girl introduced themselves , their names were Daente and Jessica. Daente was the owner of that amazing tavern. To make things more exciting I asked Daente to give me a bottle of finest whiskey there. He seemed very generous, because he gave me a bottle of finest whiskey for free."It's on the house." - He said. It was a little uncomfortable to take things for free, so I at least paid him half of the price. I opened the bottle and took a small sip at first, the whiskey itself was very good. While I was enjoying my whiskey Jessica and Daente were just talking. Although I had nothing good to say I was pretty happy to be in a company like this.

One more person showed up in the tavern, it was another woman. She had unusual blue hair and was slightly taller than me, she did not seem like a giantess to me though. There were tall woman in Atreia but I never met any giantess... At that point I just lost hoped to find one, Azure was probably joking... or was he? To get rid of stupid and weird thoughts about giantess I took another gulp of my whiskey. Life is funny... it was a brand new day and yet I found myself drinking again.. Then another person appeared in the tavern, it was yet another woman. She was wearing a heavy armour, it was probably made of steel or something harder. Her hair colour was same as mine, she also had a flower attached to her hair. Her skin was grey and her eyes were red, I was not sure how old she was but she looked pretty good or maybe I was way too drunk at that point to tell whether she was beautiful or not.  She stopped beside me.
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I finished my first bottle of whiskey and was prepared to get my hands on the next one. It seemed that Daente knew the girl in armour, because he greeted her like an old friend. She ordered a glass of wine. I was the only person surrounded by complete strangers, well at least I managed to blend in with the group.

Vampire and the girl.

Some time has passed, my second bottle of whiskey was half full, my head was a little heavy and my vision became a blurry. Yup.. I was drunk, but it was not enough for me. The girl in armour, who was drinking wine started to talk to me... She said that I should remove my hood or something.. I could not remember what she said exactly, because I was a little drunk but I responded to her that the hood was not getting in my way. Actually I became kind of attached to my robes and that hood, since the first time I woke up with my lost memories, I was wearing these black robes.. it was my first and only set of clothing. She probably wanted to see my face, because half of my face was covered by that hood.

She seemed a little nervous, she was talking in a stuttering tone. I wondered what was up with her, maybe it was because of my looks or the blade on my back, honestly I had no idea... but even if I was harmless I looked pretty dangerous and agressive, even my face was scary. It was not ugly but it was scary, since I had these red like blood eyes and I rarely smiled to almost anyone. I decided to ask her why she was so nervous just to keep up conversation, even a wall was a better talker than me. She answered me that most of the time she overthinks things, to me it just seemed like she was afraid of saying out loud her opinion and what was on her mind. Somehow her answer made me smile, actually it made me feel more comfortable around her and others in the tavern, I realized that I was not the only person, who is bad at talking to others. I merely joked and said that no one was going to kill her if she said what was on her mind.

My previous sentence was bad, and by bad I mean really bad! My stupid mouth touched her feelings... She approached me. Her eyes were glowing bloody crimson and the black markings on her eyes eludicated, she then removed her gauntlet it appeared that her arm was covered in scars and deep ones. She said "That's what happens when I say what's on my mind." or something like that, because I was pretty much drunk at that moment... Only sadness and emptyness were reflected in my eyes... I was curious what happened to her arm but I hesitated to ask... It was not for me to hear it, I was not even a close friend of hers, I was just a complete stranger and probably an akward one, because the only thing I was able to do was to only give questions to people, it annoyed the hell out of me. That girl clearly understood what a real pain is like. It almost brought me to tears but I managed to hold them down... Her past huh? It made me wonder what my past was like, maybe I lost my memories on purpose, because I had a bad past just like her? I placed my thoughts aside and then returned to reality. Everything I was able to say was - "I'm sorry, but I promise I'm not going to hurt you." Daente said something like that aswell, so at least she was safe with us. At least I thought that I will never hurt her... but what if I was a bad person in the past and what if one day I were to regain my memories? From the looks of Azure he did not look like a very good person but he was good to me, so it was ok with me... but what if I was just like him, maybe even worse? But no... Azure did not seem like that type of a person, who would hurt the weak... Then the girl pulled on her gauntlet again and her eyes stopped glowing and she then returned to her previous position. I fell into the silence again.

The glass of wine, which was before the armoured girl somehow shrunk to half an inch in size. Was it my drunk eyes or did it really shrink? Was it her doing...? Even Daente somehow became nervous... and that girl's tone changed to a rather confident one, what was with the quick change of heart? Before talking I had another gulp of whiskey. I gave her yet another question, I just had this feeling that I was about to annoy the hell out of her with my stupid questions but I did not want to be silent either. My question was about the shrunken glass of wine and how did it shrink. She then explained that it was one of her magic tricks, like a spell or something. "Is she a witch?" - I thought to myself... the answer to my rhetorical question was - maybe. It just amazed me how her attitude changed from innocent stuttering girl to a suspicious witch.

Daente seemed like an interesting person too, the "witch" and Daente began to talk about vampirism. Vampirism huh? Why did they bring this topic, it was not for my drunk head to understand but I decided to listen anyway, because it sounded pretty interesting and somehow the concept -vampirism- was very familiar to me, I was not sure what part was familiar to me but I had this feeling that I encountered a vampire in the past. As I was listening to them talking I decided to finish my whiskey. Was it my second bottle or third? I was too drunk that I could not tell how many bottles of whiskey I had... I emptied the bottle and placed it on the counter, I noticed that Daente had sharp fangs poking from his mouth. Was he a vampire? I thought so and I was right! I decided to ask him how many times a day he had to feed on people and how blood tasted tasted to him... His answer was pretty simple, he said me that he was feeding on people every eight or twelve hours a day and that blood was even better and more intoxicating than whiskey, and blood even was making him stronger! It was a crazy thing to hear.. I became a little nervous and asked for another bottle of whiskey. However he said that he was not intending to feed on his customers... I became a little relieved but I decided not to run into this guy outside the Tavern.
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I was almost at my limit, Daente was teasing me on a purpose, because he was able to feel that I was in fear... and I was aware that if I had another bottle of whiskey it would turn out bad for me. But I did not want to run away like a coward, I just had to defend myself and show no weaknesses at all. The girl in armour was about to leave the place, she said that she wanted to get some fresh air... on the way to the exit she stopped before me and invited me to join her, she said that some fresh air would be good for me, I silently nodded and decided to join her. She saved me... and actually I was very grateful to her. I wanted to get out of that place as soon as possible but Daente was the main reason why I continued to stay there, I wanted to prove him that I was not afraid of him, but I was and it was pointless for me to hide the truth. The "witch" or whoever she was snapped her fingers and a portal, which resembled one of the rifts of Abyss opened before us. I was surprsised that she did it so simply without using a teleporting orb. I turned around and tried to walk, it was hard to walk for me, since I was drunk but it was still possible for me to walk normally. Then we dived into the portal.

Just who is she?

We were teleported to some kind of forest, which was located in Poeta. She looked into my eyes and smiled, saying that it will be better for me to get some fresh air... It was true, the air in the forest was way better than in that tavern and being in a forest with a harmless girl was way better than staying in a tavern with a vampire, who could inject his fangs into my neck any moment.  She also lectured me that I should not drink so much, it was not her business what I was doing or drinking and how much I was drinking but she was right, one more drop of whiskey would been bad for my health... For a moment I noticed that she was pouting and glaring at me. I wondered why did her face expression change so suddenly. I thought that she was mad at me for something.. I asked her if she was mad at me but she laughed again and said that she was not mad at all. I became even more confused... for a moment she was glaring at me and then she was just laughing.. Maybe I was just bad at socializing with people after all.
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Back then, in the tavern, she noticed that I was afraid of Daente. She said that back then I was really losing it, because I was afraid of a little and harmless vampire... Little and harmless!? But he had fangs! She was suspicious from the very beginning but I never thought that she would be able to talk about that vampire so easily... At first she looked like a harmless and humble person but with time she was getting more and more confident. "Weren't you afraid of him too? I mean you were nervous too, right?" - These were my words to her. She said that she was not nervous at all, I was the only one scared. She just teased me, well she had an arm covered with scars, so I just guessed that she exprienced worse things in the past and that vampire was not a big deal for her. She then asked me what would I do if I faced a -real- threat. What did she mean by -real- threat? To stay near a vampire was already bad. What could been worse? I would probably try to face it or try to avoid it, it would depend on the situation, at least that was the best answer I could think of back then. Something was really odd about her but I did not know what. It was not that she was a bad person, she was rather friendly and kind of similar to me. She wanted to show me something, she wanted to show me what a real threat was like, she asked me to promise not to panic. At first I just laughed, she looked way too harmless to threaten me in any way but whatever was up ahead in a laughing tone I promised her that I will not be panicking.

The armour that she was wearing suddenly changed into a black and spiked one, actually it looked pretty menacing. And my laughter stopped as soon as she started to grow. She was increasing in size, from a little and harmless girl she turned into something huge... She became taller than trees, her feet became bigger than my body - way bigger! It was even hard to see her face from below, because now it was high up in the sky. Her giant figure blocked the sun and her shadow made it look like it was a night time. In size comparison I was like a little mouse to her, maybe even smaller. She kneeled just to get a better look at me.
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I did not know how to react... I was way too afraid to even move, I was all trembling from fear.. Only cold shivers were chilling my spine. It was a powerful sight, and at the same time I was excited to finally meet a giantess in Atreia, after so long... I finally met a giantess. Azure was not lying after all, I was a fool for not believing him. I was lost for words and instead I began to mutter nonsense... I thought that it was the end for me, I thought that she was going to crush me or torture me. I felt so helpless and weak before her... Her sudden change of size made me all sober. The great leader of Baltasar Hill village became a scared little mouse, such a shame it was for me... If I continued to be like this there would be no chance for me to defeat Triniel, I would be squashed like an insect. I never felt this pathetic before... I just looked down at the ground, it was even too scary to look her in the eyes; I am such a coward. Maybe I was afraid, because I was not used to things like that, after all I lost my memories. I could not remember a single event from my past, I was probably fearless in the past, since I faced a giantess in a battle but now I was just a coward... I had mixed feelings, I was lucky to be able to see a giantess after so long and yet I became afraid and back then I was so confident, bragging how I am going to get my revenge on Triniel.

The giantess before me stomped the ground, just a few inches away from me. When her foot impacted with the earth, it caused a strong shockwave, it had enough force to send me flying backwards. But I was just way too lucky, because someone supported my back from behind. I turned back to thank that person but it was yet another surprise by her, she was at her normal size and in her former armour. I quickly looked at the direction, where the giantess was standing but she was gone... I became very confused, somehow she managed to change her size and location in a matter of seconds. I leaped back a couple of meters away from her and fell on my knees, asking who exactly was she? She approached me and introduced herself, her name was Jaina. I introduced myself too. She extended her right hand, helping me to stand up.
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Jaina apologized that she scared me, but I guess it was my fault for letting her to show me what could be this real threat. She looked scary in her giant form but she seemed friendly and nice person overall. Well at least the shock that I had made me sober. She had to leave already. For the last time we shook our hands like friends and then Jaina left. Was it a beginning of a new friendship? I did not know, but it was nice to meet a person like her. However her personality or her real powers were still a mystery for me. As for me - I decided to head back to my village and wait for Azure.[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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Chapter 4: Mysterious voice.

The land of sand.

It was yet another day... I woke up from my sleep.  I was lying in the middle of the desert, everything around me was covered in sand and in the horizon I was able to see giant sand dunes. The weather was hot as hell, but it was usual in this place. I’ve been living in this desert for my whole life, however I had a feeling that something important was missing, but I did not know what exactly. “It must be my imagination.” – I thought to myself…

I managed to stand up on two feet, I looked up at the sky just to get a better view of the sun, it was bright… brighter than ever before and I’ve been living here for… how many years? Twenty? Thirty? Hundred? I was not sure… how old was I anyway? I just shrugged my shoulders… “Who cares?” It was just unusual to see sun this bright for some reason. My life was dull; it was yet another day of hard work. I had no home, no family, no friends… nothing at all… that is why I was lying on the hot sand in the first place and all my pockets were full of sand, but I had a job; I am a builder. I’ve been building pyramids since the time I was just a little kid. It was my only method of survival. After a hard day of work I always receive some food and water. Though I always wanted to live a better life, a life of action and adventure… I wanted to go to faraway lands and escape this desert, I always heard stories that outside this desert there were massive lands consisting of water, lands of tall trees, grass, gigantic rocks… and my biggest dream was to find a treasure buried in the sand. If I got rich then maybe one day I would be able to get out of this place.

I was working until the night, the bright sun was replaced by cold moon and the temperature dropped significantly. It was a time to receive my payment; there were a lot of workers standing in a straight line, waiting for reward. Luckily I was the first in line. The Queen approached me and looked into my eyes; she was holding a box with some food and water inside. She asked me what my name was. My name? Really what was my name? Why I could not remember my name? What was the reason to have a name in the first place? My existence was not significant or anything… so what was the meaning of me having a name, and why my lips did not move and I could not say my name, it was like I was missing something big. Something that would make my life important, but I could not remember what was that thing.

The mighty Queen unsheathed her sword from her scabbard, she was very cruel, and she was always punishing those who were not willing to answer her questions. “Is this the end for me?” – I asked myself. I could not believe that this was the end for my dull life, all those dreams of finding a treasure was a waste after all, I will never escape this desert. I glanced back at the pyramid that I was building for my whole life and then I noticed a shiny object stuck between the blocks of sandstone. It had a shape of a sword, but it was large and weird… its color was black for some reason. One of my fellow workers approached and forced me to kneel before the queen, saying that if I were to apologize I would be able to escape this desert one day and make my dreams come true. The queen looked down at me and lowered her sword. She gave me an option, to lick all the sand from her feet and beg her to spare my life and she will forgive me, but if I tried to resist her she would end my life in an instant.

I began to lick her feet and beg for her forgiveness, but then a faint orb of light appeared between her feet, the orb started to talk to me telepathically. “Say your name, take that sword that you just saw in the pyramid and fight your way through.” – It said. “How am I supposed to fight her? I have no combat experience whatsoever and if I were to oppose her I would be killed right away.” – I replied. “Just believe in yourself, choose your path and open the gate to your destiny.”  - The orb said. Why was it talking to me all of a sudden!?Maybe I lost my sanity? If I were to obey her orders I would be able to reach my dreams… to reach those massive oceans, those gigantic rocks, those trees… everything that I ever dreamed of. For a moment I stopped licking her feet and looked at the sword’s direction and then at the vast dunes that were blocking the view of the beautiful horizon, which is showing the world that is yet to be explored. I shook my head and continued to lick Queen’s feet. “Even if I try to fight I would never be able to grab that sword, because it is too far away, at least if I lick her feet properly I will be able to survive. I am too weak to outrun her.” – I replied to the orb. “So is this your answer? Are you giving up already?” – The orb of light asked me. “Yes, because I have a dream and I will make it come true. I’m not going to die yet.” – It was my final answer. “Then so be it, you disappointed me.” – These were the last words of the orb and then it disappeared along with the sword. Everyone suddenly looked up at the moon and then it illuminated the whole world and then everything went white… Why did it end like this?

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(Ah... it's good to be back here again. I've been gone for 3 months or so, but now I'm back and downloaded Aion again. Very Happy)

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The land of snow.

My morning started in a pub, I was recovering from hangover... Last night I had some fun, however I drank too much beer, so as a result I got drunk as pig. I was lucky, because the owner of the pub, Jack, was a close friend of mine, so he allowed me to stay the night here.  I thanked him sincerely and in exchange I gave him a swordfish that I caught yesterday in the sea. After all I am the finest fisherman in my small village and around these parts. The place was a big mess, there were puddles of vomit in the corners, some of the tables were flipped over, one window was shattered, allowing the icy wind and falling snow to get inside. It was a big party yesterday. I was lying on a wooden bench and looking at Jack, who was mopping up the floor. He was so concentrated on cleaning that he did not even notice how I sneak out from the pub.

Once I was outside my face and hands started to freeze, it was very cold here, but beautiful at the same time; everything was covered in pure white snow, all the lakes and rivers were frozen, the sea was nearby too, which seemed just like a little drop of water in endless ocean. I was born here and I always loved this place since I was a little squirt, however we get unexpected visitors here from time to time. My hobby is fishing; this is how I used to survive since the old days. My life is average; I am the only man in my family besides my son, who is only five years old. I always had to take care of my family, every day I had to go outside and fish then bring it home or sell everything at the end of the day. It was not bad, since it was my hobby. Sometimes I felt like something important was missing, it was like I had to accomplish some kind of task, but I forgot that task ages ago. I felt like this thing that I forgot could change my life…

Finally I was close, only a couple of steps left; my house was the same as ever. I approached the door and knocked, after a couple of seconds my wife opened the door, she was well looking woman with emerald green eyes, gold blond hair and heartwarming smile. “Welcome home.” – She said. I did not say a word, just smiled, hugged her and kissed her on the lips. I was happy to see her safe and well, then my five years old son and eight years old daughter ran up to me and hugged me. They missed me, but it was natural, because I was gone for a whole week. “This time I brought lots of tuna with me!” – I raised my thumb up and stated as I made my this statement. I always loved tuna. Before closing the door, I noticed strange light behind and then a faint, mysterious voice echoed in my head. – “Come to the lake tomorrow and bring your fishing rod with you.” – The light suddenly disappeared as I closed the door, still looking back and wondering what was that all about. “Come to the lake tomorrow huh?” – I thought. Which lake anyway? Probably that voice was mentioning the nearest one. I decided to be with my family for the rest of the day. We have talked a lot that day, we shared our experiences and had great memories together and in the evening my wife cooked us some tuna, it was a great day, it greatly deepened my bonds with my family. Even the coldest winter was warm when love existed.

Next day I woke up early in the morning, because it was hard to fall asleep. I had thoughts about that lake and that mysterious voice. I sighed and decided that I should go; I had to bring something to eat for my family anyway. I prepared my fishing gear and left the house, there was a vision of a familiar lake stuck in my head. It was nearby; I just had to venture through forest. When I reached that place, I found myself standing in the middle of the frozen lake, which was surrounded by white trees, the temperature there was colder than in the other places, at least there was no wind since the lake was in the middle of the forest. I made an ice hole and began fishing. For several hours I caught completely nothing, not a single bass. It was kind of strange, because this lake was full of fishes. Finally, after some more hours I managed to hook something, it was big and heavy, but with my peerless fishing skills I managed to pull that thing out without breaking my rod.

Unfortunately the thing that I caught was not a fish nor was it edible. It was big… very big, there was something in an ice block, it was glowing. I decided to touch it with my hand, actually it was not that cold for an ice block, it was pretty warm. Suddenly it started to melt at fast rate; a black large sword emerged from the melting ice. Not only it was tall as me, but it also had a strange shape and a black substance was leaking from it. I grabbed it by the hilt, it was warm and had a sinister presence, it even made my heart to pound faster and even in a cold place like this I could feel that the sour sweat was dripping from my face. I tried to lift that sword, but it was so heavy that I was forced to use both of my hands. Somehow I managed to attach it to my back. It was past noon, so it was about time to go back, I decided to bring that sword home with me.

When I returned home my wife was not happy that instead of food I brought a dangerous looking tool. She said that we should sell it for money and then buy some food. It was a good idea, because there was no way to use it and I was not the fighter type. I paid a visit to a local merchant and placed the sword on the counter, he examined the sword carefully. “I see, I would buy this thing for five thousand gold pieces, it looks valuable.” – The merchant said. “Holy mother of winter five thousand gold pieces!?” – I covered my mouth with my hand. With this kind of money I could build a whole palace. “Alright, it’s decided I’m selling this thing.” – I said. The merchant placed a bag of gold on the counter and then an orb of faint light appeared besides me, I looked at it with a suspicion in my face. The merchant did not notice it, probably I was the only one, who was able to see it and then a voice, which was calling me to go to the lake, echoed in my head again. – “Are you really going to sell it? Are you really this stupid and can’t see the truth? It was decided long ago that your destiny is to possess this sword and you are simply going to sell it to some merchant?” What was that all about destiny? What did it mean? “Yes, I’m going to sell it, because I don’t want to see my children starving.” – I replied. “No, you don’t understand it is not your real family, the only thing that you need is to remember your purpose and use this sword, Simon” – The orb of light spoke in an insulting tone. Who was this Simon that it was talking about? I never knew any Simon in my life, and it was not me either, because I always had another name. “My family is not real? You stupid thing, get out of my head now! I will do anything for my family.” – I shouted at the orb and then it disappeared. After that I sold the sword and earned a nice bag of gold.

It was evening already; I was heading back to home, carrying fresh food in my bag. When I approached my house the lights were out, I sighed and thought that they were already sleeping; I silently opened the door and entered inside. However it was a nightmare… at first I noticed that there were a lot of blood on the floor, the bath of blood was leading to another room. I quickly rushed there to see what was going and there I saw the dead bodies of my wife and children, there was a hatchet stuck in my wife’s head, and my children were beaten to death, my son was armless. I fell on my knees, looking at the ceiling... why did it happen? I just wanted to see them smiling, I just wanted everything that was good for them and their tomorrow…  That voice appeared in my head again. “You still don’t get it, everything that you see now happened, because of your own foolishness, but it is not too late you can still reach that merchant and use that sword to avenge them and find the real meaning of your existence.” – It made absolutely no sense to me. My family is dead; I already lost my purpose to live. “It’s no use, they are dead. There is no meaning anymore.” – It was my final reply and then I loudly screamed out of grief and sadness. Someone was in another room and heard me, two thugs entered inside the room, and one of them was holding a knife. The thug kicked me in the face and made me fall on the cold floor, the other one plunged his knife somewhere between my lungs.

My wound was fatal, I was bleeding heavily and I had not much time left on this world. The last thing I remembered was me crawling outside, struggling to reach that cursed sword, however it was far away. I was lying on a cold snow and then I extended my hand to the direction where I sold that sword, I tried to grasp the image of that sword in my palm, but it was no use, because it was only air. I started to cough blood from my mouth and from my heavy bleeding the snow dyed red, it seemed like I was sinking in the river of blood. My last wish was to protect them, where did I go wrong? Everything turned white and blank…

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The land of giant forests.

I was on the run. I was running through the forest, which was bigger than an average forest, the trees here measured around from two hundred to four hundred meters tall. My clothes were soaked in sweat, because I was getting tired, but there was no time to stop and rest, after all I was running to survive. The giant footsteps were getting closer as I lost more and more of the air in my lungs, the footsteps were deafening and as it got closer and closer the ground below my feet was shaking. While I was running I managed to take a small glance back over my shoulder, that someone who was chasing me was a giantess, yes a giant woman. She was about five times my height; she was only wearing her underwear, which only revealed her beautiful and yet frightening body. She had long elegant legs, her butt was round, her waist was tight and slim, she also had big round and jiggling breasts, her face expression was deadly and at the same time beautiful, the color of her eyes was cyan and her hair color was exotic blue. She was damn sexy! It was probably my best and worst day at the same time, to be chased by such an angelic maiden and then killed by her. I fell in love, I always had this perverted side inside me; I really love sexy women and especially giant, but I was aware that she was my enemy, so I guess it was more like a love-hate relationship between me and giantesses. I reached my limit and decided to stop and face her like a man.

I stopped running, I pulled out a sword from my right sleeve and then I turned at her, pointing my sword up at her, my sword was made from finest steel so it was not a big problem to penetrate her skin. She stopped running as well, she was standing before me, towering me in all her beauty. She smiled and raised her right foot above me, she was ready to stomp me like an insect. As soon as her foot was falling on me I raised my sword up and said. – “It’s sad to hurt such a beautiful girl like you, but I have no choice... I’m so sorry!” – My sword, like a wolf’s fang injected itself in her foot, causing her great pain. She started to scream all over the place, her voice was mighty that it made all of the birds to fly away from their nests, which were located in the trees. As soon as she started to raise her foot up I pulled out my sword, it caused her even greater pain, for her it seemed like she stepped on a sharp nail or something like that, some of her blood dripped on my clothes, mixing my clothes with red color. However the fight was far from over, she gritted her teeth, placed her right foot on the ground and then using her left foot she tried to kick me away, but my reaction was quick and as soon as her foot reached me I jumped on her big toe and using both of my hands, with all of my might, I stabbed her big toe, as a result I pierced through her big toe and the tip of my sword reached the soil. She screamed in agony, after all she was messing with the wrong tiny. I was lucky to come this far, I managed to give her two painful wounds, however they were not deadly, I was just a little speck compared to her and in exchange of my last action the sword got stuck in her toe.

While I was busy trying to pull out my sword from her big toe, she leaned down and grabbed me with her both hands, by wrapping her majestic and nice smelling fingers around my body, and lifted me up to her eye level; I was like a doll compared to her. Her face was even more beautiful from close distance; she smiled and winked at me. I managed to take a good look at her cleavage from above, it only lasted a couple of seconds but I was already having weird fantasies of her crushing me between her massive breasts, my face turned all red from all those thoughts. I just could not look at her eyes, because of those weird thoughts. She started to laugh like crazy; my life completely depended from her actions. “Such a cute little guy you are.” – She said while looking at me and holding me in her hands. She implied some pressure on me, pushing the air out of my lungs. My eyes almost popped out from the pressure and with time the grip was getting stronger and stronger, she was trying to crush me in her hands. By then I would had been screaming like crazy, but I was struggling to get some air in my lungs. I was smiling, because everything that happened was a part of my plan, I was just helping to set up the stage. Using the last air in my lungs I managed to give a signal to my brother and sister. – “Leila, Ike now is the time!” – I shouted.

Something rustled in the leaves of the giant trees, a shady hooded person jumped down from the tree. The person landed on a giantess’ shoulder, the person was holding a bow and arrow. The person removed it’s hood, it was a girl.. or rather it was my older sister Leila. She loaded her arrow and shot it, aiming it at my direction. It flew like a bolt of lightning, hitting the nail of the giantess’ thumb, for a moment she lowered her pressure on me, I used that opportunity to escape from her grasp. I grabbed the arrow, which was stuck in her thumb and plunged it into her vein to make her bleed, and then I jumped down on the ground. Leila dropped her bow on the ground and then pulled two sharp daggers from the sheaths, which were on her sides below the waist. “You are not going to hurt my little brother, you dirty bitch.” – She said. Using her daggers she climbed up on her face, all the way up to her eye level, and then she stabbed her daggers into her eyes to take away her vision. The giantess tried to reach my sister with her hands, but my younger brother Ike came into play and at the right time he extended the rope from the tree, just above Leila’s head, she quickly grabbed the rope and was pulled back up to the tree. The giantess was confused and screamed like she had lost her sanity. I quickly ran up to her big toe and managed to pull out my sword, I was ready to give her a finishing blow. Like a wind I ran behind her, in the meantime Ike was already there holding a sword too. We both used our full strength to stab her heels with our swords at the same time. She lost her balance and crashed down on the ground. We barely managed to avoid her falling body, and finally Leila grabbed a spear that was placed on the branch of a giant tree. Leila jumped down from the branch and crashed down, pointing her spear at the giantess’ heart, the spear penetrated her heart and then she died.

Somehow we managed to kill her, but I felt sorry for her, she was a pretty one after all. It was getting late, so the three of us decided to head back to our village, which was located underground. We were forced to hide underground in fear of the giantesses, although our real home was on the surface. We used to live in giant forests before giantesses appeared out of nowhere and attacked humanity. The giantesses claimed that humans were the ones, who attacked them first, so I really had no idea who was right or who was wrong, but I always wanted to stop this war between two races or at least live in the forests with no fear of giantesses. Giantesses always had advantage in size; so it is hard to take one down without any good planning or sacrifices. Even today I were lucky that I managed to survive if I were all by myself I would have been dead by now. Giantesses’ main objective was to enslave all of us. Although I always used to hate giantesses, because they took my home and father away I always loved them too, I wanted to give them a lot of questions and learn why they were so big, how they were breeding, but I knew that it was impossible…

I, my brother and sister became giantesses’ hunters, because we believed that one day we will reclaim our territory and avenge our father. Three of us made a formidable team; we were experts of the experts. My brother Ike is known as the specialist of close ranged combat; in the past he killed a powerful giantess with his sword alone. My sister Leila is known as the prodigy; she is physically strong, her swordplay is unmatched, she is also good with bow and other tools. Leila was always saving my butt from danger. As for myself I was called a genius; I was good at many things and my plans always worked out, but at the same time my love for giantesses was my biggest weakness. This is how I was living, but it seemed that I was not meant to live a life like this; it was like I missed an important role somewhere and somehow. I just knew it, I felt like I was close to fulfilling that role, but there were still some steps need to be made. It also seemed like I was living for a whole eternity, but I was only twenty four years old.

That night I fell asleep, because I was exhausted and I knew that another hard tomorrow was on its way. I was woken by heavy tremors; I fell out from my bed and looked around in confusion. “What the hell is going on!?” – I shouted. A heavy rock crushed my left leg, I could not move, everything that I had to do was to wait for someone to come and remove that rock from my leg. I looked around my room again and noticed that there was a little rift in the wall, I decided to look through. The underground village was in chaos, there were giantesses everywhere. They were stomping, devouring, torturing people; all the houses that we built were burning. “Damn it… how did those bitches find our village?” – I thought. Our village was well hidden and yet they found it, maybe a spy infiltrated our village? One of the giantesses began to approach my house, but then Ike showed up, he was running at her, pointing his sword… He was running right into his death. I tried to stop him by shouting, but my voice did not reach his ears and ultimately the giantess grabbed him and bit of his head. What a fool… what was he thinking? However it was my fault, I was hopelessly sitting in my room and only tears were dripping from my eyes. My little brother… why?

Several hours passed and all of the giantesses left the village. Ike was the one, who saved my life. He was the one who distracted that giantess and because of him sacrificing his life our house and me inside were not destroyed. After an hour of trying somehow I managed to push away the rock from my leg, as a result I regained mobility, but I could barely walk. “I never going to live in a house made of stone.” – I said. When I left my house, I went for a walk around the village to see whether there were any survivors left. After some minutes of hard walking I found no survivors, but then I saw a familiar face. It was Leila lying on the ground, she was heavily injured. I slowly approached her, she looked me in the eye and said – “You must avenge humanity no matter what.” – After saying her last words she smiled and closed her eyes. As a giantesses’ hunter I was trained not to cry even in the hardest moments, but I just could not hold back my tears. Everyone died and I was the only one left alive, I was not even sure how I was supposed to fight giantesses with my limp leg. It was a desperate situation, but then something strange crashed into the ground.

It was a sword, no it was not a mere sword, it was a gift sent by the gods of the heavens. It crashed in the center of the ruined village. The sword was big, maybe three times bigger than an average sword, it was made from an unknown metal, the sword itself was completely black, and it had a weird shape with a small crimson orb above its hilt. It was calling for me. – “Take me and slaughter every single one of them.” I approached the mystical sword; half of it was stuck in the ground. I grabbed its hilt with my both hands and pulled it out from the ground, it was heavy, but I felt a strange power inside it. Crystal clear wings grew out from my back, those wings started to lift me up from the ground, I felt so light and the sword in my hands was not heavy anymore. I never felt this power before, but I knew that it was enough to avenge the humanity. I slowly ascended from my ruined village and then like a bird I took off to the sky. My destination was their home.

After a full hour of flight I was finally there. I found myself above the city filled with giant buildings; those buildings were as tall as the trees in the forest.  In the center of the city there was a palace, I decided to infiltrate it. I landed before the entrance; there were two armored giantesses guarding it. I raised my sword up and it extended to the size of a giantess, I managed to slice two armored giantesses in half, by making a horizontal swing, they did not even have a chance to react. It was my new power, I felt like dreaming, was it really possible to wield such a power? This sword is really a gift from the heavens.

