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Who... or what am I?

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1Who... or what am I? Empty Who... or what am I? on Tue Jan 07, 2014 5:45 pm

Dark clouds swarm a battle group of four warriors, who steel themselves for the coming battle. Troian and three others he vaguely recognised look at each other and nod.

Was there really a plan?

The only female in the group lashes out with a scythe into the clouds, which emits a high pitched scream as the clouds spread around where it was cut. The warrior with a long beard clutches his ears and screams himself as his eyes roll back in his head. Two seconds later he collapses, dead.

Was it really worth it?

The smallest warrior lunges into the clouds with a sword and shield. His screams were heard and suddenly cut off as dark, sadistic laughter comes from all around in the clouds from seemingly thousands of voices.

It's all your fault.

Troian lashes out at the clouds from a distance with his greatsword as the female warrior, stunned from the laughter for a split second, stumbles back to him, wounded somehow from the clouds. "Save yourself!" She cries as she falls to the ground behind him.

They're all gone. Now it's your turn.

Troian stares at the fallen warrior as she begins to slowly change. Darkness from inside begins to take over her body, changing her skin to a midnight black, her slender fingers stretch out and change to become long claws, then finally she very quickly sits up to her knees and stares at Troian with blackened, empty eyes.

It won't be quick.

She gets up and wraps her claws around his neck as the dark clouds swarm over him.

Troian awakens with a jolt, his heavy breathing could be heard for meters. He surveys the area and steadies his breathing. "Another nightmare," he whispers under his breath. Why did he have them so often? Who were those people? Why did it seem so real?

We're coming for you!

The voice seemed as though it were shouted from inside of his ear and Troian reacted by sweeping a leg around behind him. His leg impacts on a tree, which cracks along with the bones inside of his leg. Troian winces, but does not cry out as he gingerly places his leg on the ground and starts to work on healing it, all the while glancing over his shoulder.

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2Who... or what am I? Empty Re: Who... or what am I? on Thu Jan 09, 2014 11:04 pm

Dark clouds swarm around him, swirling threateningly as they block off all escapes.

We've found you!

A whisper, but one that sound much, MUCH closer than the clouds are. He scans the town carefully, trying to spot the cause of the clouds.

Many whispers begin to sound near him, coming from all around and speaking so rapidly and at once that he can't make out any single words. He looks to the group to his right, hearing them clearly, even over the whispers. How was this possible if he couldn't focus on one whisper?!

One person in the group stood out. He had claws, dark skin, and a semi-wild look already, but he was shifting to something darker as time passed.

Troian blinks as the creature turns its head towards him and makes eye contact. Before his heart could beat again, the creature was on him, then minutes passed by in a second before the darkness consumed him. . .

And now you're ours.



Troian found himself unable to move, yet still moving. Trapped inside of some body as it moves on its own. But this is not the place he was at before... He recognised it somewhat, but couldn't quite remember what it was.


A female voice called out to him from behind and the person whose eyes he sees out of turns towards the female warrior from his nightmare.

"Gwialla! My friend! I was looking for you!"

His voice! But he didn't speak... Did he? Was this a memeory of who he was? They embrace. She feels warm, comfortable... She lets go and gives him a warm smile.

"Ready for our patrol?"

He feels himself nod in response and offer his hand. Her soft hand feels cold as she takes it and continues to get colder... Then the skin begins to feel rough...

"I love you."

His head turns to view a horrifying creature wearing Gwialla's skin smiling at him just before dark clouds begin to swarm around them. . .

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3Who... or what am I? Empty Re: Who... or what am I? on Thu Jan 23, 2014 12:18 am

The days seem to blend together now... There's a constant, torturing presence in the back of my mind that I just can't seem to get rid of even with the potion.. Maybe I should see about containment.

Troian lies awake at night on a bedroll somewhere in Poeta, his eyes a cloud of grayscale colours as he reflects on the past few weeks and dreams.. Or nightmares?

