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Aouqess - The woodsman

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1Aouqess - The woodsman Empty Aouqess - The woodsman on Tue May 14, 2013 9:00 pm

Work in progress

Quick Facts
Height: 6'
Weight: 180 lb.
Race: Elyos
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Professions: Hunter and Trapper, Carpenter, Fletcher, Bower
Likes: Fairness, Justice, Going it alone
Dislikes: Cruelty, Avarice, Heights, Kobolds, Kralls
Divinity: Mortal

Tools of Choice:
Hunting Knives

Chapter 1: All good things....
The life of Aouqess was a simple one, he lived in the woods near Akarios village. Trading for supplies by hunting game in the forests, and logging in the winter months. He was well-heeled in the areas of the forest. As time and life went on in Poeta, he began to get close to a girl working in a nearby farm. It was just a chance meeting, he was trading some supplies with the farm's owner, Aegir, when she happened to walk in from the fields. From then on he found himself more and more making the extra effort to visit that particular farm when coming in and out of town. The seasons passed quickly for Aouqess, they were the happiest in his life, then one day, it ended.

The land was torn and burning as Aouqess left the forest, his pack full of trade. His heart stopped, fields of golden wheat burning. Fences were shattered, and guardsmen on the road slain. He never ran so fast in his life as he bolted through the devastation. He dropped his pack and kept running even when his legs burned. Slamming into the door of the large farm house he found a horror scene. The place had been ransacked, doors lay shattered into splinters, furniture was over turned, and on some of the walls were swathes of blood. Aouqess moved through the house frantically, searching for anybody, alive or dead. All he found was an empty house, this was all the evidence he needed to the chilling realization that the Krall must have been here.

The Krall, a large aggressive humanoid species. Musculature so thick as to nearly be armor plate. They were rampant in the low places of Elysea. Mining the rich Aetherium deposits to fuel their society. They also spread out from thier krags to occupy and strip the land of it's verdant resources, which leaves it a desolate husk. To fuel their industry the Krall employ slave labor from those they've conquered, kobolds, other krall, and humans...

Aouqess burst from the house looking around frantically for any signs as to where they went. He thought about running to the village, telling them about what happened, but they probably already knew, and worse, what if they simply decided it would be too dangerous to send out the mercenary watch. After a moment of indesicion Aouqess ran for where his pack was. Dumping out the pelts he had been carrying and letting them strewn against the road, they were of no use to him now, they would only slow him down....

Chapter 2: Frying pan > Fire

Aouqess skulked through the trees bordering the barren lands. The earth itself poisoned and stripped of life where the Kobolds and Kralls lived. He had followed the tracks carefully for half a day, not once seeing any signs of reinforcement from the village. His blade was wet with the beastmen's blood. He had stalked his way through the forest encountering several Kobolds, it had been unnerving waiting for them, preying they didn't see him. Sometimes they just walked away at the right time, the other times...the liquid coating his knife was a testament to how unlucky he and them had been.

Eventually though he came upon where the tracks left the forest, and his heart sank. He was hiding behind a dyeing oak, it's branches were brittle and brown. In front of him was a Krall camp. If you could call that a camp. The land was orange, and sundried. There was a rough fence formed from the broken remains of ancient trees scattered some two hundred feet around the camp. Inside the camp were leather huts, hides taken from the massive beasts the Krall used for labor and sewn togheter. Near the entrance was a crude watch tower, a lone Kobold standing guard. All of that however was not what made Aouqess worry, it was the structure in the middle of the camp.

A huge crag of rock lay exposed in the air. A deep fissure ripped open in the middle. It looked like they had dug and dug into the earth's flesh and had exposed it's bone. There was no concern for the land either, just greed as they had torn the dirt away to reveal the seam. Aouqess from his perch could not see any humans in the camp, nor any signs of cages either, which meant that they had be taken inside, below the earth. There was only one entrance in, or out. Aouqess sat behind the tree, knowing every moment he waited was another that the people, person he had come to save could end up broken or killed. He had to have a plan though.

He didn't know how many Krall there were, he had seen two walking around the camp, but there could be many more inside the mine, hundreds. One he might be able to take down, if it was alone, and if he had surprise on his side. Kobolds were a problem also, a few by themselves he could handle, but in large groups they were a fearsome threat. It didn't help that Kobold's voices could carry far..... He couldn't assault the camp, he was too outmatched. Sneaking in was the best option, but it was too far of an open distance between the forest and the camp. He would be spotted. He was too small to make a believable Krall, it didn't help that they wore almost next to nothing. Kobolds though....while being small, did wear thick clothes to protect themselves...Aouqess slowly slid back into the forest.

His back ached and he smelled foul. The clothes he had "borrowed" from their previous owner smelled of it's odor and blood. Which all things considered were probably something he should be grateful for. It did nothing for his gag reflex though as he crossed over the desert like ground towards the camp. His hand gripped the handle of his bow, unstrung and caked with mud and twigs to disguise it as a walking stick. It was killing his back to hunch over like this, his leg pressing into his chest, but he had to look like a Kobold. An incredibly fat Kobold, but the best he could do. Coming closer to the camp, this was the first hurdle. The watchtower guard noticed him, tilting it's head over in curiousity. Aouqess slid his free hand up it's shirt sleeve until it revealed the severed Kobold arm he had been holding, which he waved at the guard. The Kobold grunted at him, and turned away. It had been told to watch for Daeva and humans. Kobolds could be pretty stupid.

Chapter 3: "Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate"

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