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Kali - Ultimate Endlessly Growing Goddess/Titaness

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Name: Kali
Age: Ever Since Kalli was created by Kali
Height: Endlessly Growing
Weight: Height determines weight
Eyes: Red
Hair: Black
Skin: Human
Race: Mother Goddess/Originator/Titaness who created everything in Kalli

Mother - Xina
Sisters - Miisa Duskrunner, Xali


Endless Growth (passive) - Kali grows each 200 in size, each day. She is a originator, in a very special world, Kalli.

Goddess' Breath - Kali heals the wounded target, to full health, so they can have harmony, perfect harmony, Kali is known for a good goddess

Vigilance - Kali does protect many people, she summons an aura around people so the people can deal half of the damage that they did, it works on self too. Kali is a protector of Kalli and Reshanta

The Darkest Side - Kali will then turn evil by the time that she gets upset by a tiny bit, she will become the most darkest monster evil, created by a Demonic Titaness named Xina. Though Kali is no demon as such as a good person she is, she will never turn her back to others.......

((That's all for abilities for now))


Being Shrunk by - If anyone attempts to shrink Kali, she grows bigger.

Being sealed - Kali has no affect of seal

Being cursed - She has no effect.


Armor - Mother Goddess Secret - Kali has a war like armor, that is dyed black, red and purple.
Armor (when she is evil) -Xina's Daughter - Kali has plated succubi armor that is goth and more seductively attractive

Weapons - Sword of Vigilance - Kali has a gryphon sword that can slash through the soul, damaging majority of the target in three hits

Weapon - Dark Princess - Kali has a demonic sword that can automatically shrink others with the sword, made by Xina's hellsmith.

((Seperately Kali's story will be on next post))

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Don't you [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], hun?

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that must be a good story

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I'm just redoing Kali, because it's not very clear, and I have improved on my backstories recently. So that is very old, very welly poor, so I am thinking about resetting her backstory, I hate being random! But I thank you, it has been a while since I've done Kali in this community, Thank you Fujiko, Nex and Mari!

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Chapter Zero: Enter the World of Giantess

    I was trying to save presence of Kalli, even the war, I find it very unbalenced, my force is unbearable, keeping me from growing more resources for all Kins to be content, but it kept never working. So, I have been wondering what to do, to take many breaks, from this hectic. So, I decide to open a portal to a distant world named Ateria, it felt so good, meeting people in my size or under, which I really hope not. But I gave it a try.

    I entered a tiny world, which was called Ateria, where many people strive and peacefully enters, but the difference of Ateria, was that there we're Giantess, my favorite kins of all times. So, I met my first Giantess friend named Aria (Ariarobbiezero (Aira's old character) ) me and Aria are great friends, she helped me become a good and playful giantess, even we wear big dresses to fill up any town, under us. :Pso as though we went to Reshanta, Aria's homeland, I guess, we had a blast until then, she dissapears to her journey, but she never returns. After the dissapearence of Aria, I got invited to Rose's wedding, Rose was married to a guy (I forgot his name) but now, I met Aira, she is like 13 year old (In character) and I offered Rose and Quixie to babysit Aira, so I did, we had a blast, playing with tiny victims, and going hide and seek.
     My soul sister, Miisa was released, because she is not talking to me :PI also do care about other giantesses, but she is alright though...... I was happy that I get to talk to Fade, we we're girlfriends, epicly true lovers, we kiss each other, and thats all that counts. I wish to talk to Quixie, but scary, Quixi and Fade we're fighting due to Quixi (evil Quixie), Fade destroyed Poeta... But we headed to the beach, it was epic. I, myself need to find a way to talk to Quixie. Since I love those three, two now, since Aira is offline. I was happy those days.

     ((Until next post, Kali will find new giantesses to play with :3))

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