I broke inside the palace and found myself standing before a giant throne, where the leader of all the giantesses was sitting; she was a real beauty, but also the center of all the evil. She glanced down at me and laughed. – “I never thought that one of those ants would make it here.” – She said. She had an ominous presence, my hands began to shake and the giant sword that I was holding shrunk down into its former size. She stood up on her feet, approached me and then leaned down, to take a better look at me. She examined me and my sword and smiled. I tried to stab my sword into her eye, but she caught it between her two fingers and took it away from me. “Boys like you shouldn’t use sharp objects.” – She mocked me.  She placed the sword inside her cleavage and then picked me up from the ground; she then carried me to her throne and sat down, placing me on her lap. “Well since I took a liking to you, I decided not to kill you and make you my new pet.” – She said and smiled.

I was lying on her lap like a lifeless doll. I was thinking about many things, why she did not kill me but made me feel so pathetic and weak instead? Why I became so weak all of the sudden and the thoughts about revenge simply faded away?  I just wanted to live in giant forests freely... and understand more about giantesses… wait giantesses? It was my chance to ask her about her own kind. She began to stroke my hair with her thumb as I looked up at her and decided to talk – “H-Hey, why do you hate tiny people?” – I asked her nervously. She shook her head and winked at me – “It’s not true, we love tiny people, but one day when one of our kind tried to interrupt in their everyday lives they freaked out and killed her, but she wasn’t just a simple giantess - she was my sister. To avenge her I decided to exterminate most of your population, but our kind always loved tiny people, they are so cute and pretty.” – Revenge was the cause of this war, she was right actually. I never hated giantesses too, I admired their beauty, but at the same time I was the enemy of the giantesses, because they took away my father, brother, sister. I finally managed to understand her pain and decided to ask her one more thing - “Why did you not kill me then?” She sighed and a tear rolled down from her eye – “Because I’m tired, when I met you today I remembered how I used to love humans.”

Her words, everything about her seemed so real. Revenge was the way of fools, even if my heart was in a great pain I decided to make a peace with her, I looked up with a smile in my face – “I guess we are even then, giantesses killed my father and siblings and after killing a single giantess I always thought what was the real reason to hate your kind. Now I understand, I never really hated you, but I just I tried to clean the pain in my heart using revenge as an excuse. Why don’t we stop this war? Let’s create a utopia where humans and giantesses can live in peace and build a paradise in these forests.” After listening to my words she brought me up to her face and kissed me, saying – “Thank you, then so be it. You will be the leader of humans and I will be the leader of giantesses, together we will stop this war and bring peace.”

After then some weeks has passed, I found almost every survivor and told them that giantesses were planning to make peace with humans. The leader of the giantesses held a meeting in her palace and told that there was no need to kill humans. Thus every human that was hiding in the underground finally was able to walk in the giant forests alongside giantesses, our races became equal. We held a ceremony to celebrate our new found peace.

A couple of years have passed after the time when peace ceremony was held. In the meantime my relationship with Louise, the giantesses’ leader, and other giantesses has grown to a whole other level. Together we built a giant city, which was hidden in the forests of giant trees, finally I knew all the answers that I wanted to hear from giantesses and everything was going smoothly, I never thought that after many years of war we will be able to get to this point. I was standing in the graveyard of heroes, praying before my siblings’ and father’s grave. “…I think that you always wanted peace, father, brother, sister. Well, I guess that’s it for today; after all I am getting married tomorrow, so wish me luck.” – After saying it I turned back and headed to the palace.

The first person I noticed in the palace was Louise, who was wearing a beautiful white dress and checking it out before the mirror. She was a real beauty, all the stars and galaxies were little things compared to her, she turned at and me and asked – “What do you think about this dress?” – I blinked several times before answering – “It’s great!” – She blushed and then asked me if I could get rid of my sword before the wedding day. It was a time of peace, so why not? I brought that mystical sword to the graveyard of heroes and placed it near the graves of my family. “Thank you.” – I said. After all it was this sword that brought me to Louise, the love of my life and the person who was seeking peace and happiness. I turned my back to the sword and finally I was ready to move, but then a voice stopped me – “Wait!” – It said. What was that? I looked around, but no one was there, maybe it was my imagination? An orb of light appeared before my face and then it started to communicate with me telepathically. “Simon, you are blinded by love. Don’t believe in anything that happens here, except me. Are you really going to abandon that sword and marry that giantess?” – Simon? I never heard of that name before, was it really talking with me or was I just imagining things? I decided to give it an answer anyway – “I don’t know who this Simon person is, but I’m definitely going to marry her, but to be honest I grew to like this sword.” The orb spoke again – “If you really like it then take it with you, betray her. Stop living in your dreamland. You have to accomplish a greater task than this. You must realize your destiny and pick that sword up again. Don’t you want to avenge your family?” No there was no way I could abandon her and everyone for some stupid destiny, even if something like destiny  existed and even if my name was Simon I had to stay, after many years of war I finally managed to change the world. “Revenge is not an option. Get out of my head!” – I shouted at him. “You were close, but you disappointed me for the millionth time, Simon.” – The orb then vanished into the thin air. I glanced behind, where the sword was supposed to be lying… but it was gone, it probably disappeared at the same time as the orb did. Maybe, he was right? Maybe I was Simon that he talked about? I shook my head and said – “Well it is my decision, I must go to the palace where she awaits me.” The land of giant forests was my real home… I began to walk and then everything started to lose its colors, until everything turned white… Why? I was so close; the happiness was within my reach….

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The land of metal.

I woke up in my chamber, then I checked my electronic wristwatch, it was three in the morning. I sighed and thought that I had yet another nightmare and forgot what it was about. I got up from my bed and decided to go for a walk around the base; I exited my chamber and began to walk forward. When I left my chamber I found myself in a long passageway, filled with many doors, made of steel, on the sides, and in the other end of the passageway there was a door leading outside, I was walking towards that door. When I was close to the exit I pulled out a pack of cigarettes from my pocket, I placed one inside my mouth and using a lighter I lit it up, as I took a small drag of it all the passageway filled with the scent of tobacco. Finally I reached the exit and left the building; I appeared outside, the place was filled with a lot of tall buildings, the territory was fenced with walls that measured around 15 meters tall and on the sides there were watchtowers arranged. It was not really a base, it was just an outpost, which was located a couple of kilometers to the south from the real base, but the outpost seemed like an actual base to me, because it was pretty big and it had its own airport.

I was walking around the base and smoking that cigarette, which I lit up earlier. The sun was already rising and not too much time was left before everyone in the base will wake up, but for the time being it was quiet and calm. I finished my cigarette and noticed a tall humanoid figure in the distance, actually it was approaching me. I recognized who it was; it was my partner and probably the only person that I considered a friend, he was called Lazure. He was two meters and eighteen centimeters tall, he was pretty muscular, he had short black hair and he was always wearing a black combat mask with integrated night vision lenses, he was always telling me that faces were meaningless to him, so this is why he was always wearing his mask. He was not a talkative person, well I was not either. He was also mean to others, so I was the one who was always trying to approach every situation diplomatically and get us out of the trouble. He was always calling me a boss for some reason, maybe it was because I was a year older than him, but in my eyes he was always the real “boss”, because I always envied of his skills. Together we made a good team though. When Lazure approached we nodded at each other; this is how we usually greet each other. He began to walk beside me.

I and Lazure never had a childhood; we were a part of the experiment to create “superhuman assassins”. We were born and raised in a military lab, although we were not related by blood we were like brothers, because we were spending our time together inside the same lab. We never had real names, I was the test subject number one and he was the test subject number two. He gave himself a name for some reason, it was Lazure. So this is how we were called – Boss and Lazure. Before both of us reached the age of five our bodies were attached to strange devices, which were feeding our bodies with chemicals, which sharpened our senses, made our bones and muscles stronger, and reflexes faster. After we reached ten we were educated by scientists, we learned how to read and how to write; basically we learned a lot of things about the world. We received military and firearms training too. When we were teenagers we were taught how to kill. We became good with advanced technology and mechanics. When we became adults, scientists developed special suits for us; the suits increased our strength and senses to a whole new level.  This is how we became “superhuman assassins”, the experiment was a success.  We were a little better than the average human or soldier, but our only weakness was our emotions, even though our mentality was cold and sharp, our thoughts of seeing each other die on the battlefield were keeping us as humans.  Our mission was to obey and destroy our targets for the humanity’s sake.

“What is our purpose?” - It was the only question stuck in our heads. We were aware that it was for the sake of humanity, but why we were made like that? Why we were forced to do it, to mindlessly kill others? It was our main priority, to find a purpose, because we wanted to live a life just like others, we did not want to be treated like tools. We always hoped that one day we will find it. I always thought that there was a greater purpose, because sometimes I felt like I was not created for this world. An important detail was missing from my life and I wanted to find it.

Suddenly a helicopter landed in the base, two men in black suits got out from the Helicopter. The men approached us; one of them was carrying a silver suitcase, he placed it on the ground and opened it. The suitcase was filled with money notes. “We are from government; if you accept this mission you will get all the money inside this suitcase.”  - One of the men said. “So what’s the deal?” – I asked them. He pulled out a photo from his pocket and showed it to us. “You must kill this person, he has declared a war to us, and he also threatened to launch a nuclear weapon at one of our biggest cities.” I decided to take that mission not for money, but to save others. – “Alright, we will do it.” I and Lazure ran to our chambers to make preparations. I placed two pistols in my holsters, then I grabbed three grenades and attached them below my chest and finally I put on a backpack with my favorite sniper and various tools inside. By that time Lazure was already finished with his preparations, he was carrying a heavy machine gun on his back and a box with various ammunition inside. I covered my face with a black mask just like Lazure’s, because in battles like this my face was also meaningless. After then we asked two men for the coordinates and then we took off with jet, which required two pilots to be inside.

We flew about five hundred kilometers from the outpost, we were almost out of fuel, but we managed to reach a city, but suddenly we were hit by anti-aircraft missile. Our jet exploded, but on the last moment we managed to eject with parachutes on our backs. We landed on the ground and before us there was a gigantic city standing, it had many skyscrapers and other tall buildings. The city itself was heavily protected from all sides, there were tanks, turrets, soldiers, sentry towers, cannons, anti-aircraft cannons and many more. It looked like the city itself was a fortress of metal. I pulled out a communication device from my pocket and called government. “We will need an army to get inside that city.” – I said. Someone picked up my signal and answered – “Alright, we will get there in ten hours.” Enemies were aware that we managed to eject from the jet, so they decided to survey the territory, the place around the city looked like a complete wasteland, so there were nowhere to hide, I observed the territory carefully and found an abandoned building nearby. I guided Lazure to the building safely; his movements were slowed down, because he was carrying most of the stuff, from knives to rocket launcher and other things.
When we approached the abandoned building, Lazure kicked out the door and we entered inside, all the rooms inside were dusty, but it had a lot of space and we even found water supply and canned food there, it was a perfect place to wait inside for ten hours. We decided to take a little break and then we sat down on a dusty couch. Once again thoughts of my existence crossed my mind – “Why can’t I be someone different? Why do I need to do it, I know it is honorable to die on a battlefield for the sake of civilians, but it’s not fair. Why can’t I be free like others? Why there are wars? Why people kill each other? Why don’t we all get along?” – I began to question myself. I looked at Lazure; he was exactly like me, deep in his thoughts. What if it was our last mission? What would happen if I he was to die on my arms… would I be able to carry out my duties? That thing that I forgot, that detail that slipped out of my mind, what was it? I looked at my right hand clenched it into a fist. “Today we will have a victory, like we always do.” – I said out loudly. Lazure looked at me and laughed. – “Of course, boss.”

We were sitting for about fifteen minutes until we heard footsteps from a far, thanks to our heightened senses we were able to hear almost as good as bats. I placed my backpack on the couch and stood up; Lazure prepared a combat knife and hid it behind his back. Two soldiers entered inside the building, they were armed with semi-automatic rifles. They noticed us and aimed their guns at us, one man was facing me and the other one was facing Lazure. “How foolish...” – I sighed and smiled beneath my mask. I and Lazure acted at the same time, Lazure kicked out a rifle from the soldier’s hands and using his free hand he planted a fatal punch on his nose, I on the other side grabbed the man’s rifle, I noticed that it was loaded, so I tilted it at his head and pushed the trigger and shot it, making a hole in his forehead. However there was another man waiting outside, who was about to shoot at us from the window, but it was thanks to Lazure that the soldier did not shoot at us. Lazure threw his combat knife at his neck and killed him in one hit. We realized that after this more and more soldiers will come to get us, so we had to think of something and quick.

I looked through the window to observe the area again. I noticed that there was a rocky hill behind the building, I grabbed my backpack with a sniper rifle inside and said. “Lazure, prepare your machine gun and attach it to the window, you will fire it when you see that enemy is nearby. We will hold our front!” After finishing my words I rushed over to the hill, pulled out my sniper rifle from the backpack, lied down on the ground, and placed the sniper rifle in the free space between rocks. I removed the lid from the scope and readjusted my scope, so that I could aim properly. I inserted five bullets in the ammo clip, and then I began to look through the scope. First of all I looked for the snipers in the sentry towers; I noticed that I was not the only one holding a sniper rifle, but it seemed that they were not looking at my direction. I shot them both down, making clean shots to their heads. Risk of being shot down by a sniper decreased significantly.
There were more soldiers approaching at my direction, but I took care of them all, while maintaining a nonchalant face expression.  I and Lazure were just killing them for several hours, like we were robots - no emotions, no fear, same actions repeated for several hours, but of course in the end we ran out of ammo and a tank was approaching us. I looked at my wristwatch and realized that reinforcements should show up on horizon soon, so I just sighed and decided to wait for approaching tank.

Twenty minutes has passed and the tank was about five hundred meters away from us, I left my post and entered the abandoned building, where Lazure was waiting. He was holding a loaded rocket launcher on his right shoulder and waiting for the tank to get close. I sighed out of relief, because at first I had forgotten that he was carrying a rocket launcher with him all the time. The tank was pretty close, but then we heard a powerful engine’s noise in the air. I looked through the window and then I saw a fighter plane, which was powered by a powerful rocket turbine. Even the anti-aircraft could not keep up with it as it was making maneuvers in the air. It fired a homing missile at the tank, destroying it like it was just a toy; the blast of the explosion was so powerful that all the windows shattered in the building. Finally reinforcements had arrived, however two enemy jets appeared in the skies. They chased off the fighter. I noticed an enemy helicopter approaching at fast pace. In the end they pinpointed our hiding location and decided to rely on the aircraft, which was one of our weaknesses. A sniper’s bullet ran above my head, deafening me for an about twenty seconds, Lazure quickly pushed me on the ground and said to take cover. There was a sniper inside that helicopter. I thought that it was over for us, but then a real miracle has happened, five allied jets flew above the building, they hit the helicopter with machine guns and bombarded their defenses with missiles and bombs. Almost half of their defenses got wrecked, and then our small army has finally arrived, five tanks, two hundred soldiers, eight jets, two combat helicopters, four missile launchers and more.

We managed to complete our first objective, our second objective was to infiltrate the city, find their leader and kill him. A support squad has come to our rescue; they gave us food, water and resupplied us with ammunition. The enemy had a bigger and stronger army, but our main objective was not to completely destroy them, it was to distract them while I and Lazure get inside the city. The plan worked out perfectly, although many fine men were sacrificed, but they indeed managed to cause a chaos for us just to sneak in unnoticed. Everything was for a greater goal, to prevent a massive scale war…

At last we were in the city, we hid ourselves in the lane, there we met some homeless people, who were lying there, we borrowed their clothes to look like normal civilians, and we left our weapons there and only took our pistols and some ammo with us. Our next destination was their governmental building, where the leader of this country was supposed to be. We stole a car from the parking place and drove to the location quickly; the building was protected by soldiers and local police. It was impossible to get inside, but then a man in a jacket came out from the building, and a great idea came to my mind. I told Lazure that he should move to the other part of the city, then steal a phone from someone, call the police and say them that some armed men broke into the city. I began to follow the man in a jacket, he noticed that I was following him and increased his pace. I ran up to him and pulled out my pistol from the pocket and had set it against his back, I told him to go with me. I guided the man to a dark lane; I took him out by smashing my pistol against his nape, he had lost his consciousness. I dressed up just like him and stole all of his documents. I knew that everyone in the building would recognize that I am not him, but at least I will be able to get a passage inside from the military.

After then I approached the governmental building, almost everyone outside was gone. “Nice work, Lazure. You really managed to drive them off.” – I thought. It was my turn next. I approached the entrance and police officer stopped me, he asked me to show him my identification man, I gave him the man’s identification card, I then sighed and hoped for it to work. Surprisingly my plan worked, he let me through. Maybe I looked like that man in the jacket? Actually it was easier than I expected, it was way too easy to slip away from the security. I approached the president’s door and then I entered inside; a man who was shown in the photo was sitting in a comfortable chair just before me. I pulled out my pistol gun and aimed it at his forehead; I slowly pushed the trigger and shot the bullet, showing a rather evil and psychotic face expression. My gun, a part of my face and clothes were all splashed by his blood, because I was pretty close to him. I sighed and asked myself. –“Is it the end?”

I looked through the window; the sky was getting dark, the sun was blocked by the dark clouds and then I heard a sound of thunder, it was about to get rainy… Not just rainy, a whole thunder storm was approaching. I exited the building through the main entrance and there I found myself being surrounded by the enemy soldiers, there were around twenty of them and all of them were armed. They were aiming their guns at me, I did not mind to be killed, because I completed my mission, but there was one thing before me that gave me goose bumps me. It was a humanoid mech standing before me, it was big, probably six or seven times taller than me. There were various weapons and guns attached to it – from machine guns to missiles, from missiles to lasers and so on. However the weapons were not enough to scare me, it was holding Lazure’s dead body! “How?” – I asked. The humanoid mech dropped Lazure’s body right before my feet and then the rain started to fall, washing away his blood; he was without his mask for the first time ever, his dead face reflected sadness. I aimed my pistol at the gigantic robot and started to shoot like crazy until I ran out of bullets, but it did not even scratch it, no at all… all the bullets were merely deflected…

Suddenly the mech’s face opened and a human emerged from inside its face, he was laughing like a maniac. “Do you really think you can kill me? I have the money, I have the power, and I am able to use futuristic technology. World never seen my real face until now, I am the real leader of this country. All the time you were trying to kill the imposter, who was my brother, but not me. Can you see how dedicated I am? I even put my brother at risk? This world will be overrun with machines like this, everyone will become machinated and I will be their leader!” – That was what the man, who emerged from the metallic humanoid, said. “Rainy day huh? This will be a good setting to die, sorry buddy I will join you soon.” – I said as I looked up at the gloomy sky.

I was prepared to die, I was angry and I wanted to avenge Lazure, but there was no reason to live anymore, I had no purpose at all, but suddenly I felt something in my hands. The thing that I felt in my hands was a sword, it was black and its design was wild, it was not a normal sword, what the hell? Was that a hallucination before death? Suddenly an orb of light appeared in my sight and began to talk to me. - “Simon, use this sword and reach for a new tomorrow, grasp your feelings with this sword. It is time to ascend to greater heights, it is time to rise. You must escape this world now.” What was that? Another hallucination? Was I going insane? No, it seemed real, but that was crazy to believe. That thing even gave me a name. I decided to try to communicate with it. – “Why? Just why? Why did you give me a name? How I am supposed to fight him with just a sword, I would be dead right away? Why not giving me a minigun or something better?” The orb spoke again; its light was blinding me. – “Because your real name is Simon, because you are the only one who can stop this madness. I gave you this sword, because it was your real weapon in the past. This world that you been living in is not real, it’s fake! You must realize who you really are.” Fake world, my sword… that thing did not make any sense. I answered him. – “What are you talking about? I know that I am insane, because I can see you. But I been living here for so long and now my only friend just died, I have no reason to live anymore. I know who I am, why do you talk like I don’t know who I am?” The orb spoke again. – “I see you are already consumed by this world, but I never thought that even here you have a close friend just like him. I am almost at my limit, until we meet again, Simon.” – After that it just vanished and the sword in my hand just melted in the rain.

Simon? What was the meaning behind this name? What was the meaning behind all of this? Will I ever be able to find it out, or is it the end for me? After some minutes of thinking I returned to reality. I approached Lazure’s dead body, I reached for the pistol in his pocket and then I pressed the pistol against my temple. I slowly began to push the trigger and at the same time many thoughts ran through my head. What was a human? Why do we die? It’s not fair, why we never had our own families? At that moment it was pointless to question myself, but maybe… maybe.. in the end, I realized that my real name is Simon, but I was bound to die here. As the trigger was pushed to the end the bullet speared my head and at the last moment I was able to feel free of this world, the giant robot that was behind me was nothing, but a joke now. In the end I managed to make a smile and then I collapsed on the moist ground. Everything dyed in white…

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The world of darkness…

I’ve been living in a world full of greed, lust for power, battles, wars, deaths, demons and other creatures. The lands were burned, the cities and towns were wrecked, some of the lands were frozen and instead of rivers with fresh water, there were rivers with polluted and radioactive water. Although I was just a child, I understood more than some of the adults did. I was curious; I wanted to know everything about this world and its mysteries. My dream was to save this world from darkness; I wanted to see sunlight one day.

I was only eight years old, I’ve been living in a cave with some of the adults, and we were hiding from foul creatures, who were hunting people. I was a lonely orphan, when I was only a baby my parents were devoured by demons. I was lucky that our neighbors took me in. A couple of years ago we were living in a village, but then it was destroyed by vampires. In this world even some of the humans were not so friendly, some of them were cannibals, and some of them were killing others for food or other things. This is how we were living in this world, we always fought for survival, it was not easy, but somehow we managed to pull it through and even for me, I was born under a lucky star, because the survival rate of children was below zero.

I always detested this world, but I knew that it was not the world’s fault. The world itself was in pain and sadness, somehow it seemed that it was crying to be saved by someone. For me it was interesting, my curious nature was the only thing that allowed me not to lose hope and believe that one day everything will change. Adults were always telling me stories about great heroes, who tried to save this dark place, and about those who were able to make some changes. I loved those stories, because I always wanted to become a legendary hero myself and save this world from darkness. I always thought that I was not created for this world, that I was missing an important detail that could change who I am and maybe create a light for this world. I always felt like I bumped my head somewhere at some time and developed amnesia.

I decided to escape from the cave, because I was tired of it. I knew that it was a death wish, but I wanted to explore the world by my own, fight monsters, collect treasures and one day liberate this world from all the evil and darkness. It was more like an ambition, but I had great expectations, because I felt that it was the right thing to do, it seemed like my inner voice was calling for me to go out and do something.

I escaped when everyone fell asleep; I silently packed some food with me and put on some warm clothes, because it was cold outside.  When I left the cave I appeared in the yard, which was full of dead trees. There were a lot of deadly looking spiders on the trees; I decided to be extra careful while going through. In the end I managed to go through safely, after then I decided to rest, so I stopped for a moment and sat down on the cold earth. I looked up at the sky, the full moon was shining in the sky, probably it was the only source of light that my world ever received. Suddenly I heard a powerful howl of a beast, and then I looked around to see if that wild creature was nearby. I saw nothing, but I decided to move away from that place as quickly as possible.

I rose up from the ground and started to move at fast pace, my breathing suddenly turned heavy. I heard that something was approaching me, it was running at me. I looked behind and then I saw shining golden eyes in the forest. A lone werewolf emerged from the forest and began to chase me, my heart rate shot up and adrenaline kicked in as I began to run as fast as I was able to. I started to regret the moment when I left the cave, my mind and body filled with fear and weakness. The beast was about to catch up with me, but then a hooded person, whose body was covered in black rags jumped down from the tree. The person was holding a great sword, which was black as night and long as three regular swords combined. Using only one of his hands the stranger in rags managed to lift the great sword up and stab it into werewolf’s jaws, the sight was spectacular; the werewolf fell on the ground from only one hit and died.

The stranger pulled out his blade from the werewolf’s jaws and sheathed it; he then turned back at me and removed his hood. He was an old man, with gray hair and a long beard. He asked me if I was unharmed, without saying a single word I just shook my head. He motioned with his index finger to follow him; I decided to follow him, because I realized that if I wandered alone I would be dead in seconds. The old man escorted me to his hideout and then he asked me  – “What are you doing here all by yourself, kid?” I decided to give him an honest answer. – “I am here, because I want to learn more about this world and hopefully one day save it from darkness.” The man sighed and smiled. - “You remind me of him. He was a fool just like you… But you know he actually managed to make some changes in this world. He even killed the wicked tyrant called as Dracula.” His words caught my curiosity, so I decided to ask him one thing. – “Who is that fool that you are referring to?” The old man sighed again. – “Come inside I’ll tell you about him.”

We both entered inside his hideout, we sat down on two sturdy chairs, my savior placed his legendary looking sword on the table and then began to talk. – “His name was Simon; he was my friend in the past. He was reckless, stupid and curious just like you are, but he was a brave and honorable vampire hunter. He had an ambition too; his ambition was to bring sunlight to this world by exterminating all these foul creatures and by uniting all these corrupted humans. However one day a lord of darkness and probably the most powerful creature in this world Dracula challenged him to  a death duel, Simon accepted Dracula’s request and fought him in a death match… after then Simon disappeared, but Dracula was killed as well, he saved us, humans, from being turned into vampires. I don’t know where did he disappear to, but I am grateful to him. He is a real hero.” – The old man finished his story with a deep sigh. I realized something… I realized that humans are truly capable of extinguishing all the darkness in this world. That Simon person was a real hero, I wanted to become just like him. No I had to become someone like him, maybe in that way I would be able to break the ceiling made of darkness, which was the dark sky.

Four bats flew in through the open window, and then they turned into human like creatures with fangs, those people were vampires! They circled me and the old man, but then in the middle of the air a bright orb of light appeared. The orb began to talk to me in a deep and dark tone. – “Now is the right time! You must realize who you are now or it will be all over for you. Say your name and grab the black sword on the table.” To realize who I am? What was it talking about? Why did I have to grab that sword? Everything I had to do was to say my name? Wait… what was my name in the first place? I decided to ask the magical orb. – “Wait what? What is my name? Why are you speaking like you know me?” - I attacked the orb with a lot of questions. “Your name is Simon of course, and if you think about it deeply, you will realize who you are. Now do as I say.” – The orb commanded me. Simon was my name? Just like the hero? That’s right! I wanted to be a hero; I wanted to bring sunlight in this world just like him…

I grabbed the hilt of the sword and shouted. – “My name is Simon and I will destroy every foul creature in this world!” As soon as I touched the sword it started to glow and fill me with unnatural energy. I remembered everything. “So, even someone like me can have sappy dreams?” – I asked myself. I got up from my chair and lifted my sword, the vampires charged at me all at once, but I easily managed to leap up to the air and spin in the air with my blade, creating a powerful gust of air around me. All the vampires were knocked away by the gust that I created. Suddenly my hair regained their original color, which was white. My eyes turned into red, and my body matured instantly, I was not trapped in child’s body anymore. My clothes turned into black robes that I always used to wear. I stabbed my blade into a nearest vampire’s heart and shouted. – “I am Simon and as I can remember correctly I have to kill that bastard named Thomas!” The vampire screamed and turned into a pile of ashes. Suddenly everything turned black; somehow I appeared in a vast and empty space.

“Welcome back, Simon.” – A mysterious voice talked to me. Suddenly I began to regain my memories of why I appeared in that place in the first place. Every delusional dream that I had, everything just flowed to my head. I realized that I was stuck in an endless dream with different possibilities and outcomes. Land of sand – it reflected how empty I was. Land of snow – it reflected how cold I was. Land of giant forests – it reflected my desire for peace and freedom. Land of metal – it reflected that only by using my sword I would be able to save my friends. World of darkness – this world reflected the truth about me and the light inside me. Yes finally I was able to remember every dream that I had. Every time the space, time, my personality was different, but those dreams reflected my thoughts, desires and feelings. Now only one thing remained, I had to deal with Thomas; he was the one, who trapped me inside my head. “I won’t let you to seal my power and I will avenge the deaths of innocent people of Baltasar Hill village!” – I cried out loud and the empty space started to crack like glass until everything shattered into little pieces, and then I finally woke up from the endless dream and opened my eyes… For a moment I had a vision of me standing somewhere in the Brusthonin, the sun was rising and I was gazing at tomorrow, which was yet to come, and then reality reached my eyes…

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Chapter 5: Power in a name.

Dark side of the reality.

When I opened my eyes I saw nothing but a void. I was lying on the empty space; I looked at my surroundings everything that I was able to see was a vast and empty space with weird anomalies in the air. My muscles were weakened and I could see wrinkles on my arms. My energy was drained, it was hard to stand up, but I barely managed to stand up on my feet, however as soon as I stood up I instantly fell on my knees coughing with enormous amounts of blood. My hood was removed and I felt a burning heat in my face area, where that strange tattoo was supposed to be.

I looked in front of me and saw Thomas, who was holding my sword in his one arm. “That bastard…” – I thought. I had to kill him… He was the one, who attacked Baltasar hill village two months ago and claimed that he was the one behind my memory loss. He destroyed the village and killed some innocent people. I swore to protect those people, because it was my responsibility to keep the village safe. Back then, when I visited that village I swore to Azure and everyone else that I will be their master and lead them on a path of glory. I gritted my teeth and stood up, but this time I did not fall on my knees, it was my will that kept me on feet.

Thomas was too busy with my sword to even look at my direction. After all he was draining away all the energy that I and my sword possessed. It still was not clear what his real intention was, but one thing was clear I had to avenge everyone who died, because of me, that day. I began to approach him, and with each step I got closer and closer. Finally he became aware that I was awake, he looked at me with his right eyebrow raised and opened his mouth out of surprise. “Impossible, no one can escape from those dreams.” – He said it with fear in his tone, but then he smirked and laughed. “Anyway it doesn't matter anymore; I will use your own sword to defeat you.” – He said it as he tilted my sword up and pointed it at me. A decisive fight was about to unfold, but this time I was not afraid anymore, I was excited to kill him instead…

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Three months ago - Part 1.

After meeting Jaina I decided to spend all of my days in the village and wait for Azure to show up. Days and nights were passing by, light and shadows were chasing each other’s back, and skies were changing from starry to sunny... I lost count of the days. All the things I did in my village were drinking and resting my lazy ass by the tree of life. As usual my head was filled with thoughts of my existence - Where did I come from or why I appeared in Atreia? If only I was able to remember a thing or two about my past, I would be happy, at least that was the thing that I wanted at first, but I did not really care anymore. I had to live. I just wanted to see yet another boring day, talk with my buddy Azure and others in this world and finally die from old age. However every time when I thought about life, I found myself asking - "Who I am?" - I just could not erase this thought from my head. I thought that I found a lot of clues that were able to help me to remember something, but I realized that I found nothing. I began to doubt myself that I will remember something at all…

Just what the hell was I thinking? One day I found myself drinking tons of whiskey and the other day I was vomiting on the floor... I just wanted to escape reality, but at the end of the day I was only a mere human – a mortal body that was destined to rot someday. One day I decided to test how good I was with my sword, using my full strength I tried to swing my blade back and forth but I only injured my feet from its heavy weight, I was just nothing... Not even a damn fighter. From the moment of waking up I was doomed to become a loser. One night I even tried to stab my left palm with a knife just to judge myself for drinking too much whiskey, but after a minute or two it healed... Yes it healed, was it a miracle? Maybe it was the tree of life that healed my wound or maybe it was yet another of my useless abilities? It was no wonder why I did not have any scars. Even if I could not be injured I realized that I was too weak to protect something or someone, but I was kind of surprised that I my body was able to regenerate so fast.

To me everything seemed like an illusion, a bad illusion. I wanted to shatter this glass between my current self and my lost past, but I did not care anymore. I was nothing... just an empty shell of my former self, who was gone for ages. These boring days were driving me crazy.. I wanted to get some action. However one day I decided to go out and do something. I purchased a teleporting orb and crushed it in my palm, a spiraling light enveloped my body and I was teleported away to Akarios village.

