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Miisa Duskrunner - Daemonic Sister/Murderer of Kali

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Miisa Duskrunner

Name: Miisa Duskrunner
Age: When Kalli existed
Size: Human to Infinity
Profession Soul Devouring and Seducing
Forms Human Form, Giantess Form, Daemon Form, Ultimate Daemon Goddess Form
Fetishes: Butt Crush, Inside Play, Breast Play, Butt Play, Vore (Soft and Hard), Foot play

Spell #1: Unlimited Growth - Miisa has the power to grow infinity.
Spell #2: Daemonic Breath - Miisa breathes powerful Aura, that leads to any normal Giantess can lead to shrink ((Only at Reshanta and Dark Places at Ateria))
Spell #3: Seduce - (men) Miisa seduces a man, while making a move, the man shrinks rapidly and the soul will be automatically devoured to Miisa.
Spell #4: Seduce - (Girl) Miisa makes a move on a woman/girl, the girl/woman grows rapidly, the breast, butt and muscles grow slowly, and she makes the girl into a giantess
Spell #5: Shrink (Self/Others) - Her Glorious Spells of Miisa has to do with any race, except for Goddesses, of course.
Spell #6: (WIP)
Spell #7:
Spell #8:
Spell #9:
Spell #10
Weakness #1: Xanna - Xanna makes Miisa's soul weakened by Kali's mind controlling Miisa
Weakness #2: Synd Family - With respect, Synd Family has a good heart
Weakness #3: Quixi - too Powerful
Immunities (Giantess Only)
Immunities #1: Shrinking but self
Immunities #2: Seal (Bad grounded type)
Immunities #3: Curse


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