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Morrigan Sherlock Cook - Accursed Witch of Terror

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Morrigan Sherlock Cook's Diary Part One

I was one of the arch angels, leading the magi. I was a single that time and age before I go into an age of where corrupt and darkness of Xina's demons, I was chosen to help Kali out with the intelligence, but foolish Kali, decided to get possessed by demonic members of Kali's family, what Kali did to me, in the past, I was fully corrupted, blood was flowing through my fingernails, so did my mouth, I was married to a man that  I forgot his name, if I we're to say his name, then I would continue bleeding through this diary with blood, but I love this last name, Cook, okay now back to the scene. Kali corrupted me, with full demonic power, and full curse, I have seen in my own darkened eyes, that I was going to rot. I came back from Ateria, tempered as blood boils, through my heart, it's pounding nearly faster than before, I can't control anything, but my spouse, tackled me to the ground and beat me up, and turned his back against my will and pleasing. I was so angry, in a displeasing way. So, my spouse told me to go to hell! I was highly offended to that, I deserve more better, than anything. But he wields his sword to my throught, and he almost tried to cut my heart open, but I screamed without controlling it, I screamed out PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!!!! Until my fingernails are bleeding again, dripping through the ground, and my blood turned out that my spouse has turned into stone, because of the blood flowing, and then there we're leeches, I had to throw up. After that, an unliving creature had been conjured, by my puke, to this abomination. EWWW!!!! I've been finding a way to get through this statued spouse, I tried to save him, until................. The stone started to shatter, into millions of pieces, I was frightened, by that, he is dead, my beloved spouse is dead. Then the zombifying creature said. "Morrigan, I came to serve you" I find it more interesting, that the zombie said it, not my husband. I feel sulked at that time my servant, was trying to serve me. And then, many dark cultist appeared, and preached and chanted my name, I feel, enlightened, by the dark side. I feel like I was a queen, and a goddess again, but not exactly a goddess, I am the Witch of Terror. My husband, has no dignity to respect my needs. I converted the poor, homeless, wretched scums over at Kalli, to one of the cultists, under my command, and as I grow stronger, I relearned my giantess spells, shrink and grow. I can grow large, though it will be fun, and pleasurable. I even had slaves, defiant cultist makes a good slave, so I shrank the defiant cultist to become my slave, I butt crush and smother, and even ate the slave, that are worthless..... Until, a portal to a Giantess place has came into hand.

End of the part one of my Diary.

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