When I appeared in the village it was almost empty, except for one person, who caught my attention. That person was sitting on a wooden chair by the tree all by himself. I decided to come closer to him. He was a man with blond hair and light, but brave eyes. He also had a small scar near his left eye. He was dressed in crimson colored clothes.  He seemed lonely, no… rather he was missing someone. I decided to greet him. He tilted his head up at me and said. – “Hey Simon.” I was a little surprised that he knew my name, but I just assumed that he was yet another person that I knew before I lost my memories. I explained him that I did not remember him at all, so he introduced himself again. His name was Jake, a leader of the army and a hero of Atreia. He was not just a simple person, he was a hero and he was well known around Atreia. On the inside I felt happy that I knew such a person before I lost my memories. After all he looked strong and wise just like Azure. I decided to introduce myself to him for the second or rather the first time.  I said my name again, even though he knew it already. I also mentioned him that I was the leader of the Baltasar hill village, actually I just bragged to him, because he was a well-known hero and I? Who was I anyway? I was just a non-significant existence that lost its memories.
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I had nothing much to say to Jake, because he felt like a stranger to me even if I used to know him in the past, but now everything was different, because I lost my memories. I remembered that I had some whiskey in my backpack. I thought some whiskey would get me talking. I pulled out a bottle of whiskey from my backpack and suggested Jake to try it out; it was the finest whiskey in my village after all. He named whiskey “the cure” just like Azure did when I meet him after waking up. A weird thought crossed my mind. – “What if Jake and Azure are connected?” I decided to find it out indirectly, I mentioned my friend Azure to Jake. I told him that Azure also called whiskey as “the cure”, without saying a single word Jake just smiled and remained silent. His smile was suspicious, so maybe they were connected after all? It started to get a little rainy; after all there was a dark cloud above our heads. Jake used some sort of spectacular magic and collected drops of rain on his finger, forming two glasses of ice out of rain. I was jealous of his ability, but it was to be expected from a hero like him. I poured some whiskey inside his glass, and then inside my glass. We began to drink the bourbon colored liquid.
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I became a little tipsy from my first shot of whiskey and thus I began to talk with him. Most of the time I was just interrogating him, everything that I was able to come up with were questions about Atreia and my own existence. My words confirmed just how empty I was on the inside. However Jake remained patient and answered to all of my questions calmly. I asked him. – “What kind of person I was before?” His answer was not a simple answer, it meant a lot to me. He said that no one was able to get inside my soul, I was the one who was making all the choices of my life and no one were able to tell what kind of person I was in the past, but one thing was clear – he said that I must follow my path and do what is right to me. For some reason I missed half of his words, but his words reached my heart. It made me to realize that no matter what happened to me and who I became now I will always be myself and follow what is right for my heart. He was a wise person indeed; he brightened my mood and made me to believe that not everything was lost. Even though it was our first meeting I already gave him my respect. I decided to head back to the village, but this time with a smile in my face. That Jake was like a tower of strength…
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After then even more time has passed, a month maybe? Since Azure was absent and I had nothing to do, I decided to wander around the village, however when I was wandering around the village, in the distance I saw a tall figure. It was Azure without a doubt! Was it a God, who made him come back? Finally I had another chance to see him. I approached him slowly and the first question that I gave him was - "Where have you been? I missed you." – I sounded kind of lame, but he was my only friend after all. I learned that it was a nice coincidence, because Azure was on a long journey just like I was. He found out about his origins; it appears that he was made of the hatred essence. What was this essence and why did he say that he was made from something it was a big mystery to me. To me he seemed like a normal living being, to me he was not a tool or thing; he was my friend... probably my best friend in the past and in this present.
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We were talking to each other for a short time, and I was still wondering how he was made from something like hatred essence... He explained me that he was not alive, he was not an actual human... he was more like a shadow. I wanted to understand him more, but he had to leave already... he said that he was going to get some sleep, but actually he was going to pretend to be asleep, because he did not need any sleep... he was not alive anyway, he just wanted to think about things. As he was about to head to his bed, I stopped him and asked him one more question - whether we fought Triniel in the forest of Lollu two years ago or not. His answer was yes, my prediction was right, but he also said that we lost because someone got in our way, for some reason he stopped his speech midway and then without saying another word he disappeared in the distance. Probably he held back, because he did not want to hurt my feelings... but I already understood what was going on. I already knew the answer, although it was only an assumption, but it was the truth. I was the one, who got in the way back then. We lost that fight, because I was too weak... and this is why I was absent for two years. I decided to sit on the ground and close my eyes; I had to sit down and think things through, it was getting late anyway…
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It was yet another morning, and a new day... it was hard to fall sleep last night from all the thoughts that I had in my head. My head was heavy and a bad alcohol smell was coming from my mouth as always... I decided to visit Sandvika in a pub, maybe drink a bottle of whiskey or eat a cooked brax. I got up from the ground and shoved all the dust from my robes with my hand, I then readjusted my sword, which was on my back and then I was ready to go. On my way to the pub I met a stranger, who was sitting on one of the empty barrels, which were near the pub. I never seen that person before in Baltasar Hill village, for some reason he was staring at me. He was a young person, probably in his middle twenties or so, he had long blond hair and his eyes were green as emeralds, also he had a small scar below his left eye, he seemed physically fit, actually he was muscular. He was dressed in a weird black costume. It felt like I knew him, like I met him hundreds of years ago. I stopped right in front of him.
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I was not sure what to say to him... but for some reason I wanted to talk to him, and his stare was suspicious too. A complete silence broke out... for a moment it seemed like time has stopped between that our eyes. We were staring at each other, probably for hours or longer, but it felt like only a couple of seconds has passed. Finally stranger started to talk: "Hello Simon, it's been some time right?" - Simon? How did he know my name?! "Wh-who are you?" - I replied to him, just who was this stranger? Why did he know my name? I was a little shocked, but decided to play it cool. The stranger then sighed and stood up, extending his arm for a shake. We shook our hands. "Oh yeah... I am sorry; I forgot that you can't remember anything. Anyway, my name is Thomas; I came here to meet you." - Once he was done with his introduction he smiled. I was so confused... how did he know my name and the thing that I lost my memories? "Wait? What!? How do you know that I lost my memories? How do you know everything... you are just a stranger!" - I panicked, waiting for his reply. He smirked and let go of my hand. "Alright, alright... Cool down, Simon. I know the way how to regain your memories and I must confess - I was the one who made you to forget everything." - That was his reply. I clenched my fist and punched right into his nose without even thinking of the consequences. His nose started to bleed, but Thomas nonchalantly covered his nose with his hand and on top of that he did not even flinch from my attack. That bastard... he was the one behind all of this and yet he had courage to show up right in front of me and state that he was the one who made me lose all my memories.
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We were only standing and staring at each other, he lowered his hand from his nose just to expose how blood was flowing from his nostrils. I had enough from looking at his face and took him down by throwing another punch at his face, he did not resist for some reason, and instead he just smirked. I was filled with rage and hatred, but he was only playing... there was someone who knew how I lost my memories all along... and yet I was not aware. "Why?" - I wanted to ask him... but I could not, because I wanted to kill him, because of what he done to me. I grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up from the ground, he was still looking and smiling at me, it was frustrating. I smashed my forehead against his and shouted in front of his face - "Why the hell did you do this to me, you bastard!?" I tightened the grip on his neck and began to crush his throat; using my knee I hit his solar plexus as hard as I could at that time. I released his neck and made him fall on the ground again, he was struggling for air, but still he showed no emotion at all. After some minutes he managed to stand up, he sighed... it seemed like he was showing disappointment in me. He snapped his fingers and then he swung his right fist upwards, delivering an uppercut at my chin. I wanted to dodge his blow, I was able see through his movements, because of my unnatural reflexes and eye sight, however his blow was fast as lightning and I could not move my body, not even an inch away from him. Thomas' blow lifted me up from the ground, to completely blast me away he ended his attack with a kick to my stomach area, I flew several meters away, choking on my own blood.
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Thomas stood still and decided to talk again: "Sorry for that Simon. The reason why I am here is to test your power... I mean your real power that you once possessed." My real power? What was he talking about; I decided to give him some questions. - "Why did you erase my memories? What about my power, can't you see that I am weak already!?" I got up from the ground and then I realized that my wounds had already healed, maybe I really had some special powers like everyone else too? Thomas sighed once again and closed his eyes. "Well... I erased your memories, because I was told to. You have a hidden potential, trust me." I panicked. "You were told to, why!? Then will you be able to make me remember everything?" For a moment, a spark of hope lit up in my eyes, I thought that Thomas will be able to help me to regain my memories, but I was wrong... He began to laugh like a maniac. "No, I'm not helping you in any way, don't get me wrong. It's none of your business who told me to do it. My real task is to end your life right here and right now! I just want to see what you are made of for entertainment purposes." His smile widened as he opened his eyes. I began to tremble; he seemed pretty powerful for me. I decided to call for Azure, who was somewhere nearby. "Azure, help me!" But he did not come to my aid... I tried to call for him again and again, but no one came. "You are already in my trap, no one can hear you nor can anyone hear me. Only I can hear you, I already placed a seal on you when I hit your jaw. I was aware that you would call for this Azure person, so I placed a mark on your lower jaw to silence you, the only person who can hear your voice is me." Thomas smirked as he extended his arm, using his index finger he drawn a white glowing magical triangle in the air. He opened his palm and an orb of lightning appeared in the center of the triangle, he simply flicked it with his fingers towards me. The orb of lightning passed by my shoulders and impacted with the building that was about seventy meters behind me, the building exploded and crumbled to dust, which was suddenly scattered by the wind, all over the place.

I looked back over my shoulder, the building was completely devastated, there was nothing left of the building except for the giant crater, only bodies of dead people were scattered around the village, and there it was a crying boy, standing and looking at his dead mother. The scene behind me was sad and dark... I failed to protect my people; I failed to maintain peace and prosperity in my own village. I was just no good to be a leader, tears of sorrow started to fall from my eyes, I gritted my teeth and clenched my fists. If only I had the power.. A power to protect love... A power to maintain peace... A power to extinguish all the evil in this universe, however I had nothing... even Azure did not come to my aid this time, maybe it was because that bastard Thomas silenced every living being in Baltasar hill village. I was all alone, there was nowhere to hide or run... if it was my destiny to die now, I had to accept it, but I would never accept for all the things that Thomas did to me and this village!

I looked at Thomas again, this time I looked straight into his eyes. He already had formed another orb of lightning and was prepared to launch it at the little boy, who had lost his mother. I extended my wings and flew to the direction, where the boy was standing... I hoped to make it in time, however as soon as I took off from the ground he launched the orb. There was nothing left but to act as a shield and protect that boy with my own body. I collided with the orb, it exploded at point black range, burning my clothes and the electricity distributed itself in my blood vessels, paralyzing my whole body. I got blinded temporary, because of the explosion. The blast made me flew at high velocity, slamming me against the tree of life; at least I managed to make a smile on my face, because I finally managed to protect someone. It was my best shot, but still I felt like a useless leader...

Thomas approached me with a devil's smile on his face. I was glancing at him, but my vision was blurry... I wanted to kill him, but my body was paralyzed and my skin was all burnt. This time he drawn a hexagon in the air, and a white dagger appeared in the center. He slowly wrapped his fingers around dagger's hilt before fully grabbing it, and then swiftly tossed it, aiming just an inch below my heart. Was it on purpose that he missed my vital spot, or was he so inaccurate? Another dagger appeared in the hexagon’s center. This time he threw it at my stomach. My body was so paralyzed that I was unable to feel pain anymore. He was continuously throwing daggers at me. The third one hit my left eye, the fourth one pierced through my palm and so on... He was just playing with me and I could not do a single thing about it, I just had to endure this humiliating pain until the last drop of my blood.

After ten minutes of being tortured I realized that I was no longer paralyzed and my injuries were regenerating. Thomas stopped throwing daggers at me for some reason; He looked to left side, where the crying boy was located. Thomas grabbed another dagger and then threw it, aiming at the boy's head. The dagger went through his head like a bullet and left a hole in it... killing him... He killed another innocent person... and that person was just a child.. Anger generated inside my heart... I barely managed to stand up with about twenty daggers stuck in my body. I never felt this angry before...

My eyes started to glow... all the daggers, which were stuck in my body began to melt like icicles. All the wounds and injuries that I received vanished...  I was like a new person.  Thomas tried to hit me with his fist, but this time I was fast enough to react to his attack and caught his fist in my palm. I squeezed his fist hard, making his bones to crack without any effort. He struggled to get out from my grasp, using yet another dagger he cut down his own hand. It was not enough.. I wanted to make him suffer. I grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up, and then I slammed him down on the ground, breaking his spine and shattering the pavement below. I wanted more... This lust for blood was insane. I was still holding his neck, so I added more pressure and ultimately I crushed his throat. Only blood spilled from his mouth, staining my hands with his blood. I quickly grabbed a knife from my backpack and plunged it inside his eye. "How do you like it now, when someone stabs a knife in your eye?" - I said it almost enjoying.

Something bad happened to me, I was like a completely different person. Was this emotion called hatred? My wings extended, but this time I noticed that my wings were not the same. They were black and burning like fire, but not like a normal fire. It was a black fire in the shape of dragon wings. Strange armor appeared on my body, it was not solid... it was burning in black color just like my wings. I noticed that a black substance from my sword was pouring like never before, it seemed like someone was calling for me... A faint voice sealed inside a sword, it commanded me to take it and destroy the enemy. As I slowly reached for my sword Thomas managed to stand up on his feet, he pulled out the knife, which was stuck inside his eye and dropped it on the ground. He smiled, probably he acknowledged my strength or maybe he had another dirty trick up his sleeve. A magical circle appeared around his left wrist and a white magical sword grew out from his wrist. My sword was already drawn; I swung my sword horizontally, cutting his sword in half. Thomas was dazzled by my attack, and left an opening for me. I tilted my blade at zero degree angle and then I penetrated his chest with my sword. "Give me back my memories!" - I shouted as I lifted him up with my sword. Blood was dripping from his chest, after a few minutes I was standing in a bath of blood. It felt so good to be this powerful. I kicked Thomas in the stomach; he flew several meters away from me. It was a time to finish him, I began to slowly approach him, and with every step a trail of black flames was following me. In the meantime, Thomas managed to stand up again even with a fatal wound, even with a hole in his chest he still managed to show his smirking face expression. His face annoyed the hell out of me; I began to drag my sword down the ground using only my right arm as I was approaching him. The trail of black flames, which was behind me extinguished and turned into a puddle of black liquid, which resembled oil, but for me it seemed more like a very dense matter.

I changed my pace, with each step I was approaching him faster and faster and finally I found myself running forwards. As I got close enough I raised my sword up and tried to cut him in half, but somehow he managed to dodge my attack... He was lucky, no it was not luck, it was his speed and reaction time. The swing of my sword was so powerful that it managed to leave a crack in the air and rip a hole in space, I looked inside that hole and I was able to see space... yes space. Every star, every planet, asteroid... somehow it did not feel right for me, it was like my sword acted as a key to open a door to the space. Thomas smirked and told me that this was the power of my sword. I could not believe it, actually I never thought that I was holding this much power in my hands. The rift in space shrunk down to a molecular size after a few minutes and probably disappeared in a thin air.

I regained my senses, my burning black wings suddenly turned into my regular wings and the burning black armor shaped itself into a black armor, which was probably made from the same material as my sword, and finally a cape appeared on my back. It felt like some sort of transformation, but at least I was back to normal, well almost. I became like a complete opposite to myself, I was not afraid anymore, I became brave instead. My thoughts were full of vengeance, but this time I wanted to erase a threat to this world and universe. My wings represented freedom and my new armor reflected truth, which was hidden in me – finally I became a capable leader. I knew that I was still weak compared to Azure, Triniel, Jake, that vampire Daente and everyone else, but I believed that I had enough potential to protect my village from Thomas, but something bugged me about him. It seemed that he was immortal or at least he had some sort of secret, because a normal person would be dead from all these wounds, even I would be dead. Also I started to feel pain in my right hand and I felt that it was weaker than before. I decided to check my hand by removing a gauntlet and then I noticed that it had wrinkles, not it was not just wrinkles, but I realized that it aged. My power was my own bane. Thomas probably knew the answer and he had the ability to help me, but after all I had to destroy him for good. I did not care about my lost memories anymore; I just wanted to contribute for the sake of my village.
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As I equipped my gauntlet I came up with an idea, but first I wanted to test something, because I was not sure how to use my power. I raised my sword up with my two hands and then I slashed the air in a vertical line, my sword cut through the air, creating a strange black anomaly in the air, it had a shape of an egg, but also it looked like a passage to the other world, basically it was a portal to another dimension. I remembered the time when Jaina opened a portal to Poeta by snapping her fingers back then in the tavern. The rift that I opened with my sword looked similar, but the passage itself was otherworldly. I gazed inside the rift that I just opened and I noticed completely different beings walking on the ground, they had six legs, four eyes, scales instead of skin, they were just creepy looking. The gap in space began to shrink until it finally disappeared. I learned that my portals appear for the limited amount of time, but it would be enough if not too much time to execute my plan.

I looked back at Thomas, he had his usual bastard’s smirk, but this time it was the end for him. I quickly let go of my sword with my left hand, then I ran up to him and grabbed his head with left hand and finally I swung my sword midair and imagined a dark and creepy place. I was not sure if imagining the location would work, but it worked on my behalf. Another rift, which was leading to a dark and creepy world, appeared before us, I pushed Thomas inside the rift with all my might and then I stopped just an inch close orb. I sighed and thought. – “Well that was close.” I decided to guard the rift before it disappears. I looked up at the sky and found myself thinking again. – “Well, that takes care of him and everything that he done to me. It is sad that I will never be able to regain my memories, but at least I did a great thing today and I should be proud of myself. From now on I will become a new person, maybe I won’t be the same Simon that Azure and everyone in the village knows, but I will become a better person.” However a white web with a white rope attached to its center flew out from the portal and enveloped my body, completely trapping me inside it. Someone started to pull me inside the portal and before even saying a word I was pulled in the other world. I noticed that it was none other but Thomas, who was holding the other end of the rope. I wanted to get out of the web and return back to Atreia, but as I glanced behind the rift was already gone, and this is how I met Thomas…

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14 Re: The Rift Dancer on Fri Aug 01, 2014 6:14 pm

Three months ago - Part 2.

I was stuck inside the web, which was made from sheer light. I looked around the area, which was engulfed by darkness, my view distance was short; I was unable to see the horizon, not even sky, only black clouds, because of the darkness. Even the ground itself was black, but it was not just black it also was viscous; I was able to feel that the web and I inside it were slowly sinking into darkness. The air was toxic and rotten too; with each breath I felt the smell of thousands of rotten eggs. Just where did I end up? I wanted to go to Atreia right away, but I had to get out from the web and restrain Thomas first…

I glanced up at Thomas; he was healing his wounds by using similar magic, which was used to create all the daggers that he threw at me back in the Baltasar Hill village. His wounds were mending at amazing rates, but what really surprised me was that he managed to stay alive for this long without even healing himself. I realized that there had to be some sort of secret to his ability, but I just had no clue what kind of power he had. Thomas smirked and then the web acted according to his will and started to squeeze me inside. I was struggling to get out, but it was useless, the web began to burn me like fire. I grabbed the hilt of my sword tightly and then looked at the area, which was located behind Thomas. My eyes flashed in a crimson color and my sword discharged red electrical sparks, and then the space behind Thomas started to spin like a spiral, sucking all the oxygen and tiny particles inside until cracks in the air showed up and shattered like glass, leaving a dimensional rift. Everything inside the web, including me began to get sucked inside the micro black hole, or at least this is how I called it, the squeezing grip of the web loosened as the web itself got sucked inside, by using the situation I managed to cut out my way outside from the web and escape from the distorted space. The other end of the web went out from the rift, which was behind Thomas, for a moment I glanced at my sword and thought. – “So this is my power? I can even open rifts just by looking at the distance…” Thomas looked at me and laughed. – “You learn fast, good job. This way everything will be even more interesting.”

I decided to end everything quickly, because the darkness there started to get on my nerves. “Thomas, this will be the end. I’m ending this madness right here and right now. I’m not handing you my life here, Atreia and the village is waiting for my return.” – I said to him as I tilted my blade towards Thomas, the black substance began to drip from the tip of my blade and red sparks discharged from my blade again. “We will see…” – He said as he drew a huge magical pentagon in the air, this time a white huge sword of light appeared in the center. His sword looked exactly like my sword, but it was all white. He grabbed that sword by the hilt, pointed it at me and said. – “Simon, you know I’m pretty good when it comes to sword fighting. I hope you are ready.” After then our swords and sights clashed at each other, the viscous soil heated up and caught itself on fire from our impact. That time our strength was equal, but Thomas had the advantage, because my arms were slowly getting weaker. It appeared that my body was not strong enough to handle this power. “I’m not giving up, at least I have wings.” – I said as I extended my wings and leaped up to the air, Thomas took a couple of steps forward due to momentum he created when we our blades collided. I kicked his head from above and opened yet another rift in front of me by slicing my blade through the air. He was about to turn back at me, but by concentrating on the area behind Thomas’ back I opened another rift and then I stabbed  my blade inside the rift, which was in front of me. As I expected the other end of my blade emerged behind his back and ultimately pierced him from behind. I dived inside the rift and appeared behind Thomas, I pulled out my sword from his back and grabbed him by his hair, and then I made him fall, shoving his face down to the dirt.

“Victory is mine.” – I said to him, but he only laughed it off and asked. – “How does it feel to bend space to your will? Isn’t it lots of fun? I never imagined that you’d be this strong after losing your memories.” Bend space to my will? It felt great, yes it felt great to have such a power, but something was wrong with my body, it seemed that I was unable to last longer. It was hard to stay on my feet, my sword gotten much heavier, or maybe it was because my arms became weaker for some reason.  “No… no.” – I said as I shook my head, I had to kill him. I decided to go for his head, I Lifted my sword up with my remaining strength and was about to stab him, but then my armor melted like ice, but instead of water it turned into a black liquid, which resembled oil. My blade suddenly became heavy; to me it felt like a mountain. Thomas quickly rolled to the right side to avoid my sword, which fell from my arms and began to sink into the viscous ground. I lost my power for some reason…

I fell on my knees, all exhausted. Thomas barely stood up on his feet, panting and spitting blood from his mouth. He smiled and started to heal his wound. “You got me, you really got me this time, but I guess I was lucky to survive. I expected for this to happen, so this is why I kept on fighting and used my energy.” – Thomas said. Why did it happen all of the sudden? I was so close and yet I did not take his live. I barely pulled out my sword from the ground and tried to swing it in the air, hoping to open a portal to Atreia, but it did not work. There was no escape from that place… “It’s useless, just save your breath until I take your life.” – Thomas said, keeping his usual smirk on his face. “I want to tell you something though.” – He lowered his tone. What did he want to tell me?  He looked around the area and then said. – “Something is watching us.” A completely black humanoid figure came out from the darkest corner; it had purple glowing eyes without pupils and he was armed with a black rapier. “Who are you?” – I gave a question to a shady person. It answered my question in a male’s voice. – “I am the guardian, but you remind me of him..” I became confused, I reminded him someone? It was my first visit in this place and yet I happened to remind him someone. “I remind you who?” – I asked the shady person. “You look similar to the one, who killed my lord long time ago.” – He answered. I became even more confused, but Thomas understood something just by hearing the stranger’s words. “What a coincidence.” – said Thomas.

The suspicious man charged at me, holding his rapier on the side, but Thomas created a white magical shield to deflect his attack. The man bounced off from Thomas’ shield and shouted at him. – “What are you doing? He’s my target!” Thomas smirked and then said. – “It’s unfortunate for you, because he’s my prey.” For a moment I felt like a wanted person, but it was a great opportunity to escape. I extended my wings and took off from the ground; I flew away from the place as far as I was able to…
After a couple of minutes I realized that I was flying in complete darkness. The world was dark; I was barely able to see ground and the sky… There was no sky at all! Somehow I felt attached to this world, somehow I had a feeling that I’ve been in this world before, maybe in my past life. I sympathized with this world, it totally reflected sadness and emptiness, but for some reason I wanted to bring in some light and vanquish the shadows. I placed my right hand to my chest and said. – “Yes… one day I will bring light even in this world.” My words were brave and ambitious, but I felt like it was the right thing to do, not only it was the right thing, but it was my only option. After all I realized that I was a good person in the past. Jake was right, it is me who will follow my own path, and it is only me who will bring changes in me, no one is able to look inside my heart and soul. After then I noticed a giant abandoned castle in the distance, I decided to land there, because I was getting tired from flying. I landed before the entrance and looked up at the castle; it was huge, probably bigger than any of the buildings I have ever seen. I entered inside…

When I was inside the castle I found myself walking in a huge hall with a lot of entrances to other rooms, I decided to go further until I reached the throne room. The throne room was empty except for the throne and countless of skeletons, it was creepy; I had to rest for a while so I decided to sit on the throne. The throne itself was dusty and covered in ashes, and it was made of skulls and metal. The throne seemed comfortable though, so I placed my sword on the side and sat down. “Emperor Simon.” – I said and then chuckled. For a moment I imagined that it would be great to be a king, to sit on a throne and give commands to others, but then I shrugged it off, it was clearly not a job for me. If I ever were an emperor I would get fat and lazy. I checked my backpack, which was surprisingly still there with me, and found a bottle with some whiskey left. “I guess it’s my lucky day, heh…” - I opened the bottle and took a decent gulp until whiskey started to burn my throat and stomach. “This is the best thing ever…” – for some reason I even started to talk with myself.

I’ve been sitting on that throne for almost an hour and I was thinking about this ‘Dark World’, not only that someone knew me from this world, but I also had a hidden sympathy to this world. ‘Why?’ I wondered, maybe it was the place where I’ve been gone to for those two years? Even if it was the case what did I achieve in this place? It was not clear, actually everything was unclear to me since the moment I began to exist as a new person. Finally after getting plenty of rest it was time for me to leave the castle, I placed the bottle of whiskey on the ground, picked up my sword and rose on my feet, and then I began to walk towards the exit, but the skeletons, which were lying everywhere in the throne room suddenly came to life. I was not surprised anymore, until the moment I met Thomas in Atreia I was curious almost about everything, but now I’ve seen enough where this was going. All of the countless reanimated skeletons suddenly looked at me and grabbed bones, swords, spears, bottles and every other thing that was lying before their feet. They seemed angry and I instantly realized that they were going to kill me. In the end I became so bored…

I was surrounded by skeletons everywhere, there was no escape the only thing I had to do was to make an opening for myself, but there were just too many of them. For a weakling, who had an unreliable ability like me it was too much, but then a bunch of skeletons exploded and shattered to bones before me and the exit was exposed with Thomas standing before my eyes. Was I supposed to give him a hug for saving my life or punch him in the face for everything he done? “Well, well just an hour passed and you are already in trouble, Simon. “ – He said. “Thanks I guess, but how the hell did you find me?” – I replied him with a question. He smirked and answered. – “Well I’ll tell you later, maybe. Anyway we should get rid of those skeletons first.” In the end I had no other option, but to work alongside that douchebag.  I understood that once we were done he would come for me, so I already planned to escape as soon as possible.  I sighed and agreed. – “Alright, but remember I still hate you.” He laughed and said. – “Come on, don’t be so mean. After all I saved your pathetic life.”

And thus we started to work together, we beaten every single skeleton. We knew that we were enemies, but to escape from this world we had to work together at least once. His goal was to use me to escape and my goal was to escape from him and try to open a portal to Atreia. Thomas’ combat capabilities were good, but I was not bad either, I even earned some fighting experience, although fighting was not for me, because I just wanted to live a peaceful and easy life. At the end of the day I shared some whiskey with him, the enemies were gone, but Thomas did not try to kill me for once, probably it was because he was waiting for me to regain my powers. “You know, Simon, I never thought that we appear in this place. You were telling me legends and stories about it but I thought that you were just making fun of me.” – He said. I had no idea what he was talking about, but I decided to ask him a question. – “What about this place? When did I tell you about it? We are enemies, remember?” He sighed and finished his glass of whiskey. – “Well, after all this is the place where you used to belong in. You told me about it when you had your memories, it was a nice story, but I never thought that it was true, but anyway I’m not talking about your past anymore, we are enemies after all and I’m not helping you to remember something in any way.” I was confused, but decided not to question him anymore. What if this world was my real home? What made me to flee to Atreia? Was it because of the sun, or was it whiskey that brought me to Atreia? No there had to be a better purpose and now Baltasar Hill village was my true home, I had to return there. After spending some hours we left the castle and decided to venture around the world, to look for food, water or something like that. On our way we encountered a lot of wild beasts and monsters, this world was cursed; it took us some time to find some humans and ask them for a shelter.

One night when Thomas was asleep I was trying to bring out my powers with a strong purpose and motivation in my mind; I had to return home, to Atreia, to my village. Azure and everyone in the village were probably waiting for me; I’ve been gone for about a month. I closed my eyes and inhaled some air into my lungs, thinking about only one thing, which was to return home.  I drew out my sword and said. – “I believe in you, my sword. Bring us home.”  It started to discharge red sparks as it did previously when I was fighting Thomas. I slashed my sword vertically and opened a portal back to Baltasar Hill village; I was able to see the holy tree, villagers, animals and buildings through the portal. Even the building, which was destroyed by Thomas, was almost restored. It was the time for me to leave, I looked back at the house where Thomas was sleeping and said. – “Even if I hate you, even if I want to kill you I must thank you for everything. If it wasn’t for you I would never be able to find this strength and will inside me. I wish you luck in this world, because I never going to meet you again.” However I felt pain in my stomach and then I looked down at the stomach; it was pierced by a white magical spear. I feel on my knees trying to get some air, because with a wound like that it was even hard to breathe. I extended my arm, reaching for the portal, but then Thomas approached me from the side and kicked me to the other side. “You are not going anywhere, it will be me who will return to home, but first I’m going to take this sword from you.” The portal shrunk down before my eyes and yet I was so close, the village was within my reach…

“Why do you need my sword?” – I asked Thomas. He laughed and answered. – “None of your business I just need it, and your life… I never cared about it anyway, but I needed to get you angry so that you could activate your sword’s power. I’m taking it now!” He tried to reach for my sword with his arms, but I stood up and extended my wings. It was painful with a spear stuck in me, but I had no other choice I had to survive and I knew that my wound will heal automatically, because I was not a normal human being too. I leaped up to the air and smiled, because I knew that he did not have wings. I pulled out the spear from my stomach, there was a huge hole left in my stomach, but I knew that sooner or later it will shrink down. “Try to catch me, bastard.” – I shouted and began to fly away from him. He drew a white circle in the air, the circle moved below his feet and then Thomas took off from the ground while standing on a white magical circle. Thus he began to pursuit me. On the way I tried to open space rifts to slow him down, but he avoided all of them, although it bought me some time. It was only a beginning of an endless chase throughout the world.

Day after day, night after night, I was not even sure when was the night time, because this world was always in darkness, Thomas was chasing me. On the way I met many people who helped me to get as far as I could from him and gave me food and other supplies, but he was always on my back. It was even hard to fall asleep, because I was afraid that he would come and steal my sword. Our swords clashed several times, but in the end our every fight ended with me escaping from him, because it was just impossible for me to kill Thomas. We even killed countless of monsters and foul creatures of this world, it made me wonder why it was so polluted with all the monsters and creatures. Two months have passed since the time I started to run away from him and try to open a portal to Atreia, but I always failed, because he was either too close or almost killed me many times. However we were getting tired, I did not have as much strength left as I had since the chase began. I came to a conclusion that I had to stop and face him like a real man…

There lies a secret behind the tattoo.

