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The Time Mage

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1The Time Mage Empty The Time Mage on Sat Jan 11, 2014 4:34 pm

Danius’ claws drummed on the wooden bar, leaving new marks in the wood to join the many others that fellow Asmodians had made. He whistled to pass the time as others used shots to fill the same purpose. He looked around the bar, observed as drunks yelled and hollered and drank their troubles away… Or at the very least, tried to drink them away. He grew impatient as he waited for her. The bar was never exactly his favorite place, yet she always insisted on meeting there… Damn drunk, he thought.

For what must have been the 5th time tonight, the barkeep came up to him and made the same stern statement. “Listen, buddy. Ya need ta order a drink if you’re gonna sit at the bar. That seat ain’t for sittin’, it’s for drinkin’ in. So tell me whatcha want, or get the fuck o-” What a repulsive man he was. His breath was worse than a thousand rotting carcasses. The three teeth that hadn’t rotted out of his mouth yet looked as though they were about to. His beard was a mess of dirty hair that had crumbs from his last meal stuck in it. He was glad that the man’s voice had stopped, halted in time just as the rest of his being was. Another word from him may have made Danius vomit. He rose from his seat and moved to another part of the bar. Some sober enough to notice what he had done eyed him suspiciously, but they were smart enough to know that they shouldn’t protest. Once Danius was suitably far from the bartender, he allowed his timeline to continue. “-ut of my ba…” Danius chuckled as the bartender looked baffled once again. He must have had the brain of a Qooqoo to fall for this so often.

“You aren't supposed to do that, you know…”

Danius’ head snapped to his left, his visitor finally having arrived. He rolled his eyes, “And you aren’t supposed to be late to our meetings, yet you are every time. Somebody that’s adept in time magic… Late!” He laughs at her. “It still baffles me to this day.”

She glares at him through her dark red bangs. “It’s because I’m careful with this magic, Danius… It takes a toll on the user’s body that is far greater than other magic. Whether you acknowledge it or not…”

He scoffs at her. “We’ve been over this before, Nimera. I'm immune to the side effects. My body doesn’t deteriorate nor does my mind. The Arch Mage has told me personally that my body is perfect for the purposes of this magic!”

She continues to glare, not satisfied, "The Arch Mage also said our last mission would be easy, yet several of us died! He isn't right in every word he says."

He rolls his eyes. "They were the newbies! Arrow fodder, basically! I could tell none of them had what it took. But yes, the Arch Mage can be wrong, but we're supposed to trust him completely with everything he says. So that's what I'm doing. I'm listening to him being sure of my body."

His stubbornness was never something she could handle well... Nimera’s look intensifies, her completely white eyes now turning a shade of red to match her mood. They’ve always had a knack for piercing the armor of even the most well supported resolves. Danius was one of the only people that could shrug it off. She spoke in the loudest and sternest whisper she could muster. “The Arch Mage also forbids the use of time travel for personal goals, yet you choose to ignore him on that!”

In an instant, Danius' demeanor charged from the usual stubbornness he showed her to a genuine fury. Danius looks at her coldly, hostilly. His voice had an edge that cut her ears, its cruel indifference belonging to another man entirely. “I have done no such thing. And if I do, it is my own decision to make... not his." The air grew tight with tension as they sat in silence for a moment. Every time they saw each other now, it turned into a fight before even a minute passed. He wished it wasn't so... If only she would just accept that this magic puts him in no danger! If only she could accept that even the Arch Mage of Time can't predict the future!... If only should would accept that some things need to be done, regardless of what authority may say...

Nimeria beckoned the barkeep for a drink. As he fulfilled her request, he saw Danius and started his speech for the 6th time. Spit flies from his mouth as he yells. Danius moves back to avoid it, feeling as though it'd be so foul it'd burn through his clothes. "Alright, ya little shit! I've told you enough times already an-"

Frozen once more, Danius covers his nose to protect himself from the stench. Nimeria gives him an irritated stare, which he returns with an indifferent look. "What? Am I suppose to just let him yell at me when we have matters to discuss?"

"Yes. Because if you do that too much to him, his body and mind will deteriorate." She drank every drop of her drink after that. He was far too difficult to handle sober, which is why she always chose the bar.

Danius hears her retort and must admit that she's right... But he has no intentions of releasing it before both of them have left. "Okay, so let's wrap this up. Why are we here."

She slides him an envelope, "This is why. You know the drill. Read it and arrive at the specified location and time after we are summoned tomorrow." She rises from her seat and makes for the door, clearly agitated. She wanted to have a few more drinks, but the supplier wasn't exactly in a fitting state to fulfill that. Aion knows she didn't have the patience to fight with him over that right now. When did she ever? Danius was as stubborn as they came when they first met. Yet he's managed to become worse. This attitude is a foolish one, but why should she stop him from leading it? He can make his own decisions... and still survive... right? Her steps slowed...

Danius turns back to the bar, indifferent. Storming out wasn't rare for her so it gave him no reason to worry. He was glad she was gone now, if anything. All they've heard each other do lately is yell. Unless they're on a mission of course; as much as they may fight, no argument is worth the punishment for misconduct on a chantry mission. But they were not an a mission, so they arguing would have ensued. And he didn't want that. He didn't want protesting of his actions. He wanted her far away. He just wanted to be alone.

As the thought passes through his head, she suddenly returns to his side. She did not come back angrily. Not fully, at least; the flames of her fury were hard fires to quench. But there were other emotions in there, now. None of which Danius liked. Before Danius can even try to speak, she does, "The mission was an excuse for us to see each other. I specifically asked the Arch Mage for me to be the one to bring it to you. He didn't question why..." She sighs, her eyes now turning a worried shade of grey-blue. "I'm worried for you Danius... You're on a path of destruction three times over... Between your overuse of this magic, your willingness to defy the laws of the chantry, and your goal for revenge..." She looks deep into his eyes, urging him to listen. He had to look away... Anger doesn't pierce his defenses. But sadness is different... She strokes his arm for a moment, "I know you're too stubborn to be dissuaded... It's one of the things that makes you who you are! And I never want to change that." She smiles faintly, but the smile quickly fades. "But that trait may get you killed... So please Danius. Be careful..." Her hand stops on his shoulder, her eyes piercing through his body, whether or not his eyes where there to meet her. He could feel it. He'd probably still feel them after she left, too.

With that, Nimera takes her leave. Danius sat there in silence. "Damn that girl..." That wasn't the first time her actions actually got him thinking. When it came to logic on this subject, he hated observing it because it pointed so obviously to the fact that what he's doing is wrong. Overuse of the magic could get him killed, defying the chantry's law could get him killed, and doing the deed could get him killed even if it was a success! All signs pointed to recklessness, stubbornness, stupidity. This is why he chose to ignore logic on this subject. To admit logic was to admit being wrong, so ignoring it and feeling right about it made the whole process easier to deal with. Nimera's talks had the unique power to drive him to reason, but he always found himself chained to his foolish endeavor again within the hour. Her talks did not free his ankle of the chain; they merely gave him a taste of what freedom from them was like.

He looks up at the barkeep, still frozen in time. He only now noticed that the people next to him where waving their hands in front of the barkeep's face. It seemed like some of the others in the bar where trying to break him of his trance. Others just went behind the bar and took the drinks themselves. He covered the barkeeps mouth with his hand, fearing that bugs would soon creep out of his beard to try and contaminate him. With a grimace, he lets the spell go.

He looks at the barkeep and coldly says, "Shut the fuck up and get me a drink."

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