You won't win~

The whisper again, mocking him because it knows it can take over him if he just lets his guard down.

You're starting to break! Can you feel us seeping through the cracks?

The whisper was right, he hadn't slept in nearing four days and he's been exhausting himself training to try and regain whatever skill he had before the last break. He still couldn't accurately wield two blades at once and his defensive skills have slipped almost entirely.. All he had left was his mental fortitude.

But even that's beginning to break.. he thinks to himself as he feels the need to sleep enticing his eyes to close. Maybe I can survive one night of sleep...


Troian's eyes open to find himself staring at a stone ceiling. There were no sounds outside, which was strange. He could usually hear the rookies outside practicing on training dummies or each other before he got up. Maybe I'm up too early? It is fairly dark outside... But it's usually that way during this time of year.

A sinister chuckling sounds from around him and before his eyes can open from a blink, he's already on his feet, with his hands moving to the nonexistent swords on his back. His eyes scan the dimly lit room, finding no movement other than the flickering candle on his dresser. That shouldn't be lit.. Who was here? He cautiously moves to the cabinet by his bed and opens it to grab for his swords.. To find them replaced by his daggers from downstairs.

It's finally your time

Troian blinks and grabs the daggers, giving them a visual inspection first before turning around and walking to the stairs. "So, it's my time?" He frowns as he stares at the metal masks by the bannister. They were on obsidian pedestals, waiting for this moment and for his choice. He could choose to follow the warrior before him and find some way to revive the world in The Other Place or stay behind and try to fight back the darkness as it slowly destroys the world. "I swear on my life and legacy to revive this world, even if it takes me ten lifetimes." He dons the black mask to match his weapons and the other disappears from view. "The blood of my line runs through me and it is strong, it will guide me through my chaos."

He could feel the temperature dropping sharply as he walks towards his door and he finds himself wishing for his sentient swords that would have kept him calm through his trials. Now he finds the harsh whispers of hell slowly scratching at the back of his head. It was expected, but if exposed for too long..

As he walks out the door, he immediately notices that there is no one in the village as the village is gone. As he looks around, his mind summarizes that there is no other way to phrase it. It's just gone. All that's left of the outside world from his perspective is darkness. And it's slowly closing in on him.

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4Who... or what am I? Empty Re: Who... or what am I? on Wed Apr 16, 2014 1:51 pm

A thought is all it takes to change the world, that's what you taught us, right?

A sigh is heard from the shadows and Troian turns to face it. Another Troian steps out of the shadows, vastly different from himself in that he has dark skin with white hair and his mask is also white. "You know what it means to be insane, so you tell me what he meant."

"I don't know what you mean by that," he counters, his eyes taking a dark tinge.

"Don't know? You haven't noticed how quickly you can change your mind? How you can see things that nobody else seems to notice?" He takes off his mask, ugly scars crisscrossing across his face. "You don't even seem to realise that you're one of them now," he grins as the scars begin to slowly heal themselves. He takes a few steps over until he's right in front of Troian. "You're letting them take control of you. Why?"

Troian blinks twice as he stares into the pure white eyes of his double, trying to make sense of what's being said. "Again, I have no clue what you're talking about."

He fades away as he speaks and the surroundings seem to blur and change randomly into different scenes. "The darkness inside of you grows more powerful each time you take your mind off of it. You need to learn to control it otherwise everyone you have come to know will learn what it means to suffer..."

A blink and Troian finds himself at his camp, already sitting up as though something had disturbed his sleep. He glances around, his body surrounded by pulsating black clouds that seem to hover just over his skin. He studies the clouds over, even though he's used to them he can't help but feel that something's wrong with them. Then he's hit with a tidal wave of memories of his past, everything he had forgotten from his past life and world.

Then as soon as it had returned, it disappeared. Became nothing more than a thought.

((I decided to write this again while I had time since I will be able to get on very soon! Hopefully tomorrow! And if any of you got this far, thank you for reading and if you have any feedback, please message me with your thoughts!))

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