I landed in the abandoned village and pulled out a bottle of water, because I was thirsty as hell. I gulped all the content inside the bottle in one go, and decided to wait for Thomas’ arrival. Only a minute passed and he appeared before me. “So, someone’s decided to have a small rest huh?” – He asked. “No. I decided to settle things with you once and for all.” – I backfired. “Now that’s the spirit! Shall we begin then?” – Thomas asked. “Yes, but first let’s go where no one can see us, where no one can interrupt us, to a place where neither I or you can escape without claiming victory first.” – I said as I swung my sword midair, opening a portal to the endless space or rather to a whole new dimension. Thomas nodded at me and we both entered inside the portal.

We appeared in the center of the empty space, there were clouds around us and horizons, which were filled with stars and tiny planets. There were weird anomalies in the air, but the area itself was beautiful, probably the most beautiful place that I ever been to. It was a place for new dreams and hopes to born, a place where everything will be decided by one’s death. I knew that I was able to defeat him; I almost won two times against him. In this void we started our final act, a final phase which will decide my and Thomas’ destinies. Thomas looked around and said. – “You picked a beautiful place for your death, Simon. I’m impressed that you thought about things this far.” I smiled and pointed my sword at him. – “Do you really think I would do this? I chose this place to execute you. You should be grateful for everything, Thomas.” He just laughed it off. – “Don’t be so cocky, Simon. You will experience total despair.”

We looked at each other’s eyes for a couple of minutes and then I was ready to attack him. I opened a rift above me and another one below his feet, he fell through the rift and I was ready to hit him with my sword from below, but he created a great white magical shield and slammed it down on me. My sword was strong enough to cut it a part, but in the meantime Thomas managed to avoid my attack and started to spam his white daggers, by throwing them at me from the side. I turned at him just in time and opened a rift before me, by using my eyes. All the daggers got inside the rift, and then I extended my wings and quickly flew before him and by swinging my sword horizontally I opened a rift at point blank range and all the daggers, which were sucked up in the rift that I opened earlier flew at Thomas. He smirked and somehow made them to disappear in the thin air. - “Nice try, Simon. You really have gotten better over these months.” I landed before him, thinking about a strategy to defeat him.

“It is time to show you a total despair.” – Said Thomas. “Total despair?” – I asked. He nodded and showed rather evil face expression. – “You see this tattoo that you have on your face?” – He asked and pointed at my tattoo with his index finger. “Yes, what is with the tattoo?” – I asked him all confused. He laughed. – “Well I made it for you; I planted it on your face a long time ago. You know what it is? It’s a seal, my original power is not all these things that I create by drawing figures on the air, and I just borrowed it from someone who was dear to you in the past. My true power is to place curses on people and then mess with their heads and create illusions.” What was he talking about? His real power? Dear person of my past? Did I know Thomas for a long time? “What are you talking about? Explain it!” – I shouted at him. Thomas merely smirked again. – “Well to make it simple for you, every time you managed to land a mortal blow on my body I activated this tattoo, err.. I mean seal to create an illusion of me getting injured, but in reality you missed almost every of your attacks, I’m not saying that it was easy to fight you. You are a formidable foe, but I always had the upper hand. I pretended to heal myself every time you thought that you hit me, but in reality you weren’t even close.” Everything was just an illusion? It was strange that he always healed himself so easily, but I thought that he was so strong. After all I was no match for him…

He raised his index finger wanting to add something to his speech. – “However there was a time when you almost got me. It was when we appeared in this world, but I was lucky that you ran out of power. So for that I admire you, I can’t bend the laws of reality for a long time, so this is why I can’t keep that seal activated for a long time, because it is bad for my own health.” That’s right; I remembered that when I met him he planted a seal on my jaw to silence me from the outside world. Thomas was a clever bastard indeed, now I understood why he was so formidable. “Anyway, I’m going to tell you one more truth. That tattoo is one of the reasons why you lost your memories, but you cannot remove it, no one can except for me. The funny part is that you asked me to place this seal on your face, because it served yet another purpose in the past, but it also helped me to mess with your head and make you forget everything. By the way it’s a good tracking device so this is how I found you in Atreia and in that abandoned place” – He laughed and touched the tip of my sword with his finger. I was lost for words; he was so up ahead of me all this time. Why was I fighting him anyway? He won already. I failed to live up to my purpose in the end. All these months of running and chasing were meaningless, just like everything else. I completely lost my will to fight.

He took away my sword, removed my hood and then touched the tattoo with his left palm. – “To reward you, I will trap you in eternal dreams, where you will be able to see yourself living countless of beautiful or sad, but realistic lives. No significant being can escape from these dreams. In the mean time I will drain away yours and your sword’s power. Sweet dreams, Simon. I enjoyed our reunion.” Why did he need my sword so badly, what were his real intentions? That bastard… I wanted to make him pay for everything, but I started to feel sleepy and I could feel a burning pain around the place where my tattoo was supposed to be. My purpose slowly slipped through my fingers. I collapsed on the ground and closed my eyes, falling in the eternal sleep…

Everything was lost; I was trapped inside his dreams. I was able to dream about millions of versions about me and my life without even having knowledge what was going on in the real world. I did not even have a clue about my dreams, because I felt alive there, but then there were those dreams where a mysterious voice was calling my name. I had no idea what it was talking about, but slowly it made me to realize with each dream that something was not right. There was a dream about me being in the desert, I had nothing with me, but I had a purpose to reach faraway lands. It reflected how empty I was but also it made me realize how curious I can be. Another dream when the voice called for me was about me being a fisherman who lived in the lands filled with snow, I even had my own family there. The dream reflected my coldness, but also it showed how deeply I can care for others like my villagers. There was yet another dream about giantesses and me wanting to create a peace between two races. It reflected my desire for peace and freedom, but also showed me that my real home is indeed Atreia, because it is a place filled with giantesses. The fourth dream when the mysterious voice called for my name was about me and my friend living in a faraway place, where technology had reached its peak. It reflected that only with the help of my sword I was able to save my friends and villagers, and it also showed that I had a true friend back there in Atreia, his name was Azure. Finally the last dream, when the voice made me realize who I am, was about me living in a dark world. The dream reflected the complete truth about me and the light that I had inside, and it also showed that I had strong ideals, because I always dreamt of peace and happiness. All those dreams combined were the inner corners of my soul, and that voice, which called for me was a new found power, which made me to regain my will to face Thomas in a battle.

In the end I managed to wake up and get in Thomas’ way, I never knew what he was hiding beneath his smirk, but he helped me to improve for the better. Only thing, which was needed to be done, was to get vengeance and return back home to Atreia. Thus a decisive fight was about to begin…

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15 Re: The Rift Dancer on Sun Aug 03, 2014 5:32 pm

Two souls, two goals and only the victorious one can take the path.

“You know, Simon, you are full of surprises. You managed to keep me busy for two months and now you have escaped from my illusions.” – Said Thomas, who stood before me, pointing my own blade before my nose. Like always he was so talkative, his voice irritated me I just wanted to shut him up and kill him for good. Actually I was pretty excited to see him drink his own nasty blood. I felt that great sensation, to see him suffer and then ultimately die after a couple of minutes. I smiled and then found myself laughing. Be it a dagger, a spear or my own sword I was ready to take him on.  To me, he was nothing but a simple vermin, insistent one indeed. He had to pay for everything, for my people, the village, my precious time and my whiskey that I shared with him. Vengeance was the only answer in my head, my arms were shaking and my knees were trembling from excitement. I was aware that Thomas had the advantage, he was smart, strong, he was holding my sword, and my energy was almost drained. I felt so worn out that I could fall on any moment, but my heart and my soul were the only things that kept me standing. My new found will was the key for victory, but the way was hard. It was my first time when I faced such a great threat in my life, or at least it was the first time since I woke up with no memories left inside my head.

I began to slowly approach Thomas, it was hard to even raise my feet, and I felt like I will break in any moment, but my will kept me moving. I got close enough to be able to reach my sword and then I extended my arm in a slow motion, reaching the sword with the tips of my fingers. Thomas was lost for words; he started to back away from me, by going backwards. “No, no.. Get away from me, monster!” – He yelled in fear. “Impossible, how can you still move? I almost sucked all of the life force from you!” – He panicked as he swept back in a smooth motion, bringing my sword to the side and slicing my pale hand off. My hand fell down and the crimson blood began to leak from all the exposed blood vessels. My own boiling blood reflected in my red eyes, I gritted my teeth to hold the pain down and continued to move forward. My wound was not healing anymore due to my weariness. “Hahaha, you lost your hand by your own sword, isn’t that ironic?” – Laughed Thomas, who was still backing away from me. I grinned and looked into his eyes. “What’s the matter, Thomas? Too scared to kill me?” – I asked him in a husky and low tone. Thomas stopped and brought my sword across with two hands. “Shut up! I am not afraid; you are just a dying old fool.” – He said and laughed insanely. I approached him and began to stare at him.
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He panicked and raised the sword above his head, hitting my left shoulder. The sharp blade penetrated through my shoulder and stopped just a little above my heart. Thomas smirked and I fell down, reinforcing myself with my left knee. The blade was stuck inside me; using my healthy hand I grasped my sword between my index finger and the other four. “You will never have my sword.” – I said and began to push the sword up from my heart. “What? How can you be this strong?” – Thomas was caught in a surprise and began to push my sword down, hoping to get it to my heart. The sword began to discharge red sparks and then magnificent and elegant wings with blue trims grew out from Thomas’ back. “Finally, I acquired your power.” – He grinned and rather than pushing the sword in he pulled it out with one hand and raised it up, pointing the sword up. I was panting and bleeding, but it was not the end for me. Maybe it was my hidden energy that still kept me alive or maybe Thomas was not as strong as I thought.  He spun the sword in the air several times and out of momentum he brought the sword down before me and created a powerful gust of wind, blasting me several meters away from him. I fell on my back. “Goodbye, Simon.” – He said.
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He stole my power, but yet I was able to feel strength inside me. A power that was always by my side, it was not just my will or the lust for vengeance, it was something else nearby, and then a simple thought crossed my head. – “It’s here, it’s my soul.” I got up on my feet and shouted at the top of my lungs. – “Give me back my sword, you dirty bitch!” I ran up to him and extended my arm, touching my sword with a burning sensation in my soul. My sword reacted to my call and then my body began to fully function again, all the wounds that I received disappeared like it was nothing and I was able to feel strength inside my body again, even my hand grew back. I snatched the sword from Thomas’ arms and the same armor and cape, from our previous fight, enveloped my body. Thomas lost his gift to talk and instead of saying yet another comment he went all out. Lots of his white magical hexagons surrounded his body and in the centers of the hexagons many white orbs of lightning appeared. He began to flick them all away with his fingers, scattering them all around the place and exploding them simultaneously. Our surroundings began to fill up with crazy explosions, even for me it was hard to dodge them all, so I covered the area with space rifts to make sure that all the orbs explode inside the rifts…

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When two men clash at each other.

At that point Thomas’ sanity was questionable, magical orbs were flying at me and everything, but not a single one of them touched me. I dodged them all with some help from the rifts and my unnatural reflexes. Thomas stopped his mad attack when he became tired, all the hexagons disappeared and he fell down on his knees, panting. “Why are you so strong? I planned everything carefully.” – He said, while trying to catch his breath. “It is because you have no will and your purpose is weak.” – I said to him. “There is no way, how can a piece of trash, which lost its memories, like you be this powerful?” – He asked me. “It is because I am not a piece of trash, my name is Simon! I am the master of Baltasar Hill village and inhabitant of Atreia. I will destroy anyone who tries to lay a hand on my people!” – I answered him with a smile on my face. He sighed and got up on his feet, without saying another word. “Now fight me using your own power and decide your own destiny. If you think that you can’t win remember that you are going to die, but if you want to survive then raise your blade and kill me.” – Those were my words to him.

Thomas smirked and became motivated enough to fight me. “So you want me to use my own power? Then bring it!” – He shouted and opened his palms; two long black metallic spikes grew out from his palms as he began to run forward at lightning speed. I could see through his movements at ease, when he got close he extended his arms and prepared to plunge those spikes inside me, but I merely took a step to the right side and single-handedly swung my sword horizontally, hoping to slice of his arm. He quickly leaped up to the air, placed his feet on my blade and then he flipped himself backwards. Due to my sword’s weight I was forced to take a couple of steps forward, and thus it became a great opportunity for Thomas to strike. One of his black spikes extended towards my head, but I managed to tilt my head to the side resulting in a small cut to my cheek. He was good; he showed yet another ability of his. I crouched and spun myself to his direction, getting a hold of my sword with my two arms. I was about to thrust his stomach, but he blocked my sword with his metallic spikes, by crossing them.

“Once I kill you I will bring your dead body to that world, where we spent two months together. After all it is a place where you belong. You will rot there like garbage!” – He shouted at me as he opened his mouth and poked out his tongue. His tongue was marked with a small round tattoo, was that one of his seals? Suddenly dark energy began to build on his tongue until it formed into a shape of a ball, and then Thomas suddenly fired the ball, which turned into a beam of dark energy. The beam was coming at my direction, but at the last moment I opened a small rift with my eyes before the incoming beam. The dark energy got sucked inside my rift and then I backed away from Thomas. However he was so persistent that he kept running at me with his arms extended to the sides and long black metallic spikes poking out from his palms. I began to run at his direction and at the last moment I swung my sword horizontally midair, the air cracked and another rift showed up, but this time it acted like a cannon, because the same dark beam, which disappeared inside the last rift I opened, emerged from inside and pierced through Thomas’ stomach. Thomas stopped and looked down at the small hole, which was located somewhere on his stomach. Some of the internal organs became exposed and some guts poked out from the hole, his spikes vanished as he suddenly kneeled down and started to vomit blood from his mouth. I was not sure if it was yet another of his illusions, so I decided to approach him and end him on the spot.

When I got close to him I dropped my sword down and lifted Thomas up to my face by grabbing his head with my hands. I plunged my thumbs inside his eyeholes, crushing his eyeballs. It felt great to finally make him suffer by my own hands. He screamed out of pain, after all he lost his vision for good and it was a painful experience for him. I smashed my head against his face, to make his face more ridiculous, and then I let go of his head, making him to fall. “Well it doesn’t seem like an illusion to me. I guess in the end I claimed the victory. “ – I laughed as I said my words. “Kill me…” – Thomas begged for me to end his life. “You look so pathetic now, Thomas. That serves you right, now you finally know how you are not supposed to mess with innocent people.”  - I lectured him. He was dying, but for some reason he began to smile. “Simon, it was fun to be with you.” – He said while trying to maintain the smile on his spasming lips. What was he talking about? “What are you talking about?” – I asked him, but his reply was different than I had imagined. - “Simon, I want to tell you something. There is a rift somewhere in the abyss and when you start to understand more about your powers the others will be after you. Remember that your own power will be your bane one day. Oh and I want you to hold this...” – He said it as he extended his right arm and opened his palm; there was a golden ring with a white crystal in his palm. “This ring once belonged to someone, who was close to you. It holds the power to create objects of light, the same ones that I created during our fights. It was fun when it lasted, but I guess this is the end.” – He said his last words and died peacefully with a smile on his face… Or maybe it was yet another illusion, I was not clear.

I looked at his smile for a couple of minutes and realized that even villains, like him, can die with heroic smiles on their faces. I took his ring and placed it inside my backpack. Finally it was the end, I managed to avenge my villagers, but his last words were bugging me for some reason. His last words echoed in my head for thousands of times. Why did he give a ring to an enemy like me? Why others were after me? What kind of rift is there in the abyss? Everything made me so confused. Thomas deserved a proper funeral, even as my enemy he managed to smile before my eyes after his death. He was the greatest threat to me, but thanks to him I found my own power, I learned a lot of things from him and my love for my village increased. I realized that I was not a bad person in the past after all, even if I look like one. It was time for me to leave, I felt pretty exhausted and dizzy, but I wanted to see my village and the people again. I wanted to meet Azure too, to tell him about what happened to me and to drink whiskey and do random things on our free time with him. I lifted my sword up and stabbed through the space, opening a portal, which led to Baltasar Hill village. I picked up Thomas’ corpse and dived inside the portal…


Space distorted in the center of Baltasar Hill village and a portal shaped itself out of nothingness, I came out from the portal, holding Thomas’s corpse in my arms. I was finally able to breathe the fresh air of Atreia, after so long I returned alive and well. The village was fully reconstructed and my people were having their happy everyday lives. When they noticed me emerging from the portal they greeted me with smiles and waves. Everyone was shouting. – “Master has returned. Our hero made it back.” I gave them a brave smile and then brought Thomas near the tree of life; I dug out a hole with my sword and buried him inside. “Thank you, Thomas. Even if I hate you, you were the only person who gave me so much courage and strength to protect love and peace.” – I turned away from his grave and went to buy another hood from a local clothes shop, because I really needed one.

After then I found myself in the pub drinking and thinking about a lot of things. I began to regret killing Thomas, he was the only person who was able to bring back my memories, but now he was no more. All those thoughts about vengeance made me think irrationally, if only I had my senses back then maybe now I would be able to remember something about my past. Somehow I felt like I lost a family member, Thomas was the only one who was able to help me and in the end I killed him. Was it really the right thing to do? Probably it was definitely the right thing to do, after all he was after my life and power, but what really made me anxious were his last words. “Will others like him really come for me? Why did he give away his ring to me? What about the rift in the abyss and my power? And why the hell did he smile in the end?” He brought even more mysteries to my life and then he just simply disappeared. “Damn it!” – I shouted and smashed my fist against the table. The bar maiden Sandvika asked. – “Is something wrong, master?” I looked at her and shook my head. – “Nothing, I just spilled some whiskey on my armor.” I also wondered if I was able to help Azure on taking out Triniel with my new found power, there was a lot to learn for me, but my ability seemed kind of useful. After then I just left the pub and headed to the tree of life direction. After all there was my usual standing spot.

When I was there I looked up at the sky and pouted. I did regret killing him, but it was the right thing to do. My past was probably lost forever, but the only question that was left in my head – “Was it for the better or worse?” I had this curious nature and I really wanted to find out what kind of person I really was and what have I done in the past to those people, who were after me. I began to hate myself for killing him; at least I could beat out some information from Thomas if he was still alive.

However I found a new strength inside me and this strength will be used with good intentions. - To protect those that I love. Thus a new myself was born today, finally I found a new purpose to be alive in this world and I was grateful for that. Now I was the one, who completely erased my memories, because I killed the only person, who was able to bring them back for me. “My name is Simon. I was born in Brusthonin, at the forest of Lollu. I found a new friend Azure and I became the new leader of Baltasar Hill village. I might not be talkative, but I am a loving and caring person and I will do anything to make this village a happy place to live.” – My voice echoed throughout the village, suddenly everyone in the village looked at me and shouted. – “Hooray!” As for myself I was standing near the tree of life showing off my wings, which resembled freedom, and watching the village from above, should the need approached I would be there.

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Chapter 6: The world is ending.

The new Simon.

A lot of things have happened, but my story did not end, it was only a new dawn, it was rather a new journey. New struggles and fights were waiting for me. When I returned back to Atreia I disappeared once again, but this time I did it on purpose. Actually I did it out of boredom… Yes that was my only purpose, a lame excuse to exit reality and find myself again. I wanted to become wiser and stronger, my soul wanted something fresh and exciting and my body needed relaxation. I disappeared like a cold shadow, which was vanquished by the shining sun. Some claimed that I died; others said that I committed a suicide and some believed that they saw me drinking whiskey in the pub, but all of them were wrong. I was somewhere close; somewhere in their hearts…

I had no goal at all, an aimless destination it was, but it was fun… Indeed it was fun, at least I had some moments when I really felt alive and other moments that helped me to understand more about myself and how deeply I was connected to my past. Although I learned nothing at all, sometimes I stopped on my way and drank some good old whiskey. With each sip I wondered what was really keeping me alive on this world. Was it really Azure and my village? Was it for the vengeance? Or did I have a greater goal to accomplish? Although I found a new power I never felt complete, but it was a great start. I always wondered what kind of person I was in the past, but with time I decided to let go of my past, whatever happened before is dead now…

I was gone far away from the village, because I needed some space to train and discover what was inside my heart. To face future problems I trained hard and meditated to hone my combat skills in which I was lacking. I felt the power inside me, but my experience was horrible. The ring that I received from Thomas worked perfectly; I was able to create all kinds of objects just by imagining them. I wondered - who was that certain dear person to me who wielded this ring. Is that person even alive? If so… I decided to find that person one day. I learned how to use my new armor, it was not just a simple armor, actually it was my sword or rather the power of my sword, this ability only acted as a defense mechanism, but the armor itself was stronger than I even imagined. I learned how to make my armor to appear on my body just by will. However with each time when I was using my new power my body felt weaker and weaker until I finally realized that my power shortens my lifespan with each use, so I decided to use it only when the need approached. I was not invincible after all, but I could only wonder how did I hold out for so long? Maybe there was another secret of my power, but I forgot about it along with my memories? With time I became more confident and got used to my new condition, I learned that this world was offering a lot of beautiful things and I became happy with it. In the end I reached a new light, which will scatter all the mystery and guide me to enlightened future. Finally after a long month of training I really became stronger, more confident and wiser, but the only thing that was getting in my way were my feelings… However I learned how to calm them down, it was simple I just decided to record the events of my life by writing in the blank notebook, which I was carrying in my pocket since the first day of my existence.

A welcome filled with despair.

It was time to come back, after a full month of training both my mind and body were prepared to lead the village to its glory, I made my vows to Azure long ago and this time I decided not to fail him. Even though I was his master I felt more like a loyal servant of Azure. I slowly reached for the hilt of my blade and cleaved through the air in a fluid motion, imagining the village and the holy tree of life. The air cut itself in half and shaped into purplish black passage of time and space or how I like to call it – the dimensional rift appeared before me. I put on my backpack on my shoulder and entered inside and soon I found myself standing on a mossy rock, which was just a couple of meters away from the tree of life. I raised my arms above my head and inhaled the fresh air of the village, after all the aroma of the tree of life was keeping the village fresh and unpolluted. I decided to hold my breath and meditate by closing my eyes and relaxing my body for a couple of hours, in the past month I learned how to control my breathing…

My body became stiff and my mind completely left my body, thus I fell asleep while standing, without moving an inch from my standing position. Still I was able to feel the cold winds of the village, which were giving relaxing shivers to my body. The sound of the villagers resounded inside my head, every whisper, every single chat that they had… I was able to hear everything clearly; my senses were sharper than ever. Those hours passed by like wind, I did not even fell how quickly two or three hours passed. I was woken up by someone’s presence. That certain someone was breathing heavily and its presence was blocking my very own existence in the village. I opened my red as blood eyes and noticed a black tall silhouette just a couple of meters down in front of me. I quickly recognized whose silhouette it was – it was a tall man, who was dressed in black robes, he also had a black metallic mask covering his face and a long black scythe, with a dark leaking liquid from the top, attached to his back. He was none other but my true and only friend in Atreia, the silhouette belonged to Azure! I merely smiled and without even saying a word, I jumped down from the mossy rock by leaping up to the air and making a midair spin with my arms folded against my chest. I landed on Azure’s right side by landing my feet quietly on the grass.
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A split moment of silence broke out in the air above us and then I exhaled all the cold air from my lungs, making a white dense steam to come out from my mouth and nostrils. “Hello.” – I greeted him with a confident tone. Azure’s body was enveloped in a dark and dense substance, but as he clenched his clawed fist shut it disappeared by creating a small explosion, which made black dust to come off from his body. I was not sure what kind of magic was that or if it even was magic, but it was quite impressive for me. Then he just gave out his usual greeting nod. I sighed and decided to remove the armor from my body. I clenched my fists and smashed them at each other, small shockwave ran through the armor as it turned completely black and shattered into little pieces, which resembled glass, but pitch black in color. As for my cape it vanished with the gust of wind, like it did not even exist in the first place. Yawned and stretched my body, such a good nap it was. Not only it was good, but I had a kind of nostalgic feeling to see Azure around, after all its been ages since I met him last time. I turned my head at him and smirked. “Were you keeping the village safe while I was gone?” – I asked Azure, the confidence in my tone and in my presence were never seen or heard before. After all I used to be a crybaby and a man full of mysteries in my head.

Everything was fine until I asked that stupid question about the safety of the village. Azure started to act completely strange; it was completely out of character. For a time being Azure was just lost in thought, he was thinking and at some points giving weird glances to the tree of life. “Atifure’s mother is dead, because of that there is no harvest this season.” – Azure began to talk. “No harvest this season!?” – I panicked.  Without harvest our people would starve, but luckily I already had a plan. I smirked and  touched the hilt of my blade, thinking about a world made of food. After all if I opened a rift to a world like that my people would be saved, but there was more to Azure’s story. He looked all over the village, somehow worried… At first I thought what was his deal, he never acted like this before so why did he act like that now? And that was the time when I fully opened my eyes, I looked around the village, barricades and elite Templars were disposed all over the village. My confidence and bravery just vanished, but there was more to that…

I glanced into distance, to the outskirts of the village and noticed a small horde of zombies moving towards the village. Two elite soldiers rushed towards the horde and fought the zombies. One of two soldiers lost its arm and turned into a zombie, but in the end the surviving one crushed all the zombies. “What the hell?” – I thought to myself. “Was the barrier, which was created by the tree of life weakened?” – I asked him nervously. It was weakened indeed, and now all the zombies and other creatures were coming after the village and its people and the worst thing was that our forces were weakened, because without harvest everyone were doomed to starve to death and I of all places was gone for a whole month! “We are holding out for now, but every time one of our men dies it adds up to their army.” – Azure added to his speech. The situation was bad, but I believed that there might be a way to stop this chaos. “Is there a way to stop this?” – I asked Azure to see what he was thinking about the situation. He remained silent for a moment and then a red… no a crimson dot dyed his clothes. Azure was bleeding; he was hurt for some reason, but he quickly covered it by folding his arms against his chest. “Well… you humans eat food, so since there is no harvest this season we just need to preserve our food supplies. The tree of life was infected, so first of all we need to find out what caused this and ask for Goddess’ help or literally hope for a miracle that she will fix this problem for us.” – Azure’s words did not seem right, it was completely not him. My temper reached has reached the limit and then I yelled at him, throwing all kinds of questions and ramblings at him. I asked him why he was bleeding and what the hell was wrong with him about receiving help from the Goddess. Did he lose his mind so now he believed in miracles or was the situation that desperate? I agreed with him at one point; help from a Goddess would be a good bet, but what if she won’t help us?  Everything in my head became messed up, I had no idea what was right or what was wrong, but the only thing that I wanted was the safety of Azure and my people… my word was firm, firmer than diamond.

The tree of life.

Azure glanced down to the red dot that now marked his robe, barely visible… but he guessed that he could not hide such things from me, his lips parted beneath the heavy  plate of metal that covered his face, like an exoskeleton from the outside. “It’s nothing to worry about, nothing is goi-…”- He was actually interrupted, the female clad in robes  behind us rose her voice and made it clearly audible for both of us. “The fractured spirit merged with the holy tree as it was pulled into this stage of existence, it’s will and existence are now entangled with his-..” – Not too long now, but she was interrupted – Azure spun around, leaping forwards his left claw-like foot dug into the ground, cracking the soil but not with power itself… it was merely his weight, swinging his scythe in a cleave down upon the seemingly helpless girl, probably to reduce her to a gorey mas of organs and bones, but… It did not, she had brought up her left hand and gripped onto the staff connected to the tool of destruction, apparently with easy holding off the Giant’s assault. Azure tried to apply pressure but the staff along with his frame was easily tossed aside, he landed on the ground next to her with a thud, she still held the scythe and dropped it next to him. “With his very own. He has no soul, nothing but a fraction  of a whole. His existence is a result to the bidding you gave to the tree here. If it’s power fades, not only will the people here be affected by the disease that turns everyone outside even in the forest of Lollu into creatures without a mind, only lusting for hunger… The world you claimed will fall, and that before you get to face the Lady of Death again – Triniel. Divine intervention could be the miracle you long for indeed, but the time is wasting away with each presence that is not accepted by the Aura here ergo the Zombies and creatures.” – She stopped talking and folded her arms under her bust, smiling down at Azure whom sat up straightly again.
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I was amazed by her strength, or rather it was not her strength it was Azure who was weakened. My head filled up with confusion and mystery, I did not really understand the situation. Fractured spirit merged with the Tree of Life? What kind of nonsense was that? The world will fall? I just wanted to get a clear view on the situation, but all the interruptions and Azure’s strange behavior made it even harder for me to understand something. I turned to the girl and extended my right arm, pointing my forefinger at her. I rose my tone and began to shout with a commanding tone at her. – “Don’t you dare to hurt my friend, girl or I will kill you! After all I and Azure are the ones in charge here, and you here… you.. are still living inside this village, because of us. Now… answer my questions nice and easy or I will be the one, who will feed your head to zombies.” Both panic and anger twisted inside my head, but I did not intend to give up on the situation. I took a deep breath and then continued my speech. – “You seem to know something about this and yet it is me, who doesn’t understand anything, but I have my rights to know something too. My first question would be this. How much time do we have before everyone here will turn into monsters? The second is… Where should we look for a Goddess? By the way… About whose existence are you talking about? Is it because of Azure? If so.. then how can we help him? I hope that you will answer to all of my questions or else all of us will be doomed and I…” – I paused my speech, but it was only for a moment. – “I.. I made a promise long ago..” – I paused again and then looked down to Azure, who was sitting on the ground. – “I promised to Azure that I will lead this village to glory and all the people here is our family… Even you are, girl..” I ended my speech and lowered my arm.

The girl did not flinch or waver at my threat, she did not even seem remotely worried given the entire situation. – “I didn’t aim to hurt him, just tossed the staff to the side so you could witness how weak he is right now. If it wasn’t for Atifure charging at a zombie from behind with a kitchen knife he’d probably be dead, or well… Dead probably isn’t the right word, if the spirit you call ‘friend’ suffers fatal damage he will vanish, the fraction of his being will be returned where it once was.. The tree is suffering, the infection under wandered the barrier and attacked the roots from below. It’s sickening and dying at slow pace a few months at best if we-.. Or no rather you find a solution. The shadow was right however, for a divine being all of this would be nothing but a mere flick of wrist, for us bound to reality it’s a task that’s rather difficult to fulfill. Where you can find one..? I do not know, the tree is mighty but it can’t sense or track presences. As for your friend.. There’s a way for him to temporary restore his strength to aid your cause, but it follows a rather rough principle. A kill, the harvest of a Soul will restore his powers temporarily. A sacrifice unaware of loss nor aware of gain. Cure the land and the plants will bloom again, your people will stop dying. But this is easier said than done, isn’t it you stubborn brute.” – She asked in a teasing tone as she turned over to Azure. “Supposed it is you wrench… You really had to spill all the beans at once hadn’t you.. Nngh. But she’s right.” – Azure said.

I was smirking as I was listening to the every word of her. With my power and my blade I felt unstoppable. “I understand, but what am I supposed to kill?” – I asked without showing any emotions in my eyes. “Hah.. I guess a couple of months should be enough, but before curing the tree I have to make a sacrifice.” – I said and then I remembered my last fight with Thomas and the consequences. I became a little worried to use my power, because the last fight took quite a toll on my body. My body aged a couple or more ages forward. In the end I decided to kill that certain person, no matter what it takes, because for Azure I was willing to sacrifice myself. “Triniel is one.. But she wasn’t seen for years. We will save this dumb tree for I don’t intend to vanish. I suppose the people here didn’t want to either.. So remotely I can relate to that fear. Get some rest.. You will need it for what is to come…” – Azure ended the long lasting conversation with his words of ‘motivation’. I nodded at him. “I agree, we will save this tree and kick her ass.” – I said. Azure then left the place and that concluded our meeting after a long time.

