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Lucifer - The First Fallen

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1 Lucifer - The First Fallen on Fri Dec 13, 2013 3:24 pm

When I opened my eyes for the first time ever, there was only my Father standing in front of me. The rest was a complete void, with no light, no substance, no shape. I was the First that he ever created from a single drop of his blood, before the others were born from fire. We were the Army of Heaven, we were Angels. I took lead of the entire multitude of Soldiers that Elokim, the God of Light, created to preserve the order and the peace on the Material Realm against the hordes of the Fiend... I was charged with the honorable duty to teach to an apprentice, Michael, what we were and what was our main purpose... I thought I could have done everything correctly following my Father's commands, but things didn't go that way.
When I met her, everything changed. I changed... I was no more the Angel I was supposed to be. Feelings started to build inside of my chest, the most unpardonable of all sins for a creature of Light that is supposed to not be dragged by any emotion but the wish to end the fight against the Darkness. I kept meeting HER, secretly, in the Garden of Eden and I eventually was mesmerized by her most dark and inner self, I fell into her grasp and my soul started to change, until I was completely hers. Lilith, the Goddess of Lustful Domination, Queen of Hell... That's what she would have become very soon. I left my life in Heaven behind and fell from the Grace of the Throne in order to follow her, but I missed my chance as the Fiend took her away from me. For over one hundred years I searched the Land of Nod, the wastelands outside of the Garden of Eden, and I never found her... Until I met an old friend, one of the Throne Chorus of Angels, Samael... He helped me to find the Hellgate, then our paths had to... Separate.
I faced the Demons and freed my beloved Lilith from the Fiend's mind control. We fought back against him and eventually she managed to kill him and take his place in the lead of Hell.
Many millennias passed from that very moment and we faced many different threats... The very last one, the worse of them all... The Fiend had created a trap for both of us... He hid his own self inside a group of stones called the "Judas Pain Fragments", part of a black crystal that I created when I extracted the guiltiness from Judas' very heart after he betrayed the son of God... They fed on what I fed... The first time I came in Atreia, I used to spread fake copies of those fragments and placed them inside the very souls of many Giantesses and Tinies, absorbing their powers for myself. Foolish of them to believe in my lies... But the plan worked perfectly and I gained an incredible power, that I didn't know was feeding the Fiend.
Eventually, he released himself into a new feminine shape and called herself "Legion", as it was created with the souls of all the Hell Kings and Queens that me and my Goddess destroyed during the first attack. The power of such a being was so strong that managed to take complete control of Lilith's body and marched her own vengeance on top of the Sanctuary, a parallel dimension where all divine beings are dragged to sooner or later, if they become too powerful, ruled by the Omnipotent Goddess of Space and Time, Sephirya.
I was killed and sent away from it... Luckily, my Eternal Atom, which allows an Angel or a Demon to keep regenerating even if the Material Body gets destroyed, was still intact and my Father recovered my wandering soul... I returned to be an Angel once again and I was in the lead of a powerful attack against Legion, leading a group formed by my former apprentice, Michael, a powerful old Fallen, Tel'lon, the Goddess of Fate, Kat, and lastly my own Father, Elokim, the God of Light. We fought for a whole lot and in the end I managed to defeat Legion and free my Goddess...
But then something happened. My former apprentice, blinded by her hate towards Lilith and by her desire towards me, became Corrupted and attacked the Sanctuary, growing at such a size where the entire dimension was nothing but the size of a marble to her. Lilith managed to defeat her and the Sanctuary returned to its original purpose, a prison for Divines to kill each other until only one remains. The enemy at the horizon is now Sephirya herself and her many emissaries.
But during the fights, something happened: the portal to Atreia opened once more and sucked me in...
As I landed again into this land and my body had changed to adapt to this dimension, I started to walk on the soft grass that grows around the Pandemonium Gardens...
Ready to find out why I was called to get back in here...

((This background is available to be seen further into a comic shape in my profile on deviantart. The very first part is out as a game called "The Fall" and can be found there as well))

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