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The four dragons.

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1The four dragons. Empty The four dragons. on Sat Dec 21, 2013 11:42 am

The four draconic childs. Ichigo the oldest. Balandra the second oldest, and twin sister to Ichigo. Icicle the second youngest.
And Iciclespear (Luna to those who know her close) The youngest offspring and twin sister to Icicle.
Their fatehr is known as The Frostweaver. Their mother is a human. Most of the history about how this happend,
is shrouded in mystery.

Ichigo: The oldest of four Draconic childs born by a human. As the oldest and most mature she is the ideal Matriach for her brood.
However she is not ready only a drake as of still.
Ichigo never was realy blessed with her fathers cold winter blessing. However she have at her display a set of "angelic wings".
Likely a side effect from her mothers holy skills. Ichigo is a pure out child of her mother. As holy as her mother,
with alot of the same belives. She uses holy skills and consider herself a healer.

Balandra: As the second oldest she would be considered to be a good matriach choice. She possess some ability that Ichigo do not,
aswell as ice magic and a way more motherly way of looking at things. Like Ichigo She aswell have a set of wings at display.
However her wings are not as angelic as Ichigo's apear too be. Balandra earned her respect along her fellow kin by her caring for everyones safety.
She is likely the one to become the matriach of the two oldest. (Balandra curently and likely forever more will be counted as returned home. she is out of the Picture too play With. But she is still remembered by her sisters.)

Icicle: Second youngest. And the shy quiet one. Icicle never realy did try to do much or stand out much.
Unlike Balandra and Ichigo She is a creature of pure ice. She have a tail at her display rather than wings.
There is little to no information on her as she is a quiet creature who stay mostly too herself.

Luna: Youngest and the most firce of them all. Luna a warrior of the frozen glacier.
Her ashen skin is a result of her bodytemprature barely ever going above 0 degree celsius. She is the strongest,
when it come to physical strength and overall is a pure offspring form The frostweaver himself. A willfull guardian,
of the whelps. She never would let harm come to her fellow dragonkin. She is not afraid to take a hit to stop someone from
hurting those she care for. Luna is considered to be the most capeable matriach of the four. However its unsure if Ichigo
would allow it. Luna follow her own will. Luna is the one of the four who aswell have asended past her sisters. And awakend With their full potentional. thanks too a special somoene too her. (Luna will have a more detailed explanation due to ingame changes)

The one thing all four have in common is that their lesbians. Allways looking for that "one perfect" to match up with their
special little situation. All four have the ability to change their size at will. And all four do possess a draconic form.
The form alter their combat ability but not so much their personalitys. None of them have a pure human form.

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2The four dragons. Empty Aurawielder Lucira on Thu Jan 09, 2014 1:22 pm

The blue light seen dasning across the land. Or standing ontop of buildings.

Little is known of the mystical woman Lucira. But what is known about her is that she see auras. Some even claim she can wield their energy to her own will. A calm woman often seen around Places. looking at People but sometimes aswell seen extending a arm. Letting out a blue glow around it. What she look for. No one realy know. The woman apear too mainly relay on agility and speed. Yet there seem to be more hiden within her. Just like all of her kin. Lucira have a metalic halfside. Her body is part flesh and blood. Part Liquid metal.

General description off apearance:
Lucira's most noticeable part would easly be her long hair. reaching all the way Down too her waist. Aswell sometimes if closely inspecting her when she speak. You could notice a set of four fangs. two in each jaw.. hiding between her other normal teeth. Her skin seem soft. and if you get too feel it you would know it is soft aswell. Yet if you would be Lucky enough to squeese on her arm. or legs. You would notice that her verry skin resists this. As if her body is part metalic. Yet she do not seem robotic. One of her favorite Things too do seem to be standing in a Place where she can see everything. Just letting the air Catch her long hair.
(her overall body is like you see her ingame. If you want too know how she look meet her ingame)

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