I will…

No matter how or where I decided to find Triniel before the end of this tree. I extended my marvelous wings and shot up to the sky, I found myself floating in the air, above the village, above the whole Brusthonin. “This world.. will not end, at least not now… Triniel, I don’t know where you are, but I promise that I will find and kill you!” – I shouted at the top of my lungs, my voice echoed throughout the whole Brusthonin the Zombies and all the creatures stopped at once and looked up at the sky, it seemed like they were trying to reach me, but in the end they were powerless before my might and ideals. I drew out my blade, the burning sensation ran through my body and the red sparks crossed the sky in a long horizontal line. Colliding with the gloomy rain clouds, forcing red colored thunders out of them. The massive thunderstorm impacted the earth, annihilating hordes of zombies and setting blazing flames in its path. “This will be a hard job, however I will recreate life in Brusthonin.” – I said as I smirked while looking down at the burning zombies. The end was near, but the concept of end was nothing compared to my yet unbroken will. Beginning of the end or the end of the beginning, whichever it was a need arisen once again.


I remained in the air, silent as usual. "Triniel...Why do I hate you so much?" - I talked to myself. Suddenly I felt a burning pain on my face, where the tattoo was... My body became numb and then a heavy headache hit me, blurring out my vision. At first I saw a blank image of someone fighting somewhere, then a gigantic scythe... The image became a little clearer as I noticed someone falling in the lake. "What was that?" - I thought to myself. Everything suddenly vanished and then I began to hear a familiar voice... "Wake up..." "Wake up, God damn it!" "Don't you dare to die on me.." - The familiar person shouted. "Wait is that me? Yes I can see it... it is really me..." - I said. I saw myself in a strange vision. I was a little different though. I had the same robes, but my voice was a little weaker and my eyes were blue for some reason, there was a sword attached to my back, but it was not my sword. The sword looked different, it was spiky and sharp, covered in someone's blood.. "Azure, wake up you damn bastard!" - The person, who resembled me shouted again. Azure? Was that really...? There was a person, lying on the ground... He was giant just like Azure and was wearing a never before seen armor... The person seemed dead or at least badly injured. The strange vision ended when I was about to crash on the ground, I wanted to regain balance, but I was just too close to the ground. My body crashed on the ground headfirst, making a booming noise and cracking the soil underneath.... and then my consciousness dwindled...
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Path of sorrow.

In the middle of nothingness there was a lonely man walking. His body was covered in black robes and a black hood was covering his face. The man was going at a slow pace and tears could be seen falling from his eyes. He was sinking in darkness and despair, there was not a single person by his side, but he kept walking. There was nothing but a void in the place of his heart but he kept walking and walking, further to the despair. He stopped for a moment and pulled out a watch out of his pocket, he looked at the watch which was going nonstop, for a whole eternity…

That man, without using any effort, crushed the watch in his palm, smiling nonchalantly. Only dust remained of the watch and suddenly everything became bright and illuminated by the red lights, which were shining like stars in the sky. However these red lights only exposed how lonely and damaged that man was. His hands were stained with blood and wherever he looked – there were only dead and bloody corpses around. What was the meaning in his actual existence? Nothing was clear… nothing at all… but he continued to walk forward… Killing innocent people, destroying lives and breaking friendships and love, he just wanted to show his pain to everyone. Using his blade he cleansed all the vermin in the world, and nothing remained of the world, but darkness and emptiness. Time has stopped for him a long time ago, for how many centuries he endured this? The world was changing around him but he was the same. That man was me, yes I could not believe with my eyes what was I seeing, but it clearly was me. What drove me to do this? What was behind these visions?

Azure and me.

But the visions did not stop yet… Next time I appeared in Atreia. I was able to see myself standing in front of Azure. We were talking about an organization, about our organization… “Eternal Darkness..” – Azure said. I merely nodded and smiled. Wait what? It was weird… really weird… All these visions seemed so realistic, like everything happened in the past… but why was I able to see myself from a side? It was just illogical.. Suddenly we appeared in Poeta and then I found myself standing beside Azure, whose wings were covering the horizon.
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The scenery suddenly changed to dark again where I was walking again, in the darkness… But then I met some people on my way… I met a man, who extended his arm down to me and gave me a handshake… then there was a dwarf-sized guy, who was jumping around me without any particular reason… But this was not the end, there was more! I met Jake in the tavern, after then I found myself fighting against giantesses and losing, I met a bearded man who worked as a shoe cleaner and many others… but it was not yet the end. I found myself training a blue haired man, who had a giant fish made of iron. I met a crazy boy, who was obsessed with me and copied my ways of life. I fought various other giantesses, who claimed to be generals of Atreia. There was this woman, who gave me power and in exchange I became her knight. I argued with a white haired Goddess, but ultimately I gave up and became her follower and I enjoyed her company, but I realized that warm feelings were making me weaker. And in the end of the road I met him… Azure. He always gave me a helping hand, he always was there for me and all the darkness faded away, even though both of us were dark at heart, but something kept us together... Until something bad happened… Azure was lying on the ground, injured. “Triniel… I will never forgive you!” – “Sorry friend, but I have to leave.” – “I don’t want to live with a shame in this world.” – “I will acquire power to slice her to pieces.” – “But for now hang in there, I’m sorry that I’m leaving without saying anything. I hope that you are not angry at me.” – All these words were said by me. I was standing in a dark hall, wearing black clothes and a black shoulder plate, with a curved spike on the top, which was located my right. “Goodbye.” – I said and disappeared from the sight…

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Day of darkness.

As my eyes opened I finally managed to come back to my senses. I was lying on the dark soil, somewhere around the swamps, which were located just outside the village. My head was hurting like hell, just what exactly happened? I wondered. Those visions and what they meant? My brains were filled with delusional and mysterious thoughts. I moved my right palm just above my face and clenched it into a stone-hard fist. “I must go, the time is running out…” – I said, however my body was stiff, it felt like I was paralyzed and then I felt a sudden pain in my stomach. I barely turned to the right side, resting my right arm between my body and the ground. I started to vomit crimson dark blood, making obnoxious noise from my mouth. I took a deep breath and said. – “What the hell?”

Someone laughed nearby. “Feeling alive, don’t you?” – An oddly familiar voice was talking to me. It was more like a voice of an old man, but I was perfectly sure that I heard it somewhere. I turned to the left side, where the voice was coming from and then I was able to see a man standing before me, facing his back against me. He was wearing this familiar black outfit, but I could not recall where I saw it before. His hair was gray; in addition to that he had a black piece of cloth wrapped around his head. Finally he had a curved black sword with a red glowing jewel above its hilt, it was located on his left side, probably attached to him or sheathed in an invisible scabbard. I managed to sit up on the ground, still feeling uneasy and making grunting noises. “Anyway who are you?” – I asked him, hoping to get at least one answer. I was aware that I could not trust this man, despite his looks and mysterious appearance there was something more to him, his whole presence was something that bugged me the most. He placed his hands on his hips and glanced up to the sky. “Well, that’s a good question actually. You met me before, but your memory is really lacking. Let’s just say that I’m a ghost from the past.” – This was his answer; he said it in a laughing tone. His laughter did not seem evil, it was kind actually.
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“Don’t fool with me; just give me a normal answer!” – I became irritated. “Hold it, boy.” – He stopped me. “Actually I am the one with questions this time. Do you still want to regain your memories, or not?” – He countered me with a question of his own. What kind of question was that? How did he know about my memories in the first place? I sighed and decided to give him an honest answer… - “To be honest I don’t care about my memories anymore. I found myself again, I am completely different person now. I buried my memories along with a man, who was able to help me to get them back. I feel happy that I protected what is important to me.” The stranger rubbed the back of his head and sighed. – “Well if it is your answer then I will make my leave.” – He said. Suddenly a vicious zombie approached in front of him. The zombie looked kind of muscular and he was armored, he had sharp teeth and thick claws. “Watch out! If he bites, you will be done for!” – I tried to warn the man, but he remained perfectly calm.

“Even if I’m not in my prime… I can st-..” – He was interrupted by the zombie, who was about to get a chunk of his face with its teeth. Stranger simply bended his head to the left, dodging zombie’s attack, and grabbed zombie by his head hair and pushed him backwards. “I can still destroy a creature like you!” – He ended his sentence and cut off zombie’s head with his sword, which emitted electricity from inside of its blade. The zombie’s head disconnect from its body as it was nothing but a piece of paper. Such a fluent cut! He was no ordinary man. The zombie caught itself on fire and instantly burned down to a pile of dust. “Well, farewell then. It looks like that you have some company here though.” – He said as he began to run away from the spot. “W-wait!” – I tried to stop him, but he never turned back. I looked behind and noticed hordes of zombies approaching me. “So, is this the company that he meant?” – I said, while counting zombies… There were a total number of twenty seven zombies approaching my direction.
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Things were starting to get pretty rough, but I knew that with my power everything was possible. I had to go after the mysterious man to seek for more answers. I picked myself from the ground, patting my robes to shake off all the dirt. My sword was stuck in the ground, only its hilt was exposed. I approached my sword and grasped its hilt, trying to pull it out from the ground. Somehow my blade was heavier than it used to be, but with some effort I managed to pull it out. Not even waiting for zombies I imagined the location where the stranger was heading and then I tried to open the rift to reach him, by slashing the empty space before me… but… nothing happened. Nothing at all! “Nngh.”- Why it did not work? I tried to do the same thing by focusing myself more.. “Gaaah!” – Still nothing happened. “Damn it! Why it doesn’t work when I need it the most!?” – I shouted, expressing my anger.  The zombies were about twenty meters behind me. Did I lose my power or what? It was not a big surprise, because my great sword became heavier again, and as far as I was able to remember it was this heavy since the beginning, at a point where I had no knowledge of my powers. I still had to repel the approaching zombies, but I was not as confident as before when I had my power. My blade was too heavy to be useful, so I just placed it on the ground and faced zombies…

I was out of options to do something good and my stomach was injured, actually I noticed that it was bleeding, but the wound was already healing thanks to my “magical” regeneration. The zombies began to surround me, there was nowhere to run and I was too tired to fly. “If it’s my final moment, then so be it. I have no regrets anymore.” – I said as I smirked, I realized that one bite or scratch would infect me and turn me into one of them, but there was nothing left for me to do. I straightened my back and removed my hood to expose my face to the world, but for the last time I began to look for some whiskey inside my backpack. Instead of whiskey I found something better, I found a hope to survive. My chances were slim, but it was better than nothing. I found that ring inside my backpack, how could I forget about it? It was the same ring that I received from Thomas when he was about to die. Thanks to its white shining crystal in the middle I was able to notice it between the stuff that was inside my backpack. I placed it on my forefinger and then drew a white circle around my body, imagining a strong white magical armor appearing on my body. My body was suddenly covered in a brilliant armor. I looked at my palm, which was now inside a white gauntlet, I moved my fingers by making a squeezing motion several times. “So this is how it works? Very interesting, I guess my training was not in vain.” – I said to myself. I smirked beneath the white dragonhead-shaped helmet and said. – “Shall we begin?”

The foul creatures began to march towards me, they tried to immobilize me, by holding on to me and trying to bite off my armor, but it did not make any effect on my armor, not even a scratch was left. A female zombie approached me from the front, as a gift I awarded her with my armored elbow to her teeth. Her whole jawbone was crushed and her back touched the ground. I turned to my right and noticed two zombies running towards me. “So, you guys are next?” – I smirked as I grabbed their puny brainless heads in my hands and smashed them against each other, making their brain to pop out. I felt that something jumped on my back and tried to bite off my helmet, but what a poor creature it was, I intentionally fell on my back to crush its body with my armor. Zombies jumped on me from front and using their sharp claws tried to scratch off my armor. I realized that the weight of the zombies made it hard for me to get up. “Not bad, I can give you a credit for that.” – I remembered how Thomas drew a white magical triangle in the air and conjured an explosive orb of lightning back then. “Let’s try this trick.” – I smirked again and drew a small white triangle in the midair, a magical orb of lightning appeared in the empty space of the triangle and then it exploded in a point-blank range, pushing all the zombies away from me, some of them even caught themselves on fire. The explosion blinded me for several seconds, but my armor was strong enough to handle the explosion, so I did not injure myself. I stood up on my feet and looked around myself, bodies of zombies were everywhere and there was this zombie, who was crawling at my direction with his guts exposed. I glanced down to him with a smirk on my face. “Whoa… you are tough.” – I slowly approached him and raised my foot above his head, he tried to grab my foot, but I nonchalantly crushed his brains underneath my foot. “That takes care of things here…” – I said as the white armor disappeared.

I held my arms crossed against my chest and began to think about the recent things. These visions… maybe they were from my past? But why in the world I remembered something now? Maybe it was his doing? He looked very suspicious and he even resembled me someone, but who was that person again? I had one person in mind. – It was Thomas, but I killed him… Maybe he was an ally of Thomas? I shrugged and shouted. – “There is no way!” He would have been trying to take away my life or at least my sword, but he did not seem very bad, as a person at least. Maybe everything was just a bad dream? I tried to pinch my cheek, but nothing happened. “No everything is realistic.” – I sighed and wondered what was happening to me. I gave a glance to my blade and wondered how I activated its power in the first place. Something did not connect, however I had to find out the real secret about my power, or else I would be no match for Triniel. At least Thomas gave me this magical ring, but it was not enough to fulfill my ambitions. In the end I came to a conclusion that situation is getting worse and worse, Brusthonin will not last forever and my own power is not as useful as I thought. I approached my great sword, which was lying on the ground and tried to kick it away, but in the end I injured my big toe. – “Damn it all! Useless piece of garbage you are!”

Who are you talking to?

In the end I decided to call it a day, I lifted up my sword and carried it all the way to the village, as usually there I visited the pub, where Sandvika was serving me drinks. Since there was no harvest this season the pub was almost out of stock with only one bottle of whiskey remaining. I got drunk and passed away in the pub as usual. While I was sleeping I had a weird nightmare, where Triniel was crushing me under her feet. I never saw how Triniel looked in the real life, but I was sure that it was Triniel in my nightmare. When I woke up in the morning I found myself vomiting on the floor, Sandvika got angry and drove me away with a wooden broom. Her eyes were glowing with rage and she emitted scary pressure. “Geeh! I won’t be coming back there again!” – I exclaimed.

Azure was not around either, probably fighting on the frontlines… I had nothing to do and the time was ticking, with each wasted breath I had to think about a plan to save this place from darkness, and in addition to that I had to find a way to restore my original power, but not a single thought was entering inside my head. I was just lost in misery again. I laughed and said to myself. – “Hah.. I guess it happens from time to time.” Maybe I was supposed to look for a Goddess anyway? However, somehow I had this strange instinct that I should not trust a Goddess, I did not know why, but they did not seem trustworthy for me. Maybe it was just me? I glanced up to the tree of Life that was infected by virus and closed my eyes, feeling bad for it. After all this tree gave me home and I am too weak to make up for it. In the end I was not worthy of my title as the master, it was just an excuse to live here. However I had to repay for this village, I had to find a reason and create a plan to deal with Triniel and all the zombies in this place.

My people were getting angry for my lack of actions, they started to despise me of seeing me goofing around the village and doing nothing. They were right, I felt like a useless piece of meat which would be better off dead. In the end I wandered to a place where it all started – the forest of Lollu. It was a nighttime, but it was beautiful just like the village, the area was not touched by zombies yet and was full of life. I glanced at the lake from a far, there were several islands floating in the air above the lake and on one of them there was a tree standing, which resembled me the tree of life. It was marvelous. I enjoyed the peace for quite a while, it helped me to clear my mind and concentrate.
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I heard a faint, but yet familiar voice. Where was it coming from, and what was it saying again? I stretched my ears and looked around the area, scanning every single detail in my eyes… but there was no one around except for creatures made of water and other animals. “This is strange, maybe it was my imagination?” And then I heard the same voice once again, but this time it was stronger, maybe somewhere nearby? I still was not able to recall what was it saying, but maybe it was calling for help? I covered my mouth by surrounding my lips with my hands and tried to shout at the distance, hoping to get an answer. – “Hey! Where are you?” A couple of minutes have passed, but I did not get an answer. “I’m right behind you, fool.” – A strong masculine and a familiar voice echoed in my ears. “Hey you I’m not a fool, you know!” – I shouted as I turned behind me, but there was nothing behind me and then someone spoke again. – “Gwahahaha, right behind you I said!” I turned back again, but found nothing behind me. “Alright this is not funny…” – I said and sighed. “I mean on your back, stupid!” – It talked to me again.

“On my back!?” – I was caught in a surprise. “Yes I am on your back, you lousy idiot.” – The mysterious voice answered. “W-wait how did you call me, you freak!?” – I got angry at him, but then I stopped talking… Wait, there was nothing on my back to begin with, except for my sword. “Ca-…Can it b-..be?” – I was lost for words, was I really talking to my sword? “Just spit it out already.” – I heard the same voice again. “Are you my sword?” – I asked, hoping to get a normal answer, because I was tired of all these riddles. “Well yeah, what did you expect?” – The sword said. I quickly removed it from my back and placed it in front of me. “Am I going insane?” – I asked the sword. The sword just laughed like a maniac and then answered. – “Yes and no actually, I could always talk, but that doesn’t save you from your own stupidity. You are going dumber and dumber these days.” Was he bad-mouthing me, or what? “Err… I’m not sure what to say, but am I dreaming or something? Objects can’t talk.” – All the mess in my head became even bigger. However it was a great opportunity to get things clear.

I was looking at the sword for a whole hour, I was checking it from all sides, it was a big surprise that it finally started to talk after being silent for so long… but really, a talking sword? “Are you just going to stare at me, you dirty asshole? Don’t tell me you never seen a talking sword?” – It broke the silence by insulting me again. Was it angry at me for some reason? “Uh… what’s your problem, you stupid giant toothpick!?” – I backfired. “What’s my problem!? What’s your problem? My attitude was always like that, but you.. you ungrateful piece of garbage! How could you insult me? I gave you power and yet you are calling me a toothpick!?” – Conflict was heading to another level. “You gave me power? Don’t make me laugh, your power is unreliable! I was on the verge of death many times!” – I did not want to lose this argument. The sword just laughed. – “But you are still alive, thanks to me. Although I will never forgive you!” My sword had a really bad temper… I took a deep breath and calmed down, I closed my eyes and raised my forefinger at the sky and then pointed it at my sword, which was stuck in the ground before me. “Let me get some things straight, and then maybe I will apologize for being rude to you.” – I proudly said it to him. “Heh.. Fine then, ask whatever you want.” – At last we came to agreement.

Thus we began to talk… “Well that was quite a surprise to hear you actually. My first question would be this – how did I get you? As far as I know I had a different sword in the past.” – It was my first question to him. “Well that’s pretty simple. You broke your previous sword in a fierce battle with dragon of some kind. By the way I’m not just a simple sword; I’m on a whole different level.” – His answer was short, but straight. He had a big ego for a sword though. “Wow I was fighting a real dragon?” – I was kind of surprised by this; it seemed that I was really strong in the past. “So what? There are more terrifying creatures than dragons, oh and by the way you lost that fight miserably.” – The sword bad-mouthed me again. In the end I lost, well no wonder that I broke my previous sword. “Wait a minute, if I lost… Who saved me then?” – I wanted to get things clear. “Well, actually… Haha… Hahaha… Ahahaha… You were saved by a weak girl, I forgot her name though, but if it wasn’t for her you would be in dragon’s stomach.” – He answered, while bursting out of laughter. Weak girl huh? How did she manage to beat a dragon? “Anyway, you didn’t answer to my first question, so how did I get you?” – The sword really likes to avoid crucial questions; instead he likes to make fun of me. “Oh yeah, well you see you are kind of special, you wanted a to have a great weapon, and so you conjured me and made a contract with me.” – I conjured it and made a contract? What was it talking about it? “Umm.. What kind of contract did I make with you?” – Now I became curious. “You know, I hate to explain all of the details, but let’s just say that our souls are bound to each other, although we are not just bound to each other, we are the same exact person and in addition to that you sealed almost all of your powers inside me, but I would like to save this part for later… I really hate to explain everything to you.” – Bound like soul mates?

A lot of time passed as we chatted about a lot of things, but there was lots of more to ask. “So the other question would be this – Since I lost my memories we never really talked, but I have a feeling that I heard your voice somewhere, were you trying to communicate with me?” – This one actually intrigued me. “Hmm, well that is correct. Do you remember when you were trapped inside the dream dimension by Thomas? I helped you to escape by appearing in your dreams, if it wasn’t for me you would be done for by now. I tried to help you to remember who you were up to that point and that’s why I wanted for you to use me in those dreams. However you were so unaware of my existence that it was not an easy task, but in the end I managed to break the seal and saved you.” – Thus the mystery of the “mysterious voice” was revealed, it was my sword all along. I never thought that it had such power to enter my mind. In the end if it was me alone I would have been defeated by now. “But wait a minute, why you didn’t try to communicate with me before I fought Thomas?” – I asked the sword. “It’s simple, because there was no point. However when you met Thomas, I got so angry that I allowed you to use my powers, or should I say our powers, but I never considered that you would be trapped inside his dream dimension in the first place. Since I hate Thomas, I decided to lend you a hand.” – So it did not really help me, it did it for its own reasons.

“Let’s move on, why do you hate Thomas?” - I sighed and glanced at the rising sun, it was almost morning. “It’s because he’s a douchebag, he backstabbed us and as a result you lost your memories, oh.. and also he wanted to use my power.” – The sword made a yawning noise as he answered; probably it was getting tired from answering. “Why did he backstab us?” – It was my second question about Thomas. “Well in the past he used to be your friend, but when you rose to the top all of your friends and of course Thomas became corrupted, they wanted to take away your power and everything that you possessed.” – The sword answered. “Interesting, I guess I should reconsider what the meaning of real friend really is. Well I’m almost done with the questions, but I want to hear your opinion on this. Was I a bad person in the past or not?” – It always bugged me for some reason, and that last vision with countless of dead bodies made me wonder of my past. “I can’t really tell about that, you see my will is yours, but you were my partner in the past, so what you did was also my doing.” – Not a specific answer, but still better than nothing. “Why didn’t you lend me your powers the other day? Those zombies almost got me back there...” – Actually there were more times when it disobeyed me, but for what reasons? “Because I didn’t feel like doing it, and look at you! You managed to survive!” – It didn’t feel like doing it? That son of a bitch...

“Alright, we’re close now. Why did you decide to talk to me after being silent for all this time?” – I hated my sword for this behavior. “Hah, you never really tried to communicate with me and I did it out of pity, because I felt sorry for your sore ass.” – He answered, adding an insult as usual. “Why you little!” – I grabbed it by the hilt and began to strangle it. “Ugh..? What are you trying to do? At least wash your filthy hands, but to be honest it doesn’t hurt me.” – Was he trying to taunt me? I calmed down and decided to give him remaining questions. “What is up with your attitude? Are you angry at me for some reason?” – I asked it, trying to approach the whole situation diplomatically. “Well, as I mentioned I was always like this. But I won’t forgive you for forgetting my name. I don’t care if you lost your memories, I am you and you are me and you should know my name, but yet you are just too stupid to remember my name.” – The sword had a point, I did not know its name and I never really tried to ask what his name was.  “So, what’s your name?” – I asked, smiling. “I’m not telling you.” – A nonchalant answer. “God, at least tell me the first letter of your name!” – I shouted at the sword, I had this weird feeling that if someone saw me they would be thinking that I am crazy, because I was talking to a damn sword. “Alright, it is Z, but remember this – I still hate you.” – Ouch, that was cold. “Z is it? Well I will try to remember your name later. Anyway, why can’t you help me to fight?” – What was the real reason for that? I sat down on the ground, since my knees were getting pretty tired. “Because you can’t remember my name, I’m not lending you strength anymore until you remember my name and apologize! This was our rule since the beginning – to activate our powers you just had to call me by my name and look what you have done. I had to make exceptions here and there, because I just simply felt sorry for you. From now on, you can forget about all the rifts and other cool stuff that you create by using me. Even if it costs you your life, I’m not helping you anymore!” – Z was pretty angry, I guess we really made a rule like that back then; maybe it was the reason why I sealed most of my powers inside that thing. “I see. It is pretty sad, but just who are you? You said that you were not an ordinary sword and maybe that’s why you don’t want to lend me this power anymore.” – I was curious about that too. “Of course I am not. Just like my name I am the key to control space. I call myself as the God of space. To open up a gate to another dimension you just have to say my name, to create dark matter you just have to say my name too. Boy, there is much more to me than you think. Maybe if you will be a good boy I will tell you more about myself one day, but for now there is no reason to tell you anything.” – Z was so full of itself, in the end I was not sure whether it was on my side or not, but one thing was clear Z is a part of my power, to unlock its full potential I must fight for it. “And the last question is this – is it still possible for me to regain my memories?” – I never thought that I would ask this, but I needed to learn its name to defeat Triniel and save that damn tree and my memories was the key for it. In the end I was depended from my memories. “Of course, I would like for you to return to your former self. I hate this wimpy and stupid version of you. The same man that you encountered the other day holds the power to restore your memories. You must find him, but I’m not helping you in any way. You must do it yourself, and show me your worth. Remember this he is not an ally, it will be hard to find him and even if you manage to find him it won’t be easy to approach him. Any more questions?” – The sword asked. “No, I get it. I get it now, thanks for that my head is a little lighter now.” – I shook my head and decided to enjoy the moment of the rising sun… After then I grabbed my sword, or him, or her… whatever… I grabbed ‘Z’ and flew to the village.

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Two paths to choose.

When I reached the village, I decided to rest before a big day. At last I decided to take some action myself. My sword told me a lot of things about me, hope was not lost, but that stubborn bastard of a sword just made matters worse. I realized that without my real powers I would be no match for Triniel, on the other hand I had this ring to protect myself from zombies. The tree was dying at fast pace, and I still needed to make a sacrifice to save Azure, but to make it more effective I had to find that person, who was probably holding all the secrets to my past. I started to feel weak again, but I did not want to be useless in a situation like this. I had to choose between two things.

Should I go after that person and regain my memories and ultimately my powers, or should I help the tree and Azure? It was a hard choice, because both of them were crucial for survival. However it was a conflict between me and the others that I care for. Should I be selfish and only try to save myself, or help to fix this rotten place? I knew that if I chased after my memories I would be able to regain my powers in the process and then save the village and Azure. But what if it would be too late? I just shook my head and firmly said. – “No! I can’t be selfish, memories can wait I must do something about this first.” In the end I decided, even if I were to fail I would gladly die for those in the need of help. There was not much time left, but it was not the end yet. I decided to keep this secret of my sword to myself and finally do something to contribute for others, even if it was a dire situation… Now everything was up to me.

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18 Re: The Rift Dancer on Fri Sep 29, 2017 7:12 pm

(A very long and boring note: Well, it's been a long time, since I posted something here. I just want to say that this will be my longest post yet, I even had to split it in three parts. If you don't like to read, just don't... I warn you. By the way, grammatical and spelling mistakes are expected. It will be this way, until I correct them all in the upcoming edits. Why do I post from a different account? Well, let's just say that I want to start fresh. By the way, my writing skills became rusty over the time, so don't judge me for that. xD English is not my native language. I am always trying my best. If you like it, leave a feedback, if you don't leave a feedback anyway.(Not below this post of course, but contact me over a private message. If you feel like it, of course. As for myself I like what I am doing. It's a part of my hobby.) One last thing, this part of the post is mainly focused on Simon's character development. After all, there is no way I am going to create a bio of him, since he lost his memories. That's why I am creating these posts, about unknown strangers from his past to build him as a character and to explain where in the world he was gone. I might explain Simon's powers and abilities later, he looks op, but actually he is a very rounded character. Enjoy.)

Chapter 7: Stuck between two worlds.

Road to Nowhere.

In the end I broke my promise, it was merely a big and fat lie, which I made for myself that day. I achieved nothing after all the time that I spent here, it was not surprising though, when someone runs away once, - it will happen again and again. What was important for me? The village, my people, Azure or myself? Since the very beginning it was only me, everything else was just pointless. I was nothing to begin with, I lacked power to save everyone and did I have to pay the price? No, because nothing will remain nothing to begin with, I was nothing and the village would not be led by nothing. In the end I still had to return there, because I had nowhere to go, of course if the village was not wiped out from the maps, for which I kind of hoped for.

So what was my story? What kept me from writing in this notebook of mine? Well, a lot of things happened actually during my absence and to keep my memories in tact I had to write here again, because I did not want to lose my memories once again, - if it were to happen at least I will be able to know who I was before. However this time the notebook will not be empty when I wake up, I will scatter the copies of this notebook in the locations where only I will be able to find, even after losing my memories again.

Nothing was completely certain, I did not really have a certain purpose or goal, I was just doing what I felt like doing. Of course the main reason why I survived this long was that I craved for my lost memories, because before dying I wanted to know the complete truth about myself, there was nothing else. Clearly it was not for the village, the people, revenge against Triniel or even my only friend Azure, I felt like I was on my own from the start and when the time is right I will confirm it myself. So where was I gone anyway?

On that day I decided to protect my people and find a Goddess or at least a way to save the holy tree of life from dying, I had a clear resolve. After all, the only thing that I cared for most was my friendship with the first man that I met back then, before the blinding light that was radiating from the giant crystal in the center of the holy tree of life, - the man’s name was Azure or so he was called. Without Azure I would not even know my own name, he was a great companion and a big help on finding a lot of clues that would lead to my own past. Thus, I decided to visit the bar to get one last drink, before setting out on my journey to find a Goddess, who would help us to fix our mortal problem. I found myself standing before the entrance of the bar, I raised my hand up and slowly reached for the knob, pushing the doors forward. A disgusting reek of homeless drunkards filled my nose as I opened the door, the bar was crowded, warriors, who were fighting the zombies whole day, and other villagers were enjoying their drinks like there was no tomorrow. Bar maiden Sandvika, who was cleaning the counter with a piece of white cloth noticed my presence, she stopped cleaning the counter for a moment just to give me a very menacing glare, well I expected that reaction from her, because when I last visited the bar I got too drunk and she had to shoo me away. Without saying a word I just raised my right hand, greeting her with a hope that she would forgive me. Actually she was angry, but at the same time happy to see me, she bent down behind the counter and then a bottle full of whiskey came flying from behind the counter at my direction. I caught it with my right hand and smiled, she rose up from the counter and yelled at me. - “Take this and never return here again!” - I did not respond to her and stepped out from the bar, holding a bottle of whiskey in my hand.

I was facing the holy tree of life in the horizon, it looked like a clock, from the sides of it I was able to see vines of dark energy consuming it’s glowing giant crystal, - when the crystal will turn pitch black there will be no sunrise in this village... not only in this village, but all of Brusthonin will be consumed by darkness. I just scratched the back of my head with my free hand, letting out a cold and steamy sigh from my mouth. - “No tomorrow, eh?” - I thought to myself. Well I just had to bring the tomorrow myself... I turned left where a wooden bench with a table were located and then approached the objects, placing the bottle of whiskey on top of the table. I also removed my “very talkative sword” from my back and placed it against the wall of the building. I reached in to my backpack and pulled out a dusty glass and placed it on the table, then I opened the bottle and poured the content inside the glass until it was full, -“Well this one’s for you, friend!” - I said it while looking at my sword as I raised the glass of whiskey and chugged it down my throat. Of course the sword remained silent, such a piece of junk it was, but in the end I was completely nothing without that sword. It was such a good burning sensation in my throat and it felt like the liquid itself touched my heart. - “It is a cure indeed.” - I said to myself as I closed my eyes and smiled warmly. I continued to drink and talk to myself till I passed out on the spot.

