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Karis, the charming nightmare [Outdated]

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1Karis, the charming nightmare [Outdated] Empty Karis, the charming nightmare [Outdated] on Wed Sep 18, 2013 5:39 pm

... Have you ever ... dreamed ?

Many people consider dreams or nightmares to just be imagination, the brain working while the body sleeps ... but ... what if they were totally real ?
That's what the people of a distant region of the Universe proved.

On their planet were some special people, called the Dream Guides, that possessed the power of opening gates to the dimension of dreams and nightmares.
This population also had access to both Reality and these other worlds by the way of using a Dream Guide's power.
But it was limited.

Since all is possible in that bizarre dimension that is called "a dream", it means that mastering this world means having nearly-infinite powers.
The Dream Guides, in all their wisdom, ordered and limited the entry of the "Dream World", they call it so. The utility of enterring it only was to help people with bad life (money problems, death ...), other else enterring it was subject to severe sanction.
Consequently, the population of that planet didn't know any negative event or dramatic situation, since all was resolved by the help of the Guides, using the power of dreams.
And, concerning the Nightmare World, it have obviously never been opened.
But ... one day, some ambitious people started having other plans with that endless form of power.
Karis was one of them.

She was a young - but talented - Dream Guide, surrounded by followers.
They thought that since they had access to such an amazing power, why didn't they use it fully and make their race becoming gods ?
So, the population splited in two ... divided by these 2 different opinions. Because of that situation, a war started ...
After months of battle, Karis and her followers lost. Judged for their acts, they limited the power of Karis in order to prevent her opening a gate on their planet and they were sent forever in the furthest part of the Nightmare World.
In endless fear and pain, some of them became mad and disappeared without any trace ...
Karis was among the survivors but ... for how much time ? In a desesperate action to gain back her powers, she insanely killed all the other survivors then tried to end herself, seeing that it didn't worked ...
But in a nightmare ... dying means absolutely nothing. You'd be revived very soon ...
However ... this awful actions made the nightmares react to it. They allowed Karis absorbing the survivors's energy, while granting her absolute power in this dimension and eternal youth (but mortal in the Reality).
They also opened a gate to the Reality ... but ... with another destination ... : the world of Atreia !

(More to come ! I don't like spoiling my powers and reactions too early :3)
(Oh and sorry for the possible mistakes x_x)

EDIT : Finally, I decided to post her Atreia story in her Character Blog, so I'll don't post here anymore, consider this as her introduction and informations on her past ^^

EDIT² : Due to the lack of playtime available and the complexity of this story, I chose to stop this character and will create another Karis. So this story can always be read but won't be bond to my character ^^

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