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Rogan's Atreian Travels

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1 Rogan's Atreian Travels on Tue Sep 10, 2013 12:09 pm

(Rogan's initial backstory is below, may need to read if you haven't met me IC:)

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-                                                                        -
It's been four long months.  The possibility that I will ever see my home planet again has dwindled.  I did what I had set out to do.  I met several giantesses.  Most notably, my dear friend Ieara.  She brought me to a 'pocket universe' she had created, keeping me safe and comfortable.  We became very close friends.  She bestowed a bit of her magic on me, an aura to keep my tiny body safe while Ieara wasn't around.  I was told I would always be able to look at a purple glow on my left upper arm to know that Ieara was watching over me, where ever she was.  She also told me that if my body were to be crushed or swallowed, I would revive back to the 'pocket universe' which I am not allowed to reveal the name of.

I also met several beings the same size as myself, although they did not seem to be very human-like, some more so than others.  There seems to be a Sprite that lives around this Poeta area, named Eramaan.  He is very in touch with the forest, and although he has not exactly been friendly to me by definition, I have interacted with him many times.  He seems to be very happy in this area, playing what I make out to be playful hoaxes on the larger beings.  He is not the only one, however.  There have been so many people my size to come and go.  Some seem more human than others.  Some interacted with me, some only wanted to talk to the larger beings.  Either way, they seem to be scooped up by the giantesses, never to be seen again.  I shudder wondering what may be happening to them.  I consider myself lucky as to not be claimed yet.

Still, to this day, I pull up the sleeve on my left arm every day to check.  The purple has faded to a dull shade of grey.  I no longer feel my protection.  I am once again vulnerable in this land.  Something must have happened to Ieara, although I can't think of any way to know for sure.  I know that I can be injured, as a new face, named Izumi, accidently squeezed me when she hugged me too tightly against her body.  This was the first time since the day I met Ieara that I had been hurt.  It surprised me more than anything, knowing that the aura is not only visibly gone, but its effectiveness has been worn off as well.  I am not sure whether my revival magic will work, but seriously doubt it.

Now that it seems that I am a permanent member of Atreia, I am beginning to become more comfortable.  I have found viable sources of food and water, thanks to Cliona Lake and a metal pot that I can use for boiling water.  I try to be nice to all the giantesses that pass through, hoping to gain another friend, and trying to avoid being crushed.

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