The sky was blocked by a familiar gray ceiling when I opened my eyes the next morning, not to mention that my head was heavier than a stone. - “How the hell did I appeared in the church?” - I asked myself as I let out a loud and long yawn. Why I did not remember going to the church last night? I was not a big fan of the church and stuff, but yet of all the places I found myself lying in the middle of the church. I sniffed the air around, something was rotting here, I could hear the annoying buzzing of the flies. I gasped out of astonishment, - “Wait a minute... how come no one’s in the church?” - I quickly picked myself up from the concrete pavement just to find myself surrounded by blood and three dead people bodies. My body began to sweat coldly as my heartbeat suddenly accelerated. I looked down at my knuckles, which were stained with blood. - “Was it my doing?” - I asked myself, I decided to get out from the church as soon as I could, but soon one of the dead bodies began to spread strange growling noises, the body itself belonged to a local child that I knew from sight, he used to play around the village corners with his friends. - “Oh shit, he is turning into a zombie!” - I exclaimed, as I tried to reach for the hilt of my sword, but it was not on my back. - “Oh great... Did I forgot to take it with me last night?” - I asked to myself by slapping my right cheek with my hand. I reached inside my backpack, which was surprisingly with me and grabbed the ring that I received from Thomas when I defeated him. - “The magical ring... of course” - The corpse suddenly reanimated and began to run towards me, I managed to kick it away with my weight alone, since the corpse was of the child and then I stuffed the golden ring with a white crystal in the middle  on my forefinger, as the zombie was getting up I drew a shape of a white shining hexagon midair. In the middle of the hexagon a small magical portal opened, I reached my right hand inside the portal and pulled out a sharp long sword, I pointed it’s tip at the zombified child, who was about to rush towards me. Only in a matter of seconds his head was flying across the room as I swang my sword forward, the head touched the wall and bounced back. I decided to behead the other corpses while they were still lying on the ground and thus I did it before they came back from the dead.

I was standing in the middle with my head facing down, paying my respects for the fallen souls. Was all of it my doing? Did I kill these innocent people? I had to seek for answers, the white sword that I was holding suddenly melted inside my hand, white liquid which was dripping between my fingers disappeared without any trace, after all it was just magic, even though it was always surprising to see the objects melt after using them with this ring.  I was about to head out, but I heard the noise of footsteps approaching the area, I decided to hide behind the left corner of the room. Two men entered the area, - “I swear, I saw him going here last night.” - one of them said. Since I was more adapted to my own abilities than before I decided to mask my presence by casting a huge shadow on the corner, by snapping my fingers I gathered all of the shadows inside the room to this very corner and hid myself in the darkness by taking a step backwards. The two men moved to the middle of the room and looked at the headless corpses, they both looked at each other and asked the same question simultaneously, - “Did you behead these corpses?” - Both of them shrugged at the same time and said, - “Well I was killing zombies elsewhere...” - They both laughed at each other and one of them said, - “I bet Simon already escaped the village..” - the other man responded, - “Probably, after all he went berserk last night and picked fights with everyone... Damn it, that son of a bitch beat my wife to death! If I see him ever again I will execute him right on the spot.” - The other guy sighed and folded his arms against his chest, shaking his head. - “Don’t worry man, we will get our revenge if we survive this catastrophe. I hope that Azure will not turn his back on us like Simon did.” - Those resentful words flew right through my heart, did I really killed innocent villagers? But why, I don’t remember anything. How could I be this drunk to go on a rampage against my own people...? Was I this monstrous of a being prior losing my memories? If that was the case I had no other choice left but to abandon the Baltasar Hill village. I waited for men to leave the room and then I waited for night to come inside the church, I was sneaking through out the village until I stumbled upon my sword, which was still located at the same exact location where I left it last night, after then I just made my leave without leaving any traces.

I did not know where I was heading and what was the purpose of my goal, but the thought of me killing innocent villagers left my heart in pain. Liar, murder, demon... this is who I was, what even kept me alive? Why did I want to survive this badly, I had a choice to accept my fate and surrender myself to the villagers... was I still supposed to look for a Goddess? What kind of good would it bring if I were to bring a Goddess to my village? I was just full of dull promises, nothing good came out of them... The only thing that I caused was only more suffering. Only one thing kept me going, - my memories, - if it was not for my curious nature I would of been dead already. I did not want to break my promise, but in the end I was not cut out to be a leader. - “I’m Sorry, Azure.” - That day I thought that I would vanish forever and never reappear again, but... hell... I was wrong, no matter what the situation was I always lacked firm resolve.

I was advancing further and further away from the village until eventually I left Brusthonin. I crossed a lot of lands of Atreia, - Heiron, Poeta, Gelkmaros, Verteron, Etlnen, Theobomos, Morheim, Ishalgen.. actually I lost track of these names... This world was big enough for me to hide, on my way I encountered lots and lots of odd creatures, people, demons, Gods, Goddesses and so on... This world was full of people from another world such as I was, although most of them had their own story to tell unlike someone like me, who had nothing at all. From time to time I ran into a Giantess or two, like always I was fascinated by them, but with time I started to get used to them... I traveled  a top of the coldest and tallest mountains and enraged volcanoes. I crossed a lot of waters and Icy lands, I visited places filled with nothing but sand as well. I even lost count of the nights and days that ran by. My body had to endure changes of climate and in the process of my travels my clothes became kind of worn out. From fire, to water and from ice to wind... from iron to steel and blinded by the light and darkness my frame always emerged from shadows. I was not afraid of death or anything, I was living out of selfishness until I finally got used to the way of this world. I had no clear resolve for anything nor the exact purpose, I was just a person that carried this giant black sword across this world, Simon was my name.

Don't ask, you'll never know...

Days and nights were replacing each other as I was traveling around the world, such a meaningless journey it was. However one day, when the sun was shining the most, everything started to change, was it for better or the worse I did not know at that point of time,but I decided to settle down somewhere in the mountains, I found myself a dark and comfortable cave that contained a source of fresh water at the end of the cave, water was streaming from an underground waterfall. By using my magical ring I made myself required tools and objects for survival. I was living inside the cave for quite a while, I spent most of my free time meditating and training my physical body with simple body weight exercises, like pull ups, push ups, sit ups and so on. I had to stay in shape for my own survival, because I had a feeling that one day someone will find me inside the cave. As days progressed I managed to become calm as water and express as little emotion as possible. I also toughened my muscle tissue, my skinny physique turned  into lean and athletic over the months. Lack of food was not an issue either, from time to time I ventured outside the cave to hunt some wild animals. Thus I became adept at surviving.

However lack of companions made my social skills dull, not that they were great to begin with... I lacked common sense and human emotion as well, I became like a wild animal, but I kept my sanity intact by remembering good and old days when I used to hang out with Azure and the others at Baltasar Hill village. I even missed that Goddamn whiskey, but I just shrugged the thought of alcohol off, because whiskey made me kill innocent villagers, maybe it was not whiskey... but I really never cared for the answer. After all I had this blood lust inside me, actually one idea used to haunt me, - was I a serial killer in the past? Probably I was; because normal people does not carry swords on their backs after losing their memories.  All I wanted was a peaceful life, but someone like me would never find peace... My mysterious past was always lurking from behind and on the right moment it was always ready to stab me in the back. I became mad from the lack of company and then I remembered that I always had a companion by my side, it was my sword. A silent companion it was, I always wondered why it was mad at me for forgetting his name, however to pass time I began to try to communicate with my sword daily.

-”Can you at least tell me your name?” - I asked him one day, but did not receive an answer from it.
-”Tell me your stupid name or I will drop you from the mountain!” - I tried to threaten him another day, still it just remained silent.
-”Are you a man or a woman?” - Yet another day I tried to contemplate about it’s gender if it had one. It’s voice before clearly belonged to male, however it did not give me an answer. Maybe it was genderless?
-”Garbage!” - I insulted it by kicking it away one day, as a result I only injured my foot. Nothing was working on it. I tried a lot of methods, but I was not ready to give up. I began reading books that I purchased on my travels. I was reading the books loudly so that the sword could hear it, but it did not comment on anything. Indeed it was a stubborn big ass of a sword, but as I was training I was carrying it on my back. It once told me that we were connected to each other.

-”So, ‘Z’ was the first letter of your name, right?” - I asked it yet another day, because I did not forget what it told me back then. I clenched my right palm into a fist and smashed it against my left palm laughing. -”Alright, from now on I will call you as ‘Zanbato’ until you tell me your real name!” - Actually my little joke worked out just fine.. My sword emitted some red electrical sparks and the red crystals in the middle began to glow. -”Fool, you dare to make fun of me!” - A deep and strong voice of a male came out from the sword. My stomach began to hurt from laughter. -”It worked, I actually made you talk!” - The sword started to growl at me. -”It’s Zerne-..” - it stopped midway its sentence. -”Zernewhat?” - I asked the sword. -”Shut up! I’m only talking with you, because I acknowledge your hard work these past months.” - I became so happy to hear it again, it was a grumpy sword but with time we grew closer to each other, we talked to each other for days. We mostly talked about trivial things, I realized that it indeed had a gender, - it was a male. Zernesomething told me a lot of stories about his previous partners, though he did not tell me his name, but he complimented me that I was his best partner yet and that he saw great potential in me, I tried to ask him about my past but on that topic he always remained silent for some reason. He even allowed me to use his powers once again, but only on really important and dangerous occasions. He said that until I learn the truth about my past I will not be able to use his powers to it’s full potential, because his powers were draining my life force and were accelerating my aging process. I accepted his terms and thus we became pretty good buddies.

Good things will end.

However my peaceful life has met it’s end one night. I was meditating at my usual spot in an inner part of the cave, behind the waterfall, which had a secret passage to the other side. I was in a state of deep focus, my mind was so intact with the cave that I was able to feel the cave itself. Every drop of water, every little breeze of wind that entered from the outside world felt like it was a part of me. Even the soil itself and every little piece of rock felt like an extension of my body. My eyes were closed and my breathing was deep and collected. Suddenly I felt that someone entered the cave, I could feel their footsteps closing in; it felt like someone was walking on my body. There were not one, but two dangerous presences that made their way to the waterfall. As I opened my eyes I was able to see a woman and a man through the clear falling water. They were looking at my direction, however they were not able to see me, because a giant shadow was consuming my body.

The man that stood before me was tall, probably as tall as Azure or at least close to his height, he was also very muscular. Compared to me he looked like a small hill. His skin was pale, probably even paler than mine and he had a medium length curly red hairstyle on his head. His both eyes were of different colors, his right eye was red and his left eye was yellow. His nose tip was bent down a little and his overall face expression seemed  very vicious and twisted, not to mention some wrinkles on his face, he was probably from forty to fifty years old. The woman to his right seemed a lot younger, her body was petite, but she had nice round curves on her body. Her arms were skinny and her waist was lean as well, but her legs were long and well looking, she had some meat on her thighs too, her chest was not big, but it looked round and bouncy. Her skin color was regular, not too pale, but not too dark either. She had a blond long hair rolled into two long pigtails from both sides. Her face seemed very young, she was probably my age, possibly even younger, but she looked mature. She also had different eyes, however her right eye was not red as the man’s to her left, it was actually blue and the other one was yellow. They both wore long black coats just like Thomas did when I fought him. My sword whispered to me, -”You see, Thomas was right all along. He gave you a warning that others will come.” -I sighed and remained in my position hoping for them to leave soon.

However they did not leave. The tall menacing man looked around the area and let out a deep sigh. -”You said that we will be able to find him here.” - He said. The girl smiled and looked around the area as well; her eyes were scanning all the white magical objects that I created using the ring that I received from Thomas. To her right a white chair was present, she approached the chair and took a seat by placing her right leg on the other one. -”Seeing all these objects in the room I have a good idea that he is somewhere nearby, actually I can feel that he is inside this cave. Though it is strange that we can’t see him.” - She made her assumption with a relaxing tone. The red haired man nodded. -”You are right, my daughter. Then I am going to destroy this place, to make him come out from his hiding place.” - I quickly stood up and emerged from the waterfall, submerging my feet underwater. -”I will be the one to destroy you!” - My shout echoed through out the cave several times as I reached for the hilt of my sword, not just my sword, but my friend. The girl, who was sitting on a chair quickly extended her arm towards me and pointed at me with her forefinger, her thumb was raised up and her remaining fingers were clenched into a fist, she suddenly tilted her forearm at ninety degree angle with her forefinger pointing up, saying. -”Bang...” - Suddenly my ring’s white crystal started to glow and white metallic chains emerged from inside the crystal growing in sight to match my whole body, the chains suddenly enveloped me and seized me tightly. I screamed from the nipping pain as I was about to fall on the water, but the giant man jumped in front of me, as his feet impacted with the liquid all the water inside the pond shot up to the sky from his sheer weight. Some of the water impacted with my body leaving my black robe soaked. Everything went black, the last thing that I was able to see was a flying fist coming to my face.

Start begging for your mercy.

I found myself starring at the blinding white ceiling as I opened my eyes, even walls around me were white, the room did not have a single window, only strange white lights at the ceiling were illuminating the area. As for myself, I was lying on the table, which was located in the middle of the room, I realized that I was completely naked and my body was tied down to the table by unusual round metallic objects. My body was completely immobilized except for my head, I tried to move my legs, but it was no use, the gaps between were too tight. For some reason my vision was really blurry and my head was aching, I was able to feel a funny feeling inside my stomach, it felt like something was crawling inside. I glanced to both sides, the room was completely empty, in front of me there was a metallic door positioned a couple of meters from the table. I grunted, - “Ugh.. what happened?” - instantly I felt a burning pain moving across my body, from my feet to my head and then I passed out once again.

I was woken up by the noise of unfamiliar voices that were coming behind the door, at first I heard one feminine voice and then different masculine voices. All of the voices sounded different, there were at least four people behind the door. I could not understand what they were saying, was it just me or were they talking in a completely different language? I felt like I lost a sense of coordination, something was wrong with my senses... everything around my eyes began to spin, to me it looked like the space was bending itself in a vortex. I was not able to keep up to their speech, I wanted to turn my head to the right side, but instead it slowly started to turn left. What was happening to me? I maintained my sanity, but my body did not listen to me at all... suddenly the metallic door before me opened, a shadowy figure emerged from the room before me, however I could not took a good glance at it as I lost my consciousness again.

I opened my eyes once again, this time I found myself in a dark room, actually I was lying in the corner of it. My legs and arms were free and my senses were back to normal, however my body was still naked. -”What is this madness?” - I sighed as I touched the dark wall with my palm, the wall itself seemed cold and solid. - “Why would those fools leave me untied?” - I smirked and clenched my right hand into a firm fist. -”They probably forgot that I was way stronger than an average person!” - I shouted as I threw my fist at the wall with all my might hoping that I would punch out a hole inside. -”Arrrrrgh!” - I shouted out of the immense pain, as soon as my knuckles landed on the wall I felt a piercing pain and heard a cracking noise, the skin peeled off from my knuckles and a meaty and bloody bone teared out it’s way outside from my forearm. I poked the exposed bone with my left hand and suddenly everything went dark in my eyes and suddenly I lost my balance...

I woke up again, this time I quickly checked for my forearm, my jaw dropped out of surprise, because it was gone. It was amputated! But this was not the thing that shocked me the most, I was shocked that it did not regenerate. I always had this quick regeneration ability and yet it was not healing at all.. I quickly looked up at the wall, taking a glance at the area that I tried to penetrate with my fist. The wall was still standing without a single scratch. -”What have you done with me? Answer me!” - I shouted from the top of my lungs, but nothing could be heard, only dead silence followed. Suddenly my stomach growled, I felt hungry as hell. -”Well at least give me something to eat!” - I shouted, but only silence followed. I sighed and looked around the dark room, I noticed a glass of water and a bowl of cabbage soup, with some slices of ham and bread besides the bowl, in eastern-north corner of the room. -”Oh...” - I quickly rushed to the food and ate it all like an animal. God... it was disgusting, but I was just way too hungry to resist. I supported my back at the very same corner and stretched my legs forward, looking at my right arm... -”It’s not growing back... what the hell? Is this a nightmare? Did I lose all of my powers!?” - I began madly questioning myself out of panic.

-”Can someone hear me!? Please, at least give me some clothes! It’s cold out here!” - I even wondered whether someone heard me or not, I tried to pinch my cheek as hard as I could, but clearly I was not dreaming... I was able to feel the pain. -”Please.. anyone!” - I desperately shouted again. -”Shut the hell up or we will cut off your remaining arm!” - A loud manly voice echoed through out the room, I was able to recognize it, the voice belong to the same red haired man. I shook my head wondering where was the source of the voice. The room did not have any windows or doors to begin with, only a weak source of light was present from the floating red orb in the middle of the room. I gulped my own saliva down my throat as my whole body began to shake from fear. I had to keep calm and stay strong, but my body was moving on it’s own. Suddenly a long and thick metallic rod appeared before my eyes and then it quickly shot itself at my knee, it penetrated right through my left knee as I screamed in agony, it completely crushed my knee, only my own blood was pushing through the gaps between the rod and what was left of my knee. I continued to scream through out the room until I lost my breath and then I looked down to my crushed knee, I began to feel weak from seeing all the blood and passed out from the immense pain once again.

After some time I opened my eyes again, this time I was in the white room again, however the table in the middle was replaced with a wooden chair, this time I was tied down to a chair. I looked around the room, it was empty yet again and then I looked at my left leg, which was amputated as well as my right arm. I could still feel the immense pain of the shattered bones even though those body parts were completely removed from my body. My breathing became heavy and a cold sweat broke out from my body. However I was stronger than that... I just wanted to know what was the meaning of all this madness and more importantly I had a will to survive, because I was craving to regain my lost memories. -”Please talk to me!” - I begged to them and then the doors before me opened and the same duo, from my previous encounter, stepped inside the room. Both of them were glaring at me like I was some kind of monster in their eyes. The red haired man approached me and bent down a little to take a good look at me, he was grinning. -”Well there is no need for meaningless introduction, you will call me ‘Master’ and you will call her ‘Mistress’, do I make myself clear to you?” - They did not give me their identities for some reason. I began to anxiously shake my body. -”I’m not going to play along with your bullshit!” - I shouted at him. He merely laughed and both of them turned their backs on me. -”Well then call us when you begin to die from thirst. We are making our leave now.” - They simply left me alone in the room. I began to shake myself in the chair until it fell down with me. -”Wait! I agree with your terms! Master... please come back! Mistress help me!” - However they did not come back. They left me to die from thirst.

I was lying on top of the chair for several days all alone, starring at the white ceiling. Every second felt like an eternity for me, my eyes were opened wide, every second felt like an hour to me... with each breath that I took I was able to feel how my end was drawing closer and closer. With each heartbeat I felt how meaningless my life was. I tried to scream for help countless of times, however my own voice was bouncing back at me from the dead silence of the white walls. To keep my sanity in check I kept counting from one to ten in an endless cycle. Slowly my crave for water was intensifying and my heart rate was speeding up. I just wanted one glass of water, just one glass... but I knew that no one would come to save me, so I kept counting loudly. -”One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten...” - My skin began to shrivel from the loss of liquids as I stopped sweating, but still I kept counting loudly. -”One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten..”- I felt like I was burning, I was literally dying for a glass of water. My mouth was completely dry, I was not able to speak anymore, because I was about to faint, but still I kept counting from one to ten inside my mind.

Finally I heard a noise of approaching footsteps, there she was... The odd-eyed girl casted her shadow over me, she was holding a bottle full of water in her right hand and then she dropped the bottle on top of my chest, she loosened the rope from my left hand, allowing me to grab the bottle of water and drink it. -”Now drink.” - She said in a rather commanding tone. I slowly reached for the bottle and removed it’s lid then I just chugged all the water inside in one go, then I threw the bottle to the side and began to pant heavily out of relievement. The water tasted like the nectar of Gods and as soon as it filled my mouth I began to feel alive again. -”T-Thank you, Mistress.” - Finally I submitted myself. She simply nodded and said. -”Rest up, I will bring you more water soon.” - And thus she fulfilled her promise, she brought me more water after a couple of minutes, then she carried me to the other room, she was was pretty strong despite of her looks, after then she just placed me on top of the bed and commanded me to get some sleep. She merely left the room, by locking the door from outside.

Traitor's karma.

After quite some time I was finally able to sleep soundly, of course it was not the best sleep, but still it was better than lying on the ground all naked without even knowing if I would ever see another day. On the next morning I was woken up by them, they came to my room to have a small chat with me. I was still lying on the bed, they sat down beside me on the bench, which was standing before the bed. The red haired giant scratched his head and took a deep breath. -”Alright, where should I start now...” - He wondered as he raised his right eyebrow. -”That’s right! Who are we to you?” - He asked. -”Both of you are my Masters.” - To accomplish something I had to play along. He sighed and raised his voice. -”Don’t you dare to lie in front of my eyes! I know that you are just playing along, it takes longer to break the spirit of the likes of you. Anyway, you see what we can do, so you should obey us.” - I could not believe it with my eyes, he saw me right through. He was smarter than I expected, but he was right... I really had no other choice, a cripple such as myself was no match for them and I could not pinpoint the location of my sword. I thought that it would be a foolish act to resist them. -”You’re right. But can I at least know your names?” - I sighed and then the blond girl raised her voice as well. -”Silence! We are the ones questioning you, not the other way around.” - I nodded and remained silent. -”Well anyway, as you guessed already we are the allies of Thomas. Thanks to him we were able to find you, in the end he carried out his duty well.” - She looked down at her right hand, she was wearing my ring on her forefinger, noticing the ring I raised my right eyebrow and asked. -”Hold on... is that..?” - I was interrupted  by her raised tone. -”Didn’t I tell you to shut up a couple of moments ago? Indeed, it is what you think. This ring belongs to me, I lent it to Thomas. I told him to give it to you if he were to fail his mission.” - She then stopped for a while and sighed. -”What a shame... Well this ring can be used as a tracking device as well.” - Tears built on top of her eyes, she then just raised her right arm and wiped her tears away. Even someone like her had feelings for someone, after all we were all human by nature.

-”Even though we can’t forgive you that you killed Thomas. But  the tattoo on your face shows that you still haven’t learned about your past, so we decided that you might be useful for us. If you work for us, we will keep you alive, but if you disobey our orders we will simply execute you.” - I nodded with a loud gulp. -”But how can a cripple such as myself be useful to you?” - Her father or whoever he was, who was sitting beside her interrupted. -”Well for the past weeks we examined your body, we learned almost everything about your powers and abilities. We just drugged you with very strong medicine. I might not look like one, but actually I am a scientist. Just as we took your powers away, we can restore them back again. Of course, I will make some exceptions, for example we will take away your wings and of course we will not allow you to use your own sword. Who knows what you might do if we were to restore your powers completely, after all you are responsible for the death of our dear friend Thomas.” - Actually I had a question of my own. -”But why did you torture me?” - The man sighed and answered. -”Well we had our own reasons. The first one was to avenge Thomas. The second was to make sure that you would fear us and won’t run away when we will need you the most.” - His reasons were rational, however my curious nature overcame my mind. -”But why me of all the people? What have I done to you in the past? I just want to regain my memories and learn the truth!” - I became excited hoping that I would get some answers from him. -”Well, I’m sorry to say that, but we will not restore your memories. It’s for our own safety, however I can tell you this, - you’ve done very horrible things in the past.” - He closed his eyes and sighed. -”Horrible things? What sort of horrible things?” - I could not believe it myself... Did I really deserve to lose my memories? Was I this horrible as a person? My head filled with doubts about myself, not just doubts, but even more questions about myself arose in my mind. The scientist opened his eyes and sighed once again. -”Well, when you arrived to our world you became our greatest ally. To be honest, you became our pillar of hope. Without you... we wouldn’t be sitting here right now, even my daughter, who is sitting next to me would probably be dead if it wasn’t for your help. However as the time progressed you began to show your true colors and we had no other choice, but to banish you from our world. As the time went by we learned that we were no better than you and thus we sent Thomas to retrieve your sword from you. The power that your blade holds is crucial for our world’s survival. Although, for some reason, no one is able to use it properly, except for you.” - He seemed like a very troubled man, however I was kind of thankful to him for telling me this much, even if his words made everything more confusing. Well it was obvious that nothing good would of come from a man, who was dressed all in black, whose back was decorated by a sinister black blade.

For some reason I did not feel like I’ve done something horrible in the past, I knew that I was different. As long as I was able to remember, I always fought for the weak ones, yes... I escaped my village, I even accepted the fact that I betrayed my own people when they sought for my help the most. I even acknowledged the incident when I went berserk in my own village and killed innocent people, but I never meant harm for them or everyone else. I felt like there was a reason for everything, why did I came to Atreia in the first place and why I visited their world in the second place? There was a reason for all of it locked deep down inside my head, but now I had to do what was meant to be done. I simply nodded in agreement. -”Alright then, how will I be able to help you?” - The man rose from the bench casting a huge shadow over my body, he snapped his neck along with his fingers and then said. -”Well my daughter will tell you all about it, in the mean time I will make some arrangements.” - He left the room afterwards.

Alienated world.

Only two of us were present in the room, actually it was probably my first time when I was all alone in the room with a beautiful woman, but only on bad terms. Damn it! Such a wasted opportunity it was. She grinned and pulled out a syringe with a green colored liquid inside its tank. -”Well, sorry to say this... but it’s going to hurt.” - She said as she plunged the syringe at my stomach.-”Damn it!” - I screamed out of pain and suddenly passed out.

Prior opening my eyes I was able to feel something warm and soft lying on my chest, it felt like there was a living presence on my chest, actually a very warm breezes of wind were stroking my chest. I was able to feel my lost arm and leg again, out of the excitement I clenched my palm into a solid as a stone fist to check whether I really had my arm or not. Indeed, I was able to feel my fingers colliding with my palm, my lost body parts had regrown. I felt like I was reborn, there was not a better feeling in the world than getting your lost body parts back! As soon as I opened my eyes before me was the same woman from before, her head was resting on my chest, face down, she was breathing against it. She was sleeping on my chest! I kind of got nervous, because she looked very cute and she was sleeping so peacefully. I was lost for words, did she wait for me to wake up and fell asleep herself? But why did she chose to use my chest as her pillow? I took a glance at her body, she was sitting still, but her head and arms were placed on my chest. I became very confused, I did not know how to act... -”I... uh... nevermind...” - I tried to say something, but my cheeks suddenly turned warm and my heart rate skyrocketed. Was I blushing? But why? Why was she sleeping on my chest? I just shook my head and extended my brand new right hand forward and poked her small forehead. -”Ugh... hello there?” - I tried to wake her up. After a couple of seconds she slowly opened her beautiful differently colored eyes and looked at me, letting out a long yawn. She stared at my clueless eyes for a couple of seconds and then a bright pink blush dyed her face. -”I... umm... I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to fall asleep on your chest!” - She exclaimed as she quickly pulled herself backwards and lost her balance on the bench that made her fall on her back. I bursted out laughing at her, she was all bossy and confident before, but now she looked like a little innocent domestic animal. Erm... actually I was not better than her.

She frowned and quickly rose on her feet, placing her right foot on the bench. -”You dare to make fun of me?”- She bent her back forward a little and placed the tip of her elbow on her right thigh, supporting her face with her hand. -”Well, you looked very cute!” - I exclaimed as I nervously crossed my arms midair, in a defensive motion. The crystal of the ring, which was on her finger, began to shine. She merely sighed and rolled her eyes, but in reality she just tried to hide her blush. -”I might as well grant you death.” - She stretched her back and removed her right foot from the bench, extending her right arm at my direction. The ring suddenly started to shine even brighter and then a white dagger shot out from inside at my crossed arms. I screamed in pain, seeing that the dagger got stuck between my two arms, gluing them together and splattering some blood right at my face. -”I’m taking back my words!” - I grunted while looking at my penetrated arms. -”I’m sorry, take it off please, please!” - She simply smiled as evilly as she could and then the crystal on the ring extinguished, making the dagger melt like ice before my eyes. -”Well, if I am correct your arms will heal soon enough.” - I was relieved, I looked at the shrinking wound that was left after the complete disappearance of the dagger. It was healing indeed, the pain itself went away quickly, what was more surprising for me was the fact her mastery over the ring was incomparable to both me and Thomas, because we had to draw magical shapes in the air for the objects to appear, but in her case everything was appearing instantly. In the end I felt powerless against those people, they were out of my league or probably anyone’s league. I became so afraid of their power that I felt like submitting  myself to them was the right and rational thing to do. -”Alright, shall we begin then?” - She asked, seeing that my wound totally disappeared. -”Begin what?” - I asked her with my eyebrow raised up. -”For some story telling... but first... dress up!” - She shook her head out of disgust. After then she just created some white clothes for me with her ring and I dressed myself up, she then motioned her hand to come along with her and finally we left the room.

I was following her from behind in the long and narrow hall, our surroundings were all white. From the sides, the hall contained a lot of entrances to other rooms. We were passed by a lot of people, who were wearing white coats, actually not a single person was dressed differently, except for her... Maybe it was because of the ranks? Not that it actually mattered to me... We were merely walking towards the end without saying a word to each other for several minutes, the hall seemed endless, however even the endless hall met it’s end when we reached metallic doors.

Once we passed through the doors the light of the sun reached our eyes, the sky outside was clear and birds were flying high. The view distance was so great that we were able to see monstrous mountains in the far horizon, towering everything in sight.  Actually we were very high in the sky ourselves, we were standing in some sort of balcony. I moved a couple of steps towards the steel railings and looked below, - everything was green and filled with life. I was able to see a lot of miniature houses, trees, lakes and rivers down below. The air itself felt fresh and cool, it filled my lungs with energy of life. I clearly was not in Atreia, at my eye level I was able to see all sorts of flying mechanisms, - some of them had wings like I used to, and some of them were metallic and shaped like balls. There were all sorts of creatures roaming the sky as well, some of them were mounted with people, - from never before seen birds to white horses with wings, from creatures that resembled smaller versions of dragons to actual dragons and so on... They were traveling around the sky from one point to another. A lot of huge pieces of land, that had all sorts of buildings on the surface, were floating in the sky. Everything seemed so new for my eyes, not only the earth was alive but the sky was full of life as well. I was lost for words, my jaw just dropped down at the sight of everything. It was hard to explain everything in simple words. The woman patted my left shoulder and pointed up at the sky, I looked up and then I saw a piece of land so big that my head was about to explode if I tried calculate its size from a far. It was floating inside a transparent sphere of energy, it kind of resembled me an island. The floating island contained mountains and waterfalls flowing down from it’s sides, but the size of it was far too big for a regular island. It also contained forests and some clouds inside, on its center a gigantic castle was standing greatly, that was the half of the island’s size. Actually it was so high in the sky that it looked like a moon of some sort, but then it suddenly began to slowly descend, as it got closer a massive shadow started to consume everything below and a loud noise of rumbling thunder laid siege to my ears.

The floating island was tearing the sky apart, as I looked down at the earth I was able to see rising water waves and trees being blown away, the gravitational force of the island was just too hard to be handled. However everything calmed down when a gigantic transparent magical dome covered everything below. Probably all of this crazy magic was this planet’s main defense mechanism. Finally the flying island descended down to our eye level, it blocked everything that was in our, in comparison we were like ants standing before a dragon.

(Un)broken feelings.

