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Morgany Cooke the Bipolar Giantess

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1Morgany Cooke the Bipolar Giantess Empty Morgany Cooke the Bipolar Giantess on Sat Mar 16, 2013 4:36 pm

Simple information
Name: Morgan Cooke
Size: 5 ~ 20 (can go to 200 when she gets angry)
Personality: Sassy/Supportive/Anger Management/Depressed
Location: Ezereth Mountains (Not from Ateria, but from Kalli)
Family: Mother-Dead Father-Injured Siblings - Alive
Age: 19
Allignment: Imperial (Kalli), Elyos (Ateria)
Fears: Undead, Demons, and Vampires


Skin/Eyes/Hair: Bright Pale/Grey-ish Blue/Dark Brown
Body Type: Curvy, but long legs
Voice Type: Seductive


Enlarge: Morgany can grow up to size 20, but whenever she gets angry, she breaks her limit size, but whenever she gets an apology, she goes back to size 5 to 20.

Alchemy: Morgany is a apothecary of the Violet Crusade of Kalli, she is known to make some more potions, and then she sells them for healing, just like healing herbs.

Magi Powers: Morgany knows only Arcane, Frost, and Fire magic, she is known as an Apprentice of the Magi's, and she can conjure herbs and make potions for healing and magicka.

Soul Eating: Whenever Morgany gets upset at someone, she attempts to glow her blushed cheeks and her eyes, blood red. And captures the soul with her Sword that her mother, Megan Cooke gave to her.


Sword of Soul's Grasp: A Dark Sword that Morgany's mother smithed for war and battles. That the sword can go into Morgany's body, and devours it. Though that sword can be breakable, but can be brought back by many thoughts of Morgany.

Book of Magi: Her book can be privately read by Morgany, and she can learn herself some powers, but still developing, but her book is to herself, and given to Morgany, by the God of Magi.


Kalli Saga

Morgany was born in 20 Kalli years, after the first war of Kalli, she was just a young girl. Megan the mother of Morgany and Schwarzalbenheim "Schwarzen" the oldest brother of Morgany we're dealing with Morgany's disability, which is Bipolar, she begins to get angry for no reason, and having those meltdowns for at least 8 hours straight, but yet, Megan, has given her daughter some time to cool down, but she went on and on. But then Schwarzen gave Morgany a cake so she can calm down. Through out the years of Kalli, in 33 Kalli years. Morgany was arrested for vandalizing the Queen's Chalice, when Megan Cooke got invited to Queen Miisa Duskrunner and then Miisa got upset and pissed off and then she cursed Morgany, for vandalizing Miisa's chalice. So, then, Miisa gave her a bless to grow to size 5 for the rest of her life, and its no curse. Miisa said to Megan, "Dear Megan, I'm sorry, but you need to take care of your own daughter, I don't care if you are surpassed, but her freak outs, are from not caring and not giving her freedom, like other mortals have." Then Megan disagrees, with Miisa. So Miisa forced Megan to give her sword to Morgany, and released her from prison to live freely, and then, Megan got executed by defying with the queen. Sad isn't it.

Age 17 Middle Kalli Saga

Morgany was sad that she surpassed her mother, though she went through a rough time with her so called Tantrums, but then again, Morgany was crying, at size 20, and she wants to be a decent lady like Megan Cooke, which she got killed by the laws of Kalli, but then again, she is depressed due to her bipolar and her past. Then, the old man came, and saw her face, and then said to her. "Miss, I know how it feels to be a Giant, but I will train you the ways of the Magi." And Morgany hugs the little old man, and gave her a book and she trained with the magi, outside of the tower. Then she gets to be happy that she has her sword, but restricted from Kalli, she kept her sword shealthed for ages, but then two years later, Kali came and invited Morgany to see the people of Ateria, and how is life, and Morgany accepts the farewells of the Magi of Kalli and the life she dealt with, and farewell to Miisa. Her new life begins at Ateria, at the age of 19. She is currently in Poeta, but she needs to work on her bipolar disability.

((Morgany is my character, that has bipolar. And I am learning and studying that disability, so don't think I am making fun of that disability, because ITS SERIOIUS, so thank you for knowing that I am studying that disability, thank you))

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