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The Emissary of the Goddess

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1The Emissary of the Goddess Empty The Emissary of the Goddess on Mon Dec 23, 2013 7:53 pm

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A very long time ago, before the Earth, before the Universe had a form... There was just pure Void reigning all over. Nothing had a shape and no life existed at all. Then, one day, just out of pure coincidences, the full emptiness started to reach a form and shaped itself into a vast empty dimension that we call today as the "Material Realm": a solid and large mass of apparently infinite size that started to slowly be filled by stars and planets, becoming the Universe.

This massive space, back in the days, had a superior intelligence that made itself conscious of all the various problems that It had in its incredible complexity: no order, no reality, just pure emptiness. That's why It started to breed by its own will, creating the very first beings ever: Divines, both male and female, to spread Its will and finally be able to fill up this completely empty space with some substance. Being this Gods and Goddesses the very first to ever have existed, their power was immense, but had a limit: their purpose was to obey the laws of the Universe and CREATE. At every single little bit that they were getting closer to reach the end of their mission, the weaker they became, until eventually their life would have come to an end and they'd find a well deserved rest after so much work, returning to be part of the same mastermind that created them.

There was one of them, among all, that was absolutely scared of losing all of her power and her life. She didn't want anything to end, she didn't want to obey and lose her power. Sephirya, that was her name... Instead of doing what she was supposed to do, she started trying to find a way to survive and escape the grasp of a destiny that would have led her to disappear and turn into nothing. She went soon into a fight with one of her brothers that had already used most of his power and was close to reach the end of his life cycle, and won, killing him... As that happened, Sephirya was filled up with new power... She became even stronger by absorbing the soul of the defeated God. She had found a way to preserve herself beyond every possible imagination, becoming so powerful to dominate even over the Mastermind. She started in that very day a massacre: no one of her sisters and brothers survived as she kept killing them all and becoming more powerful at each death. After all of them were gone, she had obtained the strength to overcome the Universe's plot and get free from the curse that would have seen her be dead as a destiny that offered no escape. Time and Matter represented nothing to her anymore and she placed herself in the lead of all the Galaxies that her long gone brothers and sisters had created. Now all that she needed was something to make her a completely divine being, that would have not let her power slip away from her control.
She created her own dogma: the Sephiroth Tree... An aetherical path that tracks down the life of every single being and thing that has a lifespawn and it's not eternal, from its birth to its death. She marked every possible material creature with the same destiny that was reserved for her and doing so she escaped her fate definitely. Sephirya created 10 powerful beings marking each step of the path, emissaries that would have made it possible to preserve things in the way she wanted them to be.

The millennias passed, and Sephirya was in the lead of everything, having such a power that whoever tried to defeat her would have been killed and absorbed to give her even more strength. As she started to consume even entire worlds in order to get more energy, the Mastermind of the Universe started to be active again, creating new Gods and Goddesses... Not as powerful as the first generation, but with no purpose except balancing what Sephirya had done and no lifespawn, so they could not have been marked and ruled by the Sephiroth Tree. Seeing this as a direct threat, Sephirya used just an insignificant part of her power to create a new dimension called "The Sanctuary", a prison for Gods and Goddesses with just one rule: only one per generation can escape. Doing so, she forced Divines to fight and slay each other until just one remained. She was in pure control of her possible enemies. The survivor would have granted a part of the Universe to create his or her own galaxy and reign... Or be absorbed by Sephirya.

This kept going for a very long time and Sephirya crowned herself after even more millennias as the "Fair Goddess"... The one that was in the lead of good and evil, that always gave a chance to everyone. She is nowadays considered to be the "mother" of the Divines. But silently, her emissaries keep searching the Universe for those Gods and Goddesses that are too dangerous to be kept alive, trying to drag them into the Sanctuary.

It was during one of these "missions" that Malkuth, the 10th Sephira and ruler of the Path of Destruction, found Atreia... A place filled with Goddesses, Gods and incredibly powerful beings that would have rapresented a direct threat to Sephirya's throne. As she reported back, the Omnipotent Goddess of Space and Time decided to not drag any of those being insto the Sanctuary, but instead she sent Malkuth back to do what she does bast: complete extinction of any form of life on Atreia.

If she would have succeeded or not, it was just a question of intelligence and strategy by the inhabitants of that distant planet to respond to such a threat.