The girl looked at me and asked. -”Do you like the view of it? This is our world, it has some similarities to Atreia, but remember to behave yourself, because you are not in Atreia.” - I simply nodded and looked up at the marvelous castle, it had huge towers erected from its sides, actually they were so big that I was not able to see the top. The castle itself had a sinister look to it, it was all black in color, however I never seen anything like it before, for some reason it was shining, but it was not a regular light, it was black in color. -”So, uh... are we going to visit the castle?” - I asked her out of excitement. She just giggled. -”No you silly, for now we are going to wait for my dad’s arrival.” - I sighed out of disappointment, -”And I wanted to get inside of it so badly...”- she struck my stomach with her elbow, her hit was almost as fast as lightning, I did not even have time to react. I fell on my knees, feeling a sharp pain in my stomach. -”Why did you hit me?” -  She glared and yelled at me. -”You idiot! An outsider like you has no business in our holy palace!” - I grunted and apologized to her. -”I’m sorry.” - She folded her hands against her chest. -”The time has finally came. I will tell you about your mission.” - I stretched my ears and was ready to listen all about it:

-”Alright. First of all, you should know that we kind of run this world.” - She looked up at the castle as she said her words.
-”Run this world? Do you mean that you rule this place and that this castle or palace, or whatever it is... belongs to you?” - I was kind of confused by her words, so I decided to make myself sure.
-”Certainly, we belong to a great council that is led by our king. There used to be five of us, but now that Thomas is no more, only four of us operate this place, excluding our king of course.” - She said it as she looked from one side to another.
-”I see, so what is my duty?” - I asked her.
-”Well, it may be true that we are in charge of this world, it is also true that we hold all of the military power here. Our world is also in peace at the moment, the long lasting war ended a lot of years back.. But you see a lot of nobles with dark and twisted ideals are still in control over the smaller regions, so you will have to infiltrate one of the regions.” - She sighed.
-Wait there was a war back then!? But why don’t you crush all of the corrupt nobles with your power? You must have a huge influence over this world and a lot of men as well... wouldn’t it be easier this way?” - I stormed her with a lot of meaningless questions, but like always my curious nature consumed my whole mind.
-”Yes there was a war indeed, but do not ask me about the war anymore. It is a taboo to talk about it. Even at this moment we can wipe all of them from the surface, but what kind of good will we achieve? There will be only meaningless sacrifices and we might cause yet another war. Nothing good would come out of it, but if an unknown outsider were to kill a very important person everything would end in an instant.” - She placed her left hand on a metallic railing with a nervous look on her face.

-”I see, well that makes sense to me. Alright I am up for the duty!” - Maybe these people were not so bad after all, yes the incident with Thomas and all the torture that I went through did not seem like a reasonable way to introduce themselves, but I guess it was my fault all along. Despite her young appearance she looked strong and experienced and her eyes reflected good and honest intentions. Just how important I was before coming to this place? And why did I come to this place in the first place? Only more mysteries unfolded in my head, but I only wanted answers, not riddles in my head. In the end I felt like I had no real importance in this world, probably I was meant to lose my memories.
-”No. You don’t understand the situation...” - She looked down and hid her face with her palms, trying to hold of the falling tears. I was not sure how to react, but my body just moved on its own and my arms just wrapped around her small and warm body. For some reason I felt like hugging her, even after all the things she and her people has done to me I just could not ignore to see someone in tears. As far as I remembered I was always seeking peace and well being of everyone, even with my traitorous nature I had to do something good for someone. I closed my eyes and the memories of the village, that I abandoned returned to me. Those good old days when I was hanging out with Azure, those good times when I was drinking whiskey and annoyed the hell out of Sandvika in the bar, it was fun... it really was... I always wanted to remember more, but if it was for the best that was fine by me. The girl suddenly started to cry, instead of punching me in the face she hugged me back and laid her face to my chest, soaking the white robes, that she made for me, in tears. I pulled her to myself harder, I was holding her by the waist with my right hand and then I placed my left hand on top of her hair, slowly stroking her delicate hair. It appeared that she did not mind my body language, it made her cry even harder:

-”Now... now... calm down.. now. Yes... I know nothing about you, but yet I accept your pain. You can cry to my chest as long as you want, but tell me first... what’s the situation?” - I tried to comfort her, but unlike her I did not have emotions of this strength.
-”A sacrifice is needed.”- She stopped sobbing and let go of me, by stepping a couple of steps backwards.
-”What kind of sacrifice?”- I asked her wondering.
-”We will sell you as a slave to the fighting arena. You will have to fight in an upcoming tournament to death, your job is to rise to the top and become the victor of the tournament. At the end of the tournament you will be asked to come close to the host of the tournament, you will have to kill him before everyone’s eyes. He is a cruel nobleman named as Damon, who silently seeks to overthrow the council and enslave all the commoners. At the arena a large number of spectators will be present, from royal and common families alike. Since everyone will see his death, no one will try to follow his path, because they will be afraid of the same fate.” - She slowly wiped her tears away with a piece of cloth that she brought from her pocket.
-”I see... well that won’t be an easy task, but is that the sacrifice that you mentioned earlier?” - I was confused.
-”You will have to die right on the spot, actually we will be the ones to bring you down and usurp Damon’s position. We will pretend to be spectators and once you execute your mission we will act. Not only we will show Damon’s family that we want to maintain peace with his noble family, but also we will show this world that we seek peace and we do not tolerate slavery, because before killing him you will have to say these words before the crowd, -’We are not volunteers, we were enslaved by this man to die on this rotten arena.’ - because common folk thinks that the fighting arena was created for people’s entertainment and that every participant is willing to risk their lives for the grand prize, which is actually death as well. All in all, it as a gold mining scheme created by Damon and his accomplices, they are responsible for all of the disappearances of a lot of strong and fine people. I am sorry to say it but in the end you will have to die. However your death will not be in vain, you will be remembered as a true hero.” - Did I really have to die for this?
-”And what if I refuse my task?”- I asked her. She just shook her head and rolled her eyes at my questions.
-”You don’t have a choice.” - She was honest, but for some reason she was about to bring herself down to tears:

-”Why are you crying for me?” - Why would she cry for someone like me? I was nothing to her... a traitorous bastard at the very best. I tilted my head down and my eyes caught a glimpse of the same magical ring that she was wearing. I suddenly remembered Thomas’ words, -”This ring once belonged to someone dear to you.” - was this girl that dear person of mine? Or Thomas just wanted me to take it, so I could be tracked down later?
-”I am not crying for you. I am crying for all the sins of this world.” -  She said with a cracking voice.
-”Then who I am to you!?” - I shouted at her, hoping to get a clear answer for once.
-”You are nothing.” - I could tell it from her eyes that she was lying to me, she was not looking straight at my eyes and her pupils were widened.
-”Can you at least tell me your name!?” - I rose my voice against her.
-”I can’t.” - She turned her back at me and started to sob. I then approached and grabbed her by her left shoulder, turning her body at me.
-”Tell me!” - I yelled at her in a commanding tone.
-”Or else?” - She asked, looking at me with her tearful eyes.
-”Or else I will... I will...” - I stopped my sentence, because I realized that I went overboard.
-”Or else you will what? Kill me? Hit me? Push me of from the edge of the balcony?” - She began to raid me with questions that did not need answers.
-”I will do nothing... sorry...” - I lowered my arm from her shoulder and looked down at my feet.
-”From now on you will be known as ‘S’ in the fighting arena. Or at least this is how you called yourself when we first met. Get ready I can feel that my father is nearby.” - She wiped her tears away with her palm and remained silent.

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Violence was not the answer.

‘S’ huh? I heard this nickname somewhere, I guess this is how everyone used to call me or at least how I called myself for some reason. Seriously? It was just a letter ‘S’... I was not even sure how to pronounce it... I clenched my fists and looked up at the gigantic castle that was present in the horizon. I was gazing at it for a while and then some odd, metallic, gray colored sphere was closing in from the direction of the floating island. It only took a matter of seconds before it reached us and stopped just before us, floating midair. The flying object was emitting chirping noise from inside, it was also pretty large in size. Suddenly a figure in the shape of a circle opened in the front, everything was white from the inside and then a ladder made of unknown metal erected from inside, all the way before our feet. I was amazed by this advanced technology, although Atreia was kind of advanced world itself, but this was beyond my belief. A figure of a bulky man appeared from inside the white circle, the shadows began to vanish from the man’s figure until it appeared to be the same red haired, scientist, man from before. He was dressed the same as before, except for some pretty major details, he was wearing silver colored goggles and on his back appeared to be my sword. These people were really obsessed with my sword.

-”Are you guys getting inside or not?” - The man waved at us. We both nodded and began climbing up the ladder. After we entered inside I was explained how should I act and also I was informed that most of my opponents would be no match for me, they also gave me gray leather pants to wear and a weapon of choice, which was a black magical sword. They told me that with that sword I would be able to enhance my shadow manipulation abilities. They also dyed a letter ‘S’ on my back, for identification purposes, because the tournament rules did not allow to use armor or even the top wear, only pants and sandals were allowed to wear. We then took off to the other side of the vast continent. I was till amazed by how advanced was the flying device, from the outside it looked like a giant flying ball, but on the inside there were screens rounded up, where an outside world was shown. The device also contained living quarters and rooms of interest. The strangest part of it was that no one was piloting or even controlling the mechanism, it looked like it moved on its own will.

Once we reached the area two men guided me out from the flying object and sold me as a slave to that Damon guy, he was a tall guy with athletic physique, he was carrying two scabbards with swords inside. He was dressed in well tailored blue outfit with golden medals and titles attached to it. He was also wearing a magnificent coat that was black on the outside and red from the inside, it also had golden trim on its shoulders and sleeves, and small golden wings were attached to its back as a decoration. The coat instantly caught my eyes. He had green eyes and short black hair, he appeared to be in his early fifties or so. It appeared to be that he was also a general of his own army. Soon after I was led to chamber and then I was locked behind the bars, the chamber contained a narrow wooden bed, a small table with some food and water placed on it. I ate and decided to call it a night, tournament was about to begin soon.

Thus I opened my eyes to see yet another morning, at that moment of time I knew that my fate was already sealed, however I did not feel like dying on the arena, actually I did not feel like dying at all. There had to be another way, I just had to find it. There was a loud noise coming from outside, it was the voice of the crowd. It looked like the tournament had already began. I was not sure when was my turn, but I decided to quietly wait it out. Until a guard approached and unlocked the doors, saying. -”It’s your turn. Now go and prove that you can entertain the crowd.” - He led me to the stairs, which were leading up to the arena. I climbed up the stairs and the light of the outside reached my eyes, I was only in a small corner of a massive coliseum. The colossal crowd was cheering from all around the tribunals, the pavement present beyond my feet was nothing but a mere sand, I looked around the area, noticing all the noblemen and royal family members gathered in one corner, with a lot of warriors guarding them from the sides. They were all sitting on comfortable purple colored chairs and in the center of it there was my target Damon, not far from him there were that girl and her mad scientist father sitting, they were staring at me, I simply gave them a nod and approached the center of the arena. I simply glanced up at the clear sky, the sun was shining and the floating island with their holy palace was present in the sky, in the far north. That island was just too huge, it was seen clearly from the southernmost side of the continent.

Suddenly a bald bulky man approached me and began to swing his fists at me. -”Don’t space out or you will get your head knocked off!” - He tried to mock me, however he was far too muscular and heavy to lay a single punch at me, with some fluent motion from one side to another I avoided his fists. -”Seriously? I am going to fight such weaklings? You are nothing compared to people from Atreia.”- I taunted him as I leaped backwards from him, trying to extend my wings, but as it was said... my wings were removed from me.. well it was worth a try. -”What did you say!?”- He became enraged from my words and rushed towards me with his fists directed at me. I waited out for him to approach me and as soon as he did I merely moved one step to the right side, he was caught up in the momentum and it was my chance to strike. I jumped on him by placing my feet on his back and stabbed my sword inside him, the sword penetrated his body and its tip came out somewhere from his lung area. He stopped and looked at his chest where the tip of the blade came out, a vital blow it was. I merely jumped from his back by pulling my sword out from his back as he fell down to the ground with no signs of life in him. Suddenly a man descended from above standing on floating metallic disc, it appeared to be announcer of the match. -”It appears that ‘Destroyer’ is dead. ‘S’ is the winner!”- He shouted as the crowd began to cheer for me. Such a mindless killing it was, I did not feel happy, but I was not sad either. The only thing that I cared for was my own survival. Thus it was my first victory at the fighting arena.

Since there were a lot of slaves, the tournament went on for days. With each day I had to kill more and more people, because the numbers were rapidly decreasing with each day. My foes were getting stronger and stronger either, however no one possessed powers such as mine was. Maybe there were some extraordinary warriors but it was yet to be seen. The arena was just drinking the blood of the fallen, it was not right. It was wrong in a lot of ways, all the cruelty, the mindless crowd, the hosts of the tournament... everything was just corrupt, twisted and ill to my eyes. I was simply doing what was meant to be done, mindlessly swinging my sword and killing other people, who were craving for survival just like me. I did not feel anything from my blade, it was a mindless tool dripping with blood. On the nights when I was closing my eyes, images of me spilling the blood of other men and women were carved in the darkness, their haunting faces were flying all over my head, but yet I had to stay strong and put them all to eternal rest. I became a mindless tool of killing, although I prayed for all that fell from my blade. Some were scared, others were killing for fun. And... I was just starring at the carnage, praying that the sun would never rise. This feelings were not right, I wanted more courage to stand up and fight. The fighting was raging on and on and they had to be strong to challenge me, I was not even sure if what I was doing was right... It was not the way I pictured this, I wanted better things. With each life that I took I plead to God to erase it from my dreams. I became scared of myself, scared to make it out alive, because murder was everything that I knew. From overwhelming sadness I became filled with emptiness, it became like a daily routine to me, an endless cycle it was. However I actually made it to the quarter finals, from that point my opponents became way tougher.

Come, sweet death.

-”Today we are all gathered to see the first fight of the quarter finals. The unscarred ‘S’ will test his might against the ‘Shadow Lioness’, let the match begin!” - After announcing the fight, the man simply ascended to the air. The crowd was cheering us on, because only the favorite fighters were left. This time I was up against a woman, who was probably twice my size, she had an athletic physique, she had medium length black hair, the hair were covering her right eye. she was armed with a long steel rod, it looked really heavy, but she was spinning it around with no effort. She looked down at me and her left eye suddenly started to glow yellow as she raised the huge rod up in the air and slammed it against me with all of her might, it was fast. For the size of her it was very fast, I barely managed to evade her attack by rolling to the left side, as the rod impacted with the earth it caused a strong shock wave and lifted all the dust from the ground. I decided to use the opportunity and hide myself in the dust, however her glowing yellow eye exposed itself in the dense dust as she raised her rod and swung it vertically, trying to get me from the side I was fast enough to fall on my stomach and ultimately I evaded her attack. Due to momentum her heavy rod flew to left, rotating her whole body to the same direction. I decided to use another opportunity and strike her from the side. I moved my sword backwards and dashed at her with all my speed, my feet left deep footprints in the solid sand, because of my sheer superhuman strength. I ran close to her and aimed to slice her right leg off, however she just laughed at me and then her own shadow ascended from the ground and manifested into a black orb and exploded midair right before my eyes, blasting me several meters away from her.

-”I am called as ‘Shadow Lioness’ for a reason.” - She giggled and began to slowly approach me. I was slowly getting up from the sand, the impact with the shadowy orb left a couple of bruises on my body, but after a couple of seconds the bruises vanished thanks to my quick regeneration. -”Well the crowd gave me the title of ‘unscarred’ for a reason as well.” - I smirked and motioned her to come closer with my free hand, she was approaching me slowly with a nonchalant smile on her face, she was not looking at me for some reason, she was looking at what was behind my back. I took a quick glance over my shoulder and there a giant black hand grabbed me from the back and started to squeeze my insides out. -”You dirty! I can’t get out... Damn it!” - I screamed from the squeezing pain maintaining a smirk on my face. -”Ha! You see I can control my own shadow, with this ability alone I managed to go this far.”- She said. -”Just kidding...”- I sighed as my sword began to absorb the shadowy hand from the distance, in a matter of seconds it was gone. She was amazed. -”Wait what have you done with my shadow!?” - What have I done? That was a good question, I merely absorbed it inside my sword of course. -”You might be physically stronger than me, but you lack years of training to even touch me.” - I said to her as I pointed my sword towards her, shooting a black beam from its edge, the beam that was created from her own shadow left a giant hole inside her chest and thus she fell on the ground. As usual the announcer just descended from above and shouted out that the victory was mine.

The next match was about to begin. -”Alright folks, this is a semi final match! Are you ready everyone? The undefeated holy warrior ‘Richard’ versus the unscarred ‘S’ is about to begin.” - The guy before me looked like an average lad, and why the hell his nickname was ‘Richard’... well it was not for me to judge his nickname, he made it to the semi finals after all. He was carrying a shining rapier in his left hand, in an blink of an eye he appeared right in front of me, his face was one hair close to mine. I felt something in my stomach area and then I noticed that there was a rapier plunged inside me. Some blood came out from my mouth. -”T-too fast...” - He smirked and quickly pulled out his rapier from my stomach, I took a couple of steps backwards, covering the small hole in my stomach out of pain. -”Not just fast, but mighty.” - He laughed and then snapped his free fingers, suddenly I felt a burning pain inside my stomach, it felt like some of my insides blew up. I fell on my knees and looked down at the palm sized hole inside my stomach, there was something shining from inside, it was the energy of light. -”Well of course... You caused a micro explosion inside my stomach.” - I said as I noticed the flowing blood from inside the hole. He took a couple of steps forward and aimed his rapier right at my face. -”Well how do you want me to finish you? Slowly or quickly? You decide.” - The fool though that he won the fight already, I slowly reached for his rapier with my right hand and grasped it inside my palm, I squeezed it so hard that the rapier began to slowly make its way inside my skin. My blood was running down his rapier. -”With my own blood I will say that once I heal up you should run and hide.” - With enough force given I pulled it to me, he tried to resist but his feet began to slide across the sand, he was just to weak for my pulling force. He let go of his rapier and I dropped it over my shoulder several meters back. The hole inside my stomach was about to disappear. -”Now go get your damn stick!”- I shouted at him to buy myself some seconds. He went to retrieve his rapier.

I slowly stood up on my feet again as my wounds completely disappeared, I turned back at him giving him a cold glare and preparing to block his next speedy attack. Once he grabbed his rapier he disappeared from sight again and reappeared right before me, he tried to stab me with his holy rapier again, but I blocked his attack by grabbing it with my left hand. -”You monster!” - He exclaimed as he tried to pull out the rapier from my tight grasp, however I became kind of used to this pain. The crowd was clapping and cheering on me loudly, however I despised those senseless fools the most and decided to ignore them completely. -”It’s over, kid. You were a really good opponent, but your weapon of choice was just bad.” - I complimented him and then I swung my sword vertically across his stomach, causing all the bloody insides to come outside from the wound. He looked down at all the guts and flesh that were hanging from inside his body with a shock on his face, he suddenly collapsed on his knees, grunting. -”You... are a demon...” - He was about to lose his consciousness, but I ended him completely by thrusting my blade into his throat. He dropped dead on the ground as I pulled my sword out from his throat and dropped his rapier on the bloody sand. Then I bent over to him and teared a piece of cloth from his pants and ran it across my sword, fluently cleaning the blood from its surface.-”Tch... Compared to me all of you are a bunch of weaklings..” - I murmured to myself and then the announcer descended to the ground, shouting. -”Well, well... we have a yet another victory! Our newcomer ‘S’ is moving to the final! Make sure to attend the coliseum next day!” - After saying his words the crowd began to disband for the day, I gave a glance to the blond girl and her father. They were clapping for me, for me it meant that my time here was about to cease tomorrow...

I decided to head back to my chamber, however on my way back, just before the exit door of the arena, a man, covered in black robes, grabbed onto my left shoulder. I stopped moving and took a look at his face, I could hardly see his face, because most of it was covered in a black hood, I was able to see only his right eye, it did not express any emotion, I could not feel anything from his silver colored eye that was present, but yet his stare made cold chills to run down my spine. I was also able to see his mouth, he gave me a murderous smile, but yet he remained silent. -”Excuse me, do you have business with me?”- I asked nervously, with a cracking voice. All the pressure around us, his mysterious aura made my legs to shake. -”You will die tomorrow.”- He said with a deep voice coming from his lips and then he merely let go of my shoulder. -”Wh..who are you?”- I asked him nervously. -”I am no one.”- He said as his wicked smile widened. I did not want to deal with the mysterious man and decided to rush towards my chamber. Just who was that guy? What business did he have with me? Was there someone else that wanted to kill me? Nah... it probably was my imagination, after all I took a lot of lives these past days... I had to be hallucinating.

It was a night, it was hard to fall asleep, so I was just sitting on my bed thinking about the mysterious person and about my mission. For some reason my hands were shaking and I could feel heaviness on my chest as my heart was pounding back and forth like it wanted to get out from my body. I looked up to the ceiling, whispering to myself.. -”Well, I guess this is it... I’m sorry Azure, now I can finally understand what it means to turn my back to those in need.”- Once again I remembered him, I noticed that every time, when I am in a hard spot I always think about Azure. My vision became blurred out from the sour water accumulated on my eyes, was I about to cry? I slapped my cheek as hard as I could and snapped out of it..-”No... men do not cry!”- I shouted loudly. Suddenly I heard approaching footsteps from afar, the sound of the footsteps belonged to none other than the blond girl, she stopped in front of my chamber and looked at my face through the bar. I raised my head and asked her.-”What are you doing here? What if someone will notice the two of us?”- She merely shrugged and said. -”Don’t worry, I’m not so stupid. Trust me I know what I am doing. Do you still remember your mission?”- She wondered. I simply nodded and remained silent.-”Good, we have high expectations. However I want to tell you that your next opponent will be strong. Stronger than anyone you fought so far. Even I am not guaranteed of your victory and to tell you the truth I don’t even understand how he became a slave, because he seems strong enough to just simply escape, but instead he is just fighting here.” - I rose on my feet and approached closer to her. -”Then what I am supposed to do?”- She sighed and answered to my question. -”I just want for you to take him seriously, just don’t let your guard down.”- I started to laugh like a maniac. -”And why do you care? I will die anyway, I forgot about your stupid infiltration plan long ago, since my first victory. But don’t worry I will win this stupid tournament and I will carry out my duty. I hate this madness myself.”- Her eyes became soaked in tears again. -”Goodbye, Simon.”- She turned her back to me and left the place. I fell on my back and glanced up at the ceiling. -”No matter what.... I will not lose tomorrow...”- I whispered to myself as I remembered my true and only one purpose that was keeping me alive, - my lost memories it was. Without regaining my memories I was not ready to die.

Final fight...

The crowd was silent and the two of us were just silently standing, starring at each other’s eyes. I was completely sure that my opponent was the same man from yesterday. I did not forget his emotionless silver eyes, he had a deep scar in a shape of dragon’s claw on his stomach, he had short and spiky white hair, and his physique was almost like mines, he was probably a couple of inches taller than me. He also had a snake shaped tattoo, which was enveloping his right arm. He was holding a sharp white knife with a golden hilt in his right hand. A strange weapon of choice it was, he could of picked a sword or an axe, but he picked the knife of all the weapons. However I knew that he was no ordinary opponent, not only he made it to the finals, but for an unknown reason he was roaming in the arena, while disguising himself in black. Finally the announcer descended from the sky and raised his arm up, shouting,-”Finally the final match is about to begin! Both men overcame countless of trials, stained their hands with blood and forgot the fear of death. And the funniest thing is that their nicknames are the same. I welcome all of you to see the exciting match of ‘S’ against ‘S’... Only the stronger one will survive!” - after finishing his stupid speech he just ascended to the air... and as for myself, I was surprised that we shared a common nickname. Was this some kind of joke? I just shook my head and decided to focus on my opponent.

The crowd continued to be silent, the suspension in the air was heavy. We were looking each other in the eye for several minutes, our bodies stood motionless, only our hair were dancing with the wind. I lacked courage to make my first move, his almost dead face expression was making me uncomfortable. Was this a trap? What if I were to dash at him with all my might, will I be able to lay a blow on him? Suddenly I found myself shaking again, I was anxious, but what if he was afraid to hit me as well? I was trapped in a psychological warfare before his silver eyes. I grabbed a hold of my sword with both of my arms and tilted it at his direction, but he continued to stay motionless, it felt like there was something dark and powerful inside him, and that something was ready to erupt at any time. He finally decided to say his first words. -”Don’t be afraid, take a step forward.”- With his free hand he motioned to come over. He probably had something up his sleeve, but I just wanted to release all this pressure and decided to charge directly at him, by holding my sword in front of my torso with both hands. -”I hope that you will die!”- I shouted at him, however he anticipated my movements and gave me a smiling face expression. I was several meters away from him, but he just slowly took one step backwards and extended his arm at my direction and pointed the tip of his sharp knife at me. I raised my eyebrows out of surprise, he was clearly wide open and I was a couple of meters away from him. As I ran I tilted my sword to the right side, readying to perform a deadly cut, but in a sudden flash his knife began to shine as bright as sun as it shot up at me, flinging away my sword from my hands several meters away. I stopped in the middle wondering how he was able to do it, because he remained in the same exact position. Dense steam was coming from his knife, he simply lowered the knife and extended his free arm at me, pointing his all fingers at me. -”Let’s see how will your regeneration  fare against this.”- On the tip of his each finger small yellow orbs of some unknown energy appeared, but soon enough they just shot themselves at uncontested speed, flying over to my body. Only my eyes, but not my body, were able to react to his lightning speed attack. Each and every orb collided with my body, two of them exploded at hands, other two exploded at my feet and the last one exploded at my chest. I was sent flying backwards to the other side of the coliseum, until I hit the wall just below the tribunals, where the crowd was shouting. I looked down at my feet and then at my chest, and finally at my hands, - my hands with my feet were completely torn away and there was a huge hole inside my chest, close to my beating heart that was exposed to the horrified crowd.

If it was the old me, I would of been screaming from pain, but it was not the case this time. I got used to the pain, however I was not used to the fear that I felt. ‘S’ was slowly walking towards me with a cold expression on his face. My body parts were slowly regenerating, however I noticed that he already prepared another set of energy orbs for me. It was useless to resist, it was actually useless to even do something. I was disarmed and I was unable to move due to my removed limbs, I looked up at to glance at that girl, who was crying again, this time she could not bear to look at me,  she was only crying on her father’s shoulder. Talking about her father, he was merely starring at me with a nonchalant look on his face. I Smiled and closed my eyes, the sound of the crowd was playing in my ears.. -”So is this the end for me?”- I asked myself quietly, but suddenly a vision of Atreia flashed through my shaded eyes. Indeed, I missed that place... If only I had the chance to visit it once again, that would be my last wish.

Atreia! Of course! I opened my bloody red eyes again as the shadows began to gather around my body. How could I forgot that I could use this ability however it suited my needs. Although my body took longer to heal than expected I replaced the hole in my chest with a dark shadow and I did the same thing with my lost hands and feet, for short I grew myself shadowy limbs. My opponent realized that now I was able to fight back so he just shot another barrage of those small and annoying orbs at my direction. However I realized that I was blasted off to the shady part of the coliseum, I raised my arms up and lifted up all the shadows from below my feet and formed it into a tall and solid wall of shadows. The wall easily deflected his attack without sustaining any damage itself. The man just smirked. -”Not bad, but the real fight is about to begin.” - His knife suddenly began to glow again and suddenly it began to extend itself, only a fraction of second passed as it became about ten meters long. He swung his sword vertically and sliced the tall shadowy wall in half. The tip of his blade landed between my feet. -”I see, so this is your knife’s ability. It can extended in fractions of seconds. At first I thought that you shot something from inside the knife when you flung away my sword, but now I get it why you were so calm. That’s a handy ability!”- I complimented him, however he remained as emotionless as he was before. Our fight was far from over...

I glanced at my sword, which was about fifteen meters behind him. I slowly raised my right arm to the sky and held my palm opened, I began to attract all the shadows in the arena just above my palm, into a shape of a ball. I knew that ‘S’ would not let me gather all the energy and try to strike me first. However, when he was about to hit me with his extending knife I threw a ball of dense shadow energy right at him and hid myself in the remaining shadows that were hanging beyond the tribunals. He simply sliced the shadowy ball in half with a nonchalant smile on his face, huge amount of shadows poured from the air, shaping into a dark dome around the arena. Now no one were able to see us fight, and my opponent himself was unable to see me in pitch black darkness.

I silently approached my sword and sneaked up from behind, aiming to get a clean cut at his back. However he blocked my sword with his knife, by quickly spinning around. Our blades collided midair, only I was able to see him... his eyes were closed, but his nonchalant face expression remained. -”Nice try, but I am not your average opponent. I can feel you from a distance.” - He said as he pushed his knife harder, I was forced to move a couple of steps backwards, to hold my blade against his. I was not able to feel anything from his blade, not even a slight murderous intent. His blade was emotionless as its owner was and it annoyed the hell out of me. I grabbed the hilt of my blade with my both hands and tried to push him away, however he jumped backwards making me to push through the air forwards due to momentum. He used the opportunity and began to move his blade up and down, right and left while aiming the tip of it at me. The blade began to extended and retract itself in a stabbing motion, it felt like a thousands of blades were trying to stab my body. I started to swiftly and fluently move my feet backwards, trying to avoid his insane barrage of blades or one knife to be exact. He did not even leave me a single opening, I tried to deflect his blade with my sword by swinging my sword in a defensive motion, but his knife was retracting way too quickly for my movement. There was only one way for me to create an opening, I had to take the hit. I quickly stopped moving backwards and his blade plunged itself into my right shoulder, a shadowy hand appeared from my shoulder and grabbed his blade, disallowing for it to retract once again. By using the moment I deflected his blade to the left side with my sword, due to his knife’s length his body was forced to move along. I leaped in front of him with all my might, even the ground cracked from below my feet as I shot up to the air, I readied my blade to stab him from midair. However, he caught my blade midair with his free hand, the blood began to drip from his palm as my blade dug inside his flesh. He gritted his teeth and released a magical energy from inside his wound, as it wrapped around his hand in a shape of a yellow colored gauntlet. I was forced to land on my feet, I was half meter close to him. He suddenly released the hilt of his knife and clenched his palm into a fist, he placed his right foot backward and bent his arm up while moving it back. -”Don’t think that this blade of mine is my only weapon.” - He suddenly threw his fist from below right at my chin, the blow lifted me up in the air a bit as I bit my own tongue with my own teeth, he then, in a blink of an eye, kicked me from the right side midair. My ribs shattered as I was sent flying across the air to the left, however I was able to get a grip of the hilt of my sword, managing to slide it out from the grasp of his gauntlet.

As I was flying across the air my stomach suddenly got penetrated by his knife. I looked over to his side and noticed that he was already holding his knife and that it had extended itself several meters in length, he raised his arm along with his blade up, lifting me to the air as well. Suddenly his left fist, which was now in a gauntlet, enclosed itself in a bright, yellow colored flame. -”I can not afford to lose here.”- He calmly said and his blade began to retract rapidly, pulling me closer to him as well. As I got closer just before him, he struck my torso with his burning gauntlet, sending me flying towards the ceiling of the shadowy dome that I created and burning a giant hole out from my torso, turning my internal organs to ashes and shattering the dome like glass. I was exposed to the crowd, flying along with solid black, shadowy brushes and in the middle of the collapsing shadow dome there was he, standing with his eyes still closed. I thought that it was my time to finally die, however...

Lord of space.

Everything was black... Where was I? Wait... was I really dead... of course, I could not survive such damage... Even my own regeneration has its weaknesses, for example if more than half of my internal organs were to be completely destroyed I would simply die before regenerating. However I felt that my consciousness was still with me, what kept me? And what held me alive for this long? Suddenly I saw a light in darkness and then I heard a faint, but familiar voice, -”Wake up, Simon. I know that you can do better than this!”- those were barely encouraging words. -”But I am already dying, aren’t I?”- I asked it. -”Well technically you are, but there is a way to survive. You will have to trust me.”- Wait a minute, was it my sword’s voice? But it was lying on that red haired giant’s back... how in the world he was talking to me? -”Are you my sword?”- The sword remained silent for a moment, before talking again. -”Correct. I am your sword, I was watching you all the time from Hanszel’s back. Remember, we are connected and we can communicate if we are not very far from each other.” - Wait the man’s name was Hanszel? But more importantly I was able to talk to my sword this whole time. -”Why were you silent all this time!?”- I got mad at him.-”Silence is my original nature, but more importantly I am talking with you for a reason. Not only you’ve been my finest comrade for all this time, but also you became a true and only friend to me. As I said before, I will repeat it once again, - you have the highest potential of all the partners that I’ve been with. And I can not let your life go to a waste until you finally regain your memories and return to me as my best friend, like you always used to be. So in exchange I will finally tell you my name. The name is Zerneger, now open your damn eyes and summon me in your hands and I will fuse with you. By doing this your internal organs will be replaced with my energy until you regenerate completely, and of course my power will be at your command. We will become one and defeat that man together!”- Finally I heard his name for the first time and actually I was reminded of something, that I was not alone in my journey.

