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Lilith - The first woman and the Queen of Hell

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Lilith was the first woman to be created, alongside with Adam, however she was not created from the same pure dust as him but from dirt which gave her the need to be dominant and her succubus form hibernating. Lilith was not happy inside of the Garden of Eden, even if God said it was the perfect place to be, she felt as if she did not belong there and she did not get well with her so called husband.

Lilith felt the need to be outside; she kept herself away from Adam as much as she could. One day in the Garden of Eden, an Angel that called himself Lucifer came to her. This Angel could see her sadness and anger, he could see that she longed for something else. For once, Lilith enjoyed herself and smiled while this Angel was with her, he did not try to force her to change her mind but let her be herself. However, deep inside of Lilith, laying asleep was her demon who wished for something more and this demon knew that they could use Lucifer to get what they needed... Freedom... So Lilith made sure he would fall for her, subconsciously using her hidden powers on him and it worked like a charm. He gave her the way to get out, she was happy... however... the human part of her felt guilty and her heart felt heavy.. She did indeed love him, not even Adam sparked these tingling sensations she had. Lilith took what she desired from Lucifer, she was his first and he was hers...

Lilith could not keep hiding from Adam, eventually he found her and immediately wished that they would make love inside their haven. Lilith rolled her eyes, he wanted to be on top but Lilith did not want to succumb to him. She claimed they were equal and therefor she did not have to take this abuse. Adam forced himself upon her, trying to get her to obey him but with that she shouted that she will not be a slave to any man. She used the feathers that Lucifer had given her and sprouted demonic wings instead of feathered ones. She flew away from the Garden of Eden.

She found her way to a place called the Red Sea, where there were plenty of male demons to lay with. The demon side of her was slowly wakening and her human part was fading away into a deep coma. She thought to herself, God wanted her to breed and bare children, well… he was going to get that. She lay with many demons, birthing 100s of children a day. God finally sent angels after her, Adam wanted her back but she did not wish for it. God grew angry and punished her by killing 100 of her children a day. Her hatred towards God grew and her human part dimmed even more, her skin was changing into a lovely red color, she was growing horns and a tail and her wings got bigger. As her hatred grew, she became more careless… and did not see the danger that was near… The Devil offered her a deal; he would grant her more power in exchange for her hand. She blindly agreed and as soon as she shook his hand, all of her now belonged to him… she had become what she swore she would never be… a slave to another man…

Decades passed… her powers grew… she gained more souls and she became the Queen of hell and the Queen of the succubi. She was getting tired of the same thing, human's and demon's energy. She had tasted an Angel’s energy and claimed it’s soul in her collection… she wanted more… but of course they avoided her now since she was too powerful to be defeated and they would no longer travel alone but in groups. She would not be able to defeat them easily even if she was strong, the Devil kept her true powers asleep so she would not fight him.

Since she had not fed in a long time, she hibernated and waited… she knew someone was coming…

Finally.. Lucifer found her once more and she felt his presence, this energy… she had to have it… She rose from the lava that she had been sleeping in for years. She gazed upon this creature in her haven and smirked, it felt familiar yet different. She taunted him and angered him… played with his feelings till he grew careless and was getting extremely angry at her. She had grown bored of this life inside hell, always obeying and never able to be herself like she had wanted to since inside the garden of Eden, so when Lucifer tried to attack her... she didn't move a muscle... She sat there on her throne and looked into his eyes as he raised his scythe towards her. She knew though he would stop, he wanted his Lilith back and he was even about to give up since there was no way to do so. Lilith smirked and offered him a deal, promising him that if he would agree he would see his loving Lilith once more. She didn't tell him what the deal was but he accepted. For hours she tortured him, used him in so many humiliating ways till she finally killed him and absorbed his soul into her.

Inside of her soul chamber, he would find the Lilith; curled up in a fetus position and around her was a electrical shield that shone brightly. However... around that shield were many blood tentacles that the Devil had planted if someone would find their way inside. The battle was hard since the Devil knew what Lucifer was trying to do and he hindered him. The Devil wasn't going to give Lilith up that easily and to make it worse; The Devil used the blood tentacles to break the protective shield and then wrap around Lilith to form a strong blood armor around her, it was accentuating her figure to mock Lucifer; showing every little detail of her body to make him angrier. He couldn't really attack her without hurting her so he allowed her to strike him and nearly kill him... with that something snapped... The human part of Lilith finally awoke and with that the succubus used their powers to combine the 2 souls into one, the human and the succubus were now one. The Devil's control was now gone.

She made Lucifer completely hers, she loved him and she needed him… she needed his powers… Lucifer happily swore to be hers and she gave him a new body with new powers, she gave him a part of her human side and demon side while he still kept his angelic powers. They were bound eternally to be together.

After a certain time, Lilith, Lucifer, her daughters and sons defeated the Devil's reign... Lilith took over the lead of hell and changed everything for the better.. the greatest thing she did was to give souls a chance to realize their sins and to try and redeem themselves before going back to earth and trying out life once more... She as well helped the souls that Peter had misjudged at the gates of Heaven to get a chance to go back and get into heaven. She gave her children power to feel once again and to be free to love without the Devil trying to stop them.

Now Lilith enjoys her life with Lucifer, loving him dearly... even if she doesn't have as many kids as she used to when she was in the control of the devil.. she is happy.. All the children that she had with Lucifer, she showed them more motherly love than she had ever done with her other children.. even though at times she had to leave them so they would not be killed by her and Lucifer's enemy.. she always tried to protect them along with Lucifer.

Just because you're a succubus.. doesn't mean you are completely evil...

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