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Making bigger/smaller furniture in Aion in your house. Make your furniture glow

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I wasn't sure if anyone had posted this already here so i figured I may as well put it.. if it's already on here or this is the wrong category for this particular topic, please go ahead and remove it or move it to the right one XD

This script is to make furniture large and small. This will NOT work on beds or chairs (sadly). This script also only provide 6 pieces of furniture to go larger. If you wanted to make more than 6 pieces of furniture to go larger, you will need to make or import another script into you Butler's edit script.

1: First step is to copy the script below. Go to your Butler and select "edit script". On the left hand corner you will see a button that said "import", click it. A text box will pop up. You will then paste it on that text box by shift+ V. This will import the script you copied into it.

2: A new macro will appear with numbers from 1-6. Each number you can designate for a furniture that you wanted to change.
Example: Right click on Number 1, this will bring up assign outlet. Click it and select a piece of furniture in the room. Do not worry if you choose to change this later or make a mistake as you can also right click on that number and choose to cancel outlet; and it will turn your furniture back to default size.


To make furniture large:
[sAEAAH4PAABO7lhE5KwMtTRxgmLZ5PrpjvebLf3XhH9wnk10Tl XhHpFVQRIsZgYjUMHivIHgkKc2fZ4byi4LtrHL4O00FkvZ5H2A lez/CZ8p96MeXV13MsM1j5+lKNGF0c0L+rD6L+sORD9E+IN7ztemn7 iQBRqyC/ROC3Av6+C9pMYG58GN0iZs/lHgnU0qQooPngKVxP6rRhx9ekCNoe5qUXl5NLFu+/HBmsmkYA45r+UN3ldvcooJnzGhLWK0MvqvP8QAs3nXnoIyCDfe 3LloIxuA9k4UMx7iZtg0gxpNB8Pg25HhvZfFnwVe0rFfkmZd4Y BKf2qQ0lJZf51YrF0lX24S980EpGgU0ecBT0PSVponHft9j2FC eqTiiiYZezrN2UlgSWGdAYPYqi5iCkYUzR7HG422NqQo3L8J7Q IeAPQZEvZCPTxOxuHD+HTaTH4pbgKMUxN6t/lHpvt4NqnCN7P/LQRVWL00Cb9yQ/opI8ZGtTIcNi322AQ7oqptL+QXHwbYgJM2lxt0CI/CZq6CmQhU5NwpG8cBrsuxp+3KsQ7r5xPIBIFGRCM6ruYMw3m6w m3SPAc=]

To make furniture small:
[sAEAAL4OAADXBAddSD7m9JCxDCCcbRvnEQF/CinT4an9DIi+tI7Rt5ok6vXXQAjg5m0p3Ne+frHz5u076v3tFn SUQohjFV2+nLHXeuMLpTxFNb74yPHSZ4PNkbDvEx2/MVWileme8VAk7vwxe67yj/pj/99h2O/KIzeJB9qoQmsEApp9LZDMN8WTFpbgakNdGpJh9DoKIFnzTEaU/cmLAWpccoROf+gx2v3i6OpHxIHX6QZu318M+Y5kmpFyM0DD7ST PEVHyDebpl8yKowQ5TP0rzhzh9s5syThX1TUKPmF915Qd+ErEl uJ7oW0cBNEcRiAzGZblKSS1ehYk7cr0dKgh0gfumPzo1wHdIzC YUA+/B+uGJfFy72orbQBKTxpIojuwDoGbWxr9xHy9SidKcgSgs0y2XB VQmayxACD2cY/ofGD3yUzZ3IiabSwHM4CjGr5gw83Jx3LSzo6AB2dXOD9toBoNi aCq/4fX/b5+aajTtCegII6LO6el9WbsU+um3X466qQWAr4ig/Ad/+905smuzJDJL1E2MKx7/5nSn8+u42tZu1UKycVn2Wa4JrVYrTd7E5BDmDc=]

If you want more that just 2 outlets you need to change the script
Change  H.SetOutletCount(2); to  H.SetOutletCount(6);and
as well
H.Scale(s, 1, 10000, .01);
H.Scale(s, 1, 10000, .01);

needs to look like this:
H.Scale(s, 1, 10000, .01);
H.Scale(s, 1, 10000, .01);
H.Scale(s, 1, 10000, .01);
H.Scale(s, 1, 10000, .01);
H.Scale(s, 1, 10000, .01);
H.Scale(s, 1, 10000, .01);

EDIT: I forgot to mention that you can change the size from 0.01 to 2.0 so in both of the scripts if you want to specify a size just change
H.Scale(t, 1, 10000, 2); to
H.Scale(t, 2, 10000, 1.5);

Making Furniture Glow

I will explain this by starting off with an easy script, and then making it more and more complex, with explanations. The following is the code for a very basic item glow:

function OnInit()

function OnUserSay(str)
  H.PlaySound(0, "rrrrrrrrrrrr");
  if (string.find(str, "a")) then
    H.GlowNow(1, 10, 0, 0, 255);
    H.GlowNow(2, 10, 0, 0, 255);
    H.GlowNow(3, 10, 0, 0, 255);

First, H.SetOutletCount(3); sets the number of outlets. You can change the 3 to any number from 1 to 16, depending on how many items you want to glow.

Next, H.PlaySound(0, "rrrrrrrrrrrr"); plays a silent sound, when activated. The r stands for "rest" which is around half a second of silence. The reason you need this, is to set a timer for how long you want tomsething to glow.

Next, if (string.find(str, "a")) then encapsulates some more commands and ends with a end. This command waits until someone in the house says "a". And then it will execute the glowy commands that were encapsulated. So, if I stand in the house with that macro, and say "cake" or "rawr", this command will see the letter "a" being said, and furniture will glow for a bit.

Next, the three commands that look like H.GlowNow(1, 10, 0, 0, 255); are what makes the furniture glow. The 1 is the outlet chosen. Dont forget to set this differently for each of the three GLowNow commands! The 10 how long you want the furniture to glow for. There's a catch to this, though. The amount of time something glows for has to be equal, or less than the amount for time it takes to play the silent sound. So, for example, if your silent sound lasts for 5 seconds, but you set the furniture to glow for 10 seconds, it won't work. It will glow only for 5 seconds. So, to fix this, you'd have to increase the amount of rs in the silent sound command. The last three numbers 0, 0, 255 describe the color of the glow. Cubes, paintings, and carpets can glow any color at all. Everything else will just glow white only, no matter what. These three numbers are Red-Green-Blue values. You can look up more colors online.
Making bigger/smaller furniture in Aion in your house. Make your furniture glow Glow10

Setting Outlets

In the coding area, type

function OnInit()

The 6 is how many outlets (marked furnitures) there are. The maximum is 16.
You can right click the outlet numbers and click "check outlet" to check which one's you've marked, if you forget.

NOTE: If you are going to be playing with making furniture bigger, smaller, or glowy. Remember that you can only do this 16 total pieces of furniture as it tends to glitch out. Do not be alarm if your furniture go back to default if you are inside you house for a period of time since this works on activation on entrance. Just go back out and enter and all should be right on how you set it on your script.
You can do more i think.. i just need to figure that out first

I take no credit for this XD i just looked it up online lol

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