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Annie's Dimension

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1 Annie's Dimension on Sun May 12, 2013 6:22 pm

Less of a character, the background of my character's universe is rather important, so I'm writing this both for you guys and to make sure I don't accidentally confuse any facts during a roleplay! :O

Life Cycle:

A new mortal is created when a person and another person of any level of power love each other very much, oftentimes in a familial way, such as sisterly love etc. One day, they'll find a seven year old (Can vary between 6-Cool child in their house, with physical and mental attributes taken from their parents. Families usually stop producing children once they have three, though if any reincarnated mortals fit their family, they may end up with more.

Aging and growth continue normally for new mortals, aging ceasing completely once they reach the prime of their life. Mortals are able to improve themselves as much as they want, due to their abilities never being reduced by age.

If any mortal should die, they spend a short time in the 'afterlife', where Annie decides what their next life should be. If they ended up with a dominant or ambitious personality, they'll always be reborn as a female mortal, even if they used to be male. Submissive and friendly persons can end up reborn as either gender, depending on which is needed. Evil people are reborn as males as a form of 'punishment'.

Attributes of the universe

No decay: Nothing sentient decays, people don't age, only growth and improvement exist in this world for any thinking being.

No sex: Sex is a foreign concept in this world. Male genitalia does not exist, and female genitalia has no relation to sex, and is mostly used as a cave for people to explore if the giant is sufficiently large, though this is a very rare thing to happen, since a woman's possessions often grow with her, leaving her no reason to ever be naked. Because of this, mortals and divinities from this dimension are totally innocent.

Gender Inequality: Women are, as a rule, bigger, stronger, and often more dominant than their male counterparts. However, due to the nature of this dimension, no one considers this "unfair". The idea of what happens after death is well-known, so most mortal men know that they may one day be reborn as a woman, though many men are happy with their position in life, and this is especially common among married fathers.

"Giant": People from this dimension don't have a gender-specific word for this, as all giants are female. This is why you won't hear anyone from this dimension use the word "Giantess".

Digestive perfection: Beings from this dimension have perfect digestion, so their digestive tracts end at their stomach, and 100% of food is absorbed there, leaving no waste. For indigestible things, i.e. people, they have all the time they need to escape, as the acid will not affect them.


Mortal: Not really mortal, as no one ages, but a Mortal is a being whose power doesn't extend to their entire home world.

Goddess: A mortal who grows so powerful she can affect her entire homeworld. She stays at this level of power until she can influence more than one Multiverse (Which will be explained below!!) Any mortal female can become a goddess with enough work, or just pure luck for some.

Omnigoddess: Can influence more than one multiverse. These women are immensely powerful, and often have absolute control over their home multiverse. They can continue to grow in power, leading up to some omnigoddesses having influence over millions of multiverses!

Annie: Rules everything and everyone with true omnipotence, and creates all beings with the blink of an eye if she desires.


Universe: A collection of planets, stars, etc. Not endless in any way, but all universes are growing constantly. Anyone can breathe in space.

Multiverse: A group of similar but different universes. Many of which are simply variants of other universes, where different decisions were made. These are immense, but not endless. As new possibilities come up, new universes are added to the multiverse.

Omniverse: The collection of the many multiverses. Very very very big, but not endless. Is constantly being added to by Annie's whims.

Persons you may meet from this universe

Annie: The creator goddess. The biggest (Teehee) tomboy, she loves fighting, but hates seeing people get hurt. Enjoys a friendly rampage.

Millie: Mortal giant, created by Annie. Was given Giant's food as a child, and grew immensely huge. Considers Annie to be her best friend. A gentler, kinder, more soft-spoken being than Annie, she nevertheless still enjoys fighting like her queen.

Melody: Omnigoddess, "The Little Sister". Due to the way her mind works,  she believes that she's the little sister of absolutely everyone she meets, and has the memories to prove it! If she interacts with someone for too long, their mind will be modified, and both their memories and their very history will be changed to make her really their little sister.

And that's everything for now! Give it a look over and tell me if you have any questions!  Very Happy

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