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Darion Selmy

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1 Darion Selmy on Fri Jul 26, 2013 2:00 pm

Name: Darion Selmy
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Origin: Selmola

Darion was born as the son of a wealthy nobleman who had held many fiefs and also was the right hand of the
king. He received a good education and learned to fight very quickly, even if he
wasn't pleased with it.

On Darion's 12th birthday his father and his mother were murdered by his uncle who wanted to take the place
of his brother at the king's side for years. Darion could never prove the betrayal of his uncle.
His uncle knew, that Darion would do anything to avenge his father, whereupon he dispatched assassins to kill
Darion. Thanks to the help of a faithful servant Darion managed it to escape. He spent several years on the
streets of the capital where he learned much about the world and beacme a skilled pickpocket.

As an adult he beacme a pitfighter. He got a lot of applause, silver and gold and was in
no time champion of the arena. He got addicted to the cheers from the bloodthirsty crowd and developed
a fondness for the fight.

At the age of 27 years he saw his uncle in the marketplace. Darion has changed considerably since the
Death of his parents. He ran to his uncle, pushed him off his horse and broke his neck.
He was surrounded in no time by the guards and has been thrown into prison.

An execution has been prepared, the indictment was "murder of the Right Hand of the King,
the former Right Hand of the King and his wife". A rope has been tightened around his neck and as the
hangman was about to push Darion from his stool, an arrow pierced the rope and Darion was free.
Darion picked himself immediately and fled. He reached a small fishing village where he snuck onto a ship,
which was going to sail to Atreia.

Now he is in Atreia and only the gods know what will happen to him next.

If there are any grammar Errors, feel free to correct me Smile

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