I slowly opened my eyes, my vision was blurry and I only felt a burning void in my torso area. Of course, everything was completely obliterated from outside to inside. I gazed up to the sky, from where I was able to see ‘S’ face, looking down at me. He was ready to execute his finishing blow, however by using my last and dying breath I called for his name. -”Zerneger, I... su...mmo...n...you... to fi...ght... beside..me..”- Suddenly I felt something warm inside my palm, it was my sword’s... Zerneger’s... hilt lying in my palm.”- It started to glow red and began to materialize itself into a sphere, which could easily fit inside my palm. My hand moved on its own as it suddenly grabbed the sphere and made me swallow it. As it went down my throat I suddenly felt burst of amazing power running through my body. My destroyed hands and feet suddenly shaped itself into black metallic armor. I was able to feel the black gauntlets as my own hands, the same happened to my feet as black leggings consumed my body, and the empty hole inside my torso was filled itself with dark energy and a new skin covered up the darkness, enclading half of my body with solid dark armor made of sheer energy, only a part of my chest and stomach was exposed. My eyes began to glow in bright red light, granting me amazing vision and a black metallic horn grew out from the right side of my forehead. Lastly I was given a new pair of wings, they grew out from my back like weeds... They were spiky and dark in color and the dark substance was leaking from its edges. I was born anew. Our thoughts and souls completely merged into one. Although most of the body was mine, - I was able to feel a completely different will overcoming my mind. I became a completely different being, I could tell it. I was not afraid anymore, Zerneger lent me his strength and courage, and the power that I now possessed was beyond my own expectations.

As I stood tall on my feet everyone in the arena was shocked, especially Hanszel and his daughter, they were terrified at the sight of Zerneger appearing on my palm and then suddenly merging with me. The announcer that was about to shout out the victory of my opponent suddenly lowered his arm and ascended to the sky. ‘S’ was even more shocked, not only he was seeing me completely well and alive standing before him, but he was able to feel the immense energy that I was radiating. The time has finally came to decide who will be the winner once and for all. I could of just escape with my new acquired wings, but I was not... or we... were not completely acting on our own, all along we had a passion for killing and defeating strong opponents. The man before me just took a step back with his jaw dropped.-”Just who are you?”- I looked at my right hand, which was now a black gauntlet and clenched it into a firm fist.-”You can call me Simon... no you can call me Zerneger... No you can simply call me,- no one, because for me to kill you I don’t have to introduce myself.”- He nervously gritted his teeth and touched his chest with his yellow gauntlet, suddenly a yellow armor spread through out his body. He also raised his knife up and transformed it into a long and giant golden sword, it was about four meters tall, but he was very strong to handle it with ease.-”Tell me, one more thing before I destroy you. How did you know that I was going to die?”- I asked him, seeing that he had no other options he decided to answer my question.-”Because I am working with Damon. I have a shape shifting ability and every time a new tournament is being held I pretend to be another person. All in all, I am keeping the champion’s position from everyone and of course I crush strong, foreign slaves such as yourself. The name’s John, by the way.”- I merely nodded and said.-”I see. Then come and crush me!”

He swung his giant sword vertically, hoping to cut me a part, however I felt like I could do anything in this body, so I merely caught his sword between my thumb and forefinger. He tried to push the sword down to my head with all his might, but the sword was barely even moving. I smirked and applied little to none pressure between my fingers and his sword, the sword suddenly began to crack as I released the sword, which was about to crash down at my head. I quickly moved to the side, creating a ripped space as an afterimage of me, where the cracked sword got sucked in piece by piece. John could not believe the sight with his very own eyes as he realized that he was now only holding a giant hilt in his hands.-”This is not the end!”- He shouted as he jumped up to the air, moving the hilt behind his head, suddenly yellow flames erupted from the hilt in a shape of sword. As he was about to swing his sword from the air I extended both of my hands at his direction with my palms wide open and spiraled the empty space in between, creating a black vortex of sheer space, which ultimately sucked the flames inside and then a the same time spat the flames out directly at him. He was caught in the fire that was coming from the vortex of space, the flames melted his golden armor, the metal turned into a hot liquefied substance, which started to melt his skin off, upon impact with his body, and then he dropped on his back... The substance suddenly became solid and he was unable to move, I approached him...


He was looking at me with his silver eyes, hopelessly trying to move and fight back.-”Why are you so persistent? Just give up.”- I suggested him. He was in pain, but still managed to speak.-”I can’t... I need to defeat you.”- I merely rolled my eyes as I bent down, closing in my face to him.-”Why?”- I simply asked.-”Because I have to steal your powers and kill Damon.”- An unexpected answer it was.-”But you and him are on the same side, am I not right?”- He slowly shook his head.-”No, I volunteered to help him, because I needed to acquire more power to defeat him. I was too weak, but I always had this ability to steal power by killing a person. But now... everything is just in vain... all the murder that I commit is also in vain. All the sins that I made, all the souls that fell before my blade... I just wanted to end this system of mindless killing all along.”- I patted his head with my right hand.-”Then... I guess we are in the same boat.”- He began to die before my eyes...-”Please... kill him for me... avenge us... fallen warriors...all of us had families waiting for us... we just wanted better lives...”- Thus he said his dying words and closed his eyes, showing a peaceful smile and bloody tears all over his face. -”Don’t worry, your death was not in vain...”- I smiled as I stood up. The silent crowd suddenly bursted out shouting my nickname all over the coliseum. Everyone were clapping for me, even the Damon himself  was clapping, with a concerned look on his face, poor thing did not know what was coming for him.

-”And the winner is the unscarred ‘S’, now the host of the tournament Damon will award our champion with a grand prize.”- The announcer said before heading for the tribunals, where all the noblemen and royal people were gathered. I turned my head at their confused faces, because right from the start they knew that I was not supposed to win the tournament, but in front of a massive crowd they had to act like nothing is happening behind the scenes. Even the red haired Hanszel and the girl were confused, because from this point they were not able to read my intentions. Damon rose from his fancy chair and shouted from a far.-”Come over, great warrior. I will be the one to award you with a grand prize!”- I smirked and flapped my wings as I shot up to the air, beginning to fly with my wings in motion, towards him.

I landed right in front his face, he extended his left arm for a handshake, however I stood motionless for a minute. I looked over to Hanszel and her daughter, who were on the right side, just a couple of seats far. They were nervously looking at me, hoping for me to make my move, I gave gave them a smug face expression and then turned my head back to Damon, who was waiting for me to shake hands with him. I was holding my right hand behind my back, in my palm I manifested a small dagger out of the dark energy. I cleared my throat and spat the words at the top of my lungs, -”Those people are evil! They are a controlling and abusing bunch, that conducted all kinds of experiments on my body for a whole month and  made me obey their demonic orders!” -, With my free hand I pointed my finger at Hanszel and his daughter and then by using my armed hand I quickly plunged the black dagger into Damon’s heart, causing him an instant death. Suddenly chaos began to spread all over the place, the crowd was disbanding in panic and the guards were approaching me. I quickly removed Damon’s fancy coat and placed it on my shoulders, such a nice souvenir it was. By using the force of my dark and mighty wings I shot up to the sky, avoiding all the guards on the ground. The guards were also targeting the girl and Hanszel. -”Well I guess that we are even.”- I shouted to them, Hanszel was not happy to see this... actually he was enraged at me.-”You traitor!”- He shouted as he raised his arms up, suddenly all of the metallic objects that were present in the coliseum lifted up in the sky, molding themselves into one gigantic spear. -”Oh, so you are able to control metal. Now I understand your metallic rod to the knee joke.”- I mocked his rather useful ability, as I opened the rift in space and reappeared from his back and knocked him down from behind. The girl noticed that I knocked her father off was about to run over to fight me, but the giant spear of metal fell down from the sky between us. -”Sorry...”- I said as I extended my wings once again and flew off further away from the arena.


I did it for my own survival... I did it for my memories, I hoped that maybe one day... I will be able to regain them. Yet again I betrayed someone, but yet I had no other choice... I was too afraid to die. I was especially sorry for the girl, because it seemed that she had warm feelings towards me. I wondered what was her name, even Zerneger did not seem to know her name. In the end I was nothing, I did not accomplish anything... I just ruined the lives of others for my own good, right to the very end of this nightmarish journey I was just a pathetic, selfish scum. At least, I managed to kill Damon, but I probably started a war in that world... At least those two will be busy for a while, until they fix their own world problems. However, because of my betrayal I probably angered them even more. I was never an ally, I could not be trusted... it was a very foolish decision to place the trust in me, I was not worth it. However with Zerneger on my side and my lost memories that were yet to be uncovered I felt like I could still accomplish something. Though... there was no place for me to go, except for one, - it was Atreia, after all it was the place where I opened my eyes for the first time, where I tasted the sweet air of the Lollu forest for the first time, where I met a lot of good and friendly people, where my own village resided... and of course where my one and only friend Azure was living... Although I did not want to look him in the eyes, after all the bad things that I’ve done to the innocent villagers, but it was the only... right place for me to go, where I could seek for forgiveness, of course if the place was still surfacing the world. Thus I imagined  the world of Atreia inside my head and torn the space before me a part, creating a rift in space that was leading to Atreia... After so long... I was about to return home.

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The Rift Dancer.

I was just standing on a completely empty space, my feet were touching a solid cyan colored basis. It was a substance of space, which was created by my power, or rather it was an anomaly of space, caused inside the passage of space. I glanced at my hands and laughed a little.-”I never even imagined that I will be able to wield such power...”- Suddenly a presence in my mind appeared to talk to me.-”Indeed, this ability is our trump card. In the past, we used to merge together, when we faced great danger. Of course, this time our fusion is not complete... because your mind is locked from knowing all the secrets of our abilities, due to your memory loss.”- Zernerger pointed out. -”Yeah... you may be right, but still it feels amazing and I can finally feel that my body healed itself completely.”- I became overexcited. I looked down, noticing all the cyan colored matter began to get sucked in a vortex. -”So the portal to Atreia finally appeared...”- For some reason, I decided not to jump inside the vortex of space right away, I decided to stay motionless for a while, to get some peaceful time with my own mind. Thus I sank myself in the depths of my mind.
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I thought about a lot of things, which happened in these past years... From my very first appearance in my own existence,- to these days. Did my decisions lead me, where I was today? Or was it my very own fate? Why did I care for others so deeply, but at the last second I was always ready to stab their backs? It was not even about my lost memories anymore, it was about something totally different. Will someone ever forgive me for my crimes? All the people, that I left to die... all of my friends, who suffered from my hands... all the trouble, that I caused between these two worlds... all these lives, that I took... those crimes were beyond forgiving. That girl... she placed her whole faith in me, she had no choice either, but yet she cared for my life... but how could someone care for my well being? Even Zerneger told me his own name, just to keep me alive.... And Azure, my very best friend... He was always by my side, no matter what happened. Even after seeing the glimpses of my past, Azure was always there, right beside me... Even at the last vision... when he was lying in the ground, all beaten up and bleeding... did he get himself beaten up on my behalf? I did nothing good to them, but yet they were always there for me, actually I only caused harm to them. I was able to feel the sour tears, which were rolling from my eyes. Why did I even feel sadness...? I was just a trash, I was just nothing... I’ve been always standing alone... but yet these tears were real, did I really feel emotion of sadness... or was it mixed with guilt...? I laughed as I shook my head, wiping my tears away. If only I was able to redo everything, I would rewrite their fates... oh... if only I could... in the end, even with this amazing power I felt powerless...

Just how many years passed? I was still clueless about myself from the very own start, it was true that I learned a lot, I even changed through out the time... I was clearly not the same person as before. Will I even be accepted in Atreia again? I broke my vows countless times... Actually, deep down inside I felt like a complete scumbag, who was full of dull and empty promises. I lost my purpose a long time ago, but yet it was something that kept me alive, but yet deep inside of me, I knew that it was not my mysterious past, it was something else... but it was unknown to me. Everything was just so messed up inside me, it actually brought my very first question to my mind, - who the hell I was? If I was not from Atreia, if I did not come from late Thomas’ and his allies world, what really brought me to these places? Even this power was not my own, it was Zerneger’s... then how the hell did I end up going to these worlds? What was my real goal in the past? Did I danced through dimensional rifts causing problems here and there? Or was I always trying to find myself and my real purpose in this vast universe? -”That’s right! I will name my notebook ‘The Rift Dancer’ , when I return to Atreia!”- I exclaimed as Zerneger only laughed at my words. It was a perfectly sounding title for my life records... At first sight it resembled my ability of moving through space, but deep down there was another meaning... It reflected the rifts inside my head, because of my memory loss, but most importantly... it reflected the missing spots in my soul, because at times I felt like a good person, who would help everyone, but at times I felt like a resentful scum, who would only mess with the lives of others. My soul was just dancing through the empty rifts between the evil and the good, trying to find itself and its own purpose inside the emptiness. I merely shrugged and ventured inside the vortex, which was leading me to the place known as Abyss.
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Final stretch.

I came out from outside the vortex, I found myself standing in the same exact spot, but the empty space was replaced with rocky surroundings and of course... I was finally able to gaze up at the sky of abyss. I appeared to be standing on top of the eye of Reshanta. -”The time has finally came.”- Zerneger’s voice echoed inside my head.-”What time?”- I asked him.-”We have to defuse, after all your body healed itself completely... and this fusion of ours is only consuming your life force. In these past minutes, you lost about seven years from your lifespan.”- I popped my eyes, upon hearing his words.-”Seven years!? Damn it! Let’s defuse right away!”- Zerneger only laughed and said.-”By the way, you can keep my wings. They won’t drain your lifespan away..”- The black attributes, that were clinging to my body just fell off to the ground and fused together into the same black great sword, which was always clinging to my back. However this time it was not just an overgrown sword, it was my partner in combat. Zerneger was merely lying in front of my feet, without saying another word.

As for myself, I was completely naked again, since I lost my old robes, I decided not to wear them right away, because the clothes gave out a familiar look of me. Everyone knew, that I was this shady, hooded person, who was always wearing in a black chiton. This time I decided to go for something different, so that my own people would not recognize me. By snapping my fingers, I conjured new clothes on my body, this time I was wearing a long black jacket, my pants were made of hard leather, which actually looked like armor, but it was only regular black leather pants with a metallic tint on it. To hide my face I simply conjured a black, long and spiky edged gallon hat on my head and a long black bandana on my face, to cover myself more. I bent down and reached for the hilt of my sword, hoping that no one will be able to recognize me, by looking at the sword alone. I merely placed it on my back, since it belonged there... since the beginning of my journey. I Was standing straight with my new pair of wings extended from the sides, I simply bent down and then leaped up to the air... Flying further away from the eye of Reshanta at high velocity.
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After leaving the Abyss, I found myself roaming in the sky, playfully dancing in the clouds. It felt so great to be in Atreia once again, I was not sure for how long I was gone... But I felt so free and energetic for once, I’ve been living inside a cave for far too long and after then I was a lab rat, and suddenly I was placed in slave’s feet... But now I was finally free of everything! The cool and fresh air in the sky felt marvelous and the amazing landscapes from below looked amazing, it was such a beautiful place... although I was not even sure for how long I was gone... I really did not have a clear idea of it, but it felt good,- to feel alive and well for once... There was only one thing that I hoped for... it was the safety of Baltasar Hill village, I wondered if it was still standing on the surface, but I was yet to find it out.


I was flying so high in the sky, where I found myself above a familiar city. The name of the city was Sanctum as long as I could remember it. I visited there once, what was I doing there again?-”Oh yes! I visited a decent bar there before...”- I talked to myself. My eyes began to scan the city from above the clouds.-”Now where was it?”- I talked to myself once more and suddenly remembered that the bar was located in the first floor of the large tower, which was present in a remote odd shaped, floating piece of land with two hollow circles inside, which contained a round fountain in the middle..... Actually, it kind of resembled an eye. I was able to see the floating piece of land from a far.-”Alright, Zerneger. I haven’t drank whiskey for a while, maybe I should give it a try. Please don’t talk to me in public.”- It seemed like a pretty decent stop to take a break and learn what’s been going on around the place, while I was gone. Although I kind of felt anxious about drinking whiskey again, but its been ages and I was starting to miss it in my life.-”Alright, just don’t get yourself too drunk,- till you start pissing yourself.”- He mocked my whiskey drinking abilities and kept his mouth shut for the time as I merely descended on a concrete pavement and looked up at the tall tower in front of me. Luckily for me, I had some coins to spare, by using the energy of darkness, that I recently became adept at using out of instinct, I conjured a thick bag with all my savings inside, I held it in my palm. I climbed up the small stairs, which were present by the entrance of the tower and entered inside the bar.
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As I appeared inside the bar, my sight was drown in shelves at the front, which contained a large amount of bottles, full of alcohol inside, lined up on the shelves. My God! There was just too many, I almost forgot how good this bar was... Also there were not one, but two employees working behind the counter, since the place itself was lively. For some reason no one even bothered to sit down, all people were standing before the counter, talking to each other. The cozy atmosphere really filled my mood with warmness and calmness. I decided to approach the counter and order a bottle of whiskey myself. Once I approached the counter, I stood beside a really tall and muscular guy... He had white long hair just like me, but instead of keeping his hair loose like I was, he got it tied to a ponytail. He was probably as tall as Azure or that Hanszel guy, he seemed old... he looked like an old man to me at least, but he was talking to someone else to his right with an energetic tone. Just like me he was dressed in black clothes, it was such an odd sight to see... two white heads in black clothes, it looked kind of amusing to me. I was about to order my first drink, but the tall stranger to my right called me by my name:

-”Oii Simon, don’t be a stranger and introduce yourself to this guy.”- He gestured over to a stranger to his right, who looked like a fine young man. Although his haircut resembled me a bird’s nest... anyway, his hair color was brown and he was well dressed, - he was wearing a cyan jacket and black colored pants. His feet were inside of solid looking and clean leather boots. Actually, I was more surprised that the tall stranger was able to recognize me, maybe it was because of my sword, or maybe it was because that I did not hide my face enough. Well my cover was blown away instantly, this time by a complete stranger, that I did not even remember. Maybe I used to be a friend of the person prior losing my memories and never met him after, but he seemed like a kind person, so I decided to play along. He extended his giant hand for a shake, as I shook hands with him I was able to tell how puny my hand was, at least compared to his, and the handshake of his was so firm that actually made me a bit anxious, but he seemed to be on good terms with me, so he seemed mostly harmless. I also introduced myself to another guy, whose handshake was firm, but it was nothing extraordinary, compared to the tall guy.-”My name is Simon, it is a pleasure to meet you.”- I introduced myself.-”My name is Ray, it is nice to meet you as well. By the way, you look like the shadiest person I’ve ever seen.”- He introduced himself as well, but with a worried look on his face. Maybe I looked shady, because of my attire...? Or the sword on my back? I just sighed and said.-”Well looks can be deceiving, but actually I am mostly harmless.”- I tried to make a good first impression of myself. Once the introductions were over the long night began...
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The tall guy ordered a bottle of whiskey for both of us.-”Thank you, how much do I owe you, sir?”- He bursted out laughing with a strong and manly tone.-”The drinks are on me, my friend.”- I kind of felt the urge to show off, so I placed the bag, which was full of kinah, on the counter and motioned over bar maiden to come.-”Let’s make it double then. I order a bottle of whiskey for each person.”- The bar maiden happily accepted my order, it did not take long for the the bottles full of finest whiskey to be present right before us. After then we began to drink and chat meaninglessly, it was fun to be honest. From alcohol and the loud noise of the bar I could already tell that I became a little tipsy, however I was not ready to give up just yet. Because I was ready to outdrink everyone at the bar, well except the giant guy.... it was probably impossible to outdrink him. Soon after... even more people showed up at the bar, a familiar man, who was wearing crimson colored attire approached the countered, he was kind of an old man as well. Actually he resembled me Jake, but he was too old to be Jake... or probably way too much of time has passed, since I was gone. It turned out to be Jake. There was a sinister looking woman standing to Jake’s right, she was a new face to me as well. She had medium length, curly, gray colored hair, I did not remember her eye color, because I was way too drunk at that point of time. She was also wearing a long black dress with golden trims on the outlines, the dress contained a black flower on the lower area of her torso. As for her skin, it was little pale, but once again I did not really pay great attention that far on the right. I just gave them a nod and continued to drink my whiskey, I was surrounded by good folks. they were just chatting and drinking. I was not the one to talk, especially around the strangers. Most of the time I did not have to tell anything of interest, but I enjoyed their company. Later I learned that the giant’s name was Vlad, so I did not have to ask for his name as well.

My vision was blurry and the noise around me became muffled, I was leaning on the counter.. trying to finish my second bottle of whiskey, it was really hard to stand on my feet, but somehow I managed to stand still. Also, the whiskey was not as tasty as it was, when I was drinking my first bottle. I was totally wasted, it became hard for me to understand what were everyone around me saying, Jake and the girl in black dress, who was Satella... or Satina... I could not really remember what was her name... were talking about demons and Vlad was shouting something about the game of dare and truth... The noises were mashing up for me and I did not understand a single word, I decided to stop drinking for a while and sober myself up for a little. I just stood still with my arms folded against my chest for a time being. Actually I was this drunk that I even missed how a blue haired woman approached the counter to my far left. For some reason, she was very unsatisfied, but I did not care about her, because I had to deal with my spinning head. Her name was Laufey... or something... My memory sure was hazed by the whiskey. After half an hour, or so yet another person entered the bar, this one was familiar as well.. it was the same good and old vampire named as Daente. I remembered him well from the day when Jaina dragged me out from the ‘Steel Rake’, he was working there as a barman. I remembered how afraid I was of him back then, but I felt so confident and mighty from all the whiskey inside my stomach, that I even offered to order a free drink for him, but my offer was simply rejected.-”Thank you, but I don’t drink.”- Upon Daente’s arrival even Jake, who was only sipping water, decided to get wasted... as liked to say while I was drunk..-the more, the merrier. Although I did not remember saying it out loud, or maybe I did? Anyway, as I tried to speak my tongue kept twisting and twisting... I did not make a lot of sense back then, but what can someone expect coming out from a drunken man’s mouth?
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Serious topics about demons and cases of murder overcame the far right corner of the counter. I could tell that Vlad’s mood was about to be ruined as he jumped to the other side of the counter and tried to get everyone’s attention.-”Let’s quit the serious chatter and play a game!”- After saying his words he merely sat down on a chair, looking straight at me.-”Simon, are you in?”- He asked me... Actually I wanted to relax myself and get even more drunk... I was far from serious at my condition, for the night I did not want to hear anything about murders or even those ridiculous demons.-”Sure! Sounds fun, what kind of game are we going to play?”- I asked.-”We are going to play the truth and dare!”- I merely scratched my head as the name itself did not make any sense to me. Truth and dare? Or whatever he said... I was just in for a damn game!-”Druth and tare huh? Awwwright... I’m in, but... ya have to teach me how to play in the progress!”- Even though my head was heavy from all the whiskey I drank, I became kind of excited at the sound of a game. Although others just ignored us, except for the blue haired girl, which approached us from the left, now she was standing beside me.-”I will play this silly game with you, it sounds more fun than listening to the people on the right.”- She said to Vlad, I was still clueless as ever, seriously when did she appear in this place?-”Alright everyone, the first rule of the game would be this; if someone says demon will have to take a shot of whiskey!”- Vlad proclaimed as his words made me laugh... I looked him in the eye and said.-”Well then, you will be the first one to drink, because you said,- demon.”- He sighed as his palm landed on his face,-”Damn it, I messed up at my own game.”- He reached for the opened bottle of whiskey, which was present on the counter and then he chugged the whole content down his throat, he drank all the whiskey inside with an ease as there was only a little of whiskey left inside. After then I was able to see Jake going for the exit, he bid his farewells to everyone in the bar and just left. Thus the game began with only six of us present at the bar.

Mad game.

All six of us participated in the game, Vlad looked at the blue haired woman and said,-”Alright! You will be the first one start!”- It turned out that she was just as clueless as me, about the game. -”Just give us a dare or something.”- Vlad suggested to a clueless girl. She merely finished all the content in the glass, which she was holding in her right hand, and placed the empty glass on top of the counter.-”I dare you all to sit in a circle, to start this thing off.”- She gave us a dare and soon all of us gathered near the exit of the bar, sitting in a circle. The game was going counter-clockwise, so Vlad was the second in line. He dared Sat to shrink Ray, because she turned out to be a witch of some sort. Did you get it? Shrink Ray. Right from the start this game became crazy, as Ray shrunken down to the size of a doll compared to us. Poor guy, it looked like almost everyone was ganging up on him, did they want to kill him? I had to find a way to get out from this place, I did not want to be reduced in size. I was not very tall to begin with.... However rules were rules and on top of that, almost everyone of us were wasted.

The blue haired girl seemed kind of nervous herself, she did not like the sight of the doll sized Ray... ugh... what was her name again? Laufey...? Why did people possess such weird names? Then it was the witch’s turn, she gave a dare to a blue haired girl, to feel free to ask whatever was on her head...-”Why are you people so calm around the sight of a shrunken man?”- She asked us... actually all of our answers were alike... some answered that this sight was a common thing on these parts, others said that they were used to it... and, as for myself... I just said.-”It’s just the way of this world.”- I was not completely relaxed about it myself, but I’ve been living here for a long time now and not a single giantess harmed me... well at least, as far as I was able to remember, haha. Soon after, it was Daente’s turn... He dared Sat to shrink down Vlad to the size, even smaller than Ray’s. Thus she shrunk down Vlad in size, he was such a tall guy before, but now he was barely visible down there... He was almost like an ant, he became like a doll compared to a shrunken Ray. But that was my idea all along, I wanted to avenge Ray, by shrinking Vlad. After all I felt that it was the right thing to do, I just met him and I wanted to build a better relationship with a new person. I did not know what was my reason for it, maybe it was due to my selfishness? After all I needed allies and friends to really get the things going around the place, because at my current state... I was on my own... As it was my turn I glared at Daente and then looked at the witch in black dress and dared her to shrink Daente for stealing my own idea. I had no hard feelings to Daente, actually in my eyes he looked like a very kind and helpful person, who would help the weak ones. After all he proved to be like one, when he dared Sat to shrink Vlad on Ray’s behalf. However, I had to think of a dare quickly, since I was drunk anything went with me, and it was game of madness to begin with. Actually I was so drunk that I felt almost like passing out. I kind of felt relieved, because of the fact that Daente only shrunk only a little bit.
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Soon after, it was Ray’s turn... however instead getting the revenge on Vlad, he looked up at me and dared me to leave the place, he said that I was too good for this game and that I had to get some rest for myself, because I looked way too tired in his eyes. Actually I did not like quitting the game, but just as he said, I was really tired and I did not want to be shrunken down in size. After all, I had a big pride in me... and my own well being was the most precious thing to me. Ray was a real life saver... I rose from the cold pavement of the bar and stretched my back before going. As I bid my farewells to everyone around me I carefully left the bar, trying not to step on the shrunken guys. After I left the bar, I found myself a comfortable corner... to pass out for the night.

The sun was already up in the sky, when I opened my eyes. I had a monstrous headache and my mouth was dry, I found myself lying in a corner of the massive tower...-”Ugh... my head...”- I whispered to myself, it was such a good night, I met a lot of great people and of course I even met some familiar faces... I was really drinking to my heart’s content... I instantly wondered how the game turned out, I decided to check the bar, hoping to find the people still sitting in the same circle as before, however the bar was empty. I just ordered a glass of water, after drinking the water I headed out, this time my destination was my former home, - Baltasar Hill village. I was really excited to visit that place, if it was still standing, of course. On my way I was writing the details of my previous night, in this notebook of mine, and speaking to my sword about how much fun it was to get drunk after such a long time.


Finally, I was coming home... after so many trials that I endured... I’ve been away for far too long; searching for a reason in this meaningless journey. On the way I fought my many demons, I’ve even stood in hell... starring death in the eyes, I’ve looked to God’s in the skies... Probably I even gave armies reason to rise, I was merely stuck between two worlds, with nothing on my side... however... all roads, were leading me home. Not too long after, I found myself flying above the Brusthonin. The place was dark and rotten as ever... The skies were dark and cloudy, and the air was polluted as ever. The trees were dying, the rivers were contaminated by filth, the place did not change at all. Everything that was dead here,- seemed alive... and everything what was alive,- seemed dead. It really was a suiting place for someone like me, I was not happy to see it this way, but everything was my own doing, I left this place to rot. Somewhere, in the center of Brusthonin... a literal light of hope got caught inside my eyes... The sky above the area was clear, and the light of the sun was passing through the hole in the ceiling, which was the dark sky. The sun was shining on the area, that was surrounded by the dark mountains, but something pink towered the mountains, it was the pink leaves of the holy tree of might. It was still standing tall after all, it was still standing on its roots! It was a miracle... I felt so relieved from seeing that the tree was still there. I decided to land, just before the entrance of the village.
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-”Finally, I’m home...”- I whispered to myself. I really missed the sight of the village, though I was not a wanted guest here, but I decided to pretend to be an outsider. I really hoped that this time no one would be able to recognize me as I began to walk across the narrow, stony path.
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As I was walking, no one seemed to care about my presence... Probably I looked like their fellow villager... although, the sword on my back, was giving away my true identity. However, there were a lot of different faces in the village... probably some people grew up... and some people died from old age, or on the battlefield... that’s why they were not able to recognize me and I was unable to recognize them as well. I felt relieved, because I just wanted to see the holy tree of life for one more time and probably look for a place in the village after... With each slow step, I was drawing closer and closer to the tree...
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Indeed, the large crystal in the center of it, was shining bright... it did not contain those filthy black vines from the sides... The pink, falling petals from the tree were dancing with the wind and bright blue lights were hovering around the tree. I took a deep breath, once again my lungs were filled with freshness of the life. As I exhaled the air from my mouth, a cool and dense steam came out. I stopped, just before the tree of life and gazed up on it, reminiscing about all the old and good times in this place.-”I am grateful, that you are still standing...”- I silently said.-”I am sorry for abandoning you.”- I spoke to the silent tree. Whoever healed the tree... was a true hero of this village, it was probably Azure... if he even was still living around the place. He was the only one capable of bringing this village to light... and I... well.. I was not cut out to be a leader in the end... I did nothing for its sake... I was just a free loader... In the end I felt like nothing to my people, but it was fine by me. I was not worth something from the very beginning... I was just happy to stand before the tree once again.
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I was not sure... from where to even begin... I did not have a slightest idea of what was I supposed to do next. However, I decided to integrate with the society, maybe introduce myself as another person and ask them about what happened, and live out the peaceful days... After all, I was so tired from everything, I just wanted to take some time off... Thus I decided to experience different things in life, I also decided to be prepared for the next encounter with those people, if they were to cross my path again... I simply decided to slaughter them all in the process, because they caused the most harm to current me. I had to live in the present, not in my hazy past. Everything that’s been done, was an ancient past. I tried to forgot about it for that instance... As usually I just folded my arms against my chest and stood in front of the holy tree of life.

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(Yet another note: If you managed to read this far, I hope that you enjoyed reading yet another addition to Simon's story. From now on I will try to be as active as possible and have fun while rping, of course I will continue to post here. Of course, there won't be posts of such length for a while. xD Even if I like to write them long, it takes a lot of time for me.)

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