((This Rp setting follows the storyline of my comic. If you would like to play, just stick around me when I am doing some storytelling and I can assure you a whole load of fun. This RP is not meant to be just pure fighting. Fighting won't lead you very far away against such powerful beings. Instead, you could use your strategy to make things just great. Let me know if you're interested))

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2The Emissary of the Goddess Empty Re: The Emissary of the Goddess on Tue Jan 07, 2014 5:56 am

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It has been almost a month since Malkuth arrived in the lands of Atreia. At first as a complete stranger, perhaps a deranged woman, now as a full scale threat to the lands of Elysea and Asmodae. Her intentions were clear once in that distant day in Akarios Village, Azure attacked her with his most powerful and fearsome blow, and she walked out of the flames laughing maniacally as she absorbed even more power.

The Sephira of Destruction, one of the ten components of the Sephiroth Tree, an omnipotent principle that belongs to the Goddess of Time and Space and that rules above the lives of every being that has a lifespan, tracing their paths from the very moment they are conceived to the one they die.
Malkuth's powers revealed to be increasing with violence and hatred, so Daente, along with Mira, Black Widow and Azure himself marched guided by Elokim, the God of Light, to attempt and resurrect the long gone Jake, hero of Elysea, in order to be able to make a public announcement to stop every single conflict. After defeating the two guardians of Gelkmaros and Inggison, The Mastarius and The Veille, their cores worked just fine to restore the power of the God of Light: sacrificing his own presence in Atreia, he made it possible for Jake to come back among the livings.

The announcements were done all at the same time.
Daente in Pandaemonium, Jake in Sanctum and Lilith in Hell. Every single race stopped their violent behaviors and started a temporary peace that would allow all of Atreia to think of a way to defend themselves against the global threat that Malkuth represents.

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But peace didn't last long...

As soon as Malkuth realized what the people of Atreia had done, she thought of another plan to gain her power. She flied to the Cansas Coast, where she met a Sprite of Water. Besides his attempts to try and finish her as quickly as possible, instead giving her even more power, Malkuth held him in her spell and grasp, repeatedly slamming him on the ground and mauling his body limb by limb just to see them grow back.

She forced him to tell her where his Goddess was... And as that happened, she left him there and flied away to Beluslan Fortress, where the meeting happened.

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The Goddess of the Sprites appeared to be possessed by a dark entity... Exactly what Malkuth was expecting.

With such a being in control of a powerful Divine, the Sephira of Destruction had found what she needed: a way to start spreading violence and hatred again in the lands of Atreia, thanks to the Sprites.

The Goddess shook hands with the Harbinger of Destruction, and the alliance was made. At that exact time, the very first attack was unleashed in a village in Verteron, close to the Cansas Coast. Both Malkuth and the Sprite of Water attacked and slaughtered hundreds, making their bodies explode from within, drying them out of every single liquid or simply burning them alive.

Daente and Uriel, a Fallen Angel that serves Black Widow loyally, started investigating on that very day what had happened in that place... Once they got their informations, they were about to leave, but the Fallen stood his ground as he wanted to look for something else. It was right there that he was caught in Malkuth's grasp and held as a hostage.

The Sephira of Destruction attempted to summon both Mira, daughter of Lucifer and Lilith and Daente himself to have a little chat and possibly establish a new alliance. Daente took his time, while Mira showed some fake interest. It was there that Malkuth asked the Succubus to give her proof of her good intention, by murdering Uriel.
Without a choice, but knowing exactly that Black Widow would have managed to get his soul back and bring him to life again as the two of them share a soul binding that only Succubi know how to do, Mira killed Uriel... But the trick didn't work. Malkuth noticed it and raged out, attempting to slay immediately the daughter of Lucifer and Lilith, that managed to escape safely.

Days passed from that event without anything happening at all...

Until the Mercs and Guards in Akarios Village broke the silence and the happy moment people were living to announce that Panademonium was under siege.

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Malkuth attacked the Capital of Asmodae. Her first target was the Governor of the city himself along with his council... They got wiped out by a powerful shockwave and crushed against the wall. The Synd Family, with Lucifer in the lead of Mira and Karis, engaged in a direct fight against the Sephira of Destruction, while Lilith returned to Akarios Village fearing that the Pandaemonium attack was just a diversion.

Two attacks happening at the same time, one by the Water Sprite, one by Malkuth herself.

The power of the Sephira was too much even for three incredibly strong Demons as Lucifer and his daughters, so they were forced to retreat after making the roof of the Capital Building collapse on top of their foe. At the same time, Lilith and Curio defended Akarios Village from the Water Sprite and succesfully managed to trap him inside a orb to keep him...

But the damage is done... With the Governor of Pandaemonium dead and the very Capital of Asmodae suffering a siege, who knows if peace will remain... Who knows if the Asmodians, with their temper, won't move war once again, granting Malkuth even more power...

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