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The Huntress

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1The Huntress Empty The Huntress on Thu Jan 09, 2014 3:24 pm

"The council has forbade the use of the Fire Element!"

Cried out the man in an enraged tone. He had every right to as well. The teaching and practice of the Element of Fire has been forbidden for a millenia, and for a millenia no one had dared try taming the flames. Nemr however had something to prove. She hadn't been able to control any of the other elements at all. Fire on the other hand, came to her without even trying. Even as a child she could command the small flames in candles and torches without even knowing. Her family's long lasting heritage was destined with her, her name forever written in the books of history as the shameful one who couldn't command the elements. Fire was her only hope. It was only by accident that she had realized how far she able to tame the forbidden element. For years she practiced in secret. Readying herself for the day when she would prove herself worthy of her family's name. For years no one knew what she did behind closed doors. Though her patience run off, she attempted to practice within the council's training champers, at a time when she thought no one would be here. Another scholar was here, hoping to hone his skills without the stress of competition.

"I can control Fire!"
"Fire controls you!"

The conversation only lasted so long. The other scholar looked only a year older than her, maybe his early twenties. Confident and ambitious, he must have decided he would score honors for bringing in the blasphemer who dared challenge the will of the council. He dashed towards her, she raised her hands in defensive posture, quickly parting her feet and taking a low stance. Round 1 begins, nothing more than the two of them testing each other's abilities. The man quickly alternated his hands, left and right, testing her defenses. Her arms were strong and firm, blocking him in every attempt. She'd stay on defense for a few seconds, memorizing his pattern, and just when his right hand was meant to meet her left arm, she'd quickly veer to the other side and swiftly deliver a low strike on his waist. He groaned but took the momentum to swing around himself and hit her with a low kick that impacted into her stomach. She grit her teeth as she was pushed back and down, though she pressed her feet hard on the floor, rotating hip and waist muscles to balance herself. The two of them were quite matched in hand to hand combat, and were a prime example of the council's teachings superiority in both offense and defense.

"Enough. Feel the wrath of Ice!"

The man gave her no chance to prepare as he summoned Ice to his aide. Long sharp blades perpetuated from his hands, and he was quick to follow with a leap forward, his fist and arm aligned as he aimed the tip of the long blade towards her chest. She was no slouch though, evading low and quick to the right before he even touched the ground. The man did not give her a break, following with the other hand, this time she was a little slower, his blade cut slightly into the side of her right arm. She could feel the warm blood on her skin. The young scholar did not relent, he pressed his advantage, he slashed horizontally at her, she barely avoided it, her feet lost their balance and she fell on her back. The man was upon her in a second, his left hand blade quickly transformed into a hook, he drove it into her neck, around it, and pressed her to the ground as he raised his other hand. The sharp blade glittered under the light, what a terrifying beautiful weapon. Anger gripped her.


The air itself exploded into an inferno of flames around her, fire came to her aide. Her rage fueled it, she heard the man cry out as he was flung across the room by the blast. She saw him react quickly, engulfing himself in a block of ice to shield himself from the blast and heat. Though it shattered as he hit the floor hard. She stood up slowly, she could feel the heat in her eyes and the tips of her fingers, the same sensation she always felt when she used fire.

"Element of Fire! Obey me!"

Her voice echoed across the rooms, and the flames wrapped around her arms and legs, whips of fire extended from her hands as she hovered a few inches off the ground. Her opponent was standing across the room, in one hand he had summoned a long sharp sword-like blade of ice, and in the other, a shield had grown from the back of his hand. Round 2 was off to a great start already. This time it was her who started the offense. She propelled herself across the room in great speed, swinging her whips from both sides towards him. His shield proved to be a worthy match, light and yet very durable he deflected both attempts and followed up with a swift dash forward. His sword was drawn in a straight line at her, she reacted by blasting herself to the side, swinging her body around and sending her whips low, one of them bounced off the floor, but the other wrapped around his foot. She pulled him with great force, sending him tumbling and dragging across the floor towards her. She heard his cry of pain as his legs burned, but her rage drove her. She strikes at him while he was at the ground, quickly and viciously, his shield took some of them, but not all, she was penetrating his defenses and landing one attack after the other, burning his skin and flesh with each contact. On and on, she kept it, and it was only when the smell of burning flesh hit her nose did she realize she had taken it too far. Her opponent was dead, his skin blackened by the heat. She landed on the ground and looked around her.

"What... have I done?"

She muttered. The room was a horrifying scene. Scorched earth and burned walls, and in the center laid a man that was brutally killed, without mercy. Her anger turned to fear as the slow realization of what she had done sank in. She killed a scholar of the council. This only meant one thing. They will send a master after her. She could not hope to survive that encounter. A master's ability to command elements went beyond mere fighting techniques. It was the combination of ancient martial arts, and spiritual bonding with nature, a combination that rendered the council's mastered feared around the world.

She ran. Through halls and corridors. Aimlessly taking turns and bumping into puzzled men and women, a sign caught her attention as her eyes fell upon it. "Dimensional Experiments Division." It wasn't clear to her what this place was. But she simply felt like there was hope within. She dashed through the doors and guards, there was panic around her, she hadn't even realized that she was in a ball of fire at this point. Someone shouted behind her, and a powerful torrent of air sent her flying across the room, she saw a bright circle of light ahead of her, she closed her eyes and for a moment time froze as she saw herself in space, then land formed under her and she hit it hard. Groaning she stood up and looked around her.

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"